Monday, January 2, 2012

2012- Humanity embraces the art of living

"There exists no more difficult art than living. For other arts and sciences, numerous teachers are to be found everywhere. Even young people believe that they have acquired these in such a way, that they can teach them to others: throughout the whole of life, one must continue to learn to live and, what will amaze you even more, throughout life one must learn to die."

- Seneca

This quote opens the book "The Sane Society"

I recalled the quote after I made my wish for Christmas post because of something aferrismoon said
"Life is sacred and also so is death, which shouldn't be desecrated by such vile and dismissive murder on industrial scale........"

Aferrismoon that comment just set me thinking!

Humanity has for a long time now truly forgotten how to live.
Many people barely participate in their own lives.
They sit passively in front of their television sets, having their reality created for them.
They encourage their children, sometimes from infancy, to do the same.
These children then believe that life begins and ends in front of some "entertainment device"
They can't create because all is created for them.
They don't think, because thoughts pour into their heads via devices.
This type of life can't be construed as living.
It is spectating.
Humanity cannot continue existing. Cannot evolve. Cannot grow.
Through passive participation.
By being a spectator.

An outing for many a human family now consists of a trip to the shopping mall.
Or big box store.
They interact via "shopping"
Humans have been made into consumers.
You all didn't think you chose that path, did you?
Sadly, you may think to yourself " I chose to do that"
But, you didn't really.
A great many people cannot recall when, if ever they have "thought" for themselves.
Are your thoughts your own?
Or have you been influenced to think and act and behave in all the ways you do?
To fit in. To be cool. To get the "right" car.
The "right" house.
What are all those things really?
Do they matter?
Have you learned to live? To be human?
That entails a lot. Have you even stopped to think about it?
Or are you one of the people who are busy being entertained or infotained, but not really living.

Socrates said " The unexamined life is not a life worth living"

So for 2012 and all years after that wouldn't it be great if humanity, as a whole, began to examine themselves?
To take a look at life and all it entails. It's joys and sorrows. It trials and tribulations.
All of it.
Let us see if we can't raise the bar of life a bit higher, for everyone, everywhere by simply living a more conscious life.
And perhaps, then perhaps, not only will we all learn to truly live our gifted lives.
We will also, as aferrismoon pointed out, understand that as valued as our lives are, death too is sacred.

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