Sunday, September 4, 2011

George Galloway interviews NATO indoctrinated Libyan

Say what you want about George Galloway. Love him, hate him, whatever?
He kicks this idiots arse!
This "Libyan" is a prime example of NATO brainwashing. His perception has been well-managed.
He doesn't want Russia or China to buy oil. Only Britian, France and Italy.
Seriously, you have got to listen to this.


  1. 'Respect!'

    Nice find Penny.
    Hope you're well.


  2. hey edo!
    great to know you are still out and about.
    I am well and hope to find you the same.

    "Nice find"

    I thought it was so interesting as an example of what I call perception management.

    aka brainwashing , mind control

    the rebel as galloway pointed out was exhibiting a slave attitude of "having to be saved"
    lying and literally mouthing what must have been the NATO dictated words to the international audience.
    all in all I wonder if the "doctor" will realize what a fool he is

  3. very enlightening clip Pen. he's just trying to be a "good" libyan, impressing the West with his willingness to share! bad russia, bad china, etc. he says all the right things. he can't understand why galloway doesn't appreciate it.

    get off your knees indeed. decades and decades of colonialism does this to people's minds, makes them believe they really are second class citizens.

  4. The discussion misses the crux of the matter entirely.

    Iraq has production contracts with foreign oil corporations. The corporations don't "own" the oil, they have a right to be paid a few dollars per barrel for producing it.

    The Libyan rebels have already promised to honor all of Gaddafi's agreements with Chinese and Russian corporations and it would be entirely expected for them to actually do so, just as the current regime in Iraq has honored the Saddam Hussein era agreement with Russia's Lukoil to develop the vast West Qurna oil field.

  5. hey AP!

    exactly! trying to impress the west.

    a brainwashed stooge. Indoctrinated by NATO sent out to promote a specific message.

    Thanks for bombing the country to nothing and killing untold civilians and hey we'll share the oil.

  6. atheo:

    I don't know that the discussion misses the crux entirely.

    The video beautifully demonstrates perception management in all it's glory.

    The doctor denies the literacy levels of the Libyan people and believe me, I went and checked.

    The doctor denies that the libyans have benefitted from their oil, this again is another lie.

    The doctor even claims that Ghaddafi was going to kill all the Libyans millions and millions of them.

    Utter nonsense.

    The doctor thanks the west for "saving" the Libyans, when nothing of the sort happened.

    I could go on and on with how this video works to demonstrate indoctrination
    I will assume you get the idea.

    As for the oil contracts, I am uncertain what the NATO backed "rebels" have promised regarding oil contracts.

    I do know that prior to the NATO rebellion. Libya was Not making oil deals with France.

    I have also read that Britain and France are racing for the spoils.

    I am unsure based on this article where Russia and China are going to stand regarding previous contracts?

  7. On french mainstream radio they sid yesterday that Total had something aound 2 or 3% of the oil extraction contracts and that they will have after the "transition" something around 25%. 't was quite funny how the news anchor tried to minimize the witty remark of the guest, who said: "so it was really only about the oil." . The news anchor tried to say that it was all a coincidence.

  8. "The news anchor tried to say that it was all a coincidence."

    Wow, that is quite a coincidence Gallier!

    btw thanks for letting us know what the "news" is telling people to believe

    Sadly, or not, I am not a coincidence theorist.

    An increase like that is not happenstance.

    No matter how the news anchor lies

  9. Penny,

    The Dr.s nonsense does not make Galloway's focus worthwhile.

    To suggest that the new regime in Libya can or will spurn China, the world's primary creditor and major exporter is just naive. France has no way to match China's heft in commercial matters.

    Where did Galloway mention military bases?

    Banking and finance?

    Pan-Africanism and African development?


    I'm just tired of all this over-simplified hype about the oil. The oil majors had only just finished signing new agreements with Gaddafi, I'm not easily convinced that they agree to things that they don't want.

  10. Libyan rebels vow to honor Gaddafi's oil contracts

    August 24, 2011

    (Reuters) - Libya's rebel government will honour all energy contracts granted legally under Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year rule and work to restore oil output to pre-war levels within a year, said rebel reconstruction leader Ahmed Jehani.

    "The contracts in the oil fields are absolutely sacrosanct," ...

  11. Atheo:

    this is most likely a brief clip of an entire interview.
    While you raise many other important issues Israel, Pan Africanism, banking etc.,

    Some of which I have covered in innumerable posts on Libya.
    Click the Africa label at the bottom.

    This post was about the power of indoctrination.

    One of many angles the Libyan situation needs to be looked at from

    "The Dr.s nonsense does not make Galloway's focus worthwhile."

    I respectfully agree to disagree with you on this point, as I have already stated, from the standpoint of propaganda dissemination this clip is priceless. Thereby making Galloway's focus very worthwhile

  12. A really worthwhile clip.

    It demonstrates the power of propaganda against those blacks,brownies and yellows into thinking of themselves as something less, and make them suffer an identity crisis.


  13. 'Gorgeous George' does a good rant.

    Funny character, so right on some issues, so wrong on others (like 911).

    It seems the good doctor would like to be part of a privileged elite, that existed in King Idris' day, rather than part of the egalitarian masses under Qaddafi. Poor sop doesn't realise his life from now on is going to be non-stop buggery from Zionist NATO. These zionists like buggery apparently.