Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Syria Update: Turkish Interference, Weapons smuggling (Israeli) and ICG

Getting back to Syria- while we have the news of Turkey killing Kurds, Kurds killing Turks
along the border with Iraq. "In hot pursuit" I wonder if this heating up of disputes between the co-opted Kurds of Iraq and the co-opted Turks will become the cover for entry into Syria?
We shall see.
That said let's have a gander at Turkey's continued messing with Syria-

Washington Post is reporting that Turkey's Foreign Minister was meeting members of the Syrian Transitional Government in Turkey. And is calling the meeting the "first official meeting" Nice spin job.
Turkey's government was instrumental in the creation of this fabricated "government"
There have been many previous meetings, official or otherwise.
I won't get into this in depth, I have covered that angle (Turkey's and the Transitional government) multiple times.
The coverage was worth mentioning for the spin angle. The perception management.
Arms smuggling into Syria Flourishes- another piece of perception management

Arms smuggling has been going on for months-this piece wants you to believe the phenomena is new

"They say that those behind the trafficking are smugglers in search of quick profits rather than political parties backing protesters against the Alawite-dominated regime in Syria.'

Who are they?
They that are claiming this is profit rather the political. Who says this has to be mutually exclusive? War is always hugely profitable and political.

Then this admission-
"Smuggling networks that for years have operated along Syria's borders seem to have turned to weapons trafficking in recent months," said Peter Harling, a Damascus-based expert with the International Crisis Group.

How many "recent months"? 8? 9? or 10? How about 24 months?
Oh and exactly what is the International Crisis Group? It is a NGO, of course. Non governmental organization, masks for governments, really. Their headquarters just happen to be in Brussels.
Can you think of any other group headquartered in Brussels?
If you read this page alone, you will or should get an indication of what the "International Crisis Group" is all about.
Almost makes you wonder if the International Crisis Group is instrumental in bringing about International Crisis, that require International Intervention, by that other group headquartered in Brussels?
(fyi: I am referring to NATO)

Reading all the way to the end of the linked news article on arms smuggling flourishes, one gets to quite a tidbit, quite an explosive piece of info

"When countries like Turkey change their stand and allow the transfer of heavy weapons through the border, then the balance of power will change," he said. "But I don't think this is going to happen anytime soon."

Not if, but when Turkey allows the transfer of heavy weapons through the border the balance of power will change. Refer to opening paragraph.
Is this already happening ?

11 more Syrian soldiers have been killed "by Army defectors"
Along with more civilians. I have serious doubts whether these soldiers and civilians were killed by ex-soldiers.
It is much more likely that the activist/armed destabilizers have killed the soldiers and the civilians-

This seems more likely-

Four soldiers were killed on Monday after a remotely-controlled roadside bomb struck a military vehicle in Ehssem district of the northwestern province of Idlib.

An officer is reported to be among the dead. Several soldiers were also injured in the blast.

Another five soldiers were killed in clashes with gunmen in the central province of Homs.

Roadside bombs and clashes in Homs-
Roadside bombings would be right in line with train derailments and pipeline explosions perpetrated by activist/destabilizers. Homs Province, has of course been a hotbed of destabilization activities, having been blessed with visits from US Ambassador Ford, multiple times.

No real surprise Israeli made guns have been confiscated in Syria

Syrian security forces seized large amounts of Israeli-made weapons and ammunition from armed groups responsible for the killing of hundreds of people across the country.

"They are Israeli made automatic weapons. This is proven and we'll show it on TV channels," Ahmad said at an emergency Arab League meeting on Sunday to discuss situation in Syria.

''These are the weapons used by the armed opposition to kill the sons of our nation,'' he added.

Recall in June/2011 I put up a post about Israel wanting to send "aid" to the refugees ensconced in the Turkish refugee camps.
An Israeli lawmaker is seeking permission from the Turkish government to visit Syrian refugees in Turkey and deliver humanitarian aid to them, an Israeli news report said on Thursday.

Are the Israeli made guns the "aid" that was sent?


  1. Also Clinton is offering 'aid' to the 'Libyans'. That'll be the 1% of Libyans she likes, not the other 99%. Ain't it swell to see so much 'aid' in the world.

  2. Not long ago the code phrase 'World Spring' came up in one of your posts. Now The Guardian (establishment left-wing) is touting 'A manifesto for regime change on behalf of all humanity' Within it is this eye-opening video: UNITED FOR GLOBAL DEMOCRACY

    The agenda of the Occupy Movement is plain to see; its the left-wing of the NWO. The right-wing in the form of global war (or the reaction to it) will be along shortly. That old Hegelian Dialectic never gets old.

    The young 'progressives' are pathetically gullible; lambs to the slaughter.


  4. This whole mess is rather strange.

    On one hand, Turkey is doing Israel's dirty work in and against Syria, on the other hand, Turkey has vowed to protect aid ships that will be bringing food, aid and other necessities needed to eke out a living in the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza.


    Or is it just another subterfuge by the Zionist Terror Masters to enlarge their bank accounts and fulfill their dream of an Eretz Israel?

  5. Return of the Trojans. False-flag in the making?

    Hot on the heels of a Trojan attack on UAV command and control centres (which curously is not creating much alarm) we now have 'Son of Stuxnet' or Duqu:
    Stuxnet Clone 'Duqu' Possibly Preparing Power Plant Attacks -

    It's not yet clear what this trojan is up to, it is sending some encrypted data back home, but what? Symantec and McAfee experts have identified that it is related to Stuxnet which is widely thought to be a US/Israeli creation; however the author of the Foxnews piece, Matt Liebowitz, links it to another article of his a few weeks ago:
    Cracked Digital Certificates Endanger Entire Online 'Web of Trust' -
    Here an Iranian claims responsibility- "in retaliation for the Dutch involvement in the Srebrenica massacre in 1995, in which, he wrote, the "Dutch government exchanged 8,000 Muslim for 30 Dutch soldiers and Animal Serbian soldiers killed 8,000 Muslims in same day.". We know he's Iranian because he says so in his statement left on Pastebin - well that's good enough for me (sarc). I'm not an expert (by a long way) on the Serbian/Kosovo affair but I believe there is reason to think the massacre of 8000 was more to do with 'the narrative' than reality. Similarily I suspect this 'Iranian' has more to do with a narrative than reality.

  6. Re-Energize with Turkey: “Investment Opportunities in the Turkish Energy Sector,” ''''Houston, USA''''', Oct. 30-Nov. 02, 2011

  7. You are a complete loon. No wonder there's so many fucked up heads out there - people's brains turning to mush when they read crap like this on the net and thinking it's Trvth just because you say it is.

  8. Brave "anonymous"

    name calling is standard propaganda.
    You have no opinion on the subject at hand, clearly.

    The reason their are so many 'f'd up heads" around is because of individuals such as yourself, who use name calling to deflect from important, relevant and factual information

    If you don't like the info, don't read it. Keep you head firmly planted in the sand