Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vaccine effectiveness reduced by common toxins in human body

I have covered the topic of vaccines many a time on the blog.
The fact that they are mostly ineffective, often contaminated or prone to going wild and spreading the disease they are supposed to prevent. And even causing cancer.
If you have missed any of those important posts the big pharma label at the bottom should take you back..

To bolster the case that vaccines are ineffective along comes this bit of news.
And what makes it worse, is the fact that human beings are so polluted, and these pollutions are what is alleged to cause the reduction in effectiveness. Which was already minimal anyway.
But "no need to panic". As if you would anyway?
Just keep taking those useless shots, making the pharmaceutical companies profits ever bigger.
And one more thing.....aren't all the additives in vaccines adding to the polluted and toxic chemicals in the human body? You know formaldahyde, mercury........
Snake oil.

"Vaccines, we’re told, aren’t 100 percent effective. That’s why some of us come down with the flu after getting a flu shot.

Now a new Harvard School of Public Health study suggests this may sometimes be due to exposure to certain environmental toxins. The researchers measured levels of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) - found in food packaging, stain-resistant carpets, and nonstick pans - in nearly 600 children who lived in the Faroe Islands in the Norwegian Sea and found that those who had the highest levels of PFCs had a 50 percent lower reaction to tetanus and diphtheria vaccines, according to the study published in last Tuesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association.

“Previous studies have suggested that vaccine effectiveness may be reduced by other chemicals, like PCBs, but with PFCs we saw a much steeper effect, and this was surprising to us,’’ said study author Dr. Philippe Grandjean, an environmental health physician at Harvard.

Levels of PFCs found in the Faroe children (who consume high levels of seafood associated with increased PFC exposure), he added, are similar to those found in American children, but it’s not known whether the same effect occurs with other vaccinations.

There’s certainly no reason for parents to panic over the finding, said Dr. Rick Malley, an infectious disease expert at Children’s Hospital Boston who wasn’t involved with the research. “I would say it’s an elegant study and it’s provocative, but it’s just showing an association, not a cause and effect.’’


  1. The whole point of the flu shot is to give you the flu and dementia. Almost everyone we have known in recent past, especially old people, get the flu from the flu show which is given in almost all old age homes, principally to reduce the aged population and the costs associated with their upkeep. Those that don't die from the flu can have their cognition further compromised with the mercury in the flu shot.

  2. I get the point you are making here Penny,and I totally agree with you on this one. And another pertinent point can be made by questioning the pharmaceutical companies as to why they refuse to vaccinate third world countries suffering epidemics ...




  3. Hey Anonymous

    There was a time I would not have agreed with that sentiment, but, now after reading so much on vaccines particularly the flu and the polio vaccine I feel that there is an ulterior agenda in giving people so many toxic vaccines.

    The mercury content alone is enough to make anyone suspicious

  4. Hey WJJ

    I can't speak to the aids issue at all because it is something I have never read up on or blogged on.

    But, there have been cases in Africa where massive vaccine programs have been undertaken
    one was polio.
    What happened in that case was the polio went wild and made many many people sick.
    One must always keep in mind that there is disease in those vaccines.
    Disease you may never have been exposed to normally, but the vaccine ensures exposure to the disease

    If you have the time and the interest you can read here
    about polio vaccines gone wild.


    Where the polio problem was actually made worse by the vaccine.

    You might also be interested in this?


    Vaccines are not really the cure all/ save all we have been lead to believe

  5. now, i will preface this by saying i'm not completely pro- nor anti-vaccines. i think they have their place, though may be overused at the moment.

    that said, one thing you may want to take a look at is your vitamin d status. vitamin d is something that varies by season, and may be one of the reasons we get sick more often in the months with low ultraviolet radiation. sun exposure is even an old remedy for tuberculosis patients, and digging through old Life Magazine articles, i've even seen one photo of flu victims placed in the sun during a pandemic. so do a little research. check out pubmed and google scholar. see if you don't find that vitamin d activates the immune system. it may be that we're not responding to vaccines because we are just so depleted. remember, we've been "prescribed" by our doctors to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreens that prevent vitamin d generation. the amount of D in most multivitamins is merely enough to prevent rickets, but much research in the last decade or so is showing that it is important for so much more.

    anyhoo, just another avenue for your research. stay well.

  6. thanks anonymous 10:02 pm

    I have some posts here on Vitamin D and it is very, very benefical to persons in the northern climes

    you can, if you so choose, check these old posts out




    might be more,definitely a subject I am familiar with

    on a personal note I take about 2000 iu's daily