Friday, November 18, 2011

All the Knives are out for Syria- Pt 2

In yesterday's post I covered a number of different agendas coming into play with the Syrian situation-

Another shot at a UN resolution. A move by the Arab League, curiously timed to coincide with this attempt with the UN human rights committee.
The "Free Syrian" Army amassing at both the border of Turkey and Lebanon.

I guess it's map time!

The "Free Syrian" Army is supposed to be 15,000 strong.

This figure was given by a man located in Lebanon. So I am not sure if this applies to the numbers emanating out of Lebanon and Turkey combined, or just Lebanon.

Briefly the narrative of the "Free Syrian" Army and the looming civil wars is an interesting one.
It creates the perception that the army is composed of disillusioned Syrian soldiers.
Who are fighting for freedom from an oppressive tyrant.
It's the perfect pitch to a western audience, who like to believe their government and militaries are the "do gooders" of the world. This belief is pure delusion.

It goes further to create the perception, the one that is being reinforced via the corporate media, that this is a "civil war". This is Syrians, fighting Syrians. This is the narrative from Libya regurgitated, with some slight differences.

The civil war narrative had to be created and promoted when the UN Security council resolutions, that were tried for twice, failed to be passed.

So a bit of a different tactic then was used with Libya had to be created.

Hence the illusion of a civil war. But, this is no civil war.
It is outside fighters, as it has been from the beginning.
Only now the troop numbers are larger.
If I had to take a stab at guessing. I would say lots of Turkish troops are involved. Lebanese militants. Likely some individuals from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordanians probably some Israeli's.
Muslim Brotherhood fighters. And mercenaries, private guns for hire.
Oh and one more, I mentioned them the other day Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda had been pouring into the area from Iraq to "fight for freedom".

When one considers all the players there is no realistic way this can be called a "civil war"
It is an outside invasion. Plain and simple.

The narrative of the "Free Syrian" Army is useful for this-
Free Syrian Army Seeks No-Fly Zone, Vows to Reach Palace

Do they get their talking points from the Council on Foreign Relations or what?
It was the Council on Foreign Relations, going on recall here, that first put that proposition forward. Coincidence or not? I would say NOT.

The group wants a buffer zone in the north, on the Turkish- Syrian border, and another in the south near the border with Jordan to help them bring the fight closer to Assad, Riad al As’ad, a former Syrian colonel who leads the Free Syrian Army, said in a phone interview from Turkey today. ( Interesting, Jordan? Clearly they are involved)

Getting back to yesterday's post. We touched on the players, Britain and France.
US war games with Bahrain. Muslim Brotherhood involvement and Canada telling it's citizens to get out of Syria.

Rehash completed, there was some additional stuff I didn't get around to yesterday-
Conveniently the IAEA is saying there is No progress in Syria nuclear talks

Syria failed to provided UN nuclear watchdog with access to Deir al-Zor site - which Israel bombed in 2007 - or other locations which may have been functionally related, Amano says.

This is a complete dead end. I have covered this previously.
The brouhaha in the news at this time is just more pot stirring to demonize Syria.
The alleged "nuclear" facility was/is fabric factory.

That secret nuclear facility in Syria? It’s a textile factory, researchers say in new report

But after further probing by private researchers, Syria’s mystery plant is looking far less mysterious. A new report concludes that the facility and its thousands of fast-spinning machines were intended to make not uranium, but cloth — a very ordinary cotton-polyester.

“It is, and always has been, a textile factory,” said one of the researchers, Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear policy expert at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies and publisher of the blog Arms Control Wonk.

DEAD END. More spin.

Turkey eyes new trade routes to bypass Syria violence

If Turkey is just now in search of new trade routes, I would think what has been going on there all these past months has not been very disturbing of trade.

It would seem that Turkey is prepared/preparing for a big upsurge in destabilization, hence the search for new routes to by pass Syria.

Well that's all folks. I am out of time.
The Syrian situation sure looks to be coming to a head.


  1. You are absolutely right. The BBC is giving us non-stop anti-Assad propaganda.

    - Aangirfan

  2. YOU ROCK,SISTER YOU MUST SEE THIS ASAP..HAHAHA CAUGHT AL ARABYA AGAIN..LOOK ZIONIST ALARABYIA (AL CRAP-A-BYA) CAUGHT EXPOSED AGAIN – Al Arabiya’s Syrian ‘Shabbiha’ are in fact inter-Palestinian clashes in Ain el Helweh, Lebanon

  3. Historical piece, Syria Media Briefing c.5/2011 from our chums at the Henry Jackson Society:
    To contact the Henry Jackson Society for expertise and guidance
    please call Director of Communications Michael Weiss on +44 (0)7766 641670

    Clearly William Hague,our Foreign Secretary took heed and shortly afterwards called for the UN security to act...
    Meantime, the HJ Soc highlighted the nuclear challenge from Syria and Iran

    All so predictable.


  5. aruplthanks for info felix im running w. it...


  7. HI SISTER..=) LOOK...

    CHECK THIS OUT!!! VIDEO- MORE PRO ASSAD DEMONSTRATION – Journalist Webster Tarpley among the Syrians in Al-Hijaz square + interview w/ AL Assad sunday



  8. apologies for not responding to comments, busy like a bee these past few days

    hoping no offense was taken?

  9. most Syrian demonstration are fed by money but from where.
    I wonder where is the 'peaceful Syrian protesters' among these armed terrorist groups..!!!!??__- they kill and say " allaho akbar"-they cut the heads of the Syrian National Army, civilian and those who are not with them and say "allaho akbar"__- they destroy and burn public and private properties and say "allaho akbar"__- they shoot fire and kill Syrian National Army and say "allaho akbar"__-
    they betray their National Flag and say "allaho akbar"__-
    they appeal for foreign intervention in our interior affairs and say "allaho akbar"......_
    _What revolution is this and what God do they obey?__
    __The USA , France, Qatar and KSA they want the Syrian to be democratic like the Iraqi..Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. or like the libyian (million hahaaaa)
    ____Syria is facing a world wide war through false information and media. Al Jazeera TV in Arabic and BBC and France 24 are faking the news. Syria according to Zionism must be punished, most be destroyed.____

    They say around 3000 people have been killed since the unrest but they do not mention that 1250 of them are Syrian army kill by extremist Islamic gang supported by US.____

    Many civilian killed because they support Syrian regime ____

  10. I wonder where is the 'peaceful Syrian protesters' among these armed terrorist groups..!!!!??
    - they kill and say " allaho akbar"-they cut the heads of the Syrian National Army, civilian and those who are not with them and say "allaho akbar"
    - they destroy and burn public and private properties and say "allaho akbar"
    - they shoot fire and kill Syrian National Army and say "allaho akbar"
    - they betray their National Flag and say "allaho akbar"
    - they appeal for foreign intervention in our interior affairs and say "allaho akbar"......
    What revolution is this and what God do they obey?

     In Hama: armed gangs cut off the head of a member of the Syrian army and the drag on the ground and beat him

    Video :

    2: In Hama: murder and slaughter of a group of police and security and then thrown from the bridge into the river Asi

    Video :

    3 : In Hama: Video from inside the city proves the existence of armed gangs who controlled the city and Nchr terror among the people and carry different weapons from machine guns to sniper

    Video :

    4 : In Homs: peaceful sniper accompanies the peaceful protestor who are supported by peaceful NATO and US ambassador

    Video :

    5: In Homs: armed gangs in the streets, firing automatic weapons

    Video :

    6: In gesr alshakor : Armed gangs kill members of the Syrian army and their bodies are multiplying

    Video :

    7: In Deir ez Zor: gangs are killing a security guard and then cut off his hand using a cleaver

    Video :

  11. Syria is experiencing an armed revolt, just like Libya was, and despite the West’s attempts to paint all the demonstrators as peaceful; we must realize that this is simply not the case.
    This is precisely what a Syrian Foreign Ministry official cited by SANA was attempting to get across today when he slammed the American intervention in his country.
    After accepting the Arab League’s peace plan on Wednesday which calls for talks between Assad’s government and the Syrian opposition, the Syrian government said that amnesty would be granted to all who surrender their weapons between November 5th and 12th.
    In response to this offer of amnesty to the armed opposition fighters, something an armed revolt in the West would never imagine, the spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, Victoria Nuland, advised them not to turn themselves in.

  12. The so called peaceful demonstrators was from the beginning armed. But now they can’t hide this lie any more so the media moved to saying that the armed protestors are Army defects. Which is a big lie. The demonstration in Syria was from the start up till now armed.