Thursday, September 22, 2011

Following up

Follow ups or "Fowl" ups?

Ah, cute. Mother duck and ducklings. Fowls, following.

Well it is follow ups today.
Two that really should be checked out.

I did a post a couple of days ago on Syria's 2nd transitional government, formed in Turkey, of course...

I ended that part of the post with this comment

"As for the half of this new council that are not the supposed "activists". I do wonder how many are actually residing in Syria at this time?
As an example Bassma Kodmani is based in France (writing books in French and oh look connected to the Ford Foundation)
Where are the other so called transitional leaders from?
Lebanon? US? Britain? What foundations might they be affiliated with?
If I had more time, I would spend it looking. Sadly, I don't."

NYSC from thenakedfacts stepped up to the plate filling in a few more of the blanks.

Who's who of the 'transitional' council? Formed in Turkey. Worth repeating, that is why I am.
Thanks NYSC and take it away....

I see think tanks/foundations, imagine that?

Second follow up comes to us courtesy of James.
James has a blog at the Winterpatriot Community

His follow up is called the 95percent solution Pt2 - Thomas Sheridan
The link contains the second part to the interview I had originally posted.
If you missed that give it a listen.

"Recently Penny put up a link in her article “Psychopaths Are Everywhere” to a Thomas Sheridan radio interview. It is well worth listening to. You'll find the interview embedded at Penny's at the above link and scroll down a little. There's a second part to the interview where Thomas talks about the psychopathic nature of the God of parts of the Old Testament and touches on the money system. Broadly, I agree with him though I have some differences. But that is to be expected , I suppose. I wouldn't want anyone out there thinking exactly like me. Even I am not that cruel"
James! Cruel? Nah.

Get over to the 95 percent solution link and listen to 2nd part. I did. It was excellent.
I listened to it as soon as I could, in fact, I will listen for a second time when time allows.
Oddly enough Jung was discussed, the same Jung I mentioned in my original post.
Serendipity or something else?
I will leave that to you to decide.

James has also left a 3rd interview (Thomas Sheridan/Fintan Dunne) for us all to enjoy.
I have not as of yet had the time to listen, so am refraining from comment on that one.

Thanks NYSC and James!


  1. thanks for the links and comments, Pen!

  2. Your welcome James!
    When time allows I will pop over to wp and leave some more commentary