Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Explosion rocks Turkey's capital, Ankara.

Admittedly I was more then a little surprised to see the news of an alleged bomb blast/explosion in Ankara, Turkey at this time.
Ankara has been a real happening place as of late. As has been the Turkish PM Erdogan.
All very high profile stuff. Syrian Transitional Government selections, again.
Erdogan as the saviour/rock star of the Arab world

Now a bomb? Or not? An explosion anyway. News was reported in Turkey, then picked up elsewhere.
Italy, US
An extremely violent blast echoed through the center of Ankara this morning, giving rise to an intense pall of smoke. The news was reported by Turkish media, according to which the explosion caused an unspecified number of victims and damages to vehicles parked nearby. The explosion reportedly concerned a parked vehicle, although the causes have not been ascertained yet. . .

A suspected car bomb exploded across a secondary school in the Turkish capital on Tuesday, wounding 15 people, authorities said.

Local media reports said at least two people were killed in the blast, but the death toll could not be independently confirmed.

From the Turks themselves-

An explosion, apparently in a parked vehicle in front of a district governorate building in Cankaya, rocked the centre of the Turkish capital Ankara around 11 AM Turkish local time, causing some casualties and wounded, also damaging surrounding vehicles, Turkish broadcasters reported.

The cause of the blast was not immediately clear. A bombing attack is heavily suspected. No further details were immediately available. Thick smoke rose from the area in central Ankara, which can be seen from all over the city. The fire initiated after the blast is reported to be in control.

The cause of the blast as the numbers of casualties and injured are not officially confirmed.

There is no solid reporting on casualties vs injured. Perhaps none have died, possibly two or three have died. Conflicting reports on whether it was a car bomb or mini-bus bomb. Or gas cylinder thrown near a car causing the car to burst into flames

The "bomb" went off very near government buildings in Ankara

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc suggested the blast was caused by a bomb, although Ankara's governor said it may have been caused by a burning gas cylinder.

"I've been informed that there was an explosion in a car on Kumrular Street, close to the PM's office, and there are heavy casualties," Arinc said. It was "either known or understood" the blast was caused by a bomb, he added.

15 people were wounded, five of them seriously. He said there were no fatalities. Earlier reports had said that two people had died.

Ankara governor Alaaddin Yuksel said a witness had reported that the blast was caused by a burning gas cylinder thrown into the street, which caused a fire that blew up a car. The incident was under investigation, he added.

So far the fingers seem to be pointed at the Kurds. So far......but that could change.

"Kurdish rebels have been fighting for autonomy in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast since 1984."

If it changes to Syria- the pretext to create a buffer zone may have just been presented to the world.

There was some news last week that Syrian troops "stormed a town near the Turkey border"
I had bookmarked the story, but, found it odd. It felt as if it was bogus. A plant.
Reasons as follows-
1-The town remained completely unnamed. Why?
2-The story emanated from "The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Right"
This group, from Britain, is likely tied to British Intelligence or the NATO apparatus or even worse, both.
3-And the picture that accompanied the article?! Very blurry!

Why do I get the feeling that these people are not protesting, but entering a gated area?
You know like those pens set up outside of big events that direct people towards a specified entrance?
Could this have been a crowd entering a sporting event? And not been protesting at all ?

I could be wrong. Turkey may connect this to the Kurds. But if a finger gets pointed at Syria at this point in time I won't be the least bit surprised.


  1. I wonder if any operatives popped over in last weeks Europa League match [ soccer].

    Besiktas [ Turkey] played Maccabi Tel Aviv, last Thursday.

    The Israelis seem to terrorise with absoloute immunity as they have set up opposition in most every country in the world, who then promptly carry out attacks like this , under the guise of freedom but really for the state.

    Of course it can't be openly discussed mediawise as there are an army of punters prepared to poo-poo it as the mad ramblings of anti-sem conspiracy nuts.

    All very convoluted.

    Celtic Rebel did not produce Dave McGowan , sorry


  2. "I wonder if any operatives popped over in last weeks Europa League match [ soccer].

    Besiktas [ Turkey] played Maccabi Tel Aviv, last Thursday."

    Isn't that convenient?

    "Celtic Rebel did not produce Dave McGowan , sorry"

    Hey Aferrismoon, I did go and check it out and CR said next Sunday, so hope so!

  3. Hello Penny for Your Thoughts!
    Yesterday, over at Al Manar a story about... Davutoglu: Ankara Seeking Turkey-Egypt Alliance
    hmmm that would put zionist entity panties in a bunch, to say nuthin' of a literal squeeze play.
    I gotta tell ya Pen, I only trust Al Manar these dayz The dis info hordes have descended with a vengeance.
    Celtic rebel will never have David McGowan on :(
    Dave's last post on Laurel Canyon used photos i pointed out to him. It was quite a thrill for me to see them used!

  4. Israel did it, agreed.

  5. In your face Turkey!

    Occum's raisor says ISRAEL just killed 3 and wounded 15 of your citizens.

    To quote Sean Connery's character in the 'Untouchables': WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

  6. Interestingly, Zbig the chair of the CFR was on his daughter Mika's MSM news show yesterday as 'The last American cowboy' saying Israel was out of control.

    Has a shift at the grand round table of implementing a NWO upon us occurred?

    If Nitwityahoo denies the attacks in a convincing manner, I'm going to bet against the odds and say Rothschild is indeed 'offering his son to Baal' to kick off WW3.

    Rothschild and company are rumoured to be satanist sympathizers so infanticide before a battle for all the marbles is not impossible to imagine.

    Pagan armies of old sacrificied their children to the god of war before a battle.

    Rothschild may very well be sacrificing his child Israel to start WW3.

  7. So the story changes...

    The Deputy PM had previously said there were no fatalities, to there now being three fatalities.

    The early eyewitness account of a burning gas cylinder igniting a vehicle has morphed to a car bomb and there is that word "terrorism"

    "At least three people killed in Ankara in explosion that officials say was caused by bomb on a vehicle."


    Suspected Terror Blast Shakes Turkey

    A suspected terrorist attack in central Ankara on Tuesday killed three people and injured at least 15, the interior minister said, in the first deadly bombing in the Turkish capital in more than four years.
    Idris Naim Sahin, the interior minister, said “It is highly likely to be a terror attack,” Mr. Sahin said.

    Highly likely does not mean it is so.

    From the NYTimes article

    "A chain reaction explosion began in a car with a liquefied petroleum fuel tank, and soon spread to other cars parked equipped with similar tanks,"

    Don't almost all cars have liquefied petroleum fuel tanks?

    What the hell is with that wording?
    Why not just say gas tanks?
    All cars have gas tanks that hold liquified petroleum fuel.
    (except for electric, though they also have liquified petroleum tanks)

    Still eyewitnesses recount

    "witnesses said a burning gasoline can was thrown out of a window in a nearby building and landed on a car"

    I just don't know what to make of this? Not yet?

  8. Hey Peter!!!
    How goes it good man!

    I am not so sure if a Turkey-Egypt alliance is that much of a threat to Israel...
    Both countries are so firmly ensconced in the US/NATO/Israeli apparatus of war making.
    An alliance between them would IMO solidify the NATO war machine that much more.

    Egypt army is owned and controlled by outsiders as is Turkey's

    Sigh..... Until Erdogan the Turkish army regularly overthrew leaders, clearly Erdogan is toeing the line.


    Celtic Rebel might have DM on?
    He has been making regular appearances on the Meria Heller show doing his Abe Lincoln stuff.
    Which btw has been most interesting.
    Never say never Peter

  9. Anonymous: 5:47 & 6:23
    Do you have some specific (to the situation) thoughts on why Israel is behind this?

  10. Anonymous 7:36 am

    "Rothschild may very well be sacrificing his child Israel to start WW3."


  11. ***Egypt army is owned and controlled by outsiders as is Turkey's***
    The (figurative)past.... that's the past Dear Pen.
    Clearly, on the horizon,
    the future is beginning to manifest itself. Huge changes underway in Egypt and Turkey.
    I wouldn't wager on the military to save Egypt and Turkey. Waay too much water under the bridge for the past to continue.

  12. Peter "The (figurative)past.... that's the past Dear Pen.
    Clearly, on the horizon,
    the future is beginning to manifest itself. Huge changes underway in Egypt and Turkey.
    I wouldn't wager on the military to save Egypt and Turkey. Waay too much water under the bridge for the past to continue."

    Hey Peter:
    Here is hoping you are correct.
    I am not hung up on being right or wrong, I just do the best I can.

    How much would I like to see change? Everyday and lots of it!
    Not the Obama bullshit kind!

    The real stuff, where the human race rises to the occasion and acts as a whole for the betterment of all of humanity. So we can progress, instead of being stuck in the mire, always.
    Or worse still, regress.
    Where we stop allowing ourselves to be exploited for the elites to play power games with us and with the planet.
    Is that to much to ask for?
    It is possible, it just has to be chosen, and kept in site.

  13. Penny, with my boring engineer's hat on: LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Its a gas like propane that forms a liquid under high pressure. The gas tanks are 8mm thick steel to (hopefully) avoid them blowing up in an accident. I've no idea how common LPG in cars is in Turkey, but its not uncommon in UK and Europe as it carries less tax. (UK petrol tax is ~60%.)

  14. Freethinker:

    thanks for that information!
    LPG = lots of cars in Turkey
    I went to look.
    From 2010


    "Approximately 400,000 cars in Turkey implement liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, every year to obtain nearly 45 percent fuel saving"

    Quite likely there are more at this time.

    I was wording about the wording and still am.
    The pointing out of this (LPG) will mislead readers into thinking this was something rigged to explode.

    I am not so sure at this point if this is the case,though still following and watching the story morph.

  15. cripes, that is worried about the wording- doh!