Monday, October 17, 2011

Word Patterns of Psychopaths and their attraction to Power

Psycopaths in positions of power?

Keep that in mind as you read this-
Kouri, who's a vice president of the National Assn. of Chiefs of Police, has assembled traits such as superficial charm, an exaggerated sense of self-worth, glibness, lying, lack of remorse and manipulation of others.

These traits, Kouri points out in his analysis, are common to ALL psychopaths...

These traits are also common to American politicians. (Maybe you already suspected.)

Yup. Violent homicide aside, our elected officials often show many of the exact same character traits as criminal nut-jobs, who run from police but not for office.

Kouri notes that these criminals are psychologically capable of committing their dirty deeds free of any concern for social, moral or legal consequences and with absolutely no remorse.

"This allows them to do what they want, whenever they want," he wrote. "Ironically, these same traits exist in men and women who are drawn to high-profile and powerful positions in society including political officeholders."

Committing dirty deeds free of remorse. Free of concern for social, moral or legal consequences.
Sounds like a politician, doesn't it?

Study unveils word patterns of Psycopaths

The words they use "match their personalities, which reflect selfishness, detachment from their crimes and emotional flatness,"
"Psychopaths used more conjunctions like "because," "since" or "so that," implying that the crime "had to be done" to obtain a particular goal. They used twice as many words relating to physical needs, such as food, sex or money, while non-psychopaths used more words about social needs, including family, religion and spirituality," the paper says. "Unveiling their predatory nature in their own description, the psychopaths often included details of what they had to eat on the day of their crime."

Psychopaths were more likely to use the past tense, suggesting a detachment from their crimes, say the researchers. They tended to be less fluent in their speech, using more "ums" and "uhs."

The exact reason for this is not clear, but the researchers speculate that the psychopath is trying harder to make a positive impression, needing to use more mental effort to frame the story.

I left out the buzz words used in the article- criminals, murder & killers
Let me explain why.
The words were used to give the impression to the reader that psychopaths are people who commit murders and end up incarcerated. This is false.
I don't want to contribute to that false paradigm.
Most psychopaths do not commit murder. Do not go to jail.
Yes, they can ruin an individuals life or even a great many individual lives, livelihoods etc., psychologically, financially and even spiritually.
To wield the type of real destructive power the vast majority of psychopaths remain functioning in some capacity in society.(as noted in the story that opens this post, psychopaths in power. Not incarcerated)

Could psychopathy explain this? October 2011 Stephen Harper. PM of Canada.

"Canadians understand the situation in Canada is different." "We did not bail out our banking sector in Canada"

In October 2008 I put up a post reporting on the FACT that Canada took 25 BILLION dollars in bad mortgage debt off the books of the banks and upon the people of Canada. (with a handy accounting change also)

That is a bank bailout! Was PM Harper unaware of this? Of course not! So why the lie?

Perhaps Kouri and so many others are truly on to something when they make a connection between the psychological makeup of the people in power + their attraction to the power of their position = the ability to ruin the lives of either the few or the many with no remorse

Certainly the PM of Canada is not alone in his ability to lie with a straight face in a glib manner. President Obama, his predecessor George Bush, David Cameron, Tony Blair etc., all seem to be able to lie, effortlessly. To never express remorse, true remorse and to continue on down the path of destruction. No matter how many shattered lives lay strewn about.



    Top Weapons Manufacturers and War Profitteers sponsor Zionist Isra-helli (front Organization),ceremony awarding US military brass already under zionist control who promote IsraHells war of terror

  2. Nearly all politicans and damn near every big banker is ammoral.

    They don't give a damn if it's right or wrong, their only concern is if the action they're contemplating will increase their power and bottom line.

    The number of innocents that get killed in the process never bothers their warped minds.

  3. hi pen. i have to chuckle seeing Kouri's name on this article about psychopaths. he's one of the big narrative pimpers over at the examiner, writing things about the horrible hezbollah in latin america. so i guess those psychopaths bother him, but not *THAT* much... wink wink. he doesn't mind pushing their lies on certain topics, being a security expert and all.

    google 'kouri + hezbollah' for examples.

  4. These men and women are our real problem. Remove them from positions of power over ANYONE and we'll be free to be creative and productive and cooperative. Families and businesses will thrive with little need for society governance or policing.

    There are ways to identify the psychopaths now, including this new method of word patterning, but how can we get these tests operational?

    They are thick inside all large institutions where they thrive and bully their way to power. From the companies and organizations I've worked for, I'd say 30 percent of low-level managers fit the profile and 70 percent of the top executives. Until I knew about this type of "human", I could not understand the outrageous decision-making, turmoil, and dysfunction in these work places.

    We're in trouble people! I have a little hope, though, in that more and more people are recognizing the origin of the sickness in our society.

    Thank you, P, for exposing the workings of these lying monsters (our Dear Leader, for one).

  5. Many people think that the psychopaths have captured the system and therefore all we need to do is identify and remove these psychopaths from power within the system.

    But historically, the system has been designed and built by the psychopaths. That is why the hierarchies and centralisation suit them so well. Our 'leaders' are products of the system. That is why they are all the same.

    What is needed is a different system. One that is local, co-operative and human scale and fully acknowledges that power corrupts and will always do so.

    Too many 'liberals' want to change the faces but not the system because change is scary and besides, they've got privileges they'd like to preserve.

    It's peoples minds and their failure to to comprehend the advantages of living in a world without centralised power and hierarchies that is the real thing that needs to change, imho.

    I think we need to stress more the advantages to the individual of co-operation over competition and fulfilling everyone's needs as the best way to have a society that will fulfil your own needs. And to do it at a local level that doesn't look to big government to do it for them. Then we're free. But we have to do it together.

    Gosh, someone ought to start a religion on these principles!

    The psychopaths have us because we have bought into their paradigms. Change the paradigms

  6. The other thing is that I'm prepared to bet money that a simple psychological test could be contrived to figure out if a person has psychopathic tendencies. Aang did a thing about this lately. I pooh-poohed it but if it serves a purpose then you know...

    Anyway this could then be administered to anyone at base entry level to all positions of power. They fail, they have to find something else to do for a living. Thus we don't hunt them down, punish them, kill them, or any other thing. They may do as they wish but they may not wield any power.

    Simple stuff. It'll never happen of course but that doesn't mean it's not do-able. It is.

  7. It's funny that you mention that psychological test Nobody - I know these tests well.

    They have long, tough ones for (in Canada) the police, and RCMP, and CSIS.

    Basically, they are long and somewhat repetetive, to cath you in lies about what you really think, etc. They really try to pick people who will admit that for a certain price, yes - I will steal, I would take something if I knew there was no chance anybody could know. For those questions, one is actually supposed to answer yes - I CAN be corupted, basically.

    The point of that (they say) is to be truly truthful . . . to admit fault.

    But I have thought long and hard on this subject, and I now think otherwise . . . that it's designed to ensure people signing up can be coopted into doing things they may not be comfortable with. If you can be bought for some cash, you can certainly be pressured by some threats.

    So my thinking goes.

    But don't ask me how I know about any of that shit ;)

  8. Hey NYSC!

    I did check out your info.
    And why was I not surprised to see the BS group the Henry Jackson Society involved with JINSA

    If AP pops in... AP are you surprised?

    "JINSA to recognize and thank those leaders whose careers have been distinguished by the principle that is the foundation of JINSA's work; the belief that the United States requires a strong military capability for both its own security and for that of trustworthy friends and allies"

    The US's trustworthy friends and allies- LOL

    For others the Henry Jackson Society -propaganda outfit has been covered here previously

    The New Syria pre-approved by Israel

    quoting from that post

    "It looks as if the entire article at the Telegraph has been brought to you by the Neo-con Zionist Cabal. It is presented as an article written by Michael Weiss who is director of the Henry Jackson Society. The "Henry Jackson Society" that got me curious? That kind of stuff always appears ostentatious and high brow. Notice, I said "appears" that way, because appearances can be deceiving.

    Let's check out the Henry Jackson Society, shall we? Oh a "project for democratic geopolitics" This ought to be good!

    I am not disappointed, no sireee!!! Check out some of the "International Patrons"!
    The Hon. Secretary Michael Chertoff
    Ambassador Dore Gold- Former Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel
    Dr. Robert Kagan- Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Columnist Washington Post- Contributing editor at the Weekly Standard and the New Republic
    William Kristol- Founder and Editor, The Weekly Standard
    Richard Perle- Assistant Secretary of Defence, United States, 1981-1987"

    So, it is a zionist/ neo con outfit, sponsoring an award created by a zionist/neocon outfit to a war monger that has been waging wars to benefit Israel and arms makers.

    Isn't it a crazy mixed up world with everything askew?

  9. "The number of innocents that get killed in the process never bothers their warped minds."

    killed, lives destroyed whatever
    It is just another day in the life of our psychotic leadership

  10. "hi pen. i have to chuckle seeing Kouri's name on this article about psychopaths. he's one of the big narrative pimpers over at the examiner, writing things about the horrible hezbollah in latin america. so i guess those psychopaths bother him, but not *THAT* much... "

    perhaps only the ones that don't pay him are the ones that bother him?

    To be fair, his article didn't really focus on the aspect of politicians as psychos. He was hung up on the criminal aspect for like 90 percent of his piece.(which is misleading)
    It was almost as if he had to mention it in passing because the concept that politicians/psychos is widely promulgated. So he needed to mention it to be legit.
    The word pattern bit was interesting, that news had just come out over the weekend.

  11. You are welcome Anonymous

    I hope you have read James response.

    He is correct, we can't remove these people from the institutions, we have to toss out the institutions.

    "What is needed is a different system. One that is local, co-operative and human scale and fully acknowledges that power corrupts and will always do so."

  12. Thanks James for that terrific response!


    What is needed is a different system. One that is local, co-operative and human scale and fully acknowledges that power corrupts and will always do so.

    I think we need to stress more the advantages to the individual of co-operation over competition and fulfilling everyone's needs as the best way to have a society that will fulfil your own needs. And to do it at a local level that doesn't look to big government to do it for them. Then we're free. But we have to do it together.

  13. Nobody

    All change hinges on people. all people. being willing to make the change, participating etc.

    I think people have been `conditioned`to not participate.
    To be taken care of, by others.
    I mean isn`t that what the whole election every few years is about.

  14. slozo- how do you know that shit? ;)

  15. Note to the Canadians that read here
    In 2008 not only were the banks bailed and accounting rules changed, but, hoping you read through that entire post the canadian government


    Ottawa is poised to guarantee loans Canada's banks extend to other financial institutions, a dramatic step aimed at ensuring the raft of multibillion-dollar bailouts around the world don't leave the banks at a competitive disadvantage.

    Ottawa is putting Canadian taxpayers on the hook to bail out other financial institutions that private banks lend money too.

    Anyone see a problem with that?

  16. THANKS SISTER FOR THAT INFO..UR AWESOME..HEY SEE IF THIS INTERESTS YOU...Saudi Envoy Plot Suspect is MKO Man’ /””” Iraqi Source Discloses US Aid to MKO Terrorist Operations””

    Bolivian SOA(SCHOOL OF AMERICAS/ASSASSINS) Grad Jailed for Cocaine Trafficking/Two SOA Grads Sentenced in Bolivia’s Black October Case massacre

    (TRANSLATED)Washington spends about nine more million more against Cuba, with nine contractors”’ by Jean-Guy Allard

    Sweden’s King, Carl XVI Gustaf has been slammed by political parties who believe the recent visit to Saudi Arabia approves royal family’s lack of concern for human rights status in the kingdom


    Alhurra – the Zionist ‘Arab’ news network

    Bandar bin Sultan’s confession on Hariri, Mughniyeh assassinations to be aired on Syrian TV

    US Millitary Drill – in Israel?

  17. Perhaps behavioral biometrics technology integrated into an exploding neck-collar device.

  18. To Peasant and James,

    I agree wholeheartedly that hierarchies and centralisation have to go. I was just sharing what I saw in existing large institutions with psychopaths running the places.

    I disagree with a couple of points, though - that 'leaders' are the product of the system and that power corrupts.

    In the context of psychopaths, we are dealing with corrupted individuals (likely from birth). It is they who corrupt power, not the reverse. They make the systems; they are not products of the systems. That's my take anyway.

    Non-psychopathic humans can understand and utilize POWER WITH, rather than POWER OVER. We can share power and are powerful together, thereby able to create the local, co-operative societies we all want. Psychopaths are in our way and will fight our ideas tooth and nail.

  19. Blammo!

    "exploding neck collar device"

    All these images appear in my head!

  20. Anonymous:

    11:25 am

    those are some dam fine thoughts, I am glad you shared them.

    "In the context of psychopaths, we are dealing with corrupted individuals (likely from birth). It is they who corrupt power, not the reverse. They make the systems; they are not products of the systems."

    I am pausing to think further on this. You know my husband accuses me of thinking way to much.
    And I do, dammit, I do.
    If we look at psychopaths as individuals corrupted from birth then it does shine a different light on the systems they inhabit or procure by deceit or otherwise.

    You make me think of the interview with Thomas Sheridan I had up, where he said it may be that psychopaths are a subset of humans or something along that line- possibly evolving different then us?
    US being the rest of the humans- the non psycho class.

    James and yourself are not so far apart at all in your thinking.

    "Non-psychopathic humans can understand and utilize POWER WITH, rather than POWER OVER. We can share power and are powerful together, thereby able to create the local, co-operative societies we all want."

    Power with rather then power over.
    So obvious and simple
    So why do the masses allow the few to have power over the many?
    Now you got me thinking!

  21. NYSC!

    you are welcome. I will check out your links when I can

  22. "So why do the masses allow the few to have power over the many?"

    I'm not sure of the entire answer, but part of it is a broad understanding, by the masses, of the men and women who look and often act normal, but who are anything but. We need to throw out the ingrained religious idea that "everyone has a spark of good". The masses need to know how psychopaths act, think, and feel (or NOT feel to be more accurate). We need to really come to grips with these 'humans' or 'sub-humans', who live amongst us but are so unlike us.

    Knowledge is step 1 - not sure about step 2.

  23. hi Pen and Anonymous,

    So why do the masses allow the few to have power over the many?

    Because we have been trained that way since birth. First by our parents who have accepted the paradigms taught to them by their parents and 'authorities' such as religious orgs, schools, corporations and governments who are all headed up by (or modelling) . . . . psychopaths!

    We have within us a natural radar to pick out leaders (including parents when young) in areas where we are not expert and follow them. This is a survival trait because we all have different expertises. This gets perverted, of course, in schools and through the media into accepting 'authorities' as having expertise in ALL areas and using violence as punishment to enforce compliance against our natural instincts.

    As children become adolescents, another natural mechanism kicks in and we 'rebel' against those parents that would keep us as children. (this doesn't account for all 'rebellious' behaviour but most of it)

    Many parents try to do this because that is how they are treated at work and in their churches and this hierarchical model of power is reinforced wherever we go. Kiss up, kick down. How often do you feel like you have been treated as child by some bureaucrat in an hierchical organisation or agency?

    So we think it is normal when all the while our 'rebellious' teenagers are telling us it is not but we don't see it because we have accepted the paradigms of the psychopaths.

    Some of the paradigms that entrench the psychopaths are "respect authority", "punishment is righteous" i.e. violence in the hands of authorities is good. Violence in the hands of those defending themselves against authorities is bad and labelled rebellion. When punishment (violence) is perpetrated against children, it is called 'discipline'. (Discipline comes from within; punishment comes from without.)

    So teaching through violence is not only good but loving. It is the essence of evil to turn everything on its head. All this leads to an acceptance of war as normal, necessary and even natural. I could go on!

    What to do about it? Yes, knowledge is the first step and then, as Nobby is saying, social isolation. Though i agree with Slozo that any test is going to be perverted by you know who.

    I have noticed a move by the perverters lately to get in front of this rising awareness of psychopaths and direct attention to the law breakers (criminals) and away from law makers (those that run the system). Jon Ronson is an example of this from what i've read of his stuff.

    (to be continued!)

  24. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" In other words the more power one has (and exercises) the more the corruption. This illustrates that the 'power' in question is 'power over' rather than 'power with'.

    We have all heard the sayings, "the power has gone to his head" and "he's drunk with power". This is folk wisdom based on generations of observation.

    The saying,"he's a power junkie" recognises the addictive quality of exercising power. And anyone who has had anything to do with addicts will tell you that they are deluded in their thinking and totally irresponsible towards their family's and their own future despite however they may appear and whatever they may say.

    So there is a general recognition that exercising power over others affects the thinking of that individual or group. What better model of organising things could we have than the hierarchy to promote psychopaths into positions of power over others or to corrupt those that may not start out that way?

    Corporations are duty bound by law to put financial return maximisation ahead of all other considerations. This is success. Therefore corporations by their nature are psychopathic in their behaviour. Governments that pass this legislation (and many other pieces of law to facilitate corporations) are also psychopathic by their behaviour through support towards corporations and away from the people they are supposed to answerable to and whom they are supposed to be protecting from exploitation.

    The dominance of the psychopaths is facilitated by the hierarchical model that corporations and governments use. The very nature of an hierarchy is one of layers of power. Each level being subservient to the level above and dominant over the level below and individuals are rewarded for their ability to model that in their own behaviour. Kiss up and kick down, again. Both actions weaken the spirit of the individual caught up in this.

    That is why i say that our psychopathic leaders (weak by nature) are products of the system. The system itself is psychopathic.

    "By their fruits you shall know them"

  25. Hi james,

    I love that "kiss up, kick down" metaphor - so visible in management circles. Of course, it is totally natural behaviour for psychopaths and, for the reasons you shared, imitated by weak, non-psychopathic go-getters.

    I think we're on the same page. I'd just like to make a clearer distinction between those amongst us attracted to power with no conscience (many, many more than most people realize) and those who are (just) aspiring or are addicted to power. These latter ones try to emulate the always super-confident psychopaths.

    I believe (or maybe just want to believe) that there are fewer of these imitators than the "real deal". Our inherent humanity (that spark of goodness) is too powerful to keep suppressed indefinitely. We are highly encouraged, though, to act like the psychopaths, especially in business and in conflict situations.

    I'm really going to have to re-read the exceptional book by Andrew M. Lobaczewski, titled,POLITICAL PONEROLOGY: The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes. The author examines and explains how organizations, then whole societies become psychopathic. He and his professional colleagues secretly studied this incredibly important subject as they lived through the horrors of Stalin and Hitler. It's been a couple of years since I read it but I know it would fit right in with this discussion.

  26. hi Anonymous,
    I think you'll find that Lobaczewski says there are far more imitators than psychopaths (I can't remember the terms he uses) but that they revert to sorta normal given a different environment.

    I think many of the returning soldiers would fit into this category. Though the ones that turn up in the police forces would be a little more problematic.

    One distinction is that the psychopaths amongst the returned soldiers won't suffer from PTSD.

    Anyway, speak of the devil

  27. anonymous 12:15

    step 1 is knowledge
    perhaps step 2 can be shunning them and their systems.


  28. James: why did you link to the critique of Pinker?
    Curious what you noted in their, skimmed through the piece...
    The part about the supremacy of the state? As a suppressor of all that is "evil" in mankind?


    Pinker is off his rocker, completely.
    You know I own and enjoyed his book "How the mind works" Read it years and years ago.
    Likely the first year it came out.
    However the last few years I notice Pinker has become a total toady boy- a sycophant.
    So, I generally pay him no mind, he ain't worth it.
    So why am I not surprised to see him endorsing a virtual police state?
    because this is the way he has been heading, or steered, whichever?

  29. James and Anonymous
    sigh I still haven't read the ponerology book
    I wanted to get through two martha stout books for background, then tackle that book.
    I got through both those books
    but got sidetracked by the third book in the grimoire series by Peter levenda

    I had got the first two a couple of years back, tore through them promptly, but was unable to get a copy of the third book until a few months ago- I put off picking it up until I was done the two Martha Stout books, with the best of intentions to tackle the ponerology one, but the grimoire was "calling" me. hehehe
    I had to read it!
    Now I am in the thick of that.
    Have you ever read those books?
    they are eye openers
    well referenced, I have some issues with some of Levenda's opinions, but, that is not why I am reading the books anyway
    It ties in with the Laurel Canyon and Programmed to kill stuff from McGowan nicely

  30. Peter Levenda is one dodgy geezer in my book. I formed that impression only on one exposure so maybe I'm being harsh. That exposure was watching 'Secret Space Program- Peter Levenda [Full Length]' on YouTube. Its interesting, lots of stuff on Nazis, Lee Oswald, JFK, Russia, CIA etc; nothing on Israel or Jews until near the end when he goes on a rant about ubiquitous Nazis and anti-semites and how the (fake) Protocols of Zion are to be found at airports throughout the world and what a nasty anti-semitic Nazi was old Henry Ford... and so on, you know the spiel. And then on 9-11: 'it doesn't matter if it was conspiracy or not, just look at the way it was used..because 9-11 was used the way Hitler used the Reichstadt fire'. So the blame is implicitly shifted to the Nazis - well that saves talking about Israel's involvement then.

    As for a new system free of psychopaths - well, 'come the revolution!' as we used to say. Trouble is, it appears there has never a been a revolution that wasn't instigated and steered by 'you know who'. And to think Olly Cromwell used to be my hero. I did have some doubts about how he managed to finance an army in opposition to the ruling royalty but that part was glossed over by the teacher. Now I know, another illusion shattered, thank god I still have the moon-landings to hang on to.

  31. Freethinker:
    You hit the nail on the head wrt Levenda's "opinions"

    His railing on "anti-semtism" gets tiresome. He forgets all the other innocent people who died while Hitler ran amok. As if they don't matter at all.
    Never touches on the fact that Hitler is a Jew,(follower of Judaism) something I have touched on here at the blog, a subject that gets covered in the Jewish press.
    But not in his world.
    In fact reading his book right now, he mentions that David Berkowitz was born Jewish,(to two Jews, as if the father matters) adopted by Jewish parents, but then converts to Christianity!
    (therefore making him no longer a Jew?)
    With a straight face I may add.
    He doesn't mention it as a change in belief systems, it is as if the person changed.
    Because if "Jewish" was an ethnicity as opposed to a belief system. Berkowitz would still have been a Jew.
    An Italian can go from being a Catholic to a Protestant, the geneaology, ethnicity or heritage does not change. Only the controlled religious belief system

    Perhaps he should read Shlomo Sand?

    Fortunately his books are so well referenced, to his credit, that one can read the information & check the references for oneself, then take it from there.
    Levenda's opinions on the aforementioned subject can be ignored

  32. hi Pen, no i haven't read any of Levenda's works.

    I did come across a lot of discussion on him years ago at Rigoroous Intuition and realised there was something off key with him.

    So I steered clear of him.

  33. hey james, hope you see this
    been unwell,"posting and dashing"
    I saw some controversy on him at RI, something about whether he had ghost written a book??? I think???

    HIs connection of the the occult aspects of society and the intelligence agencies are worth the reading
    And too lengthy to delve into here.