Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Syrian delegates quit UN council /NATO's terrorists will not release journalists

I want to get this news story up and out there before it is disappeared!

Why did this Syrian delegation quit the UN rights council? I am going to highlight the very big, glaring issue.

It has to do with agenda and perception.

GENEVA — The Syrian delegation attending a United Nations debate on the human rights situation there walked out of the meeting on Thursday.

"We declare our withdrawal from this sterile discussion," the Syrian representative, Faysal Khabbaz, said before leaving the room where government ministers and senior officials had gathered for the specially-convened meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

Khabbaz said the debate "totally contravened procedures" and pointed out that the human rights in Syria was already on the agenda for discussion later in the council's session, which runs to March 23.

The representative accused some members of wanting to use the opening "high-level" segment and "convert it into slander and libel".

"We are convinced that the real aim is to cover up for the violence and murder perpetrated by armed groups against innocent civilians," said Khabbaz.

Since February 9, 18 hospitals, 48 health centres and 129 ambulances have been attacked by armed groups, he told the meeting before leaving.

The UN has demonstrated their one-sided war and death agenda for quite some time now.

Here is more of your perception management via the media
Red Cross quit Homs as evacuation talks fail
It is NOT because of the Syrian government or Syrian soldiers either, it is because of the armed terrorists...

Red Cross and Red Crescent rescuers left the Syrian rebel city of Homs on Tuesday after talks to evacuate trapped Western journalists foundered, spokesman for the two aid groups said.

"Our team returned to Damascus at around 2:30 pm (1230 GMT) after negotiations yesterday and (returned?) today with a sheikh (religious official) who was serving as an intermediary," to evacuate the journalists, Abdel Rahman Attar told AFP.

"He asked for food and medical supplies for the residents of Baba Amr and our team accepted.

We asked in return to meet the journalists, but he refused," Attar added.

Who is He? Obviously 'he' is someone allied with the rebels!

Who are the journalist with? The rebels. Recall their videos, they are the guests of the "Free Syrian Army." Therefore it was the rebels/Free Syrian army that would not allow the evacuation of journalists. Why would they not release the journalist these "rebels" are such good guys.... I suspect they did not release the journalist/spooks because the journalist/spooks don't want to be freed. This has all been a psy-op. Perception Management!

Of course the way this article is written without clarity and intentionally so, to let the uninformed readers assume it is the Syrian government or soldiers. It is not.

The International Committee of the Red Cross in Damascus said its delegates had left Homs for the same reasons.

"The ICRC team has returned. The negotiations have been halted and the situation is very tense in Baba Amr," the rebel stronghold of Homs where journalists are believed trapped, said ICRC spokesman Saleh Dabbakeh


  1. Thank you Penny this is one of my first site I come to regarding Syria. I never believed that the propaganda and news manipulation would be so blunt.

  2. Continued good reporting on Syria.
    But it almost appears as if you believe the Red Cross officials are not part of the propaganda effort??

    You chose several unclear Red Cross statements about accessing/leaving Homs to help make the point that NATO pigs are running around doing almost all the killing.
    Agreed that NATO, not the Syrian army, are causing almost all the chaos and death. But for me the Red Cross is clearly a player in this propaganda effort to sell a war on Syria. There have been many RC statements in the past few days that play perfectly for NATO and help demonize Syria.
    The Red Cross track record stinks. Many examples of their dirty tricks include lies on air quality in NYC for W Bush, covering up TORTURE in Afghanistan for W Bush, their disgusting deeds in Haiti depriving people there of the millions donated by us, and of course their willingness to be whored out in the media to demonize Libya, now Syria.

    Your apparent reluctance to call them out is testament to the power of their brand. Just think what an impact their tacit support for NATO saving the day in Syria will have on the masses!

  3. anonymous 8:01
    thanks for the compliment. They are all appreciated.
    Bear in mind though, I should be just one resource of many.
    I encourage everyone to do their own homework

    "I never believed that the propaganda and news manipulation would be so blunt."

    It almost always seems to be for the simple reason is most people do not really read what is written. And importantly what is not written? Then why?
    For instance, I had seen someone else writing on Syria mentioning we are always told "peaceful demonstrators are killed"
    But we are never told just who these demonstrators were protesting on behalf of.
    Way back, I recall, when the French cameraman was killed in or near Homs
    There had been Pro-Assad protestors out.
    What do we suppose happened to these protestors in Homs?
    If they were killed and it is likely some of them have been,,who do you suppose would have killed them?

  4. Anonymous 8:51 am

    "But it almost appears as if you believe the Red Cross officials are not part of the propaganda effort??"

    Not trying to be troublesome here, but, it is not really about what I believe.. It is how you perceive what I am saying or not saying in this post.

    "You chose several unclear Red Cross statements about accessing/leaving Homs to help make the point that NATO pigs are running around doing almost all the killing."

    But, was it the Red Cross or affiliated individuals that made the unclear statements?
    Or was it the editorial skills of the news service? AFP.
    I don't know. I can't be sure.
    What I did was point out the disconnect in the statements. To show that there was an intent to obfuscate the reality of the situation.

    If you ask me the question "Is the Red Cross part and parcel of the broader propaganda war agenda?"

    I would say, without a doubt, YES.

    But that does not mean every single individual is.
    It is like the rebels in Syria, are each and every one of them aware of the broader agenda at play? Doubtful.
    Many are just religious fanatics, imbibed with crazy beliefs, who think that a secular Syria is sinful and that it needs to be a theocratic Islamist nation.

    In this respect these fanatics are very much like the Israelis who make claims of their entitlement as given to them by their "God"
    It is the same crazy thinking..

    I hope that clarifies to some degree your questioning?
    I thank you also for the compliment

  5. Excellent job Penny. I'm tired of media obscuring reality. Are the journalists suffering from Stockholm syndrome?

  6. Yes all good on the Red Cross, thanks again for truth telling on Syria. Seems like the UN reports on the number of dead (7,000) is the talking point du jour. The pirate burial kerfuffle will no doubt continue on the back burner.