Monday, February 13, 2012

Israeli envoy "targeted" in India and Georgia. UPDATED

This story just keeps getting better and better.... with additional updates

This one gets my false flag alarm going! Israeli envoy targeted in India and Georgia?
Keep in mind that India and Georgia have a Mossad sort of a history and background.....
No details on who was behind the attack? How is this "attack" going to be spun?

Spin the "Axis of Evil" Wheel to assign blame!

Syria? Iran? Syria and Iran together? Russia? China?

Israeli officials say their diplomats in India and Georgia have been targeted in apparent bomb attacks.

An explosion hit an embassy car in Delhi, injuring one diplomat. Police said there had been an "incident" but could not confirm an attack.

Israeli officials said there had also been an attempted attack on a diplomat's car in Tbilisi, Georgia, but an explosive device had not gone off.

Indian TV showed pictures of a burning car outside Israel's Delhi embassy.

REALLY CURIOUS- Why was the "diplomats car" parked outside of the Embassy? We are supposed to believe that this is some Hezbollah anniversary and Israel had been on alert, and this so called "diplomat" parks their vehicle on the road OUTSIDE of the protection of the embassy?

IMPORTANT: the vehicle was apparently not parked, but in traffic when the bomb went off.

The embassy is guarded by several layers of security and is in a well-defended area of central Delhi close to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's official residence.

David Goldfarb, the spokesman for Israel's Delhi embassy, said the diplomat's car was outside the building on Aurangzeb Road when the explosion went off.

Israel accuses Iran, Hezbollah after bombers attack embassies in India, Georgia

The New Delhi bomb wrecked a vehicle with diplomatic plates and Israel’s parliamentary television channel said the wife of Israel’s Defence attache and her driver were among four people hurt. The Tbilisi bomb was defused safely by Georgian police.

I am curious how it is the Georgian police came to be aware of the alleged bomb?
Who notified them?

As for India.... India is a BRIC nation. India has been non cooperative with the Iran sanctions

Read HERE India opposes more Iran sanctions despite Western pressure.
Is this why the bomb exploded in India and not Georgia?

Also read here, it is being reported today that India and Iran have worked out a deal

Indian and Iranian governments have worked out Rupee trade mechanism for payment of India's total crude imports from the latter in Rupees rather than convertible currency - the US Dollar normally used for such trade globally. The new mechanism is expected to be operational in two months.
And a bomb explodes?

One more thing, If you have been unable to read the above linked article. Just check out this paragraph!

Explaining the mechanism worked out, Anup Pujari said whatever oil India imports from Iran and for that oil whatever money India is supposed to pay, part of that amount will be retained in a bank in India. Thereafter, any Indian who exports to Iran need not have to bother about some US bank. Once (export) documents are negotiated, the designated Indian Bank, where the money will be kept, will pay the exporter the equivalent amount in Indian currency.
Need not bother about some US bank???

UPDATE AGAIN- You wanna talk coincidence?

"Two Israeli doctors, coincidentally in New Delhi at the time, in coordination with the Foreign Ministry, arrived at the hospital and took charge of her medical care. Defense officials said discussions were taking place about the possibility of evacuating Koren back to Israel."

How fortuitous is that?

The two Israeli doctors just coincidentally happen to be in New Delhi to take charge of this persons medical care?!?!

Have I mentioned previously that I'm not a coincidence theorist?

Can you say False Flag to frame Iran?
Say it with me!
"False flag to frame/ blame Iran"


  1. the fact that it was really just a car parked outside on the street....

    and we are being told it was an "envoys" car, does not make it so

    It could have been a random car parked on the street, then set a fire to create the necessary illusion of an attack

  2. Hi penny just popping over 4 a short visit. BTW ur link to "India and Iran have made a deal" doesn't seem 2 work 4 me and its reported as an error. It's mind boggling the suggestive analysis ur making here. I found it particularly disturbing in one of those articles interviewing an American Naval Commander in the straits of Hormuz discussing the weaponry and firepower the USA has over there and then the bizarre off-the=cuff remark he makes, " But we want diplomacy..." (as if ?), and then going on 2 say, "We have enough firepower and preparedness 2 launch an attack 2 night" ( or words to that effect.)Then u read all of the false rhetoric coming from the Israeli sympathisers in the comments section....well any half-wit should see that a war is being orchestrated on Iran and the media is being as a tool 2 justify it. Pretty horrendous stuff really. I try not 2 come 2 conclusions b4 the fact, but this definitely smells of impending attack. Thanx 4 sharing the news.

  3. WJJ: thanks for letting me know that and I have since fixed it :)

    OH yes, the rhetoric is over the top, thinking of Syria, from a previous post.

    The US continues to work on peaceful resolution???
    As if! The only nation that I notice working for peaceful resolution has been Russia. The US has been looking for any justification to get bombs dropped via planes and boots on the ground.
    Meanwhile their proxies all have a hand in arming the terrorists
    It is sick and twisted

  4. Purim is coming soon.

    Right-on regarding India; they are starting to get off-program, a nudge or two is required to show them who is boss, and if it can be made to look like Iran backed Muslims did it so much the better.

  5. Freethinker: I hope you caught the update I was just adding on about the two Israeli doctors who coincidentally happened to be in new delhi to attend to the alleged victim and move her back to Israel.

    I want to laugh because it is so obvious but then I want to cry because it is all so freakin' evil!

  6. Very interesting Penny, thanks for covering this. I read some articles about this in Haaretz today, and the nut Netanyahu was immediately blaming Iran, the "world's greatest sponsor of terrorism" blah blah blah. The Israelis are absolutely desperate to get the US involved in a war against Iran, and are pulling out all their dirty tricks. Especially in the media, and now it appears even staging false flag attacks against their own. These people are psychopaths.

  7. It wasn't parked, it was waiting at a traffic light on the way to the American Embassy School, where she was going to pick up her children.

  8. Hey John

    False flags against their own aren't really anything new.

  9. Rowan Barkley

    do you see the earliest picture of the alleged vehicle burning in my blog post?

    There is no other traffic around it.

    The vehicle is engulfed in flames near the curb.

    Later pictures are very different then the early one. I wonder why that is?

  10. It seems Georgia might have been a little wobbly and in need of moral support and guidance:-

    Israel Planned To Use Georgia Airbases In Iran Attack (aug 2008)

    Iran and Georgia: Genuine Partnership or Marriage of Convenience? (sept 2011)

    Obama prepares Georgia for Iran war (feb 2012)

    I'm sure they got the message and are now back on track with the NWO team.

  11. Hey Rowan Berkeley

    apologies for mispelling the moniker

    I went and looked through numerous picture of the incident and realize that the car was not near a curb.

    However I am still curious how if the car was in traffic there are no other damaged cars nearby?

  12. Hey Freethinker;

    I wondered about Georgia?

    When Georgia attacked Russia, Israel supplied much weapons and logistics, going on recall I think they even sent some of their military men

    Once Russia repelled the attack Israel got very whiny about the whole thing.

    I have a number of posts on that subject way back.

    Regarding the almost bombing I was thinking how weird that someone would leave a grenade in/near the car in a plastic bag?

    It almost seems "propish" as opposed to serious

  13. My 20 years of research on 2nd War often took me to pre and post war years and even present. One thing that I can clearly see that Indian administration is clearly biased in favour of Zionists, infact they own the entire apparatus. Our Independence from East India Company and then the Crown is a fiction, presented to us as reality. Zionist scoundrels have been ruling and sucking our blood for past 3 Centuries.
    Our real enemies and the most evil of all homosapiens are presented to us as friends and most of Indians are oblivious to this sick betrayal. In time treachery will be paid in kind. The end of this species will be more horrifying than their several million Ukrainian victims who were systematically looted,raped, starved and forced to become cannibals(many cooked and consume their own children. Photographs exist.) Even with all the wealth and power at their command these distinct homosapiens couldn't keep the truth hidden. Despite the present hopeless situation, eventually truth will win over the evil, repulsive, depravity called Zionism, Communism, Judaism and the so-called leftist liberalism.

    1. Hi Aryan:

      Could the Kashmir attack been the impetus for you stopping by? If so, I will be posting some information on this latest attack which has barely gotten noticed in the western north american media..