Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thai 'terror' with a Libyan twist?

Boy, oh boy. The Thai 'terror' plot grows ever more curious.....
Why, we even have a connection to Libya appearing.

Libya! Of all places. You may recall Libya? It suffered horrific bombing and slaughter of innocents at the hand of NATO bombers and terrorist fighters brought in and trained by NATO or specific countries under the NATO umbrella. Israel played a unique role in the destruction of that nation too.

Is this the future for Thailand?

First if you are not up to speed. Start reading here, then onto this post, and then recap yesterdays post.

A quick overview-

Approximately mid December 2011 Israel warns Thailand (and the US) of a terror threat, linked to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Yes, boys and girls the entire Hezbollah narrative originated with Israel. Not a surprise, really.
Then on the 13th of January/2012, yes that is Friday the 13th, there is an arrest- Of a Swedish national, complete with Swedish passport, by all appearances a valid one.
No verifiable Hezbollah connection except for claims made by Israel.....

Yesterday I put up a news article, where it was reported that the fertilizer was miraculously found in a building rented by the police.
And claims that said chemicals had been put there some time ago.

Let's examine that claim further or more accurately let's read the police response to that claim
Bankgkok Post

Note the visual reinforcement of the Israel victim theme. And, why not show Israeli security standing guard?

About the building housing the fertilizer..

Deputy national police chief Pansiri Prapawat, head of the investigators handling the case, yesterday rejected claims by Democrat spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut that police had set up the raid to clear themselves of suspicion in the cache.

Mr Chavanond said it was widely known among residents that it was actually police who rented the building.

The police are sticking to their claims but then this sentence?? What does this mean?

Checks had found a policeman also rented the building for workers to stay, but only for two months.

So a policeman had also rented the building for workers to stay? What workers?
Stay where? Stay in the building?
For two months only? Which two months?
Not mentioned at all.

What this check does is offer confirmation of police renting the building. Which corroborates the claim made by the Democrat spokesperson- The police rented the building and could have placed the fertilizer there. The police are connected to the building.

Now onto the Libyan connection- From "The Local" Sweden's News in English

A little background first-

Atris took Swedish citizenship after marrying a Swedish woman in 1996, Israeli news site Ynet reported.

According to his wife, Atris was in Thailand on business at the time of his arrest.

“He's travelled to Thailand several times previously and purchased goods which he then sold in Lebanon” Rania Koubaisi, Atris's wife, told the newspaper from her current home in Libya.

She denied suspicions that her husband was a terrorist.

“Why would he do something like this? I'm one hundred percent sure that this is a misunderstanding,” she told the newspaper.

His wife from her current home in Libya? A Swedish woman named Rania Koubaisi? Speaking from her current home in Libya? From Sweden to Libya? Why? When?


  1. Such racists comments in that rag ""The Local" Sweden's News in English". Am I surprised no, I have been many times to Scandinavia to know that the the Swedes followed by the Danes, Icelandic are vile and racists.

  2. The photo with the star is interesting!

    - Aangirfan

  3. hey anonymous 8:09 am

    I noticed the comments under the article.

    But am more concerned with the wife being in Libya

  4. Hi Penny,

    sorry for the out of subject comment but check this out

    an interview on RT of the best French author. He's da shit, man. I would have sent you some links to him, but unfortunately it's all in french. Take the opportunity to learn about a truly remarkable guy, which, of course knows a lot about the NWO.

  5. hey gallier

    I enjoyed that brief interview.

    "he's da shit man"

    Did you catch the z word?

    Yes, he said it "zionist"
    Unheard of.

    I liked his talk about no real differences
    And how the media spoon feeds us the "right" message and treats us like idiots.
    And also his comment on how were presented with just two choices the the globalist new world order or some scare mongering version as presented by vested interests.

    As if that's it- two choices.
    When in reality there are any multiple of choices and realities that can be tailor made for a specific nation
    the problem with that is of course big big business and bankers don't like that.

    Tres bien Gallier!

  6. Of course I catched the z word. He was officially candidate for the anti-zionist party at the last European Parliament elections with his personnal friends Dieudonné MBala MBbala (the french humorist that got in trouble because he made fun of israeli settlers).

    It's even a wonder he didn't even mention the satanic nature of talmud, the equivalence of evilness between calvinist protestants and judaism (what he call "les religions vétéro-testamentaires" old-testament religions), the similarity of traditional catholicism (this means before the complete surrender of the Vatican to the money lenders with Vatican II) and islam, with their universalist message.
    He is also one of the rare intellectuals to acknowledge and discuss about the pedophocracy, and that without having read or seen anything from Dave McGowan.

    He has a monthly videocast that is 2 to 3 hours long with his reflections on the news and it's always highly interesting.

    He was long time ago a darling of the media but as he followed his musings till the end he obviously came in conflict with the famous "lobby that doesn't exist".

    He wrote a book last year that climbed the bestseller list without a single promotion tour in the press and the media.