Friday, January 20, 2012

55 percent of Syrians support Assad- Obama can only dream...

You read that right. 55 percent of Syrians support Assad.

Do 55 percent of Americans support Obama?
No, they do not!
Borrowing the latest from RealClear Politics
President Obama has a 47 percent job approval rating.

Friday, January 20
President Obama Job ApprovalRasmussen ReportsApprove 47, Disapprove 52

Which means most Americans do not approve of Mr Obama's presidency.

So how detached from reality is this headline? US: Assad losing control, his fall inevitable, White House says

Perhaps the Syrian leadership should make the claim that President Obama has already lost control of his nation and his fall is inevitable. At least that would be closer to the truth.

Let's read together the news of Assad's 55 percent approval rating. In a poll conducted and funded by the Qatar foundation.

Suppose a respectable opinion poll found that most Syrians are in favour of Bashar al-Assad remaining as president, would that not be major news?

Especially as the finding would go against the dominant narrative about the Syrian crisis, and the media considers the unexpected more newsworthy than the obvious.
Alas, not in every case. When coverage of an unfolding drama ceases to be fair and turns into a propaganda weapon, inconvenient facts get suppressed. So it is with the results of a recent YouGov Siraj poll on Syria commissioned by The Doha Debates, funded by the Qatar Foundation. Qatar’s royal family has taken one of the most hawkish lines against Assad – the emir has just called for Arab troops to intervene – so it was good that The Doha Debates published the poll on its website. The pity is that it was ignored by almost all media outlets in every western country whose government has called for Assad to go.

Some 55% of Syrians want Assad to stay, motivated by fear of civil war – a spectre that is not theoretical as it is for those who live outside Syria’s borders.

Biased media coverage also continues to distort the Arab League’s observer mission in Syria. When the league endorsed a no-fly zone in Libya last spring, there was high praise in the west for its action. Its decision to mediate in Syria was less welcome to western governments, and to high-profile Syrian opposition groups, who increasingly support a military rather than a political solution. So the league’s move was promptly called into doubt by western leaders, and most western media echoed the line. Attacks were launched on the credentials of the mission’s Sudanese chairman. Criticisms of the mission’s performance by one of its 165 members were headlined. Demands were made that the mission pull out in favour of UN intervention.

The critics presumably feared that the Arab observers would report that armed violence is no longer confined to the regime’s forces, (it never was confined to regime forces) and the image of peaceful protests brutally suppressed by army and police is false. Homs and a few other Syrian cities are becoming like Beirut in the 1980s or Sarajevo in the 1990s, with battles between militias raging across sectarian and ethnic fault lines. (foreign militias armed by NATO)

As for foreign military intervention, it has already started.(that has been obvious to this blogger since about June 2011) It is not following the Libyan pattern since Russia and China are furious at the west’s deception in the security council last year. They will not accept a new United Nations resolution that allows any use of force. The model is an older one, going back to the era of the cold war, before “humanitarian intervention” and the “responsibility to protect” were developed and often misused. Remember Ronald Reagan’s support for the Contras, whom he armed and trained to try to topple Nicaragua’s Sandinistas from bases in Honduras? For Honduras read Turkey, the safe haven where the so-called Free Syrian Army has set up. (death squads my friends, death squads)

Here too western media silence is dramatic. No reporters have followed up on a significant recent article by Philip Girald.

Giraldi states that Turkey, a Nato member, has become Washington’s proxy and that unmarked Nato warplanes have been arriving at Iskenderum, near the Syrian border, delivering Libyan volunteers and weapons seized from the late Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenal. “French and British special forces trainers are on the ground,” he writes, “assisting the Syrian rebels, while the CIA and US Spec Ops are providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebel cause, enabling the fighters to avoid concentrations of Syrian soldiers …”

How many posts have I done covering these exact issues?

Just a sampling....

November 21, 2011:Syria's demise- A gift to Israel. Ruin for Palestinians.

November 28/2011: Libya to Syria : Guns for Human rights?

November 09/2011: Goal: Regime Change Syria

December 07/2011:Syria- The beat goes on, Part 2 (death squads & Ambassador Ford garner special attention)

December 13/2011:
Syria- The beat goes on: Part 3 (Special Ops involvement noted here)

I have bored readers to tears with dozens and dozens of Syrian posts. I have typed till I ran out of articles to quote from and time to put it all together. Or until my wrists start killing me?
Syria is being torn apart by NATO intervention!!!
It has been clear since March of 2011.

And yet 55 percent of the population of Syria supports Assad.
With huge demonstrations. Massive outpourings.
All the while the Western leadership and media continue on touting war in the name of humanitarianism.
Claiming an unpopular leader is on the verge of falling.
A leader who is more supported by his populace then the leader of the US is supported by his!
How insane is this supposed version of reality?
Where black is white/white is black and humanitarianism is a cover for mass killing?


  1. Reminds me on the first polls with Putin that told that 62% were behind him and the news anchor saying that it meant he was in a bad position. Bizarro world.

  2. Oh yeah, 62 percent support and Putin is in a bad postion?


    And do people stop to think about the shit their being fed?

    Or have they just gotten used to the taste?

  3. Hey Penny,...This I just got from Steve Lendman's Blog, this is a yid I used to read, now as we get closer to the real truth, he appears to be getting further from the alternative perspective..."Go online. Choose reliable sources to explain what media scoundrels suppress and distort."

    I ask you, given that the majority of "online" News-people are NOT "reliable", how does one determine reliable?

    Reliable against what measure? NONSENSE! There is no measure of reliability or quality or veracity "online".
    I take a very hard line against the yids, I am out to let the soft yids know that they are going to get a good FUCKING when the goyim get to the point of "critical mass". This is my agenda.

    Some speak truth to power (deaf ears), some speak eloquently to intellect (arrogant disdain), some speak a violent response to global yiddish oppression - creating: Anti-war groups in israhell, anti-zionist groups in israhell!

    Pacific dialogue with yids is pointless: Yids have no self-control, they only respond to violence!


  4. Hey there, just a thought......if the anti-piracy Bills managed to galvanise such a huge united front harnessing peoples' global political will on this issue with the American powermongers, why can't it do the same thing with the insidious spread of war ? Just a thought...from a dedicated thinker.

  5. Hi Penny. You haven't bored this reader to tears with your Syria posts. This has been interesting for a number of reasons, one being that you were reporting this from very early on. When the "arab springs" began being promoted in the MSM I wondered then when they would work their way round to Syria. It didn't take long. The MSM version has been relentless propaganda from my perspective, a revolting lockstep from a so called free press. Here's one that got away: Image of events on the ground in Syria is completely contrary to media depictions

    Talking of freedom of expression I see that Press TV has had its license revoked in the UK: Iran Press TV loses license I also notice that The Guardian is not allowing any comments on this story. I am most grateful for your work on Syria Penny.

  6. yes, kudos to you Penny, you were on this from the inception.

  7. Hey Veritas

    Good am
    I went to read the steve lendman post and read it.

    Speaking for myself only I didn't get the impression he was being specifically misleading

    The part you quoted
    "Go online. Choose reliable sources to explain what media scoundrels suppress and distort."

    Your concerns....

    "I ask you, given that the majority of "online" News-people are NOT "reliable", how does one determine reliable?"

    SL and yourself are both correct.

    We should look for reliable resources on line.
    Yet, you make the point how does one determine reliable?

    This would IMO be a personal choice, don't you think?

    I mean we have to find the resources that each of us find suitable.
    which means there is no simple answer.

    Looking at my blog as an example, I use largely msm resources.
    Only through reading multiple angles presented via world wide resources can I make any sense of what in the hell is actually going on.

    Then I bolster my research with what would be considered non corporate resources, non- corporate whores and a lot of books..
    Listen to a wide variety of media and no television and very little print.

    And, I am more the happy to regularly point out the bullshit promoted by the msm.

    Veritas- I get that you are a dedicated and passionate *fighter*, for lack of a better word.
    A hard liner? I don't know if I am using the right language here.
    I don't want to be offensive to you. That is not my intention.

    Simply the way you come at a situation may not be the way that others, myself included, chose to tackle any given topic.

    Was talking to YaYa at her blog about this type of thing last week.
    She put up a guest post using foul language.
    She paused briefly to think about the message that was sent because that is not her way of talking.
    It is not mine either
    But, she decided that if the author of the piece felt this way, then that was all there was to it.
    It had to go up as it was.
    I think she made the right choice.

    stop me from babbling on veritas,,, I guess, in a nutshell, not everyone is going to say what we think should be said, in the way we would have said it.
    Because we are all individuals with our own way of thinking, talking and writing

    Hoping that makes some sense?

  8. Hi WJJ

    harnessing people power is a good idea in theory, harder in practice, because it comes down to individuals being willing to do something grander then passively participate in their lives.

    Years of social conditioning and careful management perception have turned people's brains into mush and their wills into elastic bands.
    Bendable, twistable, and once broken of no good use.

    The first step is people having to understand they do have the power to effect change and then for them to do something about it.

  9. Hey John

    Thanks, I was feeling so frustrated when I put this post together.

    Ten months I have clicked away on the keys....

    Chicken Little was right the sky was falling.

    And it was obvious. The patterns. The little similarities to previous destabilization campaigns
    And some luck to catch the signs also!

    Not surprising the Guardian allowed no comments.
    Control. Control.
    They wouldn't want persons who are aware of the larger agenda leaving commentary to that fact.
    Others may read that.... and then the tightly held control loosens off just a bit.

    I cannot even recall how often it is my commentary never appears on msm sites, when comment is allowed and I follow all guidelines

    the msm has played people for fools for too long now

  10. Hey Penny,...You are spot on with your assessment. Being a "hard-liner", using aggressive and vulgar invective, is their language of communication - yids DO NOT have it in them to feel compassion for anything or anyone. Have you ever seen them do their chicken twirling cult ceremony? Ask any psychiatrist that deals with psychopathology and they will tell you serial killers, without exception have a history of cruelty to vulnerable creatures, be they a small animals, or younger smaller children. circumcision in any kultcha, is a vile act of sexual and physical assault. Only the basest cult-based communities practice circumcision. Yids abuse children and small animals - they are a cult-tribe of psychopaths - you cannot negotiate a Peaceable agreement with psychos, ask the Palestinians how long they have been in "Peace Talks" with the despicable yids!

    I was not always a hard-liner, I was ginger beer swilling poetry writing artistically oriented peace-nik.

    I have studied many religious scriptures and texts, at one time I was even considering Ba'hai, Buddhism was always drifting around in my deeper psyche...

    My life experiences shifted my personal paradigm dramatically.

    Everything is bullshit, all that we were taught about history is bullshit, The English Civil War, the Napoleonic War, the old testament, the history of mankind, The American Civil War, WW1, WW2 and soon WW3 - ALL OF THESE TERRIBLE CATASTROPHES HAVE ONE CONSISTENT ELEMENT: yiddish khazars!

    I am slowly running out of, I just cannot maintain the rage, It is not who I am, it is what I have become - I have become that which I despise.

    The stress of knowing the truth and the agony of waiting for the slaughter to begin is too much, I am psychologically and emotionally exhausted, i try to hide it from my peers and family. With less and less success...

    I now just want the evil tribe of child-molesting chicken torturers to cease to exist, period. If that is anti-semitic/schlemitic, big fucking deal!

    A world without this satanic thirteenth tribe sounds like an achievable paradise.

    Or something like that?)


    (wow, what a rant, I have no plot, I know it was around here somewhere, I just can't seem to remember where I left it, grin)

  11. That 55% was based on the response of only 97 syrian internet users, now out of a country of 20 million 97 people who are probably upper class and live in damasucus where most assad supporters are is hardly a accurate representation of the Syrian people, a more accurate represntation would be the Arab leagues report that shows that the vast majority outside the cities and those in the slums of the cities are rebelling against assad and the upper class

  12. Hey Penny,...William @2:33pyem, BOLLOCKS!


  13. William 2:33 pm

    could you please bolster your nonsensical claim

    "That 55% was based on the response of only 97 syrian internet users"

    and if you can't, speaking for myself, your so called claim is utter nonsense.

    here is the quote from the story

    "The poll conducted by YouGov Siraj questioned more than 1,000 people in the Arab world between December 14 and 19."

  14. Veritas.... there is always one or two of the brainwashed hanging around, eh?

  15. In support of William

  16. Anonymous

    it will have to be something far more credible then the BBC.

    Which is nothing but a mouthpiece for NATO.

    I have a number of links to their articles which can categorically be called bullshit and fabrication

    If you can find something independent that would be better

  17. How about the actual poll. This was linked to in the BBC article.
    I don't really think you get more unbiased reporting of what a poll says than the actual poll.