Friday, September 23, 2011

Talkin' Turkey- Pipelines, Warships and Drones that is

Earlier this month there were reports, out of the Israeli press, that Turkey was sending warships into the area of the eastern Mediterranean.

JP -'Turkey sending 3 warships to eastern Mediterranean'
As the headline read. Wow-wee for the headline skimmers! Must have been a heart stopper?
Except it never really happened.
Turkey is planning to send three warships to the Eastern Mediterranean to defend against Israeli vessels if necessary and ensure freedom of navigation for Turkish ships, Today's Zaman reported on Monday.

The Turkish ships will provide protection for ships bringing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and confront Israeli warships outside of Israel's territorial waters if necessary, according to the report.

This "news" got me thinking about what scenario would bring this on. If any?
The last Gaza flotilla was pretty much stopped dead in the water right in Greece.
Turkey didn't say boo about that. So why would any claim of protection for humanitarian aid even be credible?

Theatre is all that comes to mind. Theatre.
We are supposed to think there is something really serious going on between Turkey and Israel. But is there? It really doesn't appear so!
News today has Turkey sending a survey ship out to the waters off Cyprus.

"There was no sign of a Turkish naval escort for the Piri Reis and its 10 crew as the vessel set out"

A survey ship, with NO military escort! Really?
After the brouhaha about Turkish military sending warships to the Mediterranean region? "To ensure freedom of navigation for Turkish ships"?
But, then why would they send warships along with the survey ship? When there is no need to?
"Turkey’s regional importance as an energy corridor is highly significant, not only because of the Nabucco pipeline, which will stretch all through Turkish territory, but also because ofTurkey’s proximity to swiftly developing energy-producing countries"
And regions. Energy producing regions
Brief aside: read the article linked above, entirely.

Here is a map of an interesting region
It is entirely possible that the survey ship Turkey has just deployed is taking part in the building of the energy corridors including numerous intertwining pipelines.
Keep in mind that Turkey had recently signed final papers for Nabucco

I would also like to touch on the news of an Egyptian/Turkish alliance-
There have been lots of headlines about this and how it supposedly unnerves Israel.
Such as this one- Turkey's Erdogan heads to Egypt, unnerving an embattled Israel

Here is the real news behind that headline!
Turkey wants Egypt in Nabucco project

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, visiting the Egyptian capital Cairp on Wednesday, said he wants to see Egypt brought into the European Union's Nabucco pipeline project.

"We would like to see Egypt in the Nabucco project," Erdogan told a business forum during a two-day visit to Egypt.
And more to the theatre of Turkey and Israel's fall-out.....

Let us recall that Turkey has previously purchased drones from Israel. Five of them are presently in Israel being repaired

"The Turkish military relies on 10 Israeli-made Heron drones, purchased from Israel in 2004 for $183 million, as its eyes in the sky. But at least five of them are currently undergoing maintenance in Israel"

I am quite certain Turkey wants those back.
You may recall a couple of posts back I mentioned Turkey additionally wants drones from the US. It looks as if they are going to get them too.
Here is what Erdogan said-

The United States administration is likely to agree to a Turkish request to base its Predator drones in Turkey after the US withdrawal from Iraq, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said after talks with President Barack Obama in Washington.
"I think there will be no problem regarding the Predators issue,” Erdoğan told reporters at a New York hotel following the meeting with Obama on Tuesday.

Turkey has requested the US to base a fleet of Predator drones on its soil for cross-border operations against the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which uses its bases in northern Iraq for attacks on Turkish targets. The Obama administration has yet to decide on the request.

Erdoğan said Turkey could buy or rent Predators and that Turkey has conveyed its request to that effect to the US. “Their approach is positive”

Turkey will get those Predators.
The Obama administration is playing fast and loose with the "ok" at this time while the Israeli/Turkey ruse goes on.
Eventually. Probably sooner as opposed to later the Predator drone will come to Turkey from the US.
Where they will be in the company of the Israeli built Heron drone.


  1. I have been calling this from a day one a dog and pony show for the masses.

    Erdogan lost his credibility with me some time ago.

    He may have done a few things right, but I am not sure anymore what and where those things were.

    It all died when he began to talk nasty about Syria with NATO and offering Turkey's resources. It might have died when I read somewhere about the Young Turks and what they ushered into Turkey....

    Also when they went a la France and banned the hijab. Like, what was that all about? How Westernized they could be? But offering to help NATO take down Syria kinda did it ... we can see who they are siding with and Palestine is just being used as a very expensive pawn.

    I have a feeling Hamas knows the truth here too.

    However, we can dream that they turn their forces on Israel. They have much better military strength in terms of men.... dream....

    But I ain't holding my breath waiting...

  2. Yes. Turkey = New World Order.

    - Aangirfan

  3. Hey Noor!

    "I have been calling this from a day one a dog and pony show for the masses."

    I saw you had left a comment at your place, I think in a post, to that effect.
    I feel the same way.

    While I had my suspicions about Turkey, the Syrian situation really brought it home.

    It became obvious they were involved in the destabilization.
    When the set up the "refugee camps" and had her "holiness" Angelina Jolie visit and look all saintly...
    When they agreed to host NATO troops....
    When they signed on to the NATO radar system....
    Signing on for Nabucco...
    etc., etc.,
    I could go on, but, hopefully I have raised enough points to make it clear.
    Everything points towards Turkey's involvement with a fascist totalitarian control of the globe.
    But a saviour of the arabs?
    a unifier?
    Gaddafi may have been the one for that to bring together the Arabs and African nations, sharing wealth, and strengthening the societies of said nations.
    Turkey wanted him gone

  4. Aangirfan;

    Turkey = New World Order

    And so it goes....

  5. Hi Penny. This is like that silly movie series final destination. We all know what’s going to happen – the question is how gory will it get. You have called this Achilles heel for some time.

    I want to give some of the deep background for the current treachery. The land now called Turkey was once Byzantium – the last of the Roman Empire. The Turks were invaders from the East – Mongolian tribesmen. The founders of the Ottoman Empire were called Turks. Do a wiki search on Seljuk Turks or Oghuz Turks.

    Interestingly the rapists of Palestine are the Ashkenazi’s – Mongol-Turkish invaders from the Crimea. Call me paranoid but I see a link. I know I hinted at this before recently but Erdogan seems to fit some of the Islamic ‘end game’ mythology.

    We should all be aware by now of the Sabattean nature of the ‘Young Turks’ - the founders of the current regime in that land. It does not matter what the population of the land want. The rulers of the Bosporus have not changed for centuries. The blood link between Tel Aviv and Ankara is there for those that would find it. Hence the false Mahdi.

    This conflict can be kept as hot or as cold as the ‘masters’ decide. You rightly point out what Erdogan is doing – in contrast to what he is saying. I feel that the original Gaza convoy was pretext to provide cover what is now happening –a good excuse to get military hardware on the move. Remember also that NATO has a large land and naval force in Lebanon after the last Israhelli failure.

    Erdogan has a good position in the ME to incite passions as he wants. Remember that in the next 4-6 weeks. I have read of positions where a new oil embargo may occur with Palestine/Syria/shit happens as an excuse. Can’t have the price of oil below $80 a barrel – no margin there. Use the Palestinians getting screwed for statehood to pump up the profits. Win Win

    It’s always about the profits. I can’t wait for the manure to meet the fan blades. As hard as it is to wait it is only a matter of time. Win or lose we will get out turn. Do we wait or do we ‘nudge it’ a little bit?

  6. Excellent Chucky. Lots to think about there, and good point about the oil price.

  7. Hey chuckyman!

    thoughtful stuff.

    So where to begin...

    I like the comparison to final destiny. because we do know what is going to happen, it is just the fine details we are working on.

    Mahdi, I think when you had mentioned it before I went and looked it up.

    It does seem that Erdogan fits the story, now all we need is a Jesus figure to show up...

    "Erdogan has a good position in the ME to incite passions as he wants. Remember that in the next 4-6 weeks."

    "Can’t have the price of oil below $80 a barrel – no margin there."

    I will keep that in mind.

    Erdogan has been playing his role well on the international scene.
    But I really wonder how well it is all going domestically?

    I have also been trying to wrap my head around the whole gambit at the UN for Palestinian Statehood.

    I most certainly hold the opinion this is long overdue.

    But, why now? Why Abbas?
    Who is completely controlled by Israel and the US?

    The best I can figure, this is a distraction, it will keep the media busily occupied. And the focus off of other happenings.

    (Pakistan/Afghanistan is heating right up. What with the most recent false flag murder of Rabbani and the ridiculous turban tale)

    In the end though, Palestinian statehood will be denied. The US will use their veto.

    The Palestinians will hit the streets giving the Israeli killing machine the excuse they have wanted to massively slaughter as many civilians as they can....

    The public at large everywhere will be disgusted with their politicians, who are so disconnected from the reality on the ground.

    So much going on. never enough time to cover it all

    Glad you popped around

  8. freethinker, hey!

    too much to think about some times, isn't it?