Friday, November 11, 2011

Media Censhorhip- Controlling the public dialogue

I want to grind a personal axe today-

While this has to do with the news coverage of the occupy movement in Canada to some degree. What this is largely about the censorship media outlets practice in the forums on their websites. Yes, I understand this is their prerogative, but, that is a rather hollow claim.

When one opts to participate on an alleged news sites forum or talk back one agrees to abide by their censorship rules.

Here are the CBC's rules
Not attempting to single the CBC out. They are certainly not the sole censor in the media.
These rules are pretty much standard across the board for all the media outlets.
No bad language. No threats. No racist/hateful comments. Comment relevant to the topic at hand. That kind of stuff.
Truth be told racist/hateful comments are all the rigueur if you attack "the people you're supposed to hate" Usually the state designated enemies?
Hoping you understand the meaning behind that ?
One can see these types of comments just about anywhere.
So one comes away with the idea that some comments are allowed more then others.
Conversely some comments are more censored then others.
Ever wonder what those comments might be?

I would suggest that those are comments that contain way too much truth or facts.
Ones that are reasonable, thoughtful and insightful.
Let me clarify-
The news sites have been covering the Occupy movement. Sort of.
And they have been asking for people to comment on the movement, it's relevancy in Canada etc., Except most of the comments they let through sound like this

"its a nothing waste of time movement . bunch of broke bored hippies . i say put up a fence dont allow food in exsept for the 5 dollar hot dog vendors . and see how long they hang out. hot dogs 3 times a day yum yum . ahahaha "
Or the ones here
Sure there are some well written ones, but, mostly it is the above mentioned type.
Yours truly tried to comment. Yours truly saved the comments.
None got through. Not one.
So I am going to share-

YES the protests are relevant in Canada.
Of course they are, what kind of foolish question is that??
Canadian taxpayers bailed the banks, (25 billion dollars in 2008)
Canadian taxpayers bailed the auto makers
And for what? Job cuts and lay offs?
Wages go down, jobs are gone, Income disparity grows.
The whole "trickle down" economics is ridiculous, It may sell to some gullible persons, but simply put "trickle down" is really wealth from the masses travelling upwards.
It should correctly be called "vacuuming up". The "powerful" people vacuum up the money of the citizens, via taxes and or fees on everything.
The 99 percent have been vacuumed clean. There is not one speck of dust (cash) to be sucked up to the rich and powerful, to the banks for bailouts and the corporations for bailouts."
"people without jobs protesting" -Quoting another allowed commenter
And why is there such a shortage of jobs? That is the question. Not why people are protesting the huge lack of opportunities. The question is why such a lack of opportunities?
The answers are multiple. Profits before people .Money power usurped by private interests
Free trade that are not free and have little to do with trade and lots to do with exploitation of the people.
Another fabrication I see expressed here
"pigs at the trough didnt translate up here " your mistaken
The banks were indeed bailed out here as were the automakers and others.
Mortgages were moved off the books of the banks and on to Canadian taxpayers.
In October 2008 it was reported the Canadian government moved 25 billion, that is billion dollars in bad mortgages off the
books of banks and onto the backs of the taxpayers.
And while they were at it they changed the accounting rules for the banks
sweet deal for the private banks"

What a surprise, not. That law enforcement would not protect the people, the protestors in our alleged democracy. "alleged" Instead providing strong arms for the official classes.
No surprise in the underhanded way the police removed the people exercising their right to free speech, their right to demonstrate
Odd isn't it, that western powers claim to be attacking other nations to bring freedom and democracy to said nations, always in support of alleged protests.
But on the home turf of western nations no such dissent allowed without heavy handed tactics
I sense a double standard.
Wondering when law enforcement is going to enforce against usury?
Or loan sharking? Against the banks and credit unions. Those are crimes, no?
How about cheque cashing places? Certainly taking advantage of people. Charging exorbitant rates. Loan sharks. How is that lawful or moral?
It is a black is white world isn't it? Where business and credit card companies and banks can prey upon people and the people are forced to bail out banks and business etc,(And yes, the banks were bailed out in Canada)
-October 2008 debt was moved "off the books" of the bank and onto the back of the people As the CBC and other media outlets reported on, at the time.
November 2008 more debt was moved off the books of the .But when the people protest against the abuse of themselves, the debt put on them against their will, the police move in against them.

Not one of those comments were published.
Do you notice a common thread that runs through the comments?
Actually there are a few-
One is the fact that the Canadian government bailed the banks out. It was reported on back in 2008.

Read all about that here
Government of Canada Announces Additional Support for Canadian Credit Markets
The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today announced the Government will purchase up to an additional $50 billion of insured mortgage pools by the end of the fiscal year as part of its ongoing efforts to maintain the availability of longer-term credit in Canada.
This action will increase to $75 billion the maximum value of securities purchased through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) under this program.
That is 75 billion dollars that taxpayers are now responsible for.

However in 2011 this garners no mention in the main stream media and it appears to be a total taboo to comment on. While speaking on banks, did you notice this?

Money power usurped by private interests

Secondly- referencing the allegation of bringing democracy and protecting people who are exercising their rights to protest. Aren't the western governments big on that everywhere else in the world- "Gotta bring freedom" "Protecting people" Oddly enough that doesn't apply to their own nations.

Look at what happened in California at the Occupy protests? Anyone see any resolutions being requested at the UN.

Really? Pointing out the hypocrisy. The black is white or the double standards is a no no.

Thirdly, taking issue with the fact that free trade hasn't created jobs, despite propaganda.
Despite the sloganeering.
Just like this one "tax cuts create jobs" Really?
If that was actually the case everyone should have a job. Since there has been nothing but tax cuts, give aways and subsidies to big, big business for decades now.
And yet- there are no decent jobs. People are debt slaves. Students are debt slaves.
Nations are indebted to private banking institutions.

No foul language, no racism, no hate. No personal attacks. Just the facts ma'am!
Keep this in mind next time your reading the comments at any of the so called mainstream media news sites, anywhere in the so called free and democratic western world.
Ask yourself this-
What comments were not allowed through?
What did those commenters have to say that the media censors from the public discourse.
And why? Why is the media keeping relevant commentary out of the public dialogue?

Never assume that what has been censored was necessarily bad or hateful. It likely wasn't. It may just have been a little closer to the truth then you realize. A little closer to the truth then the powers that be would like the masses to be aware of.

Axe honed- Thanks


  1. I rarely post anywhere but Huffinton Post. I've observed that they have a tendency to block comments repeatedly, then when someone gets frustrated and complains about the moderator or blurts out something which, out of context, makes them look like a spastic idiot, the comment gets through. I think the mods are ordinary people with a mindset of a junior poli-sci student who thinks they already know everything there is to know. Kind of self-appointed arbiters of truth. You're right about hating the 'right' people. You can point out obvious covert involvement in something and get blocked, meanwhile the thread is full of the most vile and disgusting racist Muslim-bashing comments.

    A foray into the comment section often results in hours of debate and digging up of references. Usually I walk away feeling like I've wasted the better part of the afternoon, but sometimes I know I've informed someone of something they didn't know, and that kind of makes it worth it.

    Few of us was taught the truth by our parents or teachers. We usually just stumbled into it one day, and it was perhaps owing to our empirical nature and sense of objectivity, and the fact that things just didn't make sense on their own, which led us to pursue it.

    Now we're in the thick of it, and it's a battle for hearts and minds ;)

  2. Free trade agreements w/ Colombia, bases in Jamaica,coup in honduras ,mining war crimes,war on first nations,neoliberal policies,new multi billion dollar warship programs,tar sands enviromental disaster,supression of dissent in university campuses,
    and a parliament easily dissolved by queen elizab#itch .i hate that gov.People are awesome though, more sensible,peaceful,educated people... funding israeli occupation..hey you ever see the documentary by scholar Yves Engler on canadas black foreign policy book? Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy - Yves Engler

  3. Amen Pen. Of course without hypocrisy the death cult would have to tell the truth. And then where would they be? Apart from dangling from lamp-posts?

  4. look sis great news... MASSIVE PRO ASSAD DEMO IN DAMASCUS,AGAIN -

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    Tens of Thousands of People across Syria Condemn AL’s Decision against Syria
    Syria demonstrators attack Saudi, Qatari embassies
    Angry demonstrators sacked the Saudi embassy in Damascus on Saturday after the Arab League suspended Syria over its failure to honor a deal to end a bloody crackdown on anti-regime protesters, Saudi state news agency SPA reported."In the evening, numerous demonstrators entered the chancery, breaking window and sacking the inside," SPA said in a dispatch from Damascus.Earlier, hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the building and showered in with rocks.Separately, demonstrators protested outside the Qatari embassy in Damascus and in other cities over the Arab League decision.Several hundred people gathered outside the embassy, waving Syrian flags and brandishing photos of President Bashar al-Assad, chanting slogans in support of him, an AFP photographer witnessed.Some of them forced open the gate and made their way to the top of the building, where they removed the Qatari flag and put up a Syrian one, as embassy security personnel fired tear gas.


  6. Hey Blammo!

    Blogger "spam" detection is ludicrous.
    Your comment was locked up in the spam folder along with crap spam
    But, the spam detection had let through numerous links to porn and sales crap that I had to delete

    It is really hit and miss with that.

    I do apologize for not getting to the blog sooner, it has been simply impossible this week end

    It is a battle. Truly.
    I think, no I know, one reason for writing that post was frustration and the other was to make people aware that the media manipulates the masses every way they can.
    Everyway possible.

    From censoring via "moderation" legitimate commentary.
    To all the standard bullshit in their "news"

    Can you imagine the false perception that gives to unsuspecting participants in these outlets?

    The are completely unaware of exactly what is moderated and why?

    The perception being if it was blocked it must have contained foul language, or been "hateful" whatever.

    Reality being entirely something else.

  7. Hell NYS

    I have not seen that documentary and yes the Canadian governments role in any number of despicable "trade deals" and actions is enough to make one ill

    You forgot Haiti. Canada's role there has been long played out and as dirty as dirty can get

    Vast numbers of Canadians are completely unaware

    And the recent lovefest with Israel?
    I shudder at it all

  8. Yikes, Nobody, was I that preachy?

    True enough, without hypocrisy where would the death cult be?

    Oh yeah, gone!

  9. Oh and NYS thanks for leaving the links :)