Monday, October 24, 2011

Treaty Ban on Mercury worries WHO (World Health Organization)

Aren't we repeatedly informed that there is no mercury in vaccines?
If that is truly the case, and you know it isn't, what to make of this?

WHO worries mercury treaty could affect costs, availability of vaccines

The World Health Organization is trying to fend off an effort to include a mercury derivative used in vaccines from being banned in a global treaty on mercury currently under negotiation.

The next round of talks for the proposed binding treaty begin on Oct. 31, and the Geneva-based UN health agency is trying to lobby for support of its position that banning thimerosal would be a mistake.

Thimerosal (mercury "derivative") is a preservative used in many vaccines that are shipped to doctors and clinics in multi-dose vials.

Without a preservative, these vaccines would have to be produced in single dose formulations, which would drive up their cost considerably.

Therefore the Pharmaceutical profits would not be so big.

Negotiations aimed at limiting the risk from mercury began in 2009 after the UNEP's governing council decided voluntary efforts to reduce use and emissions of the chemical were not making a big enough impact.
The WHO lists mercury as one of the top chemicals of public health concern in the world, a designation saved for the most hazardous of compounds. It is especially harmful for children and developing fetuses, with exposure leading to impaired cognitive development.

That bears repeating!
The WHO lists mercury as on of the top chemicals of public concern in the world-
A designation saved for the most hazardous of compounds.
But not in vaccines injected straight into your body?

This article contradicts itself with regards to Canada:

-In some developed countries — Canada, the United States, the countries of Western Europe — thimerosal is no longer used in most pediatric vaccines

Canada has filed a position paper on the issue with the UNEP. While it says thimerosal will be phased out of vaccines used in Canada when safe alternatives are available, it believes there is no "legitimate safety reason to avoid the use of thimerosal-containing products for children or older individuals, including pregnant women."

So which is it? Is there mercury in the vaccines in Canada or not?
Judging by the position paper filed by Canada, it would seem mercury is indeed present in vaccines in Canada

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A real kicker, here, WHO wants mercury phased out of such things as batteries and thermometers (and who has a mercury thermometer?) Things you do not ingest. But we are supposed to continue on injecting mercury into the bodies of infants through to adult hood and beyond.
Weird huh?

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  1. I saw this and thought of you Pen. Clearly having the same reaction: Why ban something they say isn't there anymore? Ha ha

    Oh, and I do have a beautiful old mercury thermometer, with a very stylish retro case!

    Another disconnected thought: Why all the fuss about mercury in batteries and thermometers but zero concern about the mercury in CFCs? (not to mention the production costs thereof, and the purchase price - cha ching!).

    These sorts of antics really make on shake their head and go 'hmmmmm'.

    Or you can just laugh... ha ha

    WV: obsess

  2. Ha ha ha. It must be a tough gig running WHO as an arm of the death cult and constantly having your plans stymied by idiot doctors who take their hippocratic oath seriously. Ayah, how's the death cult going to kill billions of people with such idiots trying to do the opposite? Poor old death cult, eh?

  3. A daft wee tune for you -

    Hope you're getting over your unweelness.

  4. Hey Buffy

    On so many levels this news annoyed me.

    How is it that mercury is a deadly poison, but, not in vaccines, directly injected into the body?

    Did you read the pdf?

    I downloaded it.

    The amount of mercury babies are injected with is well over safe limits.

    I spent the day feeling guilty
    and still kind of sick

  5. Nobody

    "It must be a tough gig running WHO as an arm of the death cult and constantly having your plans stymied by idiot doctors who take their hippocratic oath seriously."

    Yeah dam the people that actually care about human health!

    The WHO clearly cannot be trusted. Everything that emanates from that institution must be questioned.

  6. Hey Freethinker!
    thanks for the link and yes, feeling better today, not 100 percent, but better :)