Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Syria: Alqueda & "Free Syrian army" Libya redux

You may recall in the last post on Syria I linked to an article that stated Western diplomats were readying to up the ante in Syria and arm the opposition.
Since the opposition has been armed from the onset of the uprising, this statement is nonsensical.
It is spin, that is all, with the intention of finally openly admitting to what has long been going on.
The "activists" are not peaceful, never have been. So what else is going on in and around Syria?
How about news that Al quaeda is flooding into Syria to fight the Assad regime?
Yes, that Al quaeda! Complete with arms from Austria
The "terror group" the western media presents to the dumbed down masses as the "enemy"
Yes, Al quaeda, repeatedly without fail, shows up when Western interests need to be served.
It surely is the West that wants Assad out of Syria

Al Qaida has been returning from Iraq to Syria to fight the regime of President Bashar Assad.Officials said the Al Qaida network has sent hundreds of fighters from (US occupied) Iraq to Syria in 2011. They said the Islamic insurgency network has sent fighters as well as weapons from northern Iraq — often through Jordan (US/Israeli ally) — and to northeastern Syria.
"In the past two months we have arrested dozens of Al Qaida members as they attempted to cross into Syria," a senior Iraqi official said."
As always Al quaeda /quaida is serving Western interests.

A brief digression, but, still related.
Last week Freethinker left a link and comment regarding surface to air missiles being looted in Libya, wondering what narrative was being seeded?
How about this narrative? Al quaeda has been getting arms via Libya and expanding through North Africa

"Small arms, machine guns and surface to air missiles, which pose a risk to flights over the territory."
"Al-Qaeda's North African branch, AQIM, has expanded from northern Niger, Mali and Mauritania into northern Nigeria and southern Senegal.

How swimmingly does that work out for the Western/NATO world army?

The seed planted with news of looting in Libya. The surface to air missiles have, of course, made their way into Al-ciaduh's hands and now the NATO world army led by the US has all the pretext needed to go on invading nation after nation on the continent of Africa. And finally getting AFRICOM into Africa.
Al quaeda/quaida. Always there when western powers need them.
Reveiwing: We have armed activists and Al quaeda flooding into Syria. What we need is a people's army.. Yes, a people's army for all the fighters and arms to flow to
Cue: Free Syrian Army.
Is this for real?
Are these Al Quaeda members imported in from elsewhere?
This narrative may have originated in either Israel or Turkey, so I have some real doubts about it's validity.
Nor, do I believe that there is any cooperation between Syria and Turkey at this time.
Any story such as that is a smokescreen.
Let's take a look at what Josh Landis has to say on this

It is now being claimed that the video which surfaced yesterday of the seven officers who claim to be the commanders of the Free Syrian Army is not what it seems to be. The video I have posted above claims to demonstrate that different officers are wearing the identical uniform. Presumably, the makers of the videos are dressing up different men in the same Colonel’s uniform so they can pose as high ranking officers.
A second video uploaded to youtube on 5 July 2011 shows the same officer who spoke in yesterday’s video (see the top of my last post). Some have suggested he is speaking from a foreign country. This makes sense because young babies are clearly audible in the background. It would be too dangerous to do this from one’s home. In another video of Shaykh `Ar`our on Wisal TV, Colonel Ahmad Hijazi calls in. He is one of the seven soldiers. He has babies crying in the background, as well. One could not phone in from Syria without the Mukhabarat potentially listing to the phone call. Certainly, one would not risk this with his baby children in the back room. This would suggest that the leaders of the Free Syrian Army are in Turkey, Jordan or Saudi Arabia and not in Syria.

Sure is!
You may recall we saw a scenario such as this in Libya;
The importation of Al Quaeda fighters.
A "free" Libyan army or National Liberation Army (later incarnation) Totally infiltrated, or mostly containing spooks, mercenaries, foreign fighters etc., getting logistical help and arms from NATO.

Begs the question- Is the "Free Syrian Army" really Syrian?
I guess it is as Syrian as the Libyan army was Libyan.
The narrative emanating from western media reports on Syria are equally as false as were the Libyan narratives.


  1. Al-Qaeda's North African branch, AQIM, has expanded from northern Niger, Mali and Mauritania into northern Nigeria and southern Senegal

    Right. 'al CIA Duh' is the equivalent of those quick shops/gasoline stations that are always open and all over the place.

    Very convenient for the CIA, the MOSSAD and MI6.

    The actual terrorists, based in the USA, Israel and England, won't stop until the entire world is in flames.

    Where's the escape hatch, I want out.

  2. Yeah, isn't that timely for NaTO/US world army?

    I like your analogy.
    always open and everywhere you need them!

    When freethinker directed me to the story succinctly asking, what narrative is being seeded...
    I figured it will only be a matter of time...


    Alqueda appears and all those weapons left "unattended" in the "confusion" fell right in to their hands

    There is no escape hatch Greg.
    We just gotta work our way through this mess.

  3. Thanks for the follow-up Penny.

    I'm still puzzled though why the Libyans didn't use SAMs? Didn't they have any, were they afraid of high-altitude carpet bombing if the low-level stuff was shot down?

  4. OH, free thinker!
    excellent question!
    Let me throw this thought your way, one I have been wondering about....

    were the weapons on there way to the Libyan government?
    confiscated by NaTO therefore never able to be used
    Then left to fall into the hands of the west's best ally "Al cia duh"
    Al Quaeda??

    What do you think of that scenario?

  5. On their way - where from? Not the sea or air obviously, overland through Algeria? - I think NATO would not waste the opportunity to strike at Algeria in that case.

    Sorry I'm out of ideas/insight.

  6. Excellent catch on that video . . . just excellent.

    That is the thing about these charades - they are never done all that well, and all it takes is a bit of investigative journalism. REAL investigative journalism, not paid actors reading from scripts who, brainless as they are, would never dare to counter any official line or the smallest of threats. After all, they know they have no skills, just a trusting/pretty face and a good speaking voice.

    And the people of this earth are too busy with entertainment to even PAUSE to question the smallest of things, and they are taught - indoctrinated - to accept the official line, no matter how preposterous.

    Good work as usual, Pen.

  7. thanks slozo!

    It makes me smile to know I am using my spare time in a productive fashion and that it is all appreciated.

    Thanks :)

  8. Landis is on the board of one of these opposition orgs that aims to overthrow assad.