Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Explosion rocks Turkey's capital, Ankara Pt 2

Update to this mornings breaking news covered in the previous post- Explosion rocks Turkey's capital, Ankara.

Recall -Eye witness reports had a burning gas cylinder thrown onto the street from a window above.

"a witness had reported that the blast was caused by a burning gas cylinder thrown into the street, which caused a fire that blew up a car"
Even Ankara's governor had suggested this was a possibility due to eye witness reports.

The story has been morphing through the day. From explosion to bomb, onto car bomb and now it is supposed to be a "cluster bomb"

"The explosion, sparked by a bomb planted inside a car parked on the street, was described as an act of terrorism by the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office and strongly condemned by President Abdullah Gül, after conflicting statements throughout the day from senior officials.

Setting off a cluster bomb in an area of heavy motor and pedestrian traffic in order to cause loss of life and property damage is considered an act of terror,” the public prosecutor’s office said

There was no immediate official word on who might be behind the blast

No official word on who might be behind the blast?
Or has that not been decided on as of yet?

As for the eyewitness account? Discounted completely. Or should I say "debunked"

"Earlier in the day, an eyewitness claimed that a burning gas canister was thrown out of a building, possibly to prevent a fire indoors. The claim was described as a weak possibility by Şahin, and later debunked by the prosecutor’s statement."
Curiously enough....

Turkish and U.S. intelligence chiefs met Monday (yesterday) in Ankara for an unannounced meeting

James R. Clapper, director of the U.S.’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or DNI, held talks with Hakan Fidan, chief of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, or MİT, at the MİT headquarters. He arrived in Ankara on Sunday and is expected to leave Tuesday following meetings with ministers.

Turkey wants Predator drones from the US

“We have been demanding Predators for the last two years,” Erdogan told reporters

And the plot thickens....

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