Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Massacre: Media lies and Trust erosion

Everyone, including myself, while on self imposed heat hiatus heard or read about the horrible attack in Norway.At the bottom of this post there will be multiple links for you to read, if you haven't already, of individuals covering the attacks in a much more thoughtful manner then the main stream Presstitutes could ever dream possible.
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But there is one article, just one, in which the mainstream liars question their coverage of this event. Call it their moment of reflection. Or an attempt by the media to portray themselves as a credible, soul searching institute.
Don't believe their contrite musings, they serve another agenda entirely, one that has nothing to do with truth, only with perception management.
That is managing your perception!

Here is a split second of reflection
"In the aftermath of the twin attacks in Norway, there has been some strident criticism of the speed at which sections of the media linked the attacks to Islamic terrorism.
For example Britain's best-selling The Sun newspaper published a banner headline on Saturday describing the attack as an "Al Qaeda massacre: Norway's 9/11"

White, Christian, rabidly anti-muslim- Anders Behring Breivik

image borrowed from Pakconnects

"Critics say it is just one example of an entrenched anti-Muslim bias"

Yes, it is that. Indeed. But why such a bias?
Could it be because the West is targeting Muslim nations in order to steal and ultimately control their resources for the benefit of western multinationals?

It is not a coincidence that Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Paksitan etc., are all predominantly Muslim nations, under attack by the West.
Endlessly demonized by the very nation's media outlets that are attacking daily and murdering countless of their civilians.
Sadly this article doesn't mention that agenda. Or should I say, unsurprisingly?

Here is the excuse given as to why these media lies are engaged in. Ready for it?

"Mr McClellan says the pressure to provide viewers, listeners and readers with a quick, simplistic interpretation has been intensified by the arrival of much more immediate online news and social media."

You see, blogs, twitter, online news etc., have forced them to provide simplistic interpretations of the news.
To quote Michael Rivero "BULLBISCUITS"

This is an excuse to cover up for the agenda, the militarized, fascistic agenda the main stream media has always been part and parcel too.
The mainstream media provides all manner of online news. With each print edition having an online news site also, so this excuse rings hollow.

Then there is this curious sentence?

"It is a conscious effort at that end of the market to feed in what they think their readers want to believe and their prejudices," Mr McClellan said.

Back up that train! What" their readers want to believe and their prejudices"?
It is your fault!
Your all just a bunch of bigots filled with false beliefs and prejudices!
The media is just giving you what you want!

Phooey and more bullbiscuits, your irrational fears, if you are foolish enough to succumb to this type of manipulation, have all been created and fired further by the corporate whores serving the elitist fascist agenda of war, resource grabbing and oppression.
If you are filled with false beliefs and prejudices it is ONLY because the presstitutes have been delighting you with falsities for your entire life.

"Despite there being far fewer Islamic terrorist attacks each year than there are non-Islamic attacks."

Since the mainstream media always gives over the top coverage, like we have just witnessed with the Norway news to "Islamic" attacks, it is unsurprising that the vast majority of people are unaware of that tidbit.

"A new poll by Essential Media has found there has been a big slump in the public's trust of commercial media in recent months.

Mr McClellan says unless editorial standards rise substantially that trust will only erode further."

Trust will erode further because the main stream media, the corporate media, doesn't serve truth or facts. Fabrication, thy name is truly corporate media.

Here is some coverage of the Norway attack, written by individuals, who have taken their own time to give us all indepth and in context coverage. In no particular order..

HHQ-Man on a Mission: Anders Behring Breivik & the Norway Terror Op

A13- NORWAY + ISRAEL = Unfavourable Relations

Mr. Friend-Norway targeted by Zionist New World Order forces

Asif Shah-
TERRORISM IS NOT MONOPOLY OF ISLAM AND PAKISTAN, Today Christian fundamentalist Proved again

Aangirfan- Norway attacked by usual suspects


  1. Great post Penny. Your headlining that one line about Muslim attacks and non Muslim attacks is a beaut isn't it.

    I am finding some interesting comments here and there. Last night I put up a post that has been around for awhile. In it during a lot of warnings, the head of NASA comes out with one curious phrase "for the good of those on Earth and those who are not on this planet".

    It is such hidden "gems" as these that tell the story, you really have to parse every damn phrase to get an iota of truth.

    Regarding Norway, I have not touched it really because I know we are at the time of the greatest media mind control part of the whole thing. I know of course it is a psy ops, a false flag. I know Israel has been royally ticked at Norway, just as it was with NZ just prior to the huge earthquake last winter.

    After the towers fell at 911, within five at the most minutes, a "casual" interview of a "passerby" was shown. In a very excited and breathless voice the man on the street claimed it was a fire from the plane fuel, Al Qaida did it, and a few other pertinent things that became part of the myth.

    His terminology was very coppish, and later it was found he was a dual citizen and all his modelling sites and films disappeared off YouTube within days.

    We are at that stage with Norway, just as they planted the Muslim reason for Mumbai and London. Only here the blame is more difficult to get to. I imagine that, like Timothy McVeigh, SIrhan Sirhan, etc, this lad is a MK Ultra victim and someone pulled a few switches. Who? I am sure we will figure this out but not before the world is totally confused by the plethora of distractions tossed into the story by the Presstitutes. (L0ve that pic btw)

  2. Certainly a psy op, and of course Israel is involved one way or another:

    Breivik says, "The time has come to stop the stupid support of the Palestinians...and to start supporting our cultural cousins - Israel." The sight of the massacre was a camp which demanded, days earlier, that Israel "finish the occupation." Anti-Israel, pro-Arab signs were hung in the camp.

    Well, there you have part of the 'motivation'. And as is par for the course, NONE of the msm are even touching the Israeli angle.

    Bought and paid for shills is all they are.


  3. Hey Noor!
    thanks :)

    And yes that one line is a beaut, and is something virtually unknown to the masses.
    The media.

    "you really have to parse every damn phrase to get an iota of truth"


    I haven't covered it either, I was on self imposed hiatus.
    But that media story had caught my eye this morning, the excuse making.....was appalling.
    It just called to me, it had to be addressed!

    When I came back online, I noticed the story itself had been well covered by a number of bloggers as I knew it would be.

    I had to incorporate their work into this post.

    To demonstrate that more legitimate journalistic work is being conducted by these bloggers, then by the corporate whores.

    as for the picture, I thought it was just too good to pass up!

  4. Why thanks for that Buffy!

    Love the first part

    Anders Behring Breivik, the man being held for Friday's shooting at an island off the coast of Norway, expressed anti-Islamic sentiments in English in the past and was an enthusiastic supporter of Israel , according to a Sunday-evening report by Channel 2 television. Breivik's 1,500 page book attacks the European political establishment because he sees it as an ally of the Muslims against Israel, and praises Israel for not giving Muslims the same rights they enjoy in different European countries.

    That speaks volumes about the man, his hatred, how he wants muslims treated as second class citizens, just like they are in good ol' Israel.

    No surprise that get's no coverage here....we aren't supposed to know that is what goes on in Israel

  5. oh this is just too good to pass up, way to good!!

    What name rears it's ugly head?

    "Anti-Muslim sentiment abounds in Breivik's 1,500-page manifesto, which quotes Robert Spencer, who operates the Jihad Watch Web site, 64 times, as well as Pamela Geller, the Islamaphobic blogger who has been active in protests against a mosque and community center planned for Lower Manhattan. In a recent blog post, Geller defended herself, writing, "If anyone incited him to violence, it was Islamic supremacists."

    She can defend herself all she wants, she inspired this mass murderer!
    This guy hated Muslims, just like you Pamela. Just like you.

  6. Many thanks for the link.

    - Aangirfan

  7. Thanks for the link over Penny, interesting perspective presented here.

    Another reason why we're seeing a demonization and ridiculous slander of the Islamic world is that it represents the last great obstacle to overcome for the full implementation of the Zionist New World Order. Think about it: Islamic countries and societies are generally against all the things that the Zionists push in their media and education here in the West- pro-gay marriage, anti-family agenda (pro-divorce, pro-abortion, ect.), "women's liberation" (read: women being exploited by disgusting, brain dead men), pornography, I could go on here. Islam, in general, has refused to adopt the Western (Zionist initiated) agenda, and is really being targeted. As but one example, do you know what the scum bags over in Israel have done on numerous occasions after they take over a Palestinian village? They air pornography on the television channels!!

    So, in addition to having a large portion of the world's resources, the Islamic world represents one of the last traditional, conservative societies. I'm not saying they're perfect or that I agree with everything, but I respect their culture and hate seeing it completely desecrated by the Zionist media, and thus the rest of society. We have enough problems over here to worry about, we don't need to harp on the Muslims all day long. Of course you won't hear about this on the TeeVee...

  8. Thank you for the information.

    The Mossad did Norway.


  9. Aangirfan: you are most welcome :)

  10. John Friend, you make many good points, some I was aware of, some not.

    Of course there is always the banking agenda, usary vs non-usary.

  11. Mouser: I am having a flashback, read all about it in my new post

  12. In INdia attacks by Maoists are not given as much newspace as those by Moslems.


  13. aferrismoon!
    apologies for not realizing you had left a comment the other day.

    "In INdia attacks by Maoists are not given as much newspace as those by Moslems."

    I don't think attacks by any other group or individual are given as much attentions as anything remotely related to Muslims