Friday, October 21, 2011

The illegality of the assassination of Gadaffi (and what it symbolizes)

There is going to be a lot of reading here:
From Africa Legal Brief- The article below is worth reading, entirely.
The Assassination of Mummar Gaddafi illegal under international Law

On the 18th of October, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Tripoli, Libya. She stated in unusually blunt terms that she would like to see ‘Mummar Gaddaffi dead’. Two days later she got her wish. Mummar Gaddafi was bombed by NATO aeroplanes as he attempted to leave Sirte and rebels from the National Transitional Authority (NTC) pulled from the drainage pipe an injured Gaddafi who had taken cover to avoid the bombardment coming from NATO Aeroplanes.

-Gaddafi was pulled from the drainage pipes alive as video footage has shown and was summarily executed using his own personal golden gun.
-This was extra judicial killing supported by a whole Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

-This was a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions in the acceptance of surrender and the treatment of prisoners of war; military necessity, along with distinction and proportionality.

The issue in Libya is not so much about Gaddafi, but that his murder symbolises the final occupation of Libya. The re-colonisation of Libya by America and NATO forces. It is now a question of America and Europe doing exactly what they please in that country. Not only do they have access to the large oil and gas reserves, but also something the media rarely covers the large water reserves under the Libyan soil.

-Under international law there is no rational for the assassination of Mummar Gaddafi. The original reason, which was resolution 1973 which authorised the protection of civilians, was turned into a regime change instrument. The assassination of Mummar Gaddafi is a blunt admission by America, France and Britain that this crusade was not about protecting civilians, but about regime change. This was a breach of the UN regulations. This was a NATO/US operation in a scramble for Libyan oil.

-What NATO and America do not realise is that they have now created a very chaotic situation, probably similar to the one in Iraq if not worse. In the competition for the Libyan oil and Gas, the NTC and the crusading countries risk fanning more conflict amongst the Libyans themselves. Sooner rather than later the Libyans will realise that they have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. The imperial solidarity shown when taking over Libya will surely disintegrate as the scramble for these resources begins.

And what was Gadaffi’s crime?

Gadaffi’s principle crime was that he refused to take any loans from institutions like the IMF etc. He refused to join the club of International bankers and decided to set up his own Pan-Africanist bank that would have provided loans to African countries. Gaddafi’s Libya was the only African/Arab country that did not owe any country or institution any money.

The Assassination of Mummar Gaddafi is part of a bigger plot by America to establish US AFRICOM. The United States Africa Command. Africa Command protects and defends the national security interests of the United States by establishing its ‘defence capabilities’ on African soil and taking over regional organizations. To date no African country except Liberia has co-operated with America in having AFRICOM bases on their soil. It is now quite clear that AFRICOM will now move into Libya. The re-colonisation of Libya will then be complete.

Gadaffi's Burial after assassination

Authorities now have the dilemma of what to do with the body of Muammar Gaddafi, now in the town of Misrata where it was paraded in the streets on Thursday.

"They have said they will conduct a secret burial and there is some speculation that they might even try to bury him at sea, as al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was buried, to prevent any grave being turned into a shrine, she adds.
Mr Tarhouni told Reuters that Col Gaddafi's body - currently in Misrata - was not going to be released for burial immediately.

"I told them to keep it in the freezer for a few days... to make sure that everybody knows he is dead," he said.

Asked about the burial arrangements, he said: "There is no decision yet."

Reuters also quoted an unnamed official as saying there was disagreement within the National Transitional Council (NTC) over what to do with the body.

Waiting for orders from NATO?

Meanwhile, questions are mounting as to exactly what happened in Col Gaddafi's last moments following his capture.

Officials have denied he was executed.

After the body was paraded about? Burial at sea?
-Gadafi, if he is indeed dead, was never going to be taken alive
Dead men tell no tales and a talking Gadaffi would have been a serious embarrassment to the West.
That said the inability of Gadaffi to speak will make him no less a heroic figure to the vast percentage of Libyans who do not wish to be occupied.
The abuse of his lifeless corpse and the sickening crowing and cackling (see below) from Western Leaders will be looked upon by the Libyans as an insult. Who can blame them?

The bloodlust demonstrated by Hilary Clinton is palpable.
She could barely contain hereself.
Something else? Though she says to the others in the room "unconfirmed" "reports unconfirmed" , she looks as if she knows it is true, she is practically beaming.
Did she already have the assassination confirmed through unofficial channels?

Young rebel shot Gaddafi in the head

Note the New York Yankees Cap

BLOODIED Colonel Gaddafi was executed with a single shot to the head- killed by a bullet to the left temple.


  1. NATO does look like the Mafia.

    - Aangirfan

  2. The US promised, at the UN, the ‘no fly zone’ was not an assassination or overthrow attempt on Gaddafi and then went right ahead, doing exactly that. The repercussions for this are tremendous. The US got away with disarming then looting and killing Saddam and his people and now they have done it to Libya. The looting expedition isn’t over, not by a long shot!

    Libya is pure gold! Of course, the days of disarmament are now officially dead and over, forever. No sane or insane leader will ever, ever disarm on promises no one will attack. No, all leaders, even totally nutty ones, will arm themselves as much as possible and then react violently if pushed even slightly. This moment in history has shoved us much, much closer to a violent resolution a la WWI or WWII.

  3. good post, Penny. I think it's important to stick with the realism rather than go into denial about the death of Gaddafi. It's revealing in too many ways to ignore, legal and moral. We should give the rats credit where credit is due.
    Hillary Clinton disgusts me to no end. They all do but she is really getting on my nerves in particular. After I watched her response on the news I had a vision of her in a fiery car crash and her face was melting off.
    And you are right, if Gaddafi is alive we should know it soon.

  4. Hey Aangirfan

    Or the strong-arm of the bankers?

  5. Anonymous 11:20 am

    "The US promised, at the UN, the ‘no fly zone’ was not an assassination or overthrow attempt on Gaddafi and then went right ahead, doing exactly that. "

    The promise was made for the western audience (propaganda/perception management) and nothing more.
    The motiveintention was to overthrow the regime and occupy to enslave and plunder, to move AFRICOM on in.

    If you haven't seen the post from a couple of days ago, with the first part of a documentary coming out, take 10 minutes and watch it
    The ruse is clear

  6. Hello Genie and thanks for stopping by

    Gadaffi would not have missed the opportunity to make mud of the claims.
    At this point in time I am leaning towards him being dead.
    Yesterday, I was doubtful.
    Today, less so.
    His assassination is very revealing, legally, morally and spiritually.

    By spiritually I mean, the reflection on humanity this makes.
    On the condition of the human spirit.
    Life should be revered and death respected.

    What can I say about Hilary. Other then as posted at Aangirfans

    "I had a vision of her in a fiery car crash and her face was melting off."

    Perhaps we should all engage in a mass visualization?

    She is a psycopath.

  7. Nice write up, Pen.

    I don't assume anything about Ghaddaffi being dead, btw. The PTB/illuminati have proven many times that just because the death is symbolic and telling and all that . . . carefully set up to have all kinds if allusions and meanings . . . they have proven that they can do this with totally fake deaths. Sometimes, it's a layer of lies upon lies upon other lies.

    Like executing a dead/imaginary Bin Laden. Symbolically, done as an execution with hilarious and out of this world illegal/amoral implications . . . all based on the lie that he was alive (probably not) and leader of Al Quaida (no such cohesive organisation other than CIA assets) that supposedly did 9-11 (had nothing to do with it).

    You see how twisted it can get?

    And it's all about propping up villians to be painted as horrible, so that the public is ok with public executtions.

    Scary stuff indeed.

    Scary not because it confirms in any way that the US Empire is 100% lawless and psychopathic - that was confirmed many, many years ago historically - but that now, the public is ok with such actions.

    It's social conditioning. Just like the evening news shots of random cops walking by and squirting a peaceful protester in the face with some painful mace . . . it's fear inducing, toe the line stuff here.

    And if you are not repeating the sanctimonious rhetoric about how great the Empire is and how barbaric the muslim/arab/chinese/brown skinned people are? You are an enemy of the state.

  8. A sad truth...If there is a war between the whites-only countries, there would not be such barbarity.

    In essence, it is racism in the extreme.

  9. Hey Pen. Yeah, I'm bummed on this one. I'm thinking Gaddafi should have just legged it out with a backpack. But then again he'd be pretty old now.

    Otherwise, what with satellites, drones, and all those heat-and-movement-sensor-whatevers the death cult approaches an omniscient god-like status.

    As for anon #2 and 'the looting expedition isn't over', have you read Oded Yinon's Plan for the Middle East? I think it was written in the eighties. Worth googling. It was all laid out back then.

  10. Clinton was senator of NY,

    The 'heart' is the symbol of the media-run demonocracies.
    I heart NY etc

    The vid shows Killary sitting in the centre surrounded by her minions, waiting on her. Behind her is Anthony Wiener's wife with whom Killary is allegedly having a relationship with.

    Killary hates men and manhood and her main mission is to emasculate as many as possible, any that would dare defy HER. Continued oppression of women serves her agenda very well. Gender , she admits, is at the centre of her international defence strategy.

    A symbol of her cult are those that performed for Bill's 65th birthday party - Gaga, Bono etc and other 'satanic' rockers. That gig seemed to kick-start her new international tour.

    Anyhow a sordid cult



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  12. Hey Penny,...They got me again, faark, nevermind, here's my new alternative, alternative, alternative blog, haaaargh:

    I will be back later to have a proper read, I'm just doin' drive-bys to let folks know I have gnu blog.


  13. now France rush to grab a major chunk of Libya's oil wow 35%

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    thanks to everyone for commenting
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    I'll leave some response comments tomorrow

  15. Hey Penny,...Aan, Genie, Aferr: You know it! I have always been purposely belligerent toward the yids and their devious minions, I have made a point of being this bellicose as a beacon of what can become of them if the "angry mob" every manifests in a post apocalypse world: I feel vindicated by my enmity and aggression, I feel the murderous jackals have gone one vulgar act too far!
    That this whole deal is biblical, should be clear to even the most ardent atheist by now, when I mean biblical I don't mean that arse-paper KJV or the Papal shithogs, I mean ancient scripture, the shit no-one ever sees, thanks to the yiddish PTB. The PTB is a satanic cabal, the core executive being the talmudic yiddish khazars - historical dibs on the Board of Directors since Sumaria. We have here in rothschalia "La Bestia", the female beast - Gillard, a barren man-hating child-molesting lesbian and stalinist. Hillarious clinton is also a satanist and the Lord of the Flies' scrubber to the rabbinical hierarchy; if the disgusting spectacle of Qaddafi's public murder was not a Blood Rite sacrifice, I'll eat my own modem.

    Time to start creating a counter-attack to the egregious will being manifested as an energetic meme for the demise of Syria. "With their thoughts, man creates the universe."

    Oh, Pen' - MY BLOG IS BACK UP!! BEfuknZar! I have never seen a Blog come back from the hole, and not a scratch on 'er!

    Maybe the yids lost their patience with the admin goyim at ziogger and just hacked me to make it look like I was thrown in the hole again?

    Cooooeee! Fuck israhell!


  16. John Lennon ...
    right up there with tiny tim winninski as a deep 'thinker'
    any other khazar.

    Winston Smith has re-written dictionaries, so Khazars = Smart now