Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goal: Regime Change Syria

Thanks first off to NYSC aka Ali/the naked facts for leaving a couple of interesting link here!
Both worth reading.
Secondly, were going long- though I will try to keep this post as short as possible.
Let's quickly look at this one link. The first of two from NYS
From Foreign Policy Initiative. October 25/2011
Who's Director is none other then William Kristol.
There is a neo-con who has been around the block, repeatedly! He of course links Israel's interests into the foreign policy of the US.
He was very vocal in the attack on Iraq, you may recall.

In this paper the FPI is endorsing the removal of the Assad government through specific tactics.

-Providing "support" to Syrian Opposition.
This is already being done. Has been for months now.

-Imposing No Fly Zones.
This has been talked about previously. I am quite certain I have at least two other posts on this "suggestion" The entire paper is dressed up as actions being necessitated out concern for the Syrians. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Interesting to note in the side bar of FPI.... FPI is reading the Henry Jackson Societies- The Scoop.
Coincidentally or NOT. William Kristol is an International Patron of the Henry Jackson Society
Clearly it is NO Coincidence.

The Henry Jackson Society has been vocal in their support for regime change in Syria.
They are part of the interconnected web of deceit that Israel's war and political interests hide behind.

NYSC also left a second link that leads to this interesting speech from warmonger extraordinaire Hillary Clinton

Hillary really spills the beans on external involvement in the so called Arab Spring

I think it’s important to recognize that back when the streets of Arab cities were quiet, the National Democratic Institute was already on the ground, building relationships, supporting the voices that would turn a long Arab winter into a new Arab Spring. Now, we may not know where and when brave people will claim their rights next, but it’s a safe bet that NDI is there now, because freedom knows no better champion. More than a quarter-century old, NDI and its siblings in the National Endowment for Democracy family have become vital elements of America’s engagement with the world.

You can read the rest. It's pretty nauseating stuff
A Madeline Albright award that went to " the women of Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development.
Madeline Albright. This Madeline Albright

500,000 dead Iraqi children- Worth it!

So, this award has to be for the ability to cause death, right? On a massive scale.

The past few days the news has gone silent on Syria. It has been all Israel is going to strike Iran.
I don't think so. I am more of the mind that Syria has to be taken care of first.
So keep your eyes on Syria and some justification to impose a no fly zone.

You may recall a man named Farid Ghadry? He grovelled in the Israeli press months ago.
I had posted his shameless drivel at that time. His tune has not changed.
He is still spewing trash, this time in the Jerusalem Post

What I do like is the tidbit of truth in a statement he makes

"One school of thought currently popular amongst policy makers in Washington is that in order to free the West from the burden of spreading Jeffersonian freedom, the US needs to hand over freed Arab countries to the bureaucrats best organized to shoulder that responsibility.

In other words, the Islamists of Hamas and the Brotherhood. And what better medium to implement these policies than Erdogan? Such ideas are gaining currency inside the Obama administration and are being spread by Dalia Mogahed, the president's adviser on Muslim affairs, and Huma Abedin, a senior adviser to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Both are ardent supporters of the Brotherhood, but neither is Syrian. Both may speak Arabic, but that does not mean they understand the needs and aspirations of people in Syria."

He pretty much spells out that the US is helping to install hardline Islamic Governments in recently "freed" nations. Egypt sure looks to be going that way. Libya is already gone.
Recently I had posted an article that Turkey(Erdogan) had told Assad they would call off the rebel fighters if the Assad regime would install a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood adherents in the government.

Ghadry may be trying to raise fear amongst the Israeli people, but, an Islamist government full of hardliners would be the best case scenario for Israel. Think about Saudi Arabia.

Before I end this post there is just one more story I am going to link to.
I touched a little on this angle in the post from the other day covering Turkey's involvement in destroying Libya

Turkey Working to Impose the Libyan Model on Syria

How Turkey is working to create the civilian and military parallels between Lybia and Syria.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu

"We will not allow chaos and despotism to take hold in Syria; it is our responsibility to the Syrian people,” Davuto─člu told reporters at a joint press conference with his Jordanian counterpart, Nasser Judeh,

Turkey is not, however, interested in political theory. It is interested in cold facts. To dislodge the Assad regime in Syria, Turkey needs the situation in Syria to approximate the Libyan situation in the following 2 ways:

It is necessary for the Syrian opponents to the Assad regime to replicate the success of the Libyan insurgents by establishing a representative organization that can claim to speak for the opposition.

Secondly, that opposition can no longer rely on demonstrations alone-- peaceful or violent. There must also be an opposition coupled with a military force that can upgrade the struggle from mass protests to a civil war with patches of territory presumably under control of the opposition.

This would lead to recognition of the opposition party - however prematurely - by states interested in deposing the Assad regime.

At least the Israeli press doesn't bother playing the humanitarian card.
They just say regime change.
Turkey was a far bigger player in Libya then I had been aware of, until recently.
There role in the destabilization of Syria has been apparent for a while now.

Before Iran goes, Syria has to be destroyed. There is alot at stake here. Oh I don't know..... like the next world war. Or something as equally horrid and destructive?


  1. Hey Penny,...Great read and well thought out links, I am so sick of the evil tribe, I pray for their brutal demise, always.

    Call me bad, I have broad shoulders, I just want these child-molesters GONE!

    Imagine a world without these devious shit-stirring trouble causing fuckers, aargh!


  2. glad you liked it v,
    NYS helped with some great links

    I won't call you bad.
    Everyone get's to feel the way they do.

    I am tired of the whole thing myself.
    Just the thought of people needlessly suffering and dying so greedy individuals can make money

  3. Ah , the Henry Jackson Society...
    Henry Jackson Society Emergency Meeting: Committee for a Democratic Libya – 5.00-6.30pm, Wednesday 2nd March 2011 – Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons

    Notice the date and place!

    Ahead of a meeting convened by The Henry Jackson Society in Parliament tonight, we urge the Prime Minister to stand fast in his commitment to put a stop to the crimes of Colonel Gaddafi, including through the implementation of a no-fly zone and active assistance to Libyan opposition movements in conjunction with our allies.
    This evening, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lord David Trimble, Khaeri Aboushagor (UK Representative of the Libyan League for Human Rights) and Air Vice Marshal Tony Mason will join more than 100 Parliamentarians, diplomats, journalists and others at a meeting in Parliament to discuss the British Government’s response to the crisis.

  4. Yeah, the Henry Jackson Society.
    Such a curious kind of group.
    They really do seem to be a cover for the Israeli agenda

    Right at the house of commons
    These people have some serious connections?
    Or control?
    Or both?

    Isn't David Trimble a total apologist for Israeli brutality?

  5. Yes,Trimble, member of FOII, Friends of Israel initiative (based in Spain, and launced in Spain by Iraq invader JM Aznar)was an "impartial observer at the internal inquiry into the flotilla attack, whose appointment astonished a UK citizen so much that a FoI (no relation, freedom of information) request on the appointment. Note the presence of UK MP Robert Halfon at the launch of FoII in the UK in July 2010
    Halfon was one of the promiment UK voices urging intervention in Libya, he writes in Murdoch's Sun newspaper and was recently crowing in UK parliament about the regime change in Libya Debate here
    Note the Benghazi air show, 3 days after the no-fly zone ended. AQAF.....