Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Swede, the Thai Terror Plot and the Israeli "backpacker" connection

Follow up to the news story I posted on Friday. Thanks for the interesting comments.
It appears to be time for a map!

Oh look, a map......

Relevant comment from Veritas

" Thai Oil reserves in the Gulf of Siam; there is a large Muslim community living on-land in the southern Isthmus of Kra where the off-shore Oilfields are situated, near Hua Hin, close to the border of Malaysia"

So we have oil and Muslims. Therefore we have those parties who covet oil and wish to eradicate Muslims at play.

In the article from Friday we read "A Lebanese suspect from the Hezbollah group"
Leading one to assume that this was an actual person from Lebanon that had been arrested.
This would have been a very incorrect assumption!
The individual arrested is a Swede.
From this article

"Priewpan said the man in custody, a Swedish national of Lebanese origin identified as Attiris Hussein,"

A Swedish national of Lebanese origin? Really?

Then this....

Authorities said charges had not been pressed against Hussein because of lack of evidence that he had committed an offence.

Odd, isn't that?
We have read reports of other persons having the book thrown at them for possessing "terrorist" material.
Or persons arrested and charged for discussing potential "terror" scenarios.
Not ever going through with them, merely discussing them, usually with undercover officers- of the intelligence variety.
Or persons meeting with individuals who may or may not be involved in something.
Cases such as the Toronto 18 or Jihad Jane come to my mind.

But here we have a Swedish national, allegedly of Lebanese descent, thought to be linked to pro-Iranian Hezbollah militants.
Thought to be?
Had he travelled from Sweden to Thailand? Had he stopped along the way somewhere?
Or had he come from elsewhere?
I do wonder.

From this article-

Thailand also seeks to keep friendly relations with Iran.
Iran is a major trading partner, especially as a top market for Thai rice.

Could this have been a warning to Thailand, from Israel and the US?
Had the US and Israel "warned" Thailand of this threat as a threat to Thailand?
Did the successful arrest of the Swedish man thwart a potential false flag operation?
An operation, created by Israel and the US, to terrorize Thailand and put Iran and Syria on the hot seat?

The nations that issued "travel alerts" were the usual suspects, the NATO nations of the US, Canada, Britain & Israel.

The specific part of Thailand that was mentioned as a potential target is a favourite of Israeli "backpackers"

From Haaretz

The Beit Chabad near Khao San Road in Bangkok, in October. A hub for Israeli backpackers in Thailand.

Israeli backpackers?

A section of an article from the Bangkok Post

The Israeli connection

With Thai backpacking still in its infancy, networks of Thai guest houses and travel agents abroad have not yet developed the way they have for travellers coming to Thailand.

Young Israelis, for example, can travel with ease throughout Thailand without having to eat Thai food, learn Thai or even speak English. Some 40,000 Israelis come to Thailand every year. They can stay in guest houses like Chalab House on Rambuttri Road where staff speak Hebrew, eat at restaurants in the area that serve only Mediterranean food, go to Friday prayer services in Hebrew, patronise travel agencies that deal only with Israeli travellers and travel by minivans full of other Israelis to mountain or beach bungalows full of other travellers from home.

According to Joshua Schmidt, a lecturer at Ben Gurion University, for young Israelis just released from mandatory military service, "travel is a pressure valve for stressed youth", a journey of pure escapism. Israel, a country of only 5.2 million, may have the biggest per capita expat community in the world _ with 40,000 a year of those recently discharged coming here to taking advantage of Ha'Kesher Ha'Yisraeli, or the Israeli connection prevalent throughout Thailand's tourist destinations.

Mr Schmidt suggested volunteer work as a way for Israelis to break from the travel circuit and their own insularity. "That's why Thais sometimes find them rude," he said. "Thailand for them is a function rather than a goal." About local rites, foods and customs, he added matter-of-factly, "They couldn't care less."

Thailand for them is a function rather then a goal?
What function is visiting Thailand serving for the Israeli military? Oh and why do the Israelis even bother to go if they just drag the spectre of Israel with them? Or is that the intent? Not to visit, but, to invade?

The more I look into this one, the more my initial reaction of "false flag potential anyone" is appearing to be on the money as the saying goes.


  1. Hey Penny,...Thanks for the mention. I Posted a large comment at Smoking Mirrors a couple of years ago about the "jubus" (jooish/buddhists), yeah, got hypocrisy? Not just a joodayo-Christian scam anymore, now we have joodayo-buddism - Fuuuck me, when will we finally rid ourselves of these fucking shit-hogs? They are the RUDEST monsters in the world, I mean gob-smackingly loud rude comments in public that silence in awe, everyone not yiddish, within earshot: Talk about the "Ugly Amerikan" these vermin make yankee tourists look like the most welcome of guests!

    Of course we can't forget the fifth column of trained child-murders that are these gangs of belligerent freaks, lingering in Thailand, perhaps they are still on National Service? I imagine if the Oil in the gulf is not available to the yiddish satanists and the rest of the world makes supply difficult they will have an effective force to seize and hold Thailand's Oil Rigs, with Timor L'este just a short naval flotilla's journey away(?). Got Dolphin Nuclear Subs?

    As the yids have NO RESPECT for anyone or their laws, arming this gang of murderers has probably already been facilitated - there are more than likely shipping containers full of weapons and ammunition hidden somewhere in or near many of the "backpackers" (pedophile brothels) hostels that the filthy tribe frequent there in Thailand.

    If you don't fancy traveling to hel aviv or Gaza and you want to see a yid at its satanic monster worst, go to Thailand.

    Sawasdee Khap...


  2. The Brits [ of a certain ilk] also have this - In Prague there are specific pubs for Brits and Irish as they just cannot assimilate one bit.

    They shout and scream and piss in the street, then go home.

    Thailand also has avery vibrant sex-industry as does Israel, I wonder if there's not a connexion businesswise.

    Also Goa appears to be a post-army 'function' area, where stories of Israelis taking lots of drugs and being rude to the locals have appeared.


  3. Hey Veritas
    Your welcome.

    The first story I posted mentioned the area containing Israeli backpackers...

    This concept of backpackers secluded and segregating themselves within another nation made me think of an older post I had done on Patagonia. In Argentina.

    In both cases the Israeli backpackers supersede a real industry based around the backpacking vacation.

    The article from Bangkok makes clear the only support for Israeli backpackers is the Israeli support.

    This set up just reeks of cover for some kind of operations.
    covert of course.
    Never mind the fact that it is absolutely arrogant to go to another nation and conduct oneself as if the persons of the nation one is visiting are non-existent.

    That can be construed as arrogant.
    Sure, but it also comes off as if some kind of invasion.
    or usurpation.

    seizure without authority or wrongful possession

    Oh wait never mind....

  4. Aferrismoon

    The Israeli support system in Thailand seems a bit more then just a pub

    It is synagogues and hostels, restaurants and travel agents all conducting business in hebrew
    therefore is is an entire support system.

    As for the sex trade...

    Way back I did a post about Israel and their human trafficking activities

    It would seem entirely possible and plausible that there is a connection between Israel's trafficking of humans and the sex trade

  5. Hey Penny,...Mmmm, errr, well, I er, dunno, my experiential knowledge is not open to conjecture, so, er, what's with...

    "Oh wait never mind...."

    Freakin' me out here lady!

    Is it me? Because if it's me, I can wait 'til our second Date!


  6. Interesting restaurant review from Thailand..

    . In the Hebrew one, the hummus with tahini cost 70 baht, while the same dish in the English menu cost 90 baht. At certain moments I am really ashamed of the passport I have.

    I chose a hummus with tahini; I paid for it 70 baht in Hebrew, though somebody unable to read the Hebrew would have paid 90.

    Nice. A restaurant I would not bother with if ever in Thailand
    Gouging those unable to read Hebrew?!

  7. Veritas!
    Good Morning

    The oh wait never mind.....

    was referencing the fact the way the Israelis conduct themselves in Thailand is reminiscent of the way the followers of Judaism have conducted themselves in Palestine

    "seizure without authority or wrongful possession'


  8. oh and hey slozo
    Almost forgot to say
    wondered where you had gotten too...
    Glad your back home and stopped by here

    Now I wonder where freethinker has gotten off to?

  9. Hey Penny,..Useful terms in Thailand, should you be planning on vacationing there some time soon;

    "Mai Pen Lai" - "I don't mind", useful cover-all for any potentially embarrassing faux-pax.

    "Mai Mee Pen Haa" - "I have no problem", a diffusive manoeuvre when confronted with an issue that appears to be potentially publicly embarrassing!

    One Night in Bangkok:


  10. I've been to over 40 countries on half a dozen backpacker trips, and know Thailand well.
    The rudest drunkest most obvious army of invaders in Thailand are the Australians. Harmless and friendly in their own minds, yet big loud drunk and dangerous to your average Thai.

    I met Jews traveling who were freaked out and devastated by what their nation does. Some PTSD guilt ridden types after military service and a few kids who were considering going AWOL.
    The other hard bodied beautiful Mossad types, the racist motherfuckers who rule the world....they are out there backpacking too, as you and your other commenters point out. They are scum, but the good ones are out there too, worth remembering?

    Off topic, is this cruise liner crash in Italy predictive programing for pending carnage in the straight of Hormuz?
    Sorry for insulting Aussies, but sweeping generalizations in backpacker land are often made. As for us Canadian backpackers we get less sensitive, less informed, more belligerent and jingoistic with each passing year. We are hot on the heals of the drunken Aussie hoards. Swedes rule!

  11. Hey anonymous

    the predictive programming is an interesting concept.

    The ship sinking, devastation...

    Who knows?

    "Swedes rule!"

    As in Swedish backpackers, right?

    Since the alleged terrorist is a Swedish national, or not.
    With a Swedish passport, or not.
    And a Lebanese passport??? Or maybe not?
    The story out of Thailand is changing continuously.

    Yet still one thing sticks in my mind, there is one nation who is known for people with ill gotten, or not, foreign passports.
    You may recall that nation persons being involved in an assassination?
    An infamous case involving another assassination and Canadian passports?
    I believe there was also a case out of either New zealand or Australia, again with passports of other nations...

    Yet all those individuals hailed from one nation. In the middle east.
    I have covered a lot of news in my nearly 5 years of blogging on what passes for "news" and this is looking to be an Israeli false flag attack, to blame Arabs. Ala the King David Hotel by the Irgun Gang.

  12. Hello Penny, I'm still around - lurking if not saying much.

    Sweden and Lebanon connections again - like our Swedish trained Lebanese stooge a while back, hmm. BTW I read recently that Sweden had the first central bank in Europe, courtesy of a Jewish Dutch 'merchant' - the same ilk that funded my hero Cromwell around the same time.

    Thailand features (along with Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore) in the 'String of Pearls: Meeting the Challenge of China’s Rising Power Across the Asian Littoral' Strategic Studies Institute whitepaper so its no surprise that they are receiving attention.

    It seems to me that that 'attention' comes in two ways: on the left hand in the velvet glove we have the Jewish cultural and de-moralization influences of liberalism/communism/communitarianism, pseudo-democracy, Frankfurt School, multiculturalism, humanitarian organizations, state bureaucracy, central-banks, UN, IMF, etc. And on the right hand in the iron glove we have the thuggish Zionist/Nazi fascists of the US military and NATO with their 'peace-bombs'. Any delinquents will receive attention from either hand at any time in any pattern of blows. It can be quite confusing if you don't understand 'The Dialectic'.

    Deuteronomy 20 gives the jews instruction on a simple dialectic (and haven't they made good use of that divine lesson?). To paraphrase it says - when you come upon an 'enemy': if they are not hostile then proclaim peace but subvert them from within; but if they are hostile then lay siege and attack them from without. The sly left hand in velvet, or the brutal right hand in iron.

    We can see this dialectic in play in China: on one hand they have been built-up economically since the Lima Declaration of 1975 to be the NWO's manufacturing centre; and on the other hand they are kept in check with threats and posturing from US and NATO (eg, the String of Pearls). What the left hand builds the right hand will destroy if required.
    Off-topic but interesting: 'Japan Set Up Jewish Colony in Manchuria'

    I see another dialectic of sorts regarding Israel. On one hand it could emerge as the NWO super-power, the Pax-Judaica that Imran Husein talks about; but on the other hand if that doesn't work out, with a population of 6 million, Israel would make a mighty fine fiery sacrifice. Either way the Zionist Elite, who would never consider actually living in that hell-hole called Israel, will win. On a dark note: consider how these folk love their case-law and that the recent Shallit exchange deal set the value of 1 jew = ~1000 goyim - then extrapolate - just a thought.

  13. Hey Freethinker

    I was thinking this whole "swedish lebanon" thing rang a bell.

    But from where?

    I looked and I still can't recall, the specifics yet generally I do remember something

    The guy was more or less a typical patsy type?

    It will come to me!

    The "string of pearls" paper, this is the first time I have heard of this one.

    who can keep them all straight?

    looks interesting, I see the pdf is about 36 pages, not to much to read.

    Interesting dialectic.
    Kind of like good cop/bad cop
    With more connivance.

    I can see the sacrificial scenario playing out with regards to Israel and wonder, would they have another "god given" place to head off to?
    One that would suit all manner of geo strategic positioning?

    All you have to do is concoct the right narrative and support it was vast perception management

    Argentina might be good.
    Nicely accessible to the South Pole.
    Lots of resources.

  14. that is support is with vast perception management

    What an off day today!

  15. Heh Penny,
    Another lurker here. I've been around but not commenting. :) Nice post!

    Here's a few links for you I have gathered up. The first is from Land Destroyer on NGO meddling in Thailand and the rest are on Burma (which I will leave in a second comment). I know these aren't relevant to this post but that map you posted got me thinking about some information I had gathered on Myanmar/Burma. Things are heating up there and surprise, surprise Burma is rich in mineral and natural gas resources.

    "At the heart of the matter involving Prachatai, is of course the conduit it serves as for Washington and Wall Street to enter and despoil Thailand. As in Egypt, where Egyptian traitor Mohamed ElBaradei was literally sitting on the board of trustees of a US think-tank while leading a US-staged uprising in his native country, Thailand too has a stooge of choice. That stooge is Thaksin Shinawtra. And just as Egypt had mobs of cannon fodder taking to the streets on behalf of ElBaradei’s US-backed uprising, so does Thaksin via the “red shirt” United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD). And just as Egypt’s April 6 street mob leadership was literally face -to-face with the US State Department and US corporate interests, so too was Thailand’s UDD leadership."

  16. Hey McJ!
    good to see you about :)

    I will wait till you got both parts up and check'em out.

    Wanna head outside for a brief spell
    though the weather is ghastly, awful
    And my mood is as foul.
    Just one of those days.

  17. Swedish - Lebanon thing -

  18. Well, this is the third time I have tried to post this. First time my Firefox crashed, second time the comment went missing so it may have gone to your spam because of all the links but I will post again and you can delete the other one if you got it. ARRGH...
    I also have to be on with my day and the weather is very, very chilly here today. :)

    Israeli military aid to Burmese regime: Jane's

    Aung San Suu Kyi Receives Corporate Fascist Seal of Approval

    China Behind Myanmar's Course Shift

    Myanmar suspends contruction of Myitsone Dam

    Burma Abruptly Closes Another Energy Source

    Myanmar signs truce with ethnic rebel group

    The Burmese Regime Crumbles

  19. the plot never stops thickening.

    the young israelis *used* to go to india for their backpacking decompression stints after the IOF, and use a lot of drugs. maybe they still do, i don't know. the chabad houses spring up all over the place to house them and hold their hands when they are detoxing, and call their parents, etc to come bring them home. probably the same gig as happening in thailand. they flocked over there in droves, hung out with each other doing drugs etc., and were rude and disrespectful to the locals. it gives chabad something to do, see?

  20. hey freethinker,
    I even goofed up my correction!
    talk about a truly off day.
    too much on the mind lately...
    just hard to stay focused I guess?

    Oh and yes, I recall that guy
    the "human rights" activists looking for guns and fighters via Libya

    because human rights are always gained at the end of a gun, right?

    And yet, still I am thinking there is something else???

    A shooting somewhere?

  21. Hey McJ

    I knew the US had been messing around in Myanmar for sometime now...

    I went over to Landdestroyer and read the post.


    Gotta remember that name- Thaksin Shinawtra

    Sort of like Sinatra?

    It never ceases to amaze me just how much money is poured into, how many nations, to create "democracy"
    While the domestic inhabitants are left homeless and without healthcare..

    Canada is getting just as disgusting.

    Anyway thanks for all the links

  22. One more thing mcJ

    there was nothing in the spam.

    so your second attempt just disappeared....
    to who knows where?

  23. AP

    how are you?!
    the video.


    Why do they go to India,or any other nation and just make another version of Israel, complete with intolerance?

    I realize the intolerance is something they have had pushed into their heads from birth..
    ...however, they can break away from it.
    You know, grow as humans and all that?
    Disgusting to watch them poke fun at the Indian man walking along the river.
    Rather then act like guests, they really do take on the actions of usurpers.
    Is this report supposed to arouse a sympathetic response in the viewer?
    What was the point of it?

  24. There are many smart factual well researched articles at this site.

    The courage and wisdom to criticize the nation of Israel and its crimes should not include Jew bashing IMO.

    I will restate my first hand experience with many backpacking Jews in various countries (including Thailand and India) as positive and refreshing.

    Smoking pot or hash and engaging in philosophical conversations is part of backpacking. It is amazing what people can learn about others countries in these little hippified multi national pot parties.
    The contempt just oozes from AP and Penny as you talk about "them doing DRUGS". There are different drugs and different ways of using them. Smoking hash in India is like trying maple syrup in Canada.
    Lighten up you two!

    I remember how people used to criticize American backpackers looking for McDonalds hamburgers and Brits for their obsessive need to wear soccer shirts and take over bars that show soccer on TV..........but of course there are also many tuned in peace loving cool Americans and Brits, but hey, we all know that.

    But when it comes to Jews, there seem to be some unwilling to let go of their need to lump them all together. We will never have peace in the world unless we reach out to the peaceful people of every nation or group. They exist in every nation, we should remember that.

  25. anonymous 9:01 am

    "The contempt just oozes from AP and Penny as you talk about "them doing DRUGS".

    You wanna show me where?

    Please quote me?

  26. "Gotta remember that name- Thaksin Shinawtra

    Sort of like Sinatra?"

    Good idea.

    This all sounds like it is right out of the "creating democracy" handbook - more death and destruction for the evil ones to feed on.

    "Smoking hash in India is like trying maple syrup in Canada."

    I did my share of imbibing during my "hippy days" and I have to say that was some serious dope smoking going on in that video. Not at all like trying maple syrup and I am Canadian. I doubt they would be having many philosophical conversations. Strangely, one of my first thoughts was I wonder if the hash is laced with opium. That was how much of it came from India and Afghanistan back in the day.

    I didn't see any "multi-national pot parties" in the video although I may have missed that part. I saw young Israeli Jews recently discharged from the army on an all expense paid "drug taking, forget all about what you have been doing for us for the last few years before you come home to rejoin our society, holiday" complete with Israeli/Jewish funded 'houses' to support them or detox them as needed and an ex Mossad agent dedicated to cleaning up any messes they leave and flying home the ones that flip out. I don't think you could say the same for the young backpackers from other countries. Do the Aussies have a similar support system for their nationals? Are they there after years of compulsory military sevice? How about the Americans, the Brits, the Canadians?

    I too am curious where you got the "oozing with contempt" part.

    I was in Europe in 1971/72 and it was flooded with young dope smoking backpackers from all over the world. Many of them were Vietnam Vets. They had no such support, they were on their own. If they got into trouble their recourse was to go the their country's embassy. There were no counselors, dedicated 'warm houses', American only restaurants or housing or intelligence agents coming to get them and fly them home to mom and dad. And a lot of those vets were seriously traumatized and needed help.

    There was lots of comradery among the multinationals and everyone helped each other so I can relate to your experience somewhat Anon but I don't think it has much too do with what we saw going on in this video.

  27. "And yet, still I am thinking there is something else???
    A shooting somewhere?"

    Swedish 'hunters' in Tunisia?

  28. Hey Penny,...Good morning from Downunder, I never usually get to Canada until the candle is burning at both ends, and as I can see from the red wine stains on my last comment I was in "Jubu" land. I can also see that the anons' are out and about. They have been reminding me of my genetic short-coming quite intensely for a few days now, so for AP and yourself I have adulterated a goy classic...


    Ok Space-Cadets...

    "If you get on to your blog today
    You better go in disguise,
    If you get onto your Blog today
    You’re in for a big surprise,
    For every yid that ever there was will gather there for certain because,
    Today's the day the yiddish are planning a faaalse-flag.

    Falseflag day for yiddisher,
    The little yiddisher are having a lovely time today.
    Watch them, catch them unawares,
    And see them scheming on their holiday.
    See them twirling chickens about.
    They love to whine and shout.
    And never have any cares.
    At six o'clock their sayanim and handlers
    Will take them back to the safe house
    Because they're tired little saboteurs.

    If you go out on to your Blog today,
    You'd better get on as “anon”.
    It's lovely out on the Blogs today,
    But safer not to log-on.

    For every yid that ever there was
    Will gather there for certain, because
    Today's the day the yiddish are planning a faaaalse-flag!


    Every saboteur, that's been good
    Is sure of a treat today
    There's lots of wonderful things to bomb
    And wonderful hell to pay

    Beneath the trees, on the grassy knoll, where nobody sees
    They'll hide and seek as long as they please
    Today's the day the yiddish are planning a faaaalse-flag!"


    Mmmm, needs a tweek,


  29. Hey McJ and Freethinker!

    did you catch the newest post

    the one where it is reported that the fertilizer belonged to the police, contained within a building used by the police

    Imagine my non surprise?

    Seriously, imagine it?

    I know it's tough...

    It's always the same kind of deal, why doesn't everyone recognize the patterns played over and over and over.

    As for these support systems for the vacationing IDF "retirees"
    As I mention in that newest post the set up is perfect for false flag concocted mossad terrorism.

    And the young backpackers.... there gov wouldn't think twice about using there deaths to further the cause.

    It never stopped the zionist agenda previously.

  30. Veritas

    The Teddy Bears Picnic will never seem quite the same.;)

    Indeed, false flag it is!

  31. oh anonymous, i think *you* are the one who needs to lighten up. did you watch the videos i linked to? maybe you should. and maybe you can read what i wrote about these videos when i watched them back in 2008:

    and have you ever dealt with junkies? i get to deal with them on a regular basis. it's not the same as people who smoke a little weed on the weekends.

    also, if you want to moralize, you should at least get a booger ID.

  32. Hi APeasant, Penny, MCJ.

    As I stated, my views were based on actual travel and interactions with some nice people from many nations.
    Funny how you are indignant about whether I watched the video, you sound like Americans who get their news from the TeeVee screens.

    Hash laced with opium! Lions and tigers and bears oh my!
    You guys are fixated on a video and judging all Jewish backpackers by it, how does that differ from the FoxNews idiot deciding all Arabs are bad because he saw it on TV?
    Israel as a nation is like the US or the UK, war mongering scum. The people of all three countries often agree with their fascist governments.........many of them don't. Why does that small point get seemingly intelligent people here so riled up?

    There are at least half a dozen derogatory comments here on Jews using drugs and being rude etc. Penny didn't make any, sorry Penny.

    A veritas poem calling them all yids in a poem. Got one about 'niggers' to honor Obama?
    There is AP again using the word drugs to talk about junkies.

    The war on drugs propaganda in the US makes clear attempts to link marijuana with hard drugs, and here is A Peasant going on about drugs and junkies. I spoke of smoking hash/pot and you guys sound uptight and go off about hash "laced" with opium and drug addicts. A pot smoking pacifist is different than a drug addict, and many of them are even Jewish, just sayin........

    I won't offend you people again with any comments asking you to differentiate good jews and bad ones. Sorry.

  33. Anonymous 1:54 pm

    "Penny didn't make any, sorry Penny."

    Thank you for the apology.

    As for the other comments, including your own.

    Everyone is entitled to leave their thoughts.
    That is the entire concept behind this blog.
    None of us have to agree with all of them.
    We can agree with some of them, or none of them.

    I am not here to be the nanny or the minder.

    "I won't offend you people again with any comments asking you to differentiate good jews and bad ones. Sorry."

    How should I respond to this?

    Sounds a bit like an emotional blackmail. Peppered with condescension. "you people"
    A guilt trip, you've been done wrong?

    If you want to leave a comment you are welcome to do so.
    (I have not blocked anonymous commentors)

    Something you never addressed though, so I will ask you directly.
    And do hope you respond.

    Has it occurred to you that the "backpacker" phenomena can easily be a cover for other nefarious actions.

    That in amongst the thousands of vacationing IDF soldiers are covert operatives using this backpacker network for nefarious purposes?

    The groundwork is all there and it can't be discounted.

    Thinking of the entire Israeli intelligence industry. Mossad. Sayanims. And their methodologies.....All the previous cases of Israelis using passports for assassinations
    By way of deception and all that.

    Therefore it makes all the backpackers and their motives suspect, because no one can discern the vacationing backpacker from the backpacker on a mission.

    It also makes them all potential victims of their governments political agenda.

    These are the realities and cannot be discounted

  34. Hey Penny,...anon-e-mouse@ 1:54, You are typical of the numbskull jidf teeny-boppers that have such big mouths, limited intellect and extraordinary arrogance: Yiddish is what you and your tribe are! In A.D. 740 Khazaria (now called Azerbaijan) converted to pharisaic rabbinical talmudism (erroneously referred to as Judaism).

    A couple of hundred years after conversion, due to the inherent moral and intellectual corruption of talmudism, the formerly strong warrior-state of the Kingdom of Khazaria was over-run by the Ottoman Empire.

    Those Khazars not prepared to accept the piety of Islam fled to Eastern Europe and formed the cradle of Western ashkenazim Jewry...Whereupon they created their own language and culture from different aspects of their host nations. This language and culture was called "yiddish", and probably the only genuine identity that this tribe of mendicants had ever had. There is absolutely no parallel in terms between "nigger" and "yid", I use the term because it annoys old-school yids due to the fact that it illuminates the current lie that they are Judahites, which they are not now nor ever have been: Your ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, of course, this fact completely exposes the lie that Palestine is the ancestral property of these yiddish interlopers!

    The following link is YOUR real culture and heritage so sit down STFU and enjoy, your ancestors celebrating their yiddishness in song, fuck joo!

    Free Palestine!


  35. Hey anon,
    always the wolves in the sheeps clothing. And always saying, 'we are just like you. really, we are'

    But we know different. We know that your whole culture is predicated on, and dedicated to, the notion that you are very very different.