Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tel Aviv "activists" condemn Assad, Russia & China

You all in the mood for a good laugh?
Cause this is hilarious! Who would believe this rubbish? How much did these "activists" get paid to stand around with English Language signs??
Can you say, staged photo-op to present Israel as a nation that "cares" about the situation in Syria? Arabs in general?

We note their concern for the Palestinians everyday? Right?

Keeping in mind that Israel illegally occupies Syrian territory. That would be the Golan Heights I am referencing. Oh and check out the pic. The sincerity of all the "do gooders" Truly Heartwarming.......

(the guy in the glasses looks uncomfortable)

As the body count rises in Syria, a group of activists held a candlelight vigil on Saturday night outside the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv to protest Moscow’s defense of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.

On the Facebook page advertising the event, organizers called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to “take a brave action and announce the opening of the northern border for Syrian refugees looking for shelter” from the violent conflict between opposition groups and Assad’s government forces, who have been accused of the large-scale massacre of citizens.

Organizers said the event was held to show support for the Syrian people “who are being butchered” by the Assad regime and to voice their protest against Russia and China, who last week vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that condemned Assad’s crackdown.

Approximately two dozen (paid?) protesters came to show solidarity with the people against Assad and to send a message that Israel is part of the Middle East and not an island detached from the tumult of the region.

When asked if she thinks that Assad and others could use images from the protest to argue that the Jews and Zionists are supporting the anti-regime uprising in Syria, she said, “He’s already said that 1,000 times. It doesn’t matter.”

The fact that this "protest" is being promoted is a loud shrill call to notice that the Israeli regime is fully supporting the uprising.... What else makes any sense?


  1. Hullo Pen,

    “take a brave action and announce the opening of the northern border for Syrian refugees looking for shelter”

    Ha ha ha ha. What grand comedy! Israel giving a fuck about Arabs in distress?! This from the people of the Talmud. Pathetic.

    Was there to be any movement through Israel's borders it would only be of infiltrators solely dedicated to killing more goyim.

    Whenever an Israeli opens their mouth the smart money will assume that the truth lays in the precise opposite direction.

    'Love the robbery, hate your masters, and never tell the truth'.

  2. Yeah Nobody

    Clearly, I mean clearly this was a staged photop to be uploaded to youtube... along with all the other anti syria propaganda