Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marie Colvin: We never really knew you.

Or if you actually existed as is being portrayed via the corporate/war selling media.

Yes, we are going briefly back to Marie Colvin.
When I put together the initial post on her, in amongst all that was strange about her, I made mention of the odd pictures of her. Odd in that they seemed off, or out of place, just not right.
This is the first picture I had up

Below is the address for the jpg

It is supposed to be Marie Colvin in Tahrir Square during the recent overthrow of Mubarak?

Curiously.... I stumble across another picture of Marie Colvin in an article here

Below is the address for the jpg

This is Marie Colvin and her second to last husband Juan Carlos Gumucio photographed together and it looks the same as the photo above that is supposed to be from Tahrir Square.

I know your thinking so what? So her husband was in Egypt with her, what’s your issue?

My issue is that according to the linked article her husband died in 2002. Long before any photos could be taken in Tahrir Square.

“Marie Colvin was Gumucio’s fourth wife. He shot himself in the heart at a farmhouse in Conchabamba on February 25, 2002. He was 52.”

Juan Carlos allegedly took his own life, with a shot to the heart. That is one odd way to commit suicide? I don’t mean the shooting part. I mean the shot to the heart part.
Let’s read his obituary together-

Notice it does not mention his wife, Marie Colvin?
What the obituary does mention is this...

“No one witnessed his death in the farmhouse he had rented outside Cochabamba. But those who knew him best, and knew his demons, are sure it was not premeditated. He would never deliberately have taken himself away from his daughter. “

Did he really take his own life? Or did someone take it for him?
And what about the photos. One with the deceased husband and one without.
Clearly they are the same photos.
Same quilted jacket showing to the right of the Colvin figure.
Same red flag behind the husband figure.


  1. It's the same photo, Pen. Gumucio is in one but not the other. He has been photoshopped into it. The light on his face appears to be coming from the wrong direction.

    The question is why?
    Is someone trying to build a hasty persona for dear Marie?

  2. Hey James

    When I saw the picture I was all "what the heck"!
    It would seem someone is trying to build a persona but who?
    And why?

  3. Hey Pen,

    Sorry mate, I have this pegged as much ado about nothing. The second photo is obviously photoshopped. And the first one obviously isn't.

    Have a look at the husband in the 2nd one. The light is all wrong and the focus/blur is all wrong. He's obviously not there and has been shopped in afterwards.

    In terms of 'why bother', there would have been no point faking the first phote since Colvin was in Egypt while the protests were there and going and standing in front of protesting crowds is what people like Colvin (and her camera crew) do day in, day out. And yeah, it's their cover, whatever. Regardless they did what they were there to do and here's the pic to prove it.

    I notice Hei said the pic was obviously staged. And no offence Hei, but my reply would be 'of course'. Cameramen are always 'staging' things. That's their job. It was certainly my job. I was a director and I would set up the shot to get what I wanted. What else are you going to do? Put the camera somewhere random and then swing it on the tripod and see where it ends up pointing?

    No, you find the shot that shows what you think is the point of the exercise and then tweak it for composition, lighting, whatever. You could call it 'staging' or you could call it 'taking a photo'.

    And then there's the second shot. Under the aforementioned 'why bother' logic, of course you'd fake this one. The husband was dead and you have no photo of him and Colvin together so you shop one.

    I've done it myself. Lots. Look at this. I wanted a photo of Shakespeare at a Stranglers' concert and there wasn't one in google images (natch) so I faked it. And someone wanted a photo of Colvin and her husband together and there wasn't one and they did the obvious. And did it pretty badly. And on a 172 x 172 pixel image! Gee whiz, hardly worth the effort.

    What does that mean? What's the purpose of it? Does the fact that it comes from a website called '' count for anything? They sound like the kind of crew that aspires to sell magazines at supermarket checkouts, and no doubt with a front page featuring a photoshopped pic of Brad and Angelina standing either side of that chick from Friends, whatever her name is.

    It could be as simple as that. As much as I hate 'Ockham's Razor', sometimes it does the job.

    PS. Aang had a link to Northern Truth Seeker and an article about how a bunch of photos (I forget what of) had photoshop tags in the file header thing. Which was proof of fakery apparently. Idiotically I left my comment at Aang's rather than NTS's and so I'll repeat it here: All my photos go through photoshop whether I do any major work on them or not. The fact that lots of bloggers put up lots of pix without putting them through photoshop isn't proof of their virtue so much as proof that they've never done anything like that professionally. For anyone who has, like me, or P2P, or English John, every photo goes through photoshop. And gets the tag in the header, sure. It's the normal-est thing in the world and about as significant.

    Anyway, off I go now.

    1. seems BOTH obviously are. guess you need to revise your "nothing to see here move along trolling"..

  4. Thanks Nobody
    that clarifies a lot.
    Your thinking that the celebrity rag did this to make it appear as if there were pics of the two together, even though there weren't?

    I admit to being a person who knows next to nothing, about the whole photoshop concept

    1. The whole package is deceitful. Why did her hudband's photo need to be included? Just mention his name. This kind of photoshopping under the circumstances is not "Just cosmetic" to improve lighting, angle etc. It changes the entire content and meaning. After years of fraud from MSM psyops this one fills the bill as well. Take a page from the 911 playbook where at least 7 of the 19 hijackers IS STILL ALIVE.

  5. YOu make me think of that saying, believe none of what you see and only half of what you hear..

  6. Staged photos? Well here's one from Libya.
    Here’s the Last-Known Picture of Two Missing Times Journalists, as they run for cover last Friday [11 March 2011] from bombs dropped by government looks scary as hell Actually it looks staged as hell. Photographer? Paul Conroy. And two of the bunch disappeared, only to resurface with tales of assault on 21 March. (interesting the No-Fly zone was approved meanwhile on 17 March)

    To be going on with...from the current Leveson Inquiry in London into the unsavoury relationship between the press and the police and the former hacking into the mobile phones of people in the public eye, we read the judge, Lord Justice Leveson on 27 Feb, as quoted by the Press Gazette say:

    "There is no better example of the very best in journalism than that provided by Marie Colvin, whose determination to illuminate events in the most dangerous corners of the world, whose life, body of work and the ultimate sacrifice that she made in doing so, all serve to underline the need to preserve and protect free speech and a free press"

    Very best.... determination to illuminate...

    1. Marie Colvin served her purpose to her corp employers and if she had really been telling the truth she would have been promptly fired or gotten rid of. Maybe that is what happened. Finally made an honest woman of her.

    2. It looks staged to me.

      I don't see the sharp angles on limbs in quick motion to get away from a BOMB. Those big guns that look like anti aircraft guns are obvious targets for any aerial attack. That's what people are supposed to be running away from.

      It looks as if the director had someone fire the gun and that was probably the cue for people to start running. It provided a nice bang to get people's blood pumping and ready to act the scene (although few played the role well). You can also see smoke from the gun and a couple guys jumping off. These psy op perps are not good actors. For instance, see the assassination film referenced elsewhere where the line of taxis were taking the injured away . . . . Asking journalist spooks to do physical acting is probably not a smart thing. They're going to laugh at the wrong moment or something.

  7. Do they have a sexual assault story for every NATO intervention?
    I see that woman who was allegedly assaulted in Egypt was mentioned in the article

    Will there be one when it comes down to the wire for Syria?

  8. I like the "spared because there Americans" part
    It makes me think it was the NATO backed rebels that were doing the firing rather then Libyan forces, NO?

  9. Felix, interesting photo. It feels really fake doesn't it? But it could be real. I notice that everybody in the photo is running bar two in the background who are looking at where the smoke is. Getting thirty people to do this is easier said than done. Between marshalling a bunch of extras (ie. drivers and translators etc) to jump on command, and having them do it for real with a shell lobbed in by the controlled opposition, I reckon the latter would be easier, ha ha. And frankly I think that that's what we're looking at.

    Just for the record, I have Colvin down as being as real as John Simpson CBE, Orla Guerin MBE, and all the rest of those much-caressed-by-the-PTB journos. Which is to say, spooks the lot of them. But these photos... I don't know what they prove? Frankly I'm more interested in: where these spooks went; whose side they were on; how they slanted the story; in whose interest was the slant; and whether they were shunned or embraced by the PTB afterwards. For a comparison check out John Martinkus (about half way down). He pretty much sank without a trace after this. And that's how you tell who's real, I reckon.

  10. The precedent is here. Anyone who doubts that NATO NWO lacks the will, resources or access to pull this crap off? The stakes are high and winning is ALL

  11. Good points,Penny. The Bouvier story is surely to be continued....... In hindsight,I just get so suspicious of these kidnap sagas. I see no point in the releases in Libya without any kind of negotiation over the human bargaining chips. American?? If you don't release them, we'll bomb your country to smithereens? Well, that happened anyway. And,how could these journos who are so well embedded with the rebel forces, have jumped into a car and "Their driver inadvertently drove into a checkpoint manned by [Gaddafi's] troops"? A funny smell starts to come off that episode too.

    By the way,did you see the Obit in the spooky Guardian for J-C Gumucio was written by Julie Flint?? She was the one who wrote the two long stories for the same paper in 2003 2004 about what was really in the head of her friend Dr David Kelly, the Government scientist (and much much more) ex- Iraq, who died in very mysterious circumstances (most likely a suiciding) in 2003 and for which the UK Government still refuses to hold an inquest following a ludicrously superficial "(non) Inquiry". Julie seems to like these cases. Beirut connection, I guess. Strangely no mention of Marie Colvin in that obit of JCG though, nor in the Daily Telegraph's piece. Who said JCG killed himself??? The Telegraph just said he died and indeed Colvin's obituary there merely refers to JCG pre-deceasing her.

    1. Felix

      So Julie Flint, who wrote the obit also wrote some version of reality for David Kelly's death? (she can't know what was in his head, so she is the "official story teller"
      This just gets better and better

      The info about him shooting himself right in the Guardian Obituary????

      I quoted it

      “No one witnessed his death in the farmhouse he had rented outside Cochabamba. But those who knew him best, and knew his demons, are sure it was not premeditated. He would never deliberately have taken himself away from his daughter. “

      I'll be honest when I read the bit about the husband, the first thing that popped in my head was tying up loose ends?
      The fact that Ms Flint even mentions it (the suicide) makes it obvious (at least imo) that this is included because it is what we should "believe"
      But, what is the reality? That he died of a gun shot wound to the heart and no one witnessed it.
      Everything else is speculative including her bit in the obituary, but, why include it at all???????

  12. By the way, if anyone is wondering about the strange unreferenced mention in Colvin's current Wikipedia page about entering Syria illegally on the back of a motocross motorbike (a motorbike was invoked by the media to account for Paul Conroy's nocturnal escape back to Lebanon) then look no further than motorcycing enthusast and Wikipedia editor Trident13 on 22 February. There appears to be no substance to the claim.

    1. LOL, Colvin's page has grown from non existent to spectacular
      The motorbike bullshit is probably included to make a connection to the other guy Paul whatever his name is???

  13. This is Tahrir square in egypt
    but the photo is a composition , it is a photoshop job , it is not taken during the egyption revolt but during an anti Assad protest hence the syrian flags in the background and the lebanese red and white with a ceder tree in the forground.

    1. Anonymous:

      THANK-YOU!!!!! you pointed out something really really interesting.

      I checked the red flag- Lebanon's flag!
      The other flag- BINGO- Syria's flag
      and why didn't I see this!!!!????

      So where was Marie Colvin in this picture??

      Lebanon, makes the most sense!!!
      thanks so much

    2. Penny , I posted this last night, it seems a clarification is in order since you concluded that this must have taken place in Lebanon , it didn't , this is a photo of an anti Assad protest that was held at Tahrir square in egypt a couple of months ago, however the last time Ms colvin was in Egypt was last year at the hight of the Egyptian revolt , Colvin was photoshoped into the image by the same people she was hanging out with in syria.

      The pink building in the colvin photo is the Egyptian museum, open the link and find the museum , the rest of the landmarks in the colvin photo will fall in place.

    3. Colvin buried in Homs according to activists.

    4. Anonymous 12;16 am

      I am really glad you clarified that.
      I'll share my line of thinking on the Lebanon conclusion.
      I was aware that there had been anti-assad rallies in Lebanon near the border
      We have been told Marie Colvin entered Syria via Lebanon
      So it seemed quite possible she would have, could have attended one of these protests.

      Now what your saying is this protest took place in Egypt a couple of months ago, but, Colvin was not present at the time. Since she hasn't been in Egypt since last year?

      If I may how is it you are aware of this?
      Can you leave any links to support this claim?
      You have made me extremely curious...Extremely

    5. Anti Assad protest at Tahrir square, egypt, 01-25-2012

      Judith Miller on Colvin whereabouts on the road to Baba Amro.

  14. Hi Penny, hope you can revisit Gilles Jacquier - have left a comment there. Incidentally, the spooky Guardian daily Regime Change Blog for Feb 29 slips in the fact that 4.51pm: Spanish journalist Javier Espinosa, of el Mundo, who was in the press centre in Homs at the time of the rocket attack that killed Marie Colvin and Rémi Ochlik, is now safe in Lebanon, according to his paper's deputy editor...

    Not another midnight motorbike ride...they are getting all these ideas from Lawrence of Arabia. Probably a Brough Superior.

    Did you catch that video Journaliste Gilles Jacquier tué killed en Syrie?? Absurd. Even comical in parts. 2.53 for instance.

    1. Felix

      this video of the journalist getting killed???

      this is Gilles Jacquier? And did I see Ms Bouvier in attendance

      Are we supposed to believe that these individuals were being randomly hit by sniper fire?

      Is that what was being acted out?

      If it was... I don't by it. I have long concluded the snipers were always the rebels.

      Btw Anthony Shahid, I have started to read through some of the links and yeah something is off with that

      Especially the part where his body went to Turkey for an autopsy???

  15. I think both photos are photoshopped.

    She appears to be floating unnaturally off the ground. By about five feet.

    At first, I couldn't tell if she was standing on a ledge, or even a stool or something, and that would mean the men to the right of her are sitting on a ledge as well.

    But after looking at this 360 photo of Tahir Square it doesn't look like there was a ledge in that spot.

    You have to scan to the right about 90 degrees so you can see that peach building with the dome and then hit the zoom in button about 7 times until you are the right distance to the buildings. It is open square all around that area.

    Also, if you look at the men sitting farthest away you can see they are sitting on the ground and the men right behind Colvin look to be sitting on the ground as well. All the men are sitting on the ground and she is floating above.

    It doesn't make sense spatially.

    Marie Colvin was totally photoshopped into Tahir Square. Either that, or she is standing on a 4 or 5 foot stool (which would be a weird thing to do in that scene).

  16. Here's an amazing thing I just noticed as I'm looking at that link to the 360 degree photo of Tahir Square . . . the camera appears to float about 5 feet off the ground. Just like camera in Colvin's photo.

  17. For a multi-decade reporter who has presumably written hundreds of pieces and won top awards, only a 1000+ google entries came up on her when searching -2012 and -syria and -homs and none of these were of her actual articles or even pre-2012. where is her past work history or articles?

    Penny, you are onto something BIG here due to the top sponsors involved in this farce. Stay with it.
    BTW- No US State Dept or govt comments on her?

    1. There's nothing on youtube from before 2 years ago when she had three hits (and appearances? I haven't looked at them all) regarding Sri Lanka.

      Then she is shown a year ago talking about losing her eye to a grenade in Sri Lanka and how a photographer friend (Joseph Siva??) lost his life (and is thus unavailable to verify facts--how inconvenient). She also mentions she was in Afghanistan 2 weeks prior, embedded. She starts with prophetic words, "It's really never been more dangerous to be a war correspondent . . . "

      Then one more hit a year ago re Egypt. She appears on CBS news and talks about Mubarak unleashing the thugs on camels.

      Then a couple hits 9 months ago re Libya. She talks to Anderson Cooper and accuses Ghadhafi's forces of committing rape--it's a pretty sensational allegation. She says there are over 1,000 rapes.

      And then her next hits are for Syria.

      Here's the results page showing the oldest uploads.

    2. Try looking here Saddam's Arsenal Revealed by Marie Colvin and Nicholas Rufford from March 2002....discussed here: Global Misinformation Campaign was Used to Build Case for War
      A March 17, 2002, Sunday Times of London article on Saddam's alleged illicit weapons was based on a 3,000-page transcript of the preliminary INC debriefing of al Haideri.

      The article also reported claims in a videotaped interview made by unnamed Iraqi opposition officials with a second defector that Saddam had mobile biological warfare laboratories disguised as milk and yogurt trucks. Such vehicles have yet to be found.

      Marie Colvin, a co-author of the article, said the INC insisted to her that all defectors were scrutinized as fully as possible before being passed on, and that it was up to reporters to decide how to use their information.

      "I believe they acted in good faith," she said. "Over seven years, I would not say there was a story I was fooled on."

      Her work would be behind a pay wall so I don't know if that affects the searching.
      Here's another one with : "additional reporting by Marie Colvin"inter alia on the Iraq weapons scientist who mysteriously died, an unsatisfactory and extremely sudden and out of character suicide : Dr Kelly: I felt betrayed when the MoD revealed my name by Nicholas Rufford, 20 July 2003.

    3. Marie Colvin, a co-author of the article, said the INC insisted to her that all defectors were scrutinized as fully as possible before being passed on, and that it was up to reporters to decide how to use their information.

      "I believe they acted in good faith," she said. "Over seven years, I would not say there was a story I was fooled on."

      Explains her connection to Judith Miller, since the two of them were spinning for the war machine.

      But, I am getting the idea that Colvin's name was attached to a lot of stuff after she died.
      To make her appear more legit then she actually was

    4. Had a very spooky individual show up when I did the very first post on her

  18. The Libya rapes were lies it turns out. The Ex-US Embassy personnel guy (who will not disclose it) Franklin Lamb gave a glowing account of her in Counterpunch a few days ago. Is it one intelligence agent bolstering another? She was also feted by the most egregious intel agent Judy Miller.

    This response is also psyop. The Israelis are notorious for their immediate answers to the deflating or exposure of these types of PR operations:
    SFA: Assad Planned to Use French Journalist as Leverage
    The Syria Free Army aborted its 'evacuation attempt' of a French journalist after learning Assad planned to use her as a bargaining chip.
    By Gavriel Queenann First Publish: 2/29/2012, arutz sheva

    Efforts to covertly facilitate the escape of French journalist Edith Bouvier from Homs were halted last minute when the Free Syria Army learned of a plot to "use her as a bargaining chip with the French government."

    Omar Al Homsi, a senior officer in the Free Syria Army operating in besieged Homs, said that while the SFA had aided British photographer Paul Conroy in successfully escaped from Syria, they were to concerned about Bouvier's safety to make the attempt.

    Al Homsi said the Le Figaro journalist refused evacuation after the SFA learned of a ploy by the regime to use her to pressure the government of Nicholas Sarkozy ahead of upcoming French elections.

    "She was returned back to Bab Amr from which she was taken and is currently suffering from foot injuries. The rescue operation was aborted for her own safety," he said.

    "A group of FSA fighters in charge of protecting demonstrators and journalists were assigned to evacuate Conroy and Bouvier after they were injured in attacks on a makeshift press centre where two other journalists were killed," Al Homsi explained.

    However, the group reportedly came under heavy enemy artillery fire by Shabiha militants and two FSA fighters were killed and several others injured.

    The group then split into two groups, al-Homis said. Conroys group managed to cross into Lebanon, while Bouvier's group returned to Bab Amr.

    Al Homsi said the bodies of American Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin and her French photographer Remi Ochlik are currently being held in a freezer unit in a truck, until they can be safely repatriated.

    "Al Homsi said the Le Figaro journalist refused evacuation after the SFA learned of a ploy by the regime to use her to pressure the government of Nicholas Sarkozy ahead of upcoming French elections."

    that part makes NO sense. Why would they return her then to Syria where the regime can then allegedly make use of her as a bargaining chip??? She is no use to Syria in Lebanon, where she can defame Syria w/ tales of how evil the regime is. More illogical lies.

  19. Broken femur to foot injuries. What next - Blisters?

    It's all nonsense.

  20. You rock Penny. This is excellent work.

  21. Penny, now even the Anthony Shahid asthma death, reported 16 Feb is making alarm bells go off in me with the official narrative...
    The exact circumstances of Mr. Shadid’s death and his precise location inside Syria when it happened were not immediately clear.

    But Mr. Hicks said that Mr. Shadid, who had asthma and had carried medication with him, began to show symptoms as both of them were preparing to leave Syria on Thursday, and the symptoms escalated into what became a fatal attack. Mr. Hicks telephoned his editors at The Times, and a few hours later he was able to take Mr. Shadid’s body into Turkey.

    Tyler Hicks... the one who was photographed by Paul Conroy in Libya, March 2011 and who was briefly kidnapped with three others and released to tell the harrowing tale to the NYT

    Has there been an autopsy on Shadid? He apparently died from a horse-related asthma attack" following arrival into and departure from Syria on horseback.
    Hurriyey reported Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's chief foreign policy adviser İbrahim Kalın said Antony Shadid's autopsy would be done in Turkey.

    Kalın made the announcement on his Twitter account at around 9:55 am.

    "Anthony shadid's body was brought to turkey last night. the autopsy will be done in adana in the next few hours. family, friends are there," Kalın wrote.

    So what WAS the result of the autopsy?

    More here, with audio from Shahid's father. The story keeps changing..
    Shadid's father, Buddy Shadid, told The Associated Press on Thursday his son had asthma all his life and had medication with him.

    "(But) he was walking to the border because it was too dangerous to ride in the car," the father said. "He was walking behind some horses — he's more allergic to those than anything else — and he had an asthma attack."

    The Times reported that Shadid and Hicks recently were helped by smugglers through the border area in Turkey adjoining Syria's Idlib Province and were met by guides on horseback.

    Hicks told the newspaper that Shadid suffered one bout of asthma the first night, followed by a more severe attack a week later on the way out.
    More on horse allergies here relating to Shahid.

    Shahid and Hicks were kidnapped together in Libya, along with two others.

  22. wow. looks like we hit pay dirt on this line of enquiry. shadid, al lebanese american and one of the least biased and controlled probably documented in detail the US backing for Qaeda & the whole syria charade. of course he relayed his work to his bosses (israel-owned NYT) and they had him eliminated. shadid, unlike the others was fluent in arabic CUSTOMS and language. died of asthma my a$$. WHERE ARE HIS NOTES???

    recall daniel pearl who was beheaded by 'qaeda' when he got too close to the wests underwriting of taliban and 911?

  23. there are so many more comments here I want to respond too and I can't.

    Particularly regarding Shadid


  24. Shadid -
    Buddy Shadid, a retired Oklahoma City dentist, said he didn't know his son was in Syria.

    Anthony Shadid’s ashes scattered in Marjayoun Daily Star(Lebanon) 23 Feb 2012.

    Anyway, why this stuff with horses (allegedly)? He and the photographer Moises Saman (who covered the invasion of Tripoli subsequently) seemed quite capable of riding into and out of Syria in July 2011 on Suzuki motorcycles allegely to make contact with dissidents ..Syria’s Sons of No One, Anthony Shadid, NYT, Aug 31 2011.

    1. And the other journalists came in and out on motorcycle, so is the horse story real?

    2. Oh, they have lots of options left.

      How long before one of them escapes by skiing over Mount Hermon into Lebanon? I'm sure there are lots of other James Bond style escapes left. Maybe a rock climbing adventure?

    3. If you're around Oklahoma City this pm, March 3...
      Buddy Shadid will speak about his son, journalist Anthony Shadid, during a public memorial service at 2 p.m.

      Note his last book, just published, on the table.

    4. They CREMATED him, ALREADY? No autopsy? Body not returned to his family- wife, kids, parents??
      This is getting weirder all the time. That guy was killed.

  25. And then...2 French journalists who escaped Syria return home Elaine Ganley AP.2 March.
    ....Sarkozy criticized Syrian authorities, saying they "will have to answer to international legal authorities for their crimes. The crimes they committed will not go unpunished.".........After she emerged from the aircraft, a red ambulance whisked Bouvier to a hospital to treat fractures to her leg received in the Feb. 22 attack.

    A senior Lebanese security official said earlier that Bouvier and Daniels were smuggled across the Lebanese-Syrian border into the northeastern part of Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. Bouvier was then taken to the Hotel-Dieu de France hospital in Beirut.

    Le Figaro newspaper, in an article Friday morning, described a journey with rebels through secret tunnels then a wintry downpour of snow. Bouvier was on a stretcher during the trip.

    The Lebanese security official, speaking Friday on condition of anonymity in line with regulations, said the convoy of ambulances and police vehicles who met the group in Lebanon drove through the mountains in a snowstorm to bring Bouvier to Beirut.

    The army doctor who accompanied the pair to Paris from Beirut said Bouvier, 31, was a strong woman."Some other people might have collapsed" from the experience, Eves Morgand told BFM-TV.........France can investigate crimes abroad when its citizens are victims.....France can investigate crimes abroad when its citizens are victims.....Later, Polish Ambassador Michal Murkocinski and French Ambassador Eric Chevalier identified their bodies at a Damascus morgue, according to Poland's Foreign Ministry. Polish diplomats, in consultation with the U.S. — whose interests in Syria are represented by Poland — are engaged in efforts to transport Colvin's body to the U.S. as soon as possible, the ministry said.

    Ambassadors?? Using what, photos? (is this normal?? I have no idea)

  26. Rebels announce Colvin had been buried in Homs.
    Then western media say her body on way to Damascus to be flown home. Huh?