Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thailand's Terror- This Fertilizer stink has been smelled before!

Still thinking about the "terror in Thailand" nonsense.

When I first put up the story Thailand police were saying no charges were laid because the individual who had been arrested had actually done anything.

Authorities said charges had not been pressed against Hussein because of lack of evidence that he had committed an offence.

Suddenly we have charges being pressed and this individual confessing to knowing the whereabouts of some fertilizer?

The fertilizer angle is really curious.... as in suspicious, as in "where have I heard this before"?
Read this- Pundits cast doubts over Bangkok Terror Claims

Specifically this little tidbit

Democrat spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut said yesterday the police seizure of the bomb-making materials in Samut Sakhon was a police set-up.

Mr Chavanond said it was widely known among residents that it was actually police who rented the commercial building in the Mahachai area and the fertilisers and the ammonium nitrate had been kept there for "quite some time".

It was the police who rented the commercial building and the fertilizers and ammonium nitrate had been there for quite some time.

Digression alert!

How familiar is this scenario to those who follow the news of various alleged terrorist groups and their fertilizer/bomb fantasies?

Toronto 18- The RCMP delivered "fertilizer" to a warehouse that had been rented by two of their moles. The money for the rental had to have been provided for by either CSIS or the RCMP. The moles then took delivery of the "bomb making"material.
One got a nice chunk of change for his dealings- 4 million dollars.
But he was" not motivated by the money"- riiiiiiight......
This scenario has played itself out verbatim in many other places. Portland and the "Christmas tree" bomber is another recent intelligence delivered explosive set up.
There was one in Miami and many, many others....

Ok, now that we have gotten that out of the way.....

Fertilizers delivered to a building rented by the police in Thailand. Fertilizers that had been present in the building for " quite some time"

Then this Lebanese angle.
A claim with nothing really to back it up.
Here is what appears to be factual. This guy has documentation indicating he is Swedish.

In this article Swedish officials make some odd claims

Anders Jorle, a spokesman for the Swedish Foreign Ministry, said the Swedish passport had expired.

Then Mr Jorles says. "We cannot confirm whether he is a Swedish national."

Nor can they deny it!
And they don't.
Keep that in mind.

The picture of the passport indicates the passport has NOT expired.
It is good till Sept 2015.
And it is a Swedish passport.
So far there is nothing, absolutely nothing indicating this man is attached to Hezbollah. Other then claims via the msm.
There is however documentation linking him to Sweden. And Sweden is NOT denying he is a Swedish national, they are just not confirming it.

Interesting bits from this article-

Lebanese media has contacted members of Hezbollah, a political party in Lebanon, and were informed of this

The arrested man "is not one of Hezbollah's members", said Ghaleb Abu Zeinab, a Hezbollah political bureau member, according to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp.

And of course the Israeli's as a target connection/possibility is reinforced.
I view this in a different light.
How perfect is the set up in Thailand for covert ops?
Destabilization? Carried on right out in the open?
Well read on....

"Bangkok's Jewish Chabad House, permanently guarded by Israeli and Thai security.

Upstairs is a Jewish-only floor with a small orthodox synagogue segregated according to gender, plus free telephone lines from Bangkok to Israel, Internet terminals and other travelers' facilities."

How convenient is that ?
"Free phone lines and internet" directly to Israel, for Jews only.
Perfect for covert activities of all kinds. Get orders, confirm actions.
All from the safety and security of your Jews only segregated area with direct contact to the mothership.

After all it was Israel that first warned Thailand and the US of the alleged terror threat.

"On December 18, Israel reportedly told the US and Thailand about the presence of at least two Hezbollah members in Bangkok."

Perhaps that was about the time all the cards had fallen into place?


  1. WEll gee Pen, which country has the reputation for using other's passports? Hmmm let me think...

    sorta like the 'spy' in Halifax, leaking secrets to an 'un named' country... gee now, which country is usually un named??

    Darn, Alex, could it be "What is Israel"?



  2. If it walks like a duck
    And quacks like a duck.....
    Then it's likely a duck!

    Or in this case- an Israeli.

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