Friday, February 17, 2012

Iranian Naval Ships enter the Mediterranean- Heading for Syria??

And more, of course there is more!
Isn't there always?
First the ships in the Mediterranean-

This is eerily reminiscent of a story from last year- which originated in Israel, and seemed quite bogus at that time.
I'm really not sure what to make of it? So you make of it what you will and I will carefully consider it as a possibility. Maybe. Iran and Syria do have naval agreements.....
But, the story isn't getting much coverage. The Israeli press is covering it as is Reuter's.
"Two Iranian naval ships have sailed through Egypt's Suez Canal into the Mediterranean, in a move likely to be keenly watched by Israel.

"Two Iranian ships crossed through the Suez Canal (on Thursday) following permission from the Egyptian armed forces," a source in the canal authority said Friday.

The destroyer and a supply ship could be on their way to the Syrian coast, the source added. Iran and Syria agreed to cooperate on naval training a year ago, and Tehran has no naval agreement with any other country in the region.

It is that "could" part that is irksome. I would think that in order to pass through the Suez canal these two ships destination would be known. Perhaps I am mistaken?

Interesting and I would tend to think this is a good assessment

Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess, Director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, told a Senate panel on Thursday that barring an unforeseen development like a coup, "Assad will continue to hang in there."

"The Syrian military, despite some desertions (very few) and defections to the armed opposition, (very few) on the whole remains a viable, cohesive and effective force. The military suppresses (armed& violent) unrest throughout the country. The leading opposition umbrella organization, the Syrian National Council, has yet to emerge as a clear or united alternative to the Assad regime and it has not been able to unite Syrians on a strategy for ousting and replacing the regime," Burgess said.

The so called opposition can't rally the Syrian population because they aren't resident Syrians. They live in Britian and France for gods sake! Resident Syrians know what is going on.
And they don't want to be bombed to smithereens and see their nation go the way of Libya.
Except for a minuscule amount of the population who are foolish or blinded by extremist religious beliefs to by into the "regime change" being bought and paid for by NATO and Israel.

It is being reported repeatedly that the Syrian army is shelling Homs. They may well be.

Syria can't allow a chunk of the nation to be carved out by the NATO terrorists.
If they do, this will be the basis for a no fly zone and "humanitarian corridors".
The no fly zone and "humanitarian corridors, which will have nothing to do with anything humane will then be used to obliterate the country, it's infrastructure and kill many, many innocent civilians.

These are that little weasel Sarkozy's own words. He makes it clear that the NATO terrorists aren't getting the job done.
Quoting the weasel as he lies from a joint press conference with the Cameron

We (France & Britain) cannot bring about a Syrian revolution ... if the Syrian revolution does not make an effort to rally together and organize so that we can better help them,” Sarkozy said. He insisted, however, that “the revolution will not be brought about from outside, it will be brought about from the inside.”

You see why I called these words, the words of a liar? We cannot bring about a revolution if the Syrians don't make an effort to rally together and organize so we can better help them. BUT the revolution will be brought about from inside??? Sure sounds to me that despite Sarkozy's lies. Him and Cameron are all about themselves (NATO) bringing about the revolution.

Cameron and Sarkozy pledged that their countries “will continue to increase their engagement with the Syrian opposition"

Since they have been "engaged" with the Syrian opposition all along. I am quite certain they are looking to "increase their engagement".

France is still pushing for "humanitarian corridors"

France wants the UN to consider setting up “humanitarian corridors” in Syria, French Foreign Affairs Minister Alain JuppĂ© said Wednesday.

And this!

France on Tuesday set up a million-euro emergency fund for “humanitarian” aid in Syria and is discussing the Arab League plan, which raises the possibility of sending UN troops, with its allies.

France setting up a fund for "humanitarian" aid in Syria? Where have I heard this one before?
Oh, yeah. Libya! Remember? It wasn't that long ago? August 2011

France will place $259 million at the disposal of Libya's National Transition Council (NTC) after un-freezing Libyan assets in the country, Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Monday. The NTC has committed to use the funds for humanitarian purposes
You know "humanitarian purposes" Guns, munitions. Bullet proof vests. Bombs. Tools of torture.
Mortar shells. Sniper guns and bullets. Bombs to blow up pipelines. Grenades. And medical equipment to treat THEIR wounded as they kill ordinary Syrians.
Isn''t "humanitarian aid" swell?!?!


  1. I'm afraid it's all the aid we're all getting.

    Thanks for the spot-on reporting!


  2. Some homework

  3. The vile despicable servant of fascism, CBCnews, has a headline up right now blaring....SYRIAN TROOPS OPEN FIRE ON THOUSANDS OF PROTESTORS.

    The photo accompanying that article shows quiet peaceful people sitting down.

    Five rounds of teargas were fired (by someone) at that rally. CBCnews selling war with hype. Of course all the good NDP and Liberal supporters eat that shit up and sign on for another 'peace war' to save Arabs from themselves.

    The few grains of truth at sites like this are a nice change from the beach full of lies at CBC and corporate media.

  4. Yup Suzan
    aid to death and destruction of our society and our infrastructure
    but the banks are getting all the aid they need in the form of the people's money!

  5. Anonymous 2:40 am

    I took a quick look throught that pdf
    Here is the link for anyone else who may be interested to check it out

    I also have featured a book here,twice, that clearly spells out the "insurgency" arming and fomenting and destabilization tactics..

    you can access it in the above post

  6. Anonymous 9;24 am

    The vile despicable CBC, the servent of fascism

    I could not agree more! The have been selling the destruction of syria hard!

    Spinning for NATO and Israel

    Thanks for the compliment :)