Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Faulty" vaccine caused massive foot and mouth outbreak

Yet, "negligence" is being cited.
Negligence indicates something else entirely doesn't it?
It indicates carelessness. Rather then something that could not be avoided or happenstance.

A botched vaccine intended to protect Paraguay’s livestock against foot-and-mouth disease was responsible for transmitting the ailment to hundreds of animals that later had to be destroyed, the government said Tuesday.

After extensive laboratory tests, Paraguayan and international scientists concluded that "human error" and "negligence" in the production of the vaccine caused the outbreak last September

"After the most recent laboratory analysis, we have confirmed that the outbreak of foot and mouth disease... came about as a result of problems with the vaccination of animals," said Daniel Rojas, head of Paraguay’s National Service for Animal Health and Quality.

Confirmed, problems with the vaccines.

"We still have to identify at what stage in the process the problem occurred, determine who was responsible for the mistake and punish them," Rojas said, adding that the outbreak "led to significant economic losses for the country."

Vaccines causing the disease it is meant to prevent. First time I have covered it in cattle.
However, I recall posting news on the polio vaccine causing a massive polio outbreak in a country in Africa when the vaccine strain of polio went wild.

Polio vaccination gone awry in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the polio vaccine is giving polio to the people.

Fears polio vaccine is now killer
London - Polio, the dreaded paralysing disease stamped out in the industrialised world, is spreading in Nigeria.
And health officials say in some cases, it's caused by the vaccine used to fight it.

In July, the World Health Organisation issued a warning that this vaccine-spread virus might extend beyond Africa. So far, 124 Nigerian children have been paralysed this year - about twice those afflicted in 2008.
In fact may 'vaccines' are capable of this spreading of disease.
This happened in the US with the polio vaccine. The flu vaccines also "shed" and can spread the virus.

The latest vaccine being pushed on children the rotavirus vaccine also has the ability to shed the disease. Oh yeah, and it's contaminated with Pig DNA

Rotavirus vaccines: Problems with Pig virus contamination & conflicts of interest



  2. also see my expose of cfr's new report on Iran human rights and my new expose of BROOKINGS call for imperial powers to btreak up ALBA(ALLIANCE OF BOLIVARIAN NATIONS)..

  3. 'Accidental' release of 'experimental' F&M vaccine in UK 2007-

  4. I expect the foot and mouth disease bankrupted many small farmers who would have been forced to sell their land.

    So who's been buying up massive tracts of land in Paraguay in recent years?

  5. hey NYS!
    I shall check that out, but, to see an AIPAC darling cry out for help from Syria is no surpise.

  6. free thinker, thanks for that link and yes I read it.

    Made me go hmmm....

    and I see James is thinking along the lines of what I am thinking

  7. So to James and Freethinker both-
    who owned the farms in the UK and Paraguay
    What was the economic and political situation ruminating around them.
    Could this be a type of economic warfare?
    It sure could be.
    The story from the UK seems sort of ludicrous

    "The company is believed to test its vaccines on animals, which may have been able to graze on the land. The virus may have been carried by the wind, or by people or vehicles down the road from the site to a rented field in the village of Normandy, near Guildford, where the outbreak happened.

    A rented field.
    So an individual possibly rents the field from a landowner for small scale, perhaps organic cattle raising- and an outbreak just so happens to occur there and only there, causing the destruction of animals.

    Causing shortages and driving up prices on the commodities market
    as would have happened in Paraguay
    economic warfare using vaccines
    It is possible

  8. Apparantly there was no obvious benefit to the 'grand-conspiracy' from the 2007 UK FMD outbreak - only 10 farms were affected by a relatively small cull. Relative that is to the 120,000 farms and 7 million cull of 2001 FMD outbreak. Significantly it was NOT used to introduce FMD vaccines, as under EU rules that would affect export values.It has probably contributed to tightened bio-security and further requirements for animal tracking; now including RFID tagging. Also it may have helped procure funding for upgrading the Pirbright and Porton-Down labs. But nothing obviously sinister.

    It seemed to me at the time that the press were missing the point: the issue wasn't why were the drains in a bad state of repair, but rather why were they flushing dangerous live viruses down the drain in the first place?

    Maybe there were some shenanigans going on between the government Pirbright Labs and the interconnected private Merial Ltd labs; but if there was it hasn't come to light.

    In looking at it afresh I came upon this oddity: "The government welcomed the MPs conclusion that there is “no reason in principle” that high containment laboratories should not be built in urban areas. A consortium, including the Medical Research Council, which allocates public funds for health research in the UK, and the Wellcome Trust, a medical research charity, is planning to build a high security lab in King's Cross, Central London". Well why not, indeed?

    So no smoking gun, but it still makes me go 'hmmm'.

  9. Are the PTB testing which vaccines will go global and fulfill Henry Kissinger's dream of killing off 5 billion people?

    Here's a 'coincidence' involving Paraguay.

    President Bush is said to have purchased nearly 100,000 acres of ranch property in Paraguay -- one of the few countries in the world which has promised not to prosecute American troops or officials on War Crimes charges!

    NEWS BRIEF: ""Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay",
    Prensa Latina, Latin American News Agency,
    October 13, 2006

    Another 'coincidence.' In that same area, one of the world's largest aquifers is located.