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Flu and Vaccine news: new virus, destroyed immunity and forced vaccination

Connecting dots? Perhaps?Maybe just thinking aloud....

In 2006 the US introduced a rotavirus vaccine followed two years later in 2008 by an additional rotavirus vaccine......

RotaTeq, the first of the two vaccines now on the U.S. market, received Food and Drug Administration licensing in 2006, but widespread U.S. rotavirus vaccination of children did not reach a high level until 2008, when a second formulation, Rotarix, also received FDA approval.

It came out in 2010 that the vaccine Rotarix had been contaminated with pig DNA.

Interesting that it took two plus years for the FDA to mention that?

This year the Rotarix vaccine was made mandatory in Ontario, likely in the rest of Canada.
I have covered that here

That pig DNA contamination was never dealt with-

Additional testing has confirmed presence of the matter in the cell bank and seed from which the vaccine is derived, in addition to the vaccine itself. So the vaccine has been contaminated since its early stages of development.

GSK says it is now reviewing how best to replace the cell bank and virus seeds used in making the vaccine, but it will continue Rotarix production using current methods.
Enter the swine flu "pandemic" in 2009.

It didn't really gain any traction. It wasn't a pandemic, it was hyped as such to push another vaccine onto the populace.

Fast forward to 2011 and there have been concerns about another swine flu virus.

- The Centers for Disease Control confirmed a new swine flu virus has been found and three cases of the new virus have been confirmed. The virus originated in pigs, but spread person to person between three children in Iowa.

"An odd new flu virus that has been jumping from pigs to people in parts of the United States"

I keep going back to that rotavirus vaccine contaminated with pig DNA. The continuing use of the contaminated vaccine, spreading worldwide and the ability of the pig virus to jump to humans......

Could the rotavirus vaccine contaminated with Porcine DNA, injected into the blood stream and circulating through the body, be the attractant for the virus?

Just wondering...

ALSO INTERESTING- but don't expect to read or hear this via the main stream media /idiot box:
Annual Flu Vaccine May Weaken Kids Immunity

The annual flu vaccine can weaken children's resistance to other types of influenza virus, including those that could cause a pandemic, according to a study published in the November issue of the Journal of Virology.

In fact, if I am reading this correctly it seems that unvaccinated children had better immunity then vaccinated

Of the unvaccinated children, 24 of 27 (89%) had antibodies against at least 1 A/H3N2 virus, and 20 (74%) had antibodies against at least 1 A/H1N1 virus. All vaccinated children had antibodies against at least 1 influenza virus, including A/H1N1(2009). However, unvaccinated children had significantly higher geometric mean titers for several viruses, including the influenza A/Panama/07/99 (H3N2) and A/Solomon Islands/3/2006 (H1N1) viruses (P = .04 and P = .01, respectively).

They found that the percentage of virus-specific ICD8+ T cells — that is, T cells with a memory for influenza viruses — ranged from 0.00% to 2.32% in unvaccinated children and from 0.06% to 1.56% in vaccinated children.

They noted an age-dependent increase in the virus-specific CD8+ T cell response in the unvaccinated children (P = .040), but not in the vaccinated children (P = .714).

Finally, in children older than 5 years, the investigators found a significantly higher percentage (P = .038) of CD8+ T cells in the unvaccinated group (mean, 0.86%; standard deviation [SD], 0.67%) than in the vaccinated group (mean, 0.37%; SD, 0.45%).

Digression- Of course the spin is still that vaccines are effective, despite the fact that study shows the vaccine weaken immunity in children? And that the unvaccinated children had better immunity. Talk about cognitive dissonance!)

Flu vaccine to include a seizure warning

DRUG giant CSL has changed its prescribing information for next year's flu vaccine to warn doctors that two toddlers had to be hospitalised during clinical trials supervised by the federal government's key immunisation adviser.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration yesterday revealed that it had known of the side effects for six years, yet only now had it notified doctors "to provide a complete picture of the vaccine safety"

The seizures being caused by the flu vaccine are known as Febrile seizures. Here is an older news story about the Febrile seizures.

So there will be a warning about the seizures, but, the recommendation stands- give your kids the flu vaccine.
What is going on with the child's brain that it is seizing in that manner?
What has the vaccine done to the brain to cause that seizure?

Even thought the vaccine is largely ineffective. Even though the vaccine may destroy the immunity of your children. Even though your children could have a Febrile seizure.

Just one more news story to wrap up this immunization/flu/vaccine post
Australia will force parents to vaccinate their children or lose benefits

Parents who do not have their children fully immunised will be stripped of family tax benefits under a scheme announced by the Federal Government.

The Government says 11 per cent of five-year-olds are not immunised and has announced a shake-up of the system which will take effect from July 1 next year.

Under the changes, families who refuse vaccinations face losing up to $2,100 per child in benefits.

I thought Australia was "free and democratic"? Forcing vaccination by punishing parents financially?

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  1. I this little jewel in the news yesterday

  2. Thanks for covering this Penny, this is an extremely important subject that gets little attention.

    Forcing dangerous, harmful, and ineffective vaccinations on kids and adults = absolute tyranny

    I haven't seen a doctor in years, and I certainly don't plan on seeing one anytime soon, especially for some poisonous vaccine. :)

  3. hey texanna83

    that is a jewel!
    holy mackeral, what or how was the brain affected by that vaccine?

    Wonder what is in the yellow fever vaccine?
    Or is it just the mercury?

  4. Hey John

    Thanks and yes it is an extremely important topic.
    Sadly the media address it in only one way
    vaccines are good, get your vaccines
    when there is soo much information to challenge that message available

    So what is the agenda for the msm?
    Who are they serving the audience or the corporate masters?
    Yeah, I think you know the answer to that one!

  5. the seizures are likely brain inflammations, forest fires in the brain, killing brain cells. same with the guy who thought he was Jesus. just supposing here. it is the "science" of adjuvants that cause the inflammations. and if your poor child dies or has a permanent learning disability afterwards, hey sorry about that. but you can't prove it anyway.

  6. Australia free and democratic? Ha ha ha ha. We have two parties and they are the same. The Labor Party, nominally affiliated with the unions and thus left-wingish, has so far followed the Liberals (nominally right wing) in sending asylum seekers to offshore hell-holes, and has furthered them in basing US troops on Australian soil for no particular reason and just last week declared we will now sell uranium to non-NPT India.

    Given that K Rudd's first act as PM was to congratulate Israel on 60 years of ethnic cleansing I'm entirely certain that we're selling to India so that they can on-sell it to Israel. Or we just sell it to them directly.

    Anyway, Australia is Jewish/Satanist/NWO just like Canada is Jewish/Satanist/NWO. Same same.

  7. True Nobody - same same for the most part, Canada and Aussieland - except that in this case, it appears that Australia is the western "testing ground" for forcing vaccination on supposed democracies in the west.

    This is foreboding indeed.

    Where are the huge rallies by the public, demanding their freedom in the face of this corporate-fascists tyranny?

  8. The inclusion of pig DNA is part of the ridicule I'm afraid. It's where this subject gets very sinister.

    We, after all, merely swine in their eyes, and are increasingly and openly treated as such, if only by their banking elite.

    Buckle up, it will get ever more extreme.

  9. Hey Ap

    did you check out the bit about the unvaccinated children have better immunity then the vaccinated?

    flies in the face of all the spin we get....

  10. Hey Nobody!
    the question was more rhetorical then anything, realizing fully that the so called "free and democratic" nations are neither.

    It is only the perception of those attributes that have been groomed visa vis a carefully crafted illusion- brought to you buy the lying media and the "entertainment" industry
    In a top down manner..

  11. Hey slozo!

    "in this case, it appears that Australia is the western "testing ground" for forcing vaccination on supposed democracies in the west.

    This is foreboding indeed."

    it appears that is what is going on.
    How challenged will this bit of fascim be?

    I often wonder if the isolation of Australia(geographically) makes it a good choice for this type of social experimentation.

    It is a lot harder to get off an island- to move-
    When such large oceans act like a giant moat around the 'kingdom'

    Just a thought

  12. Anonymous:

    "The inclusion of pig DNA is part of the ridicule I'm afraid. It's where this subject gets very sinister."

    I never thought of that. Good point.
    Though contamination in vaccines is not a new thing, contamination has previously been via monkeys..
    If you hadn't noticed I had a couple of posts on SV40 and cancer

    The pig DNA is interesting because it is newer, known and can be the bridge for the transmission of swine flu 'Pandemics'

    "We, after all, merely swine in their eyes, and are increasingly and openly treated as such, if only by their banking elite."

    I prefer to think of myself as godlike, or of god, shouldn't all humans think of themselves that way?

    Or as part of the cosmic greatness
    The infinite energy
    on a journey to higher consciousness?

    Whoa, what the heck have I been listening to lately! ;)

  13. Pig DNA eh? I wonder how they'll sell that in Israel. Or not. Probably 'not' now that I think about it. It'll just be for the goyim.

  14. You may have seen this but if not it's worth a look.

    ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated - Every Last One of Them

  15. Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics -

  16. pen, look at this, a study of children with cystic fibrosis and normal children:

    In unvaccinated children, the number of virus-specific T cells rises with age, whereas such an increase was absent in children vaccinated annually, the researchers said, adding that vaccination appeared to interfere with induction of such killer T cells.


    The data suggest that although influenza vaccines are effective against seasonal influenza, vaccines could leave patients more vulnerable to novel pandemics, as induction of virus-specific killer T cells caused by childhood influenza infection may reduce morbidity and mortality rates from pandemic influenza viruses.

    and then bizarrely, this is a conclusion they present:

    Referring to the paper in a press release, Bodewes said the findings “highlight the need for the development and use of universal influenza A virus vaccines for children, especially in light of the pandemic threat of avian influenza A/H5N1.”

    so if i follow, study shows annual flu vaccine reduces immunity, THEREFORE they should develop a universal vaccine...??? because this will fix the problem???? based on what evidence??? these people are so effin whacked it is beyond belief.

  17. freethinker

    thanks for that link, I bookmarked it.

  18. apologies kenny for passing you by

    I had not seen that one previously, and did go to read it, thanks

  19. AP

    that is interesting, I see in the commentary below the study I was quoting from is referenced.

    "The recent paper by Bodewes and colleagues from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam suggests that the annual vaccination against influenza virus hampers the development of virus-specific CD8 T cells in children."

    that is what is in the body of my post.

    The effect appears to be the same in children with cystic fibrosis.

    You are right, the conclusions drawn are ridiculous!

    In both instances.

    Conclusion being better vaccines as opposed to what should be obvious...vaccines are useless.