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Syria: Reporter "spooks" , splintering opposition, crazy Saudi clerics and more

You ever have one of those days, where there is so much to do you simply don’t know where to begin with it all? This post is like that. It has to be since the situation in Syria is so complex.
This post covers a lot of ground as painlessly as possible, hopefully?

The easiest route to take may be just to pick up where we left off, after backtracking ever so briefly. Let's hit the trail!

Last Wednesday journalist extraordinare and super heroine Marie Colvin was “killed” in Syria.
The msm was spinning fast and furious on the heroics of this swashbuckling gal.

This timely incident coincided very nicely with the “Friends” of Syria meeting held just two days after, on Friday, in Tunisia.

Notice I used coincided?
Which is related to coincidence?
If you have read here for any length of time you know I do not ascribe to coincidence theories.
Au contraire it makes sense that the “killing” of Marie Colvin was purposely undertaken to provide a sense of urgency to the “Friends” meeting.
Marie Colvin’s last report was one of “babies being killed”. Marie herself falls on the sword just as another coincidentally timed report hits the media on the Syrian regime “targeting” journalists.The western audience is fully primed, psyched or pumped with ample tales of bad Syria. Along come the “Friends”. As you know, friends just want to help? Unless their two faced back stabbers?
That is something else entirely, but backstabbers,best describe the “Friends” of Syria.
The say all the right things....
Let me quote Hillary Clinton.

With Hillary there will always be blood

“The longer you support the regime’s campaign of violence against your brothers and sisters, the more it will stain your honor. If you refuse, however, to prop up the regime or take part in attacks on your fellow citizens, your countrymen and women will hail you as heroes”

She says all the right words. But, she is not talking to Syrians. Her words are for western consumption. Her words are for the ignorant masses of North America and Europe. The blithering idiots who eat this shit up as if it is nutritious and delicious. The Syrians, the vast majority of them know this woman does not have their best interests at heart. Their not fooled by the words that cross her lying lips.

If you are of a sensible nature you would be aware that Assad still has the support of the vast majority of persons in Syria. Sure, they know he is not perfect, but, thanks to the West he is looking better then the alternative. All the Syrians need to do is look at what western intervention has accomplished for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt, to know, that is not the future they want.

Can you blame them?

Now let’s continue on our journey...Edith Bouvier- Recall her from this post?
She of the broken femur, wanting to be evacuated from a war torn zone because she desperately needed an operation??? That Edith Bouvier?
She had the opportunity to be evacuated from her “nightmare” and she said NO!
That’s right. Edith Bouvier, the largest bone in her body - broken. In need of surgery.
chose to stay in Homs.
The sister organizations of the Syrian Red Crescent in conjunction with the International Red Cross ,went to Homs and delivered aid.

While present an offer to evacuate Ms Bouvier and company was made and they REFUSED TO BE EVACUATED. (Thanks freethinker!)

Wounded journalists stranded in Homs refused to be evacuated by a Red Crescent team on Friday, the International Committee of the Red Cross has confirmed.

The team rescued 27 injured people from the city last Friday after negotiations with the governor of Homs. But wounded journalists including Le Figaro reporter Edith Bouvier and Sunday Times photographer Paul Conroy declined to enter the Red Crescent vehicles.

"The journalist refused to be evacuated by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent last Friday," a ICRC spokesman told the Guardian.
He suggested renewed attempts to reach journalists and other wounded people would be made today.

Bouvier's story was non-believable from the get go and is totally discredited after this. Her injury was a ruse. Her agenda is nefarious.

Syria’s “opposition” splinters, yet again.

As has been mentioned before there has long been opposition in Syria, resident Syrians, who do not want NATO intervention and want to work to improve Syria without blowing it all to hell first. Then there is the other opposition. Formed under the umbrella of NATO, largely resident in the US and Europe. This is the opposition that has split, yet again. And, just after being recognized by the “Friends” in Tunisia

The fragile unity of Syria's opposition umbrella group, the Syrian National Council, has been put to the test by some of its most senior members, who have announced the formation a new opposition body.

The Syrian Patriotic Group, which will be led by at least 20 members of the 270-person SNC, promised to "back the national effort to bring down the regime with all available resistance means including supporting the Free Syrian Army", in a statement sent to Reuters on Sunday.

In announcing the split, the new group dealt a blow to the SNC, which just days earlier was recognised as a "legitimate representative" of the opposition at the Friends of Syria meeting in Tunisia.

How about that referendum in Syria? A turn out that no western nation could even dream of especially under trying circumstances!
How does the West greet this Syrian referendum. In the country of Syria. Voted on by Syrians.
With complete disdain, the UN Says it is “meaningless”

As opposed to all those “meaningful” western backed elections? Such as the bogus one in Haiti, where the political party of the people was not allowed to run a candidate. Or the latest scam in Yemen? How about Iraq? Where voter turn out is non-existent. Or there is only on person on the ballot?

Let’s check out the Syrian referendum together. Almost 90 percent of voters says YES.
And the voter turn out? 57.4 percent of the voting populace.
To give you a sense of how major that is considering what is going on in Syria at this time
Voter turnout in Canada's last election, no western destabilization happening, just 61 percent.
Up from 2008 when the turn out was just 58 percent
In the US voter turn out for the last Presidential election stood at under 57 percent.
How is it that these are meaningful choices but Syria’s isn’t?
The UN rather then being impartial or uniting nations is disdainful of most Syrians.
Showing itself to be a tool of the Western Imperialist and Israeli agenda.

How about some old information but very relevant still.
Stratfor Challenges Narratives on Syria- here and here

But we are now entering the tenth month of this particular violent revolt – even Libya with its full-fledged civil war didn’t take so long. So what gives?

According to the Texas-based geopolitical risk analysis group Stratfor which released an eyebrow-raising piece on Syrian opposition propaganda efforts last week, “most of the opposition’s more serious claims have turned out to be grossly exaggerated or simply untrue, thereby revealing more about the opposition’s weaknesses than the level of instability inside the Syrian regime.”

The oppositions claims grossly exaggerated or out and out lies? Not surprising.

There is more, so please read at the above links. Stratfor seems to have removed that page...
And I can’t find it in the cache? Hmmm?

Getting back to the occupied Golan Heights.

The Arabs and Druze under occupation support the Assad regime
One comment really says it like it is for the Arabs in Israel. Oozing with venom.
You can read it below the video, link here

While in Israel and the Golan Heights... this is worth a mention.
I recall this moron from way back. The Saudi Cleric who very conveniently plays into the Israeli victimhood/ Arabs bad agenda. The agenda that always benefits that one little country in the middle east, of course Israel. Of course he is a Saudi.
This guy is all about getting Bashar Assad. Maybe Israel should give him an award or something? 'Murdering Assad more important than killing an Israeli'

Saudi cleric Dr. Awad al-Qarni is claiming that killing Syrian President Bashar Assad would be a more noble deed than killing an Israeli person.

from his facebook page?

Saudi newspaper Sabah quoted al-Qarni as saying that Assad deserves to die for heresy, referring to him as "Basharon," in a jab alluding to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Muslim cleric claimed that the Golan Heights will not be freed until Assad's "treacherous" regime falls.

Yeah, sure.


  1. This is prolly nothing new to you, but I *think* you haven't mentioned it yet...

    "Voltaire Network is now in a position to confirm that as of 26 February the number of French prisoners is 18 (eighteen)."

    Keep telling truth to power! "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire

  2. Hi Penny ,just noticed the companion video to Bouvier's, Paul Conroy. More news to follow, as the BBC now say he is "released"

  3. no6ody
    I am aware of the situation with the French prisoners, thanks to another commenter mentioning it.
    ""Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire
    Alot of absurdity does get "believed" these days,doesn't it?
    I am going to check that out and thanks for leaving it

  4. Another one with leg injuries....
    I guess those are the easiest to hide, while laying down covered in a blanket

  5. Oh oh, hot news smuggled out of Syria "in the middle of the night" on a motorbike into Lebanon...injuries "not serious enough to require hospitalisation", now in the company of UK diplomats.. Can't wait for the video now.

  6. Links Felix links, this is way to interesting

  7. Just listening to the radio..
    There will be a roundup in about 15 mins , or listen to the news headlines at 14.00 GMT on this link. More later...

  8. Reuters says both reporters made it to Lebanon, then second report says Bouvier's escape is unconfirmed. Also note that this info comes from an 'activist' from the group Avaaz - that is our old Swedish trained Lebanese friend of a few months back.

    Off-topic - some strange bullshit from the Wikileaks-Stratfor circus:
    on RT 'Pakistan knew of Osama bin Laden hideout' (strange they didn't know he died 2001) complete with pictures of the fake OBL!

    and 'Wikileaks emails indicate Stratfor discovered Israel already destroyed Iran’s nuclear facilities'
    “I think this is a diversion. The Israelis already destroyed all the Iranian nuclear infrastructure on the ground weeks ago,” really?

    Hmm, any doubts I had about Wikileaks are evaporating fast.

    PS my pal Pontificating Pedant wants to know what you've got against the word 'too' :p

    1. Extensive update expected at 17.00. GMT on above BBC link..PM programme (12.00ET)

  9. The BBC did not make a single reference to Bouvier in its report which immediately struck me as strange. Conroy is apparently in the care of the "military" side of the UK consular service.

  10. Hey Freethinker who is pontificating pedant?
    Too or To
    meh, sometimes I catch my little peccadilloes and sometimes I don't.
    I am not going to lose sleep over it

  11. thanks felix, I see there was conflicting reports on Ms Bouvier, was she in Lebanon, was she not???

    will she, won't she
    did she, didn't she
    Oh me, Oh my

    Be sure to catch my latest, it seems the terrorists would not allow the red crescsent to evacuate the "journalist" spooks

  12. Freethinker, never mind... I see pontificating pedant left a comment here previously

  13. Conroy's YouTube channel is called mykalishnikov2 (!) Here is the last upload from Syria and previous one. Follow the rest of the vids - you can hear Colvin in the sound track of a Misrata training film.

  14. And another strange one....Conroy is personal photographer and head of video production to UK singer Joss Stone Now, Joss,27 Feb, gets political over Syria "update:
    Yet another celebrity has been conscripted to sell the war on Syria. This time it’s UK singer Joss Stone telling the BBC that “these stories have to be told” otherwise the “massacres will just get worse”."
    via Martin Iqbal at WarisCrime.Angelina Jolie and Joss Stone sell genocidal war

  15. Oh boy, just listened to Ricken Patel (b.Edmonton Alberta, PPE Oxford University England..)of Aavaz on the BBC and the needle of my bullshit meter just went right off the scale. Apparently, three "activists" gave their lives for exporting Mr Conroy back to Lebanon,while the mission to bring Bouvier back on a stretcher was aborted and SIX "activists" allegedly lost their lives in this secondary escapade. Hope they weren't the stretcher bearers. It doesn't make any sense at all to me. If they had commandeered a motorcycle combination with sidecar, perhaps a Russian Cossack or Ural, they could have "saved" them both.
    Oh, and Patel reckons that pro-Syrian drones are pinpointing the locations of jouralists. And guess what? He reckons they come from Russia or Iran! Will post link to broadcast when available v soon.

    Article on Aavaz here, Avaaz: activism or 'slacktivism'? from the fake liberal Guardian.

  16. Hey Felix

    listening right now, notice he too was in Kosovo
    And Libya
    Interesting about him being personal photographer for this singer Joss Stone.... given that he reeks of spook, what does this tell us about Joss Stone
    I am having a Laurel Canyon sort of flashback with that one

  17. Avaaz seems to be one of these distractionary groups-

    They make you "feel" better while you do absolutely nothing.

  18. re Joss,! is one of Conroy's on his own YouTube channel....mixed up with Misrata and Syria...

  19. Paul Conroy is an interesting dude. Web- complete with Paypal donate button. Some great photography. The whole world is a stage for Conroy.

    Here is Paul Conroy and his mate Belhadj (whatever happened to press objectivity?) - from

    Former military man Paul Conroy is dangerous to be around - apart from fatalities Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik, and the 'injured' missing possibly dead Edith Bouvier his assistant in Libya was killed -
    Former Toxteth man killed by missile in Libya lucky he didn't take that lift
    and now -
    British photographer Paul Conroy evacuated from Homs in daring rescue that cost 13 lives 13 lives lost (if real) without need as Conroy refused Red Crescent help.

    But he's a sensitive guy for all that:
    Joss Stone - Take Good Care - Help For Heroes co-written by out hero

    Penny, did you notice before you were distracted by PP (sorry) that I mentioned our Swedish trained Lebanese friend in relation to Avaaz?

  20. Good stuff, freethinker. Latest newks of the spooks at the Guardian: Conroy had twice refused to leave Baba Amr without the body of Colvin. (!!)
    Fears for journalists left in Syria as Paul Conroy is evacuated from Homs by Peter Beaumont & Martin Chulov in ......Beirut.

  21. Poor Edith Bouvier, its not looking good for her. It would be much harder to fake a 'shattered femur' than a cut leg (Conroy); it would be much easier, safer (for the narrative) and stronger propaganda for her to be blown up in a false-flag 'Syrian Army attack'. I hope I'm wrong.

    Avaaz is a money-pump
    for duping the young enlightened (so they think) progressives who want to save the world.

    Our Lebanese/Swedish-Institute/Avaaz friend is Wissam Tarif. In most press reports he's anonymous but in some identical reports he's named.

  22. How is Javier Espinosa of El Mundo going to emerge? I note that another Wassim Tarif project, INSAN, whih has been mentioned here before, is based in Sevile. One of Espinosa's last visible acts was this absurd photograph
    Thanks for info,freethinker. Very interesting. Tarif's first bite of the Syrian cherry under the Insan banner was rather submerged by similar, earlier engineered events in Libya.

  23. Felix, I don't know about Espinosa.

    Penny did a piece on Wissam Tarif here:
    Clearly some outfit or other funded his training at the Swedish-Institute and after that (and I guess some more advanced programmes) he was installed with staff in INSAN, Spain. All very spooky. Now he seems to be under the Avaaz umbrella. There seems to be an endless number of NGOs seeking to ensnare young progressive 'activists'.

  24. Thanks for link Freethinker - that Rishikov business is interesting - bet there wasn't an autopsy/inqust (haven't looked). There is a bit of discussion of WT's status here, in the comments. Your comments on NGOs could also be applied to the fake-liberal (London)Guardian newspaper. Who/what is behind its Middle East/North Africa line?
    There is a recent connection between the Swedish Institute in Egypt here and the Centre for Arab Unity Studies based in Beirut.

  25. Hey Freethinker and Felix

    I am going to check all this out
    Looks like you two are having a good discussion :)
    Was going to do a post on Wissam Tarif today,, because his showing up with Avaaz is oh so curious.
    However I got sidetracked with another Colvin photo and am short on time
    I will be back

  26. Penny, did you catch that Liverpool Echo photo of Conroy and Belhadj having a group-hug (link a few comments up)? Its stunning.

  27. Oh, and according to a report on Voltairnet today a body matching the description of Espinosa has been found in a collapsed tunnel.

  28. hey freethinker, sorry, yah I did miss that along with a whole host of other comments
    Checked it out and wow, conroy is buddies, right in amongst the thick of it, isn't he?

    Espinosa, another journalist has died?
    Wonder how the spin is going to emerge on this one
    or have they gotten enough traction with the colvin story?

  29. There's an awful lot more about Wissam Tarif and his secret life that noone has yet picked up on. An AWFUL lot more.

  30. Really?
    Can you expand on this?
    It would be interesting to know

    1. This medium is neither safe nor anonymous enough for that. There doesn't seem a way to contact you except through this very public means.

    2. Anonymous: I understand your trepidation. I hope you can appreciate mine for not posting an email address.
      It is worrisome for me, like you, because we are both just ordinary people going about or lives.

      If you would like to leave a brief outline, please do.
      Then remove it shortly thereafter.
      Just let me know you did it
      It will be gone from the blog, but i will see it in my blog dashboard and in the email account that all comments are directed to.

      Would that be acceptable?

  31. Ofcourse I understand your trepidation, too. However, your solution still entails public posting. And from posting to your seeing it and deleting, there's no telling how long it would take. And anyway, it's still public. Sorry to not be much help. Would love to. But can't.

    1. Hi anonymous

      I wouldn't delete it. YOu would.
      It would only be here for as long as you left it.
      Just one minute is all that would be needed
      that said, don't want you to do anything that will cause you concern. And I understand :)

    2. There is no delete option once posted on my screen.

    3. There should be. I can see it right under your comment

    4. I've looked for the delete option across various pc's and devices as well as browsers and it doesn't show. I guess Allah doesn't want it!

    5. Anonymous 6:32
      sorry, I don't understand that?
      I can see the Delete in orange below each comment you and I have exchanged here.
      Perhaps it is better kept to yourself?

    6. Seems like it, Penny. But I am not making it up when I say the delete option does not appear for me - even when tried on a range of options, pc's browsers etc. I'll leave it at that, then.

    7. Hi anonymous

      I didn't think you were making it up.
      I am not so good with all this computer stuff but there could be reasons for you not being able to see it having to do with screen resolutions and security settings etc.
      I am going to have to scoot over to another blog and see how the delete looks one I don't have administration over?

      As much as I would love the dirt on Mr Tarif, who I personally think is an arms dealer and that is being kind.
      We will have to sit on it for now :)
      But don't forget it, it may come in useful at some point in time
      Thanks for your patience

    8. Anonymous: Ok so I went over to another blog and the delete appears as a small trash can beneath the comment once it is posted(to the right)
      When you leave your comments do you see that?

  32. Afraid not :( Am checking stuff out to see what might be causing this. So far I haven't discovered the technical reason.

    1. anonymous: sorry for not getting back here sooner
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      My other though is, maybe because you post anonymously?
      You just don't get these options?
      I don't know, just a thought?
      Hope you see this and accept my apologies as offered

  33. Wissam Tarif is Hero Zero. Why journalists and organisations aren't investigating the background to this individual is a question many should ask themselves.

    1. HI anonymous,
      not sure if your the same or a new one.

      I agree wholeheartedly Wissam Tarif is NOT a hero.

      AVAAZ was providing the cover of legitmacy for this individual, who I am assuming is nothing more then an arms dealer, and likely a dealer in other "items" drugs, people, whatever.

      Lots of scum bags are given cover by so called NGO's

  34. Much more complex. I wish I could say more.

  35. Any serious journalist from a reputable News organisation who is willing to seriously investigate can depend on support and info from me.

  36. Hello to the last two anonymous comments

    I don't know if you are the same persons or two separate persons.
    Therefore, well, your confusing me.

    If neither of you wish to say anything here, that is ok

    But if either of you wish to try to contact a reputable news organization, you should.
    IMO no one will listen, not if they are wanting a paycheque, but still it is worth trying if one of you or both of you think it is that important to get this information out to the world.

    Just a thought also
    Might be good for your own safety to get that info out
    The more persons that know, the less likely you are to be targeted for having this information.
    (If the targeting of either of you was an issue?)

  37. Hi Penny,

    here a good video interview of the abducted journalist from Syria

  38. Hey Gallier

    thanks, going to check it out right now!!
    And I hope you are well also?