Thursday, September 29, 2011

Syrians egg Ambassador and flunkie. Turkey's "offer " to Syria

The msm is calling the protestors "Pro-Assad".
It is more likely they are awake and aware to the manipulations emanating from the West and are trying to control their own destiny. Who can blame them?

Like this gal!

Let's look at the news-

Syrian protesters pelted Robert Ford with eggs and tomatoes on Thursday when he arrived at the US mission's building in the capital, Damascus.
He was meeting one of the Western backed provocateurs
Hassan Abdul-Azim.

Hassan has been around since the 1960's. "The old time Nasserite", or so we are told, born in 1932, linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Why do I suspect that?
"Three factors made Abdul Azim uniquely qualified to play a leading in any transitional period
-The first is simply that he lives in Syria
-The second espouses a moderate vision of reform
-The third factor has to do with the regime's reluctance to open any lines of communication with organized Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood."

Are you noticing the contradiction?

The supposed "moderate" is going to bridge the gap with the Islamist fundamentalist group the Muslim Brotherhood.
A group that is infiltrated every which way possible by Western intelligence groups.
It's leadership is completely compromised. And it is not secular, at all.
Where as the Assad government is.

Now for a brief digression
Turkey, was going to call off the destabilization campaign if Bashir Assad agree to place Muslim Brotherhood adherents in the government.

Read on...

"Ankara asked Damascus to offer the Muslim Brotherhood government posts in exchange for Turkey's support in ending rallies in Syria, an offer rejected by Bashar al-Assad, officials and diplomats said.

"Ending the rallies in Syria?"
How could Turkey "end the rallies" unless they were fomenting and supporting them?

Now, how far back was it that I had mentioned Turkish involvement in destabilizing Syria?
Oh yeah, it was back in June. June 8th to be exact!
Flashback! Turkey's role in Syria's destabilisation

"In June, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered, if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ensured between a quarter and a third of ministers in his government were members of the Muslim Brotherhood, to make a commitment to use all his influence to end the rebellion," a Western diplomat told AFP.

"The head of the Syrian state refused such a proposal," said the diplomat, who did not want to be named.

A European diplomat, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that such a request had been sent to the Syrian leadership.

"The Turks proposed at first that the Muslim Brotherhood occupy four major ministries and explained that they are part of the political components of this country," the diplomat said"
So much for "democracy" and the people electing their own government?

Let's get back to the Muslim Brotherhood, the alleged moderate and the meeting with Ambassador Ford.

I have covered the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood repeatedly in numerous previous posts, so I will not bore the reader with an rehashing. The fact that this man is sitting down to a meeting with Ambassador Robert Ford speaks volumes about who this Hassan Abdul Azim is and what exactly he is up to.

As for Ambassador Ford himself, he has acted very provocatively in Syria. In all likelihood he provided weapons and logistics for the "peaceful" activists.

See the eggs outside of the Damascus office?

Earlier, Syria accused the US of inciting violence against its military.

"Recent statements from American administration officials... clearly indicate that the United States is involved in encouraging armed groups to practice violence against the Syrian Arab Army," a foreign ministry statement said

Yeah, that has been obvious for a good long while now


  1. Hey Pen, here's some good news. I found this via wikispooks.

    Wild, huh?

  2. Hey Pen, I'm in a linking mood at the moment. Here's the comment I left at Aang's but I thought you and AP would be interested too. It follows:

    Meanwhile a chap at my place pointed me at a bloke called Jim Stone. Heard of him? I hadn't but he seems quite big. He has a lot to say about the Fukushima disaster and Israeli involvement. His site is organised like shit and he writes poorly but I'm thinking he's on the money. He seems quite technically savvy and he makes some interesting points about the unlikelihood of the earthquake / tsunami / nuclear disaster stories we were given.

    Nutshell - it seems the earthquake was very small and caused almost no damage at all. The Tsunami was impossibly large but still not enough to damage the nuclear plant. And then the #3 reactor that blew up was decommissioned, which is to say unable to explode. Or to put it another way the official story makes no sense. And I'm inclined to think that his makes more sense. See what you think.

    Here's the first article I started with. I think it's one article (like I said, badly laid out). Anyway then look over to the right and have a click on some of the other Japan / Fukushima / mossad / power-grid links. See if it grabs you. I'm cutting and pasting this over at Pen's and AP's since they'll probably groove on it too.

    ciao mate,


    Does that grab you Pen? Worth a look anyway. Ciao.

  3. Hey nobody!

    The Serbian/Kosovo angle is really interesting and timely. Very timely.
    What is going on there exactly?
    I haven't followed it enough to know, but, I wonder....

    As for Libya?
    The transitional government has been falling apart for some time now.
    I think there are a couple of posts floating around here somewhere on that topic?

    Recall how Russia "recognized" the transitional council?
    How China followed suit?
    I do wonder what was the reasoning behind that?
    Or should I say, I wonder what angle the Chinese and Russians are playing in the Libyan fighting?
    If by aiding certain interested parties they can assist in the overthrow the the NATO backed government.
    Would they?

  4. Hey Nobody, again.

    Regarding the curious Fukushima saga... and Jim Stone

    I left this response at nobody's haiku blog.


    First let me apologize off the hop for the off topic.
    Saw the link you left at my place some time ago.

    I have a different take on the whole Fukushima scenario.
    Nuclear weapons production

    then read this from Joseph Farrel

    There were some odd things that happened around the Fukushima plant.

    Dead bodies under the plant?
    Two were found

    why were they beneath the plant?
    What was under there?

    Also there were stories that the US was bringing coolant to Fukushima?
    The power plants use water as a coolant, was there another reason for the "coolant" Whatever it was?

    So was the US military delivering "coolant" or were they taking something away?

    In fact why did the US send the military in, right away?

    again apologies for the off topic :)

    My suspicions are that Fukushima was making weapons grade Uranium or Plutonium.

    Fukushima # 3 was a mox fuel plant...."

    Jim Stones prompt appearance on the internet may have been a distraction.

    Of course I could be wrong, but, IMO, covert nuclear weapons coverup makes way more sense

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