Friday, January 6, 2012

Another bomb targetting security and civilians in Damascus, Syria

Another day, another explosion in Damascus, Syria.
Civilians killed. Destabilization continues.

The explosion took place near Hassan al-Hakeem Basic Education School.

This terrorist bombing is the third to hit the capital Damascus after two terrorist attacks, less than a minute between them, targeted the State Security Directorate and another Security Branch in Damascus on December 23, 2011, marking an escalation in the terrorist attacks afflicting Syria at the hands of armed terrorist groups for more than nine months.

The two previous attacks, according to the investigations, were undertaking using booby-trapped cars, causing a death toll of 44 security and civilian and 166 wounded, the majority were civilians.

Was there a booby trapped bus this time?

There are many more pictures here.
Many dead mean, wearing white shirts and black pants.
Were these policemen or security officers, of some sort, who were riding the bus at the time of the explosion.

Was the explosion set off by remote control as the bus passed through a crowded neighbourhood to generate maximum casualties and destruction. Fear and Terror.

Dozens killed in police bus bomb blast in Damascus

Angry residents were at the scene shouting and denouncing the bombing as the work of "terrorists".

Who would target a police bus? Filled with police.
I wouldn't think that would be the work of the government?

The first attack in Damascus was on the political party headquarters of the Assad government
The second was on intelligence buildings, possibly involving Russian offices?
The third attack has a police bus blow up in a crowded neighbourhood, near a school.

In related news.

The Arab League looks to be attempting some sort of move at the UN.
Which would of course really mean the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are seeking "help" from the UN.

"The Arab League made mistakes in its monitoring role in Syria and is seeking the United Nations' help for the mission, Qatar's prime minister said Thursday."

Of course, Qatar. Fresh from their starring role in the destruction of Libya
Recall: For Qatar, Libyan Intervention May Be a Turning Point

The first Arab nation to "recognize" the Libyan rebels and of course market the Libyan oil.

Meanwhile, the Free Syrian Army said it would escalate fighting to oust President Bashar Assad

And there is another bombing in Damascus.........


  1. Hello Penny and what a monstrous way to start a New Year.

    And so it goes in the steady metronome of carnage. Instead of tick tock we have boom boom.

    As vile as the terminology goes these are the ‘soft’ targets. It can take as little as 6 active participants to do repeated acts like these so long as there are logistical supply lines in place.

    We really need a better translation book because ‘ratcheting up the tension’ really means increasing the body count. Those useless Arab monitors didn’t find any brutal suppression by Assad. Other methods and tactics are now necessary.

    Free Syrian Army my arse. The murdering pricks from the various Rothschild/Zionist controlled western security services really do have a play book. If 100 deaths don’t work try for 1000. If that doesn’t work try indiscriminate bomb attacks - they aren’t random - they just try to make them seem that way.

    I mean no disrespect to the many victims as I do care about the many souls lost in these incidents. It is that very compassion that will be used against us.

    I read an excellent article by James Petras today that helped to illustrate for me in its portrayal of how we are moved in-mass to follow an imperial agenda. He only goes back as far as WWII but I recommend it.

    There are billions of pawns on this chess board. We all know how short they last in the game. A few dozen here and couple of hundred there – it soon mounts up. Consider the sacrifice of a few dozen on the riskier ground of London in the 7/7 false flag just to keep the game going.

    In light of the Petras article I suggest we avoid the conditioned response of choosing sides. Good against bad, white hat versus black. We oppose evil and oppression. We don’t get sucked into picking sides in a 5 handed knife fight.

    It makes no difference if the ‘West’, Russia or the child slavers of China win a global conflict. If we buy into that reality we will have lost and a ‘thousand year Reich’ will truly descend. All we will have changed is which public puppet stands up to read the ‘victory speech’ while the same hands move the pieces.

    Sorry Penny for a ‘wee’ comment. I really should work this out over at my gaff.

    V word is wingaut
    Wingnut might be more accurate :-)

  2. hey chuckyman

    definitely a monstrous way to start the New Year.

    Soft target defined
    "a military term referring to unarmored/undefended targets needing to be destroyed. For example, a soft target would be an automobile, a house, or assembly of people"

    I had heard that terminology used previously but, wanted to be sure it was understood.

    ratcheting up the tension = increased body count.

    Yah, the arab league monitors didn't find any brutal suppression, because... there hasn't been any to speak of.

    My take on this.

    All along the Assad government has been putting down armed terrorists. Set on destroying the country and killing innocent civilians
    That's it.

    I am not assuming Assad is some great guy or anything like that, I have said so much previously.

    It is the big political picture that needs to be taken into account
    The remaking of these countries borders.
    The so called arab "springs"
    The control of energy resources. Israel.

    I saw a news story this week that Japan was going to have to "accept" the fact that they were to be denied Iranian oil.

    so what?
    They will get Libyan oil, likely via Qatar, in it's place.

    When I put up that clip from W Engdahl the other day I realized just why Libya had to be taken out before moving on to the other nations in earnest.

    The oil!

    Admittedly, I do like James Petras
    So that article is a must read for me.

    "I suggest we avoid the conditioned response of choosing sides. Good against bad, white hat versus black. We oppose evil and oppression. We don’t get sucked into picking sides in a 5 handed knife fight.

    Is my writing/reporting coming off as if sides are being chosen?
    Hope not?
    The only side I am on is the survival of humanity.
    As in the non-extinction of humanity.
    Because what I am really going for is humanity's survival, thriving and growth. Not as a consumer. Not as a psychopath, which is the road we seem to be driven down.

    But as a living being growing into a higher level of consciousness & enlightenment.
    Moving towards independence, rather then dependance.
    With a healthy sense of community.

    I am sad to say that humanity particularly in the west has been turned into fat, spoiled children.
    Always wanting to be entertained.
    Not being aware of what exactly has been done to us
    Or what the reality is actually going on around us.
    As if were in a bubble
    And that bubble is going to burst.
    And when it does... the level of despair???
    did you know suicides are on the rise?

    Don't apologize for the length of the comment, I enjoyed every bit of it!

  3. Truth exists; only lies are invented

    Or the lies are recycled. Some of the same psyops and BS used by the Zionist MSM to scare Americans about Iraq, which was NO threat to the USA, but which Israel wanted emasculated, some of those same lies are now being used against Syria and Iran.

    The same murderous bastards that were behind the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 are the same sadistic pricks setting off these bombs in Syria.... and we'll see a gradual escalation of the same type of killing in Iraq, so the USA will be 'forced' to return large number of troops to protect Iraqi civilians by killing them off for that 'SLC.'

    When the insane maniacs have finally destroyed most of the world and everyone else left is breathing in radioactive dust from all those DU shells we've been using in the ME, Africa and SW Asia, will they finally be satisfied, or will all the fun be gone, since there's no one left to kill?

    P.S. Don't forget all that Libyan gold that the NAZI AMERICAN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, aka NATO, got to steal.

  4. Another great post in your excellent coverage of Syria, Pen.
    And another great comment from Chuckyman.

    I'm thinking that the Straits of Hormuz will be blocked by a NATO false flag operation possibly involving the soon to be mothballed USS Enterprise. And Iran will be blamed for it. The press has been priming us for it.

    This will cut off the oil flow (which doesn't feed the US anyway) to Japan and China. Regrettable. It will also cut off Iran's source of foreign exchange which will cut off imports much more surely than any UN sanctions.

    And finally it will create the cassus belli for war.

    With Iran totally focussed on defending itself, it will be time for Turkey to invade Syria and israel (with US troops support) to invade Lebanon leaving Russia to hesitate about which arena to intervene in. In that moment Russia will lose any initiative it might have had and it will be all over - fait accompli.

    At least that is the US/NATO/israeli plan that I see unfolding

  5. To explain more - the reports of Iranian officials saying they will block the Straits of Hormuz and threatening the USS Enterprise if it comes back into the Persian gulf don't ring true to me at all.

    There is nothing to be gained by Iran from saying these things. Plus it is out of character and inconsistent with their past behaviour. It seems much more likely that these stories are media plants for the purpose of setting up the back story for the false flag op - the cassus belli.

  6. My apologies Penny. I meant no inference to your writing style or to infer your own thoughts and opinions.

    We are witnessing a vast staged ballet of impending carnage. The US and Israhell are merging their command structures. US troops are prepositioned in Israhell itself, Jordan and Kuwait with more stationed in Australia as strategic reserves.

    The Russian navy has officially arrived at the port of Tartus for a ‘friendly visit’. Iranian navies and land forces are staging exercises (practice) for all they are worth. Diplomats from the US, Russia, China and Iran are travelling all over the world to firm up support or intimidate acquiescence as the tension ratchets up. The manoeuvring is so reminiscent of the late 1930’s.

    We have learned since that it was all so artificial. Huge power blocs were moved back and forth to provoke total war that went on to ravage the planet – all this to suit the long term agenda of the banksters and the bloodlines. The players at the time did not want war but were forced and manipulated to play their part. Only the 24/7 repetition of the war time propaganda keeps today’s sheep in the dark of the true motives.

    The backdrop of this is the gasping of the soon-to-be-a-corpse global ponzi scheme. In the last year over 20 summits couldn’t put Europe’s debt version of humpty dumpty back together again. With each gasp they get weaker. Open regime change in Greece and Italy by banksters show the coming trend.

    I firmly believe that the sabre rattling will be kept at full force until the financial collapse become inevitable. Only then will they cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war – to cover their tracks. The players will fulfil their given roles as the fates of Saddam and Gadaffi proved that the very lives of the actors are now at stake. There is also always room for an off stage event to make an appearance – a real bird flu pandemic out of China perhaps.

  7. Part 2
    I’ve been watching this doom and gloom grow for many years now but I firmly believe its real purpose is to pre-condition the populations of the West for total lock down and for a war to cover the final grasp of world domination. The peoples of the Russian and Chinese spheres of influence are easier to re-impose totalitarianism – or so we think.

    When things now seem at their darkest I now feel the most at peace I have felt for a long time. I can’t base it on a spiritual faith or some hope of a messiah or other such saviour. I see it in the slow dawning awakening in the people I meet. I feel it in the personal conscious decision to avoid decisions based on any of the fear agendas.

    A small petty part of me would once have liked to see the war hawks get their heads handed to them with a good whooping. Really… to witness the death of hundreds or thousands of young brainwashed kids who know no more than the BS media agenda would make me just as twisted as them – worse, as I claim to know better.

    We are truly coming to the crossroads. My desire is that people come to the realisation that we are treated as cattle on a reservation. We must not let ourselves believe and trust in the petty nationalism that is thrust upon us when the farm managers decide to use it.

    When kids who ‘belong’ to the same ‘herd’ as us get butchered in a staged event we must pursue those who made it happen and not the ‘herd’ that were used to cause those deaths. Better still we must thwart and prevent the farm managers from using us as they want.

    We are not cattle and we are unique creations in a majestic universe that few will ever truly glimpse. With every death I have witnessed in my life I become more convinced we are here for better reasons than to be the hired muscle for the pond scum of the gene pool.

    Sorry for the long clarification Penny. I’m still trying to get back into my rhythm and your work has always hit the right topics that need watching.

    I’m off out to hug a tree and sing kumbaya :-)

  8. Sorry James but I missed your post in passing. The 2006 war between Israhell and Hezbollah was a small glimpse into the coming missile war. One dead warship and the compete impasse of land forces due to missile action.

    The Iranians own the Straits and the Persian Gulf. Everyone involved knows that. Anything up to 220 miles from the coast is toast. Ask the Israhelli air force how successful they were at shutting that down in Lebanon. Iran’s subs might be another issue also.

    There are so many ways this will involve bloodshed. We have to remember that bloodshed is the whole point to be avoided. If we were to look dispassionately (cold blooded – reptile like) the US cannot win any major war that lasts longer than 30 days. They have no factories because they moved them all to China.

    This is the disconnect between the bluster and reality. This will go nuclear from day 1. This is also part of the fear agenda. America is lined up to lose the next one. All of the industrial capacity in now in China and India. WWIII will be quick for that reason. This will make blitzkrieg look like a lard arse on a sofa.

    War gaming aside there is nothing positive for humanity in what is going on. We must step back and kick them in the balls every chance we get. The term sabotage comes from the workers throwing their shoes (called sabot) into the machines of the industrial age. It’s time we got creative.

  9. Hey Greg

    Oh yes all the Libyan gold.
    The gold of the people, of the nation.
    Now in the hands of who?
    The bankers.
    Who else?

    Absolute plunder

  10. James
    I had recalled that prior to christmas, way prior to.
    The USS enterprise was on the east coast of the US
    So I went to check that out further
    While the USS Enterprise was on the east coast it was all gussied up for redeployment. New sailors and all.

    wrapped up a two week underway Dec 16/2011

    "We've truly put the crew to the test," said Cmdr. Ed Galvin, USS Enterprise operations officer. "Every training evolution, every launch, every trap, every general quarters drill was invaluable in preparing Enterprise for our upcoming deployment."

    USS Enterprise Promotes 277 Sailors

    This ship is due to be mothballed this year, a date that was moved up from a later one....

    Where they were deployed to does not seem to be mentioned.

    If I can find something I will post it, if anyone else finds anything leave it here

  11. James btw I am wondering about Chinese involvement?

  12. Chuckyman

    It is the loss of life and all the bloodshed that scares the hell out of me
    Plus the potential for nuclear warfare
    I keep holding out hope that cooler heads prevail....