Monday, November 21, 2011

Syria's demise- A gift to Israel. Ruin for Palestinians.

Back to Syria
I made the statement on Friday that this looks to be coming to a head.
I stand by it.

Let's take a look at what is being reported today. Of course, not all of it.
There was news of Russian warships entering Syrian waters.
I have a bit of a problem with the alarmist news of Russian warships because it originated out of the Israeli press. We may recall a news report from earlier this year about Iranian warships passing through the Suez Canal and how this was supposed to be provocative.
According to Israeli spin.
In reality it appears Iran has an agreement to use the Syrian port of Latakia
Where the ship eventually docked.

As for the Russian warships? Given the agreement that Russia has with Syria to use the ports of Tartus warships coming and going from the port are likely not unusual.

So called Syrian Army "defectors" had attacked the Baath party office. But, then they didn't.

The commander of a group of Syrian army defectors retracted earlier claims that his followers launched an unprecedented attack inside the capital, Damascus.

But al-Asaad did not address why his group had claimed responsibility for the attack hours after Damascus residents reported hearing two loud blasts before dawn Sunday. In a Facebook posting — which had been removed by Monday morning — the FSA had said it fired rocket-propelled grenades at the headquarters of Syria's ruling Baath party.

Let me explain why the "Free Syrian Army" retracted even though common sense indicates they did it.
The attack flies in the face of the spin of a peaceful revolution that is not targeting civilian and government infrastructure.

The "Opposition Government" has released their post Assad plans.
This above mentioned body is nothing more then a NATO/Israeli backed conglomerate of goons backed by Western interests.
We saw this with Libya. It's a page from the same playbook.
After reading some varying news sources there is most definitely not complete and total acceptance of this puppet government in waiting.

A statement by a group called the National Initiative to Unify the Syrian Opposition said there was yet no "opposition body that has the confidence of the Syrians and the international community to act as real transitional body that wins the recognition of the international community".

That doesn't matter to British Foreign Minister William Hague, who is off and running to meet the puppets of western foreign policy

The Foreign Secretary will meet Syrian rebel leaders in London today as the UK seeks to increase the pressure on President Bashar Assad.

Representatives of the Syrian National Council and the National Co-ordination Committee for Democratic Change will see William Hague after months of behind-the-scenes diplomatic contact.

Yes, after months of behind the scenes manipulations.. William Hague can openly participate in the fabricated ruse of democracy with some air of legitimacy. Something that could not have been done months back.

Pro Assad Rally as always with clear pictures (unlike the activist photos)

Just today Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov blames west for "provocation" over Syria

He has made some especially valid statements-

“In Syria we are now seeing a situation where the Arab League is calling for a halt to violence and the beginning of dialogue, and western countries and the capitals of some countries in the region are making calls to the contrary, expressly recommending the opposition hold no talks with the Assad regime,” Lavrov announced. “It looks like a political provocation on an international scale. Yes, violence has to be stopped, but this demand has to be addressed to the authorities and armed groups in the Syrian opposition,” he argued.

“A kind of liberation army of Syria has appeared and created a Temporary Military Council, proclaiming as its aim toppling the regime in Syria,” Sergey Lavrov says. “Some European capitals are preparing to discuss the issue at the UN Security Council, equating the military actions of Syrian renegades to the manifestation of democratic aspirations by the people.”

"A kind of liberation army"
I like that. Lavrov is obviously being diplomatic. But, clearly he sees what is going on.

On Friday Putin called for "restraint and caution" over the Syrian situation.

So far Russia has not changed it's stance on Syria.

Finally I would like to end with some excerpts from an interesting commentary.
Ask yourself who benefits from the destabilization and destruction of Syria?
Who has been behinds the scenes, pulling strings?

Syria's isolation is a gift to Israel

The region would be splintered and weakened with the US and Israel reaping the benefits.

Attacking Iran-
When the hard-line Israeli government is currently mulling strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities egged on by senior US Republicans, many Israelis are deterred by the thought of Syrian and/or Hezbollah rockets raining down on their cities in concert with Tehran's. From their perspective, rendering Syria and Hezbollah impotent would be a godsend paving the way for a US-backed Israeli attack on Iran

The survival of the Palestinians -
Secondly, an Arab world in turmoil would leave the Palestinians without even the minimal clout and bargaining power they "enjoy" today. Take away the threat of Damascus and Tehran and Israel would be free to do its worst.

In other words, the current Middle Eastern power paradigm would be altered for decades to come with Israel walking off with the spoils and Washington consolidating its regional sphere of influence.

Surely Israel has been long aware of the benefits in destroying Syria


  1. hi sister,i was wondering if you have a video i gave you while back...cant find it and need it urgently
    its avideo of syrian opposition usinga wood 2x4 shooting frecrackers ina fake staged gun battle as crowd in narrow street then poses asif its real gun fire running and screaming..i snet it to you, but cant find it in my archives buaaaaaa ..also did u see that staged beating forcing the man to kiss assads picture?no soldier uses pointy shoe boots,they all use standard military boots. lol anyway gp its up on blog now...

  2. Hey NYS

    if you left the link , it should still be here somewhere.

    click the Syria tag at the bottom and that will bring up every post I have done on Syria

    There have been so many videos...
    I don't know where it would be.

    No I haven't seen the video of the man being forced to kiss assad's picture

    sounds like the perfect propaganda kind of photo though

  3. Syria is ruined if Assad is toppled.

    When do they hit Malaysia?

    - Aangirfan

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  5. So called Syrian Army "defectors" had attacked the Baath party office. But, then they didn't.

    That's right, since the Syrian Army 'defectors' were being financed, agitated and led by people whose real first names are Ariel, Shlomo and Ehud.

    Israel is in desperate need of drinking water and will do ANYTHING to keep what they have stole; the water rich Golan Heights.

    While the sheeple are focused on this Zionist atrocity, HRM Hillary is visiting Burma to kiss up to their military junta so the US can gain a foothold in that nation to steal its natural resources and to keep encircling China.

  6. GB-"liberated" Libya has rather a lot of drinking water these days....
    It disgusts me watching William Hague cosying up to these people, but the Libyan adventure went so well (for some anyway) that it was worth repeating...protecting civilians etc etc. No need to go looking for WMDs, but when you are in control they will start turning up. Hey, Gaddafi had chemical weapons (allegedly) but didn't use them. Who knows what might "turn up" in Syria when all this mullarky goes through.