Friday, February 24, 2012

"Friends" of Syria: Syrian TV live streams- Protestors held back by security gates

Well, we are all witnessing my complete inability to pull away from the Syrian situation.
What with so much going on.....
The so called "Friends of Syria" group is gathering in Tunisia
The name itself is a carefully chosen label, perhaps even generated by some public relations firm, to hide the reality. This conference is merely cover for the NATO and the GCC nations to plot their next moves against Syria. NATO and the GCC are attempting to put a shiny, happy, smiling face on their destabilization of Syria. "Friends Of Syria" they are not,
What with their spooky "journalists" & "peaceful" protestors..
I had said to myself, don't even bother with this. I need to use my spare time more wisely ;)
What can I say?

Syrian Television streamed the conference live to the people of Syria.
They aren't hiding anything from them.
Syrian Television streams the “Friends” conference in Tunis.

BEIRUT — Syrian state television on Friday broadcast live coverage of a "Friends of Syria" international conference in Tunis aiming to isolate the Damascus regime, instead dubbing it the "enemies of Syria" meeting.
The enemies of Syria. It does seem more appropriate, really? What else does one characterize those that have been attacking you?

But the conference is marked by the absence of Russia and China -- which have both vetoed UN Security Council resolutions on the crisis -- highlighting the difficulty in building an international consensus on Syria.
Prior to the conference, both Russia and China had made clear they were not attending

Outside of the "Friends" conference, Pro-Syrian protestors, numbering from the looks of it more then the 200 hundred the western msm is claiming, were out in full force. The attempted to storm the hotel where the meeting is taking place. Causing poor Hilary Clinton to be re-routed. Boo-hoo

Several hundred supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday forced their way into the grounds of a hotel in Tunisia where Western and Arab leaders were preparing to meet to demand an end to Syria's crackdown on opposition.

A Reuters reporter said the crowd arrived in buses at the Palace Hotel, in a suburb of Tunis, and then forced their way past perimeter gates. They were holding up portraits of Assad. They tried to push their way into the hotel building itself but were held back by a security cordon, the reporter said.

Another video here

One video appears to be shot in the thick of the protest
The other appears to be shot from the back of the protest
(From my best guess of course)


  1. The Western axis of war is bringing out the big propaganda guns (aimed squarely at good hearted liberals) by using the Red Cross.

    CBC has been amplifying the Red Cross message. The comments up now reflect an impressive number of people who do NOT buy the pro war bullshit.

    Pathetic how CBC uses a photo several days old (of a small to medium size fire) to accompany is steady stream of lies about Homs being shelled into oblivion by evil doer Assad.

  2. thanks Anonymous

    I am concerned the Red Cross may be used in a false flag op

    The CBC has a job to do, for god, state and NaTO

    That is lie to the people