Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Syrian Civil War then perhaps...WW3 ???

Getting back to Syria....
The Atlantic asks- Is Civil war in Syria Inevitable?
The correct title should be: Syrian Civil War: The Western Goal
That title would at least be factually correct!
Instead the Atlantic gives us nonsense. Claims such as:
" some of the opposition has been slowly suggesting a greater willingness to accept the use of arms"

Utter garbage!

The "opposition" has been fully armed and willing to use arms for quite a while now.
For months ambushes and killings by activists have been reported by Syrian, Chinese, Russian
& Lebanese media. There have been trains derailed and bombings of pipelines.
These activities have only been alluded to in the Western media (see below)
"There are hints that arms and financing for weapons are being delivered by outside forces."
Who is the Atlantic kidding?

It has been obvious that support, arms and financing have been being delivered all along by outside forces, to anyone that has been paying attention.

It has been getting harder and harder for the main stream media to call the activists peaceful as attacks on civilians, government buildings and soldiers increase daily.
Which is why the BBC had previously gave us the ridiculous "ghost fighters" story.

Today, It looks as if the arming of so called "activists" in Syria is finally going to go public.

According to Western diplomats and political observers watching the developments in Syria, the next stage of the international community’s response to events in Damascus will move from supporting the people’s uprising and condemning the oppression of the regime by waving the stick of economic and financial sanctions – including the travel ban on political officials who have been blacklisted – to arming the Syrian opposition, similar to what was done in Libya.
"The U.S., France and Britain will participate in strengthening the military side of the opposition in Syria to create a balance with the security apparatus controlled by President Bashar Assad and his regime. It’s likely that Turkey will spearhead the operation to arm the opposition"

However, diplomatic sources expect that this course would face the objection of Russia.
Russia can and will object, but to what effect? France, Britain and the US will continue on doing what they have been doing

This is clearly an upping of the ante in Syria, to drive the Syrians deeper and deeper in civil war. The civil war the west has worked for years to get going.

Don't believe me this has been years in the making? Don't take my word for it.

The US has admitted to funding Syrian Opposition
Where did the activists get their satellite phones? Pricey stuff. How are the getting connected to the internet? Who is providing the satellite service?
"The files show that up to $6.3 million US was funnelled to the Movement for Justice and Development, a London-based dissident organization that operates the Barada TV satellite channel, which broadcasts anti-government news into Syria. Another $6 million went to support a variety of initiatives, including training for journalists and activists, between 2006 and 2010."

Does anyone seriously think the US spent more then 12 million dollars to fund and train anti-government "journalist and activists" since 2006, for no reason at all?
The overthrow of the Assad government has been in the cards for a while.

Today the BBC is reporting that armed groups have ambushed and killed Syrian soldiers and civilians.
Six Syrian soldiers and three civilians have been killed in an ambush by an armed group in central Syria, state media says.

A further 17 people were wounded as gunmen ambushed the bus near Hama, Sana reported, adding that three gunmen were killed in an ensuing gunfight.

Syria, as Libya was, is being targeted ostensibly under the claim of protection of civilians
"Responsibility to Protect" I wonder which PR firm was employed to dream that slogan up?
This is what "Responsibility to Protect" looks like in practice.


  1. I think the Syrian government will be benefiting from what's happening between Turkey and Israel.
    Turkey will not get in a plan against Syria, if their relationship with Israel gets worse.
    Turkish leader T.Erdogan is showing unease about Israel's 'bullying' in the area, and he was not shy about describing Israel as a 'bully',and acting like a 'spoiled child' in the area.
    The timing is good for Syria..

  2. Hi Penny. Just a quick post.

    This is really the line in the sand for Russia as we have discussed often. The Vampire’s running the west aren’t even subtle any more.

    As for Erdogan and the Turks. I feel the recent diplomatic bit of theatre is just a smokescreen for their complicity in interfering in Syria already.

    Trust no one.

  3. anonymous 10:16 am

    "I think the Syrian government will be benefiting from what's happening between Turkey and Israel."

    I have to disagree.
    IMO what is going on between Turkey and Israel is distraction, a ruse.
    Misdirection if you will.

    Erdogan may be showing unease, but, that will be as far as it goes.
    Some diplomatic dilly dallying is all that is.

    Turkey is a Nato nation, is on deck for pipeline construction that is beneficial to Israel
    and more


  4. Hey Chuckyman!

    I am so glad you finally stopped by, I have missed your jaw wagging.

    "This is really the line in the sand for Russia as we have discussed often. The Vampire’s running the west aren’t even subtle any more."

    This one sees me wringing my hands chuckyman, it really does!

    You are correct, this is not subtle.
    This is in your face, f-u kinda stuff.

    After the whole Libyan fiasco, what options do China and Russia have?
    This is do or die for these nations, they will be shut out, choked if you may at the whim of NATO.

    China is particularly vulnerable as they need the energy.
    Russia needs the ability to ship.

    Is it any wonder i feel edgy?

    I agree with the smokescreen angle completely.
    But this is not just cover for Turkey, this is also cover for Israel. They have knee deep in the Syrian intrigue, looking so chummy with Turkey.
    This bit of theatre takes the heat off of both countries

  5. Hey Pen, nice one. I wonder if Assad is as popular as Gadaffi? Gadaffi was so confident of his popularity that he emptied the arsenals and armed the population. Up against an unbeatable NATO air attack it's a smart money move. Sure enough, the scum comprising the Libyan opposition aren't nervous for no reason. A future that consists of getting shot like dogs shimmers before them. I wonder is Assad is that confident?

  6. Ayah... misspelled Gaddafi. Never mind.

  7. I think Syria will have a reprieve till the Russian elections are out the way. Any hostilities towards a Russian ally would (I think) boost Putin's support. The PTB however are desperate to garner support for their shiny new modern youthful democratic pro-NATO anti-China (you know the drill) oligarchy backed party 'Right Cause' who are trying to get into bed with Medvedev to block Putin. I think China is also in a holding pattern (while building-up navy etc) waiting to see which way the wind blows on Russia. Algeria should be worried.

    Meanwhile back in Libya, a very strange story on CNN:
    20,000 SAMs in warehouses being looted by the NTC. Wtf is going on here, what narrative is being seeded?

  8. Hey Nobody!

    There have been huge pro assad rallies in a number of syrian cities.
    I am of the opinion that he is quite popular.
    And, that the majority of the population do not support the "activists"

    I saw that Gaddafi had armed the populace to fight the 'rebels'.

    IMO Assad can do the same albeit to a more limited degree because their are some big differences between Libya and Syria.

    One is the presence of Russia. There are Russians always present in Syria. Between the two port cities of Latakia and Tartus.
    At any given time Russians in amongst the populations of Syrians is likely well in the thousands.

    These ports are vital to Russia,7340,L-3434145,00.html

    "Being present in the Mediterranean is very important for our Navy in the Black Sea,"

    I am pretty sure the first time I blogged on the ports was in 2008.

    We see the US has been messing around in Syria minimally since 2006??

    I think, this is my opinion, that Russia will see an attack on Syria as an attack on them.

    We saw this scenario play out with the attack Georgia made on South Ossetia.

    Russia took this as an attack on them.

    If I may add, for very good reason.

    Secondly, Syria is far more militarized, Weapons, soldiers etc.,

    All that said, Syria could arm citizens in the larger cities.
    I am thinking Damascus would be possible if Assad chose to go this route?

  9. Freethinker:

    "I think Syria will have a reprieve till the Russian elections are out the way. Any hostilities towards a Russian ally would (I think) boost Putin's support."

    I wonder how much of a factor this would be in the Russian election?

    Could be beneficial to Putin, of course depending on the move made, and what was the result?

    Syria could turn into a war zone. Fighting that has little to do with Syria and Syrians, and everything with the the larger chessboard global control by NATO of the world resources and shipping traffic