Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Syria: NATO will not intervene but the smear campaign is on!

If the smear is on, which it is, the media effort is concerted.
Therefore there are plans to legitimize the attack on Syria, somehow...

Going long today...

NATO rules out Intervention In Syria- take this with a grain of salt

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said military action in Syria was out of the question.
“My answer is very short. NATO has no intention [to intervene] whatsoever. I can completely rule that out,” he told reporters.
While NATO is ruling out overt intervention, they clearly have not ruled out covert intervention.
As evidenced by all that has gone on these past 9 months. Involving NATO nations

What is making overt intervention in Syria impossible for NATO has been the veto at the UN by Russia and China influenced by the Libyan precedent.
The reason for the lack of overt intervention?

Western officials (NATO) note that the legal basis for the Libya operation was UNSC authorization,while its political legitimacy was provided by Arab League support.

The Arab League support was cooked up thanks to the Gulf Council, however, the perception of political legitimacy permeated thanks to the msm. What really green lighted the attack on Libya was the United Nations (Useless Nations) "approval"

Since Russia and China have vetoed UN sanctions against Syria thus far- NATO can't garner any legitimacy for an overthrow of Assad.
As an aside the overthrow of Gaddafi was the real reason for the NATO attack. There was no reality behind the claim of protecting civilians.

The article linked above mentions the imposition of a no-fly zone morphing into a military campaign for regime-change. As if it was happenstance?!
The main stream media is so good at this type of spin!
Glossing over the fact: Regime change and the murder of Gaddafi were always the goals. Protection of civilians was the ruse used to attain the goal.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said "We won't let Syria become the 2nd Libya" , after meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council in Abu Dhabi

“We do not support regimes, we support international law,” Lavrov reiterated Moscow’s stance on Syria.

“Isolation is not our approach,” Lavrov outlined. “If something goes wrong in Syria, many countries of the region will feel a negative impact. We can’t support isolation because of the lesson we drew from Libya.”

I find this statement most interesting-
“If something goes wrong in Syria, many countries of the region will feel a negative impact"

What is suggested by that statement?

That said, let's get back to Syria:

The demonization of Syria is in full force today!
An unbelievable amount of nonsense has flooded the main stream media. We're going to look at a few really interesting stories
"Officials and Witnesses are claiming Syria is planting landmines to harm fleeing refugees"
Claim- Syria is planting landmines along parts of the country's border with Lebanon as refugees stream out of Syria
Nice spin: Problem being when one reads through the article...
-An alleged Syrian who was trying to enter Syria from Lebanon was injured by a landmine. He was brought to a hospital in Lebanon.
Also- Three residents of the Lebanese border village of Serhaniyeh showed an AP reporter a long sand dune barrier along the frontier where they said Syrian troops laid mines.
"Since they planted the mines, no one dares to go to the border line,"
The statements by the Lebanese make it clear that the problem Syria is attempting to prevent is the infiltration of their border by the Lebanese.
A senior Lebanese security official confirmed that Syrian troops are planting mines on the Syrian side of the border, but said Beirut will not interfere with actions on Syrian territory.
Quite simply put the people of Lebanon know they are there. The landmines are in Syrian territory. Therefore, don't cross over INTO Syria.
Reality- It has been reported on numerous occasionsIn multiple reports that interested persons/parties in Lebanon have been smuggling guns accompanied by fighters into Syria. In fact somewhere I am quite certain I have covered the smuggling of arms and fighters via Lebanon.
In order to stop the continued infiltration, as much as I hate this tactic, what else can be expected?
Flashback !- Thanks to Blammo who reminded me......
Regarding the planting of Landmines and the complete lack of condemnation by the main stream media. August 12/2011- Part Deux: Israel & Turkey warmin' up. Canada's lips sealed despite the Ottawa Treaty
Yesterday I touched on the news that Israel is readying the IDF for engagement in September with Syria and is land mining the border.

The Israel Defense Forces is readying for possible engagement with the Syrian military in September

Anticipating attempts by Syrian civilians to cross the border into Israel in September, the IDF has placed antipersonnel landmines along the Syria border in the Golan Heights
Therefore, Israel is absolutely intending to target fleeing refugees!
As for Turkey: As it is with Israel, so it is with Turkey-
Landmines in place on the border just for that influx of refugees..

Meanwhile, the internal conflict in Syria has postponed the clearing of mines along the Turkish-Syrian border. The two countries share a minefield three times the size of Cyprus.
The main stream media, western powers, NATO- All silent to the laying of/failure to remove landmines in Israel and Turkey respectively.
Flashback over!
Another "Smear Syria" news article- Syrian/Pakistan Nuclear Ties-
Yup to paraphrase GWB and the lies of Iraq "the smoking gun/mushroom cloud"

How may times has this tactic been used- Of course everyone speaking on the condition of anonymity and all very vague....
a previously unknown complex- bolsters suspicions-
Details (however vague) were provided to the AP by a senior diplomat with knowledge of IAEA investigations and a former U.N. investigator. Both spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

A senior diplomat with "knowledge" And a former UN investigator? IAEA officials contacted Tuesday also declined to comment.
Alot of spin and no confirmation but it sounds authoritative, right?
Further down in the article-

Syria never has been seen as being close to development of a nuclear bomb.

In 2004, Khan confessed on TV to selling nuclear technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya, but he has never spoken of Syria. He later retracted and claimed he was forced to confess.

I won't bore you to tears with the rest- you can read it for yourself. All in all the AP piece is a lot of spin, insinuations, very vague and not much else. Clearly intended to plant the idea that Syria is a nuclear threat.
The last article I will use to demonstrate the "Smear Syria" game is on come from the Chicago Tribune- Suspect in Students Slaying started new life in Syria
Oh my God! Dastardly Syria! Giving new life to criminals, allegedly. You know what is so interesting about this breaking news from today? This alleged killing took place in 2005.
But the defendant didn't appear at Chicago's grim criminal court building on that July afternoon in 2005.
You read that right, this news story is six years old.
So why is it hitting the headlines today?
The last story along with all the aformentioned pieces are clearly part of the campaign of smears. The cavalcade of "news" or what passes for "news" is being used to demonize of Syria.


  1. EXCELLENT MY FAIR SISTER,EXCELLENT...SALSO SEE..Despite US opposition, UN approves Iran’s global nuclear disarmament resolution http://www.irna.ir/ENNewsShow.aspx?NID=30641071&SRCH=1

  2. [ALSO SEE..FLASHBACK- Scott Ritter: By Releasing Intel, US Endorses Israel’s Illegal Bombing of Alleged Syrian Nuke Site http://www.democracynow.org/2008/4/28/un_nuclear_watchdog_chief_blasts_us I don’t know what was going on at this site. If the images are accurate, it appears that Syria was producing a very, very small research reactor. But it is not a reactor usable in a nuclear weapons program. Syria was not violating the law. This shows that the United States and Israel have a wanton disregard for the rule of law. And this is especially critical when the United States is holding up the Non-Proliferation Treaty as a standard in which we hold Iran and North Korea accountable to.''''''''''''''' You know, there would have to be literally thousands of pounds of pure graphite that would have to be introduced to this facility, and there’s no evidence in the destruction. '''''''''''''''''

  3. NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said military action in Syria was out of the question.

    “My answer is very short. NATO has no intention [to intervene] whatsoever. I can completely rule that out,” he told reporters.

    The more emphatically they deny something, the more you know that is exactly what they plan to do.

    As I.F.Stone said, "never believe anything until it is officially denied"

    WV 'trala' - skipping down the garden path

  4. "Officials and Witnesses are claiming Syria is planting landmines to harm fleeing refugees"

    Didn't you do a post a while back which indicated that Israel (or Turkey?) was mining their border?

  5. NYSC aka Ali
    can I still just use the NYS moniker?
    the link is priceless

    The story is from 08 and Israel seems to be the provider of all the "intelligence" LOL

    I am going to put a few quotes from it here that absolutely bear repeating

    IMAD MOUSTAPHA: Can you believe — can anyone be as gullible as this? An allegedly strategic site in Syria without a single military checkpoint around it, without barbed wire around it, without anti-aircraft missiles around it, without any sort of security surrounding it, thrown in the middle of the desert without electricity, plans to generate electricity for it, with out major supply plans around it?

    Scott Ritter- we recall how he was smeared..

    SCOTT RITTER: Well, first of all, we have to be concerned about the evidence. We have interior photographs and exterior shots and nothing that links the two.
    . I have to take exception with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff when he says that the alleged activities are against international conventions. Actually, they’re not. If Syria had in fact been constructing the reactor they’ve been accused of, they were in total conformity with international law. The nonproliferation treaty, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, of which Syria is a signatory, requires that facilities be declared to the IAEA only when nuclear materials are to be introduced to these facilities, that a facility under construction is not a declarable item. And so, it’s absurd to sit there and say that just because Syria and North Korea were pouring concrete that they are somehow breaking the law.

    absurd does not even begin to cover the allegations from 08 or now

  6. James
    "The more emphatically they deny something, the more you know that is exactly what they plan to do."


    Not just what they plan to do, it is what they are doing.

    Turkey is a NATO nation. The US more or less runs the show at NATO and they have been all over this like a fly on shit
    Israel, Israel, a member of NATO, though not officially so.
    They have been involved from the get go in the destabilization of Syria

    These three countries alone make it clear that NATO is involved.

  7. Blammo; cripes I forgot that!
    Thanks for reminding me.
    Way to much news to keep it all straight and Syria has been a focus point for a while now
    I am going to find them and add them to the body of the post

    I will point out now that you did remind me, when I posted those stories there was not an utterance in the main stream media about how refugees or civilians were coming into harms way.

    glaring double standard

  8. Hey all the post has been amended to add the news of the landmines planted by Israel and not removed by Turkey- I originally posted this info August 12/11 and the main stream media was of course silent.

  9. Pen,
    Not just what they plan to do, it is what they are doing.

    Quite right. I stand corrected! :D

  10. Here we go... Assad breaks Arab peace deal as tanks attack (Evening Standard London, 4 November 2011).Fresh violence erupted in Syria today with reports of tanks firing on civilians in Homs as the authorities continued a crackdown on dissidents.

    Activist groups said the shelling followed the deaths of 20 people yesterday in the Baba Amr district
    Same old kind of scenario as reported by anonymous witnesses over mobile phones from Benghazi area in February with no footage to back it up. Are there ANY YouTube/News media pictures of anything like this? If not, then it probably isn't/didn't happen(ing). In Libya, everybody seemed to have a mobile phone camera but nothing matched what we were led to believe.

  11. But....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQuW_FIRLwI

  12. Hello Felix!

    yup it is the same old same old, isn't it?
    unnamed activists and pictures from who knows where?
    Does it make any difference to us here in the west?
    Are we familiar with the geography etc of Syria
    Were we with Libya?
    Of course the answer is no

    Following along so far with the Syrian situation
    I have found that the activist reports have been lacking completely in truth.

    They have claimed persons who are quite alive have been killed

    They have held phony funeral marches with coffins that get swept away by the wind

    Nothing can be substantiated

    And much of their reportage makes no sense, at all

    Felix thanks for that video

    I wholeheartedly concur with their sentiment

    "criminals killing people in the streets are not syrians"

    some may be, but a great deal are not.

    Of course the sentiment may be that true syrians would work together to reform while othes with ulterior agendas work to destroy the nation

    and CNN stop misleading the american people

    love it, that is all CNN can do
    Frontline is going to do a big propaganda piece also.

    The perception management never ends