Monday, September 19, 2011

Syria's 2'nd Transitional Council and Mahdi Nazemroaya (Libya)

In one of my previous posts I mentioned a meeting of Syrian opposition members in Ankara, Turkey. At that time they were trying to put together a "transitional" government. Sound familiar?
The first try didn't work out so well.
But never say die....a second attempt has "succeeded".

Quick rehash on the first attempt

On the six-month anniversary of the first anti-regime protests in Syria last week, opposition groups in Istanbul announced the formation of a Syrian National Council to steer the transition to democracy. But it was the second such announcement - the first one a month ago in Ankara turned into a fiasco.

Even people who were named as opposition leaders distanced themselves from the first council, saying it failed to represent protesters who were risking their lives on the ground in Syria.

Onto round 2

With a twist!
Back to Damascus- indicating again the deep involvement of Turkey in destabilizing their neighbour. The US is very happy. They are applauding the "founding".

The United States has welcomed the formation on Thursday of an umbrella group of Syrian opposition figures, the self-proclaimed Syrian National Council.

The Obama administration, which a month ago called for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to “step aside,” is welcoming the formation of the opposition coalition whose professed aim is to oust Syria's government.

Ahmed Ramadan, Bassma Kodmani, Abdulbaset Seida and Imad Aldeen Rashid speak as a group of Syrian opposition members announce a Syrian National Council in Istanbul, Turkey, September 15, 2011.

Of course the Obama administration is welcoming this! This destruction of a nation has been the aim all along

Here is the twist-

Capping a four-day meeting in Istanbul, a diverse array of Assad government opponents said it has chosen a 140-member Syrian National Council of whom about half are activists inside Syria and were not publicly identified.

The first council allegedly failed because it did not include "activists on the ground" in Syria.
As the story goes....
Allegedly now the second council has included activists, but they are not named.
Not publicly identified.
Not likely this has anything to do with fear of retaliation.
Bluntly put, this is showboating.
Like the first council there are no activists included from Syria.
For the most obvious reason- there are very few if any true Syrian "activists" on the ground.
Most of the "activists" have been brought in from outside of Syria.
Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan even Israel.

As for the half of this new council that are not the supposed "activists". I do wonder how many are actually residing in Syria at this time?
As an example Bassma Kodmani is based in France (writing books in French and oh look connected to the Ford Foundation)
Where are the other so called transitional leaders from?
Lebanon? US? Britain? What foundations might they be affiliated with?
If I had more time, I would spend it looking. Sadly, I don't.

I want to finish this post with a 30 minute interview with Mahdi Nazemroaya
What Really Happened in Libya?



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    The similarities between the destabilization of Libya and Syria are there and obvious

  3. Salam Penny how r u?long time yes,im your article on new syrian national council decided to expose rest of panel ..hope you enjoy..=) WHO'S WHO IN NEW SYRIAN NATIONAL COUNCIL? MORE OF THE SAME PRO WESTERN ,IMPERIAL PUPPETS