Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Kurds- The wild card in Syria

For some time now I have wondered at the Kurdish role in Syria
You may recall that a Kurdish leader was assassinated. This was blamed on Syrian forces/government.
I covered that all in a previous post, pointing out why it was unlikely Syria had anything to do with the killing
Noting that it was entirely possible a different Kurdish faction had carried out the killing.
Kurdish factions located in Northern Iraq. Kurdish factions affiliated with Israel

There is division amongst the divergent Kurdish groups-
According to this article there is a de facto truce between some of the Kurds and the Syrian government

There is a de facto truce between the Kurds and the government.

To enforce this truce, their cells in Afrin and Kobane stopped some Kurdish activists from organizing demonstrations. They claim that all their efforts are about maintaining calm to avoid a bloodbath.

Syrian Kurdish leaders have advised the Kurdish youth to remain peaceful. They argue that an open confrontation with the regime would be disastrous.

“Our people would become military target, not only for the army but also for some militias made of Arab settlers present in our provinces,” said Muslim. “The demonstrations would turn into an ethnic conflict that the government would use to its own advantage.”

Syrian Kurdish leaders are skeptical about the Syrian opposition that met several times since the unrest started in Syria in March. The Kurds say the Arab parties do not recognize the rights of the Kurdish population of Syria.

While their may be a truce between some of the Kurds, clearly the truce does not hold amongst all of the Kurds.

As I mentioned in the previous post, some of the Kurds have substantial military ties to Israel.
I wonder just how much of a role those Kurds tied to Israel have already been engaged in the destruction and destabilization of Syria?

Then I come across this today!
From Michael Weiss of the Henry(Scoop) Jackson Society.
You have been introduced to the Henry (Scoop) Jackson Society in previous posts. Interesting to note, the agenda being pushed:Will Kurds Determine Syria's Fate?

(supposedly a Syrian Kurd in Iraq, protesting?)

The fate of the Syrian revolution may reside in that one sentence. Syrian Kurds who have joined the call to revolution against Assad.

Clearly not all Kurds. As we have read above some Kurdish leaders have discouraged participation in the uprising. The assassination of Meshaal Tamo was clearly a tactic to draw more of the Kurds into participating in the uprising.

The Henry (Scoop) Jackson group, by all appearances, is a cover for the promotion of the Israeli agenda in Syria and the Middle East. If they are promoting the Kurds the determining factor in Syria's fate, it is quite safe to assume Israeli involvement with the Kurds.

What a tangled web!

Additional reading and thanks NYSC aka Ali from thenakedfacts

IISS: Syria's Opposition Is Armed

Readers here have been aware for some time the Syrian opposition is armed, violent and dangerous, still there is some interesting background in that article.

The "Free Syria Army" is literally an army of militant extremists, many drawn not from Syria's military ranks, but from the Muslim Brotherhood, carrying heavy weapons back and forth over the Turkish and Lebanese borders; funded, supported, and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey.

That pretty much summarized my take on the "Free Syrian Army".
There has been no real indication that there have been defections from the Syrian Military, other then from the "activists". But there have been all manner of indications of Muslim Brotherhood, Alquaeda (Al Ciaduh) . Alquaeda! yes!
Digressing to quote from my previous post-
The "activists" are not peaceful, never have been. So what else is going on in and around Syria?
How about news that Al quaeda is flooding into Syria to fight the Assad regime?
Yes, that Al quaeda! Complete with arms from Austria
The "terror group" the western media presents to the dumbed down masses as the "enemy"
Yes, Al quaeda, repeatedly without fail, shows up when Western interests need to be served.
It surely is the West that wants Assad out of Syria

Continuing on - Turkish, Lebanese and other militant groups being involved in attacking government/military officials, buildings and Syrian civilians


  1. Cemil Bayik, one of PPK's leaders, warned that if Turkey were to intervene against Assad, the PKK would fight on Syria's side.

  2. Just Journalism
    UK-based project which focuses on coverage of Israel by the BBC, the Guardian and other major UK-based media. Led by Michael Weiss. Just Journalism take hot news topics (eg direct negotiations, and Iran) and publish reports which usually reveal distortions in their reporting in the UK. JJ’s conclusion is that Israel is almost always being depicted in British media as the main obstacle to peace. Valuable analysis and methodogies on their website.

    (except you can't see it)

    Interesting interview here...

    and one to watch...

  3. It's not looking good for Syria. The US Navy is playing war games with Bahrain until November 23. Invade on Thanksgiving?

    The Arab League has given Assad 3 days to shape up or ship out and another of those phony fronts, like the Libya TNC has been formed, that purports to represent the interests of Syria.

  4. hey anonymous

    that is interesting.

    from following along with the syrian situation it makes sense that not all kurds, or not enough kurds were on board with the destabilization agenda.

    Which is why I brought up the previous assassination of the Kurdish leader.

    Clearly done to give the Kurds a rallying point to turn on Assad.

  5. Wow, Michael Weiss "gets around"

    Or all these organizations are front groups for the Israeli political agenda

    Which makes way more sense

    "JJ’s conclusion is that Israel is almost always being depicted in British media as the main obstacle to peace."

    I have a bit of a hard time believing that British media depicts Israel in a negative light. Ever.

    The western news seems to fall all over itself to make excuses for all of Israel's abuses, human rights and others...

    To my thinking, no matter how hard the msm tries, it is so hard to cover up or excuse the crimes committed by Israel, they can't effectively do it. At least not enough for Just Journalism or Michael Weiss.
    I'll check out the links, thanks felix

  6. Hey Greg

    "The US Navy is playing war games with Bahrain until November 23. Invade on Thanksgiving?"

    Now that is interesting.......

    "another of those phony fronts, like the Libya TNC has been formed, that purports to represent the interests of Syria"

    yeah, I know. This latest incarnation is actually the second run at a phony front government for NATO interests.

    However, it is not going along so well. To many divergent interests.

  7. another one to watch...HJ Soc again