Monday, February 6, 2012

The US and UK pull Ambassadors, Russia sends a mission to Syria

Briefly today......

I had mentioned the China/Russia veto was going to be washed, wrung out, beaten on the rocks and twisted in every manner possible by the West via the msm. It wasn't hard to figure out that would be the outcome, the propaganda has to be spread farther, faster and more furiously is all.

"Russia and China will, I think, come to regret this decision which has aligned them with a dying dictator, whose days are numbered, and put them at odds with the Syrian people and the entire region," Washington's UN ambassador Susan Rice

At odds with the Syrian people? Susan Rice can lie with the best of them.

"There is no need to mince words about this. Such vetoes are a betrayal of the Syrian people." UK Secretary William Hague

Betrayal of the Syrian people? William Hague, whose nation has been funding the betrayal of the Syrian people for at least the past year now....

The latest has the US closing the embassy and recalling the staff including Ambassador Ford, the death squad ambassador.

The UK follows suit and recalls their ambassador for "consultations"

Given all that has gone on, I would think this is just a regrouping. Or a reorganization of tactics.
Since it seems logical that the embassies and their Ambassadors have been a point of distribution for arms and logistics..

Canada's official "opposition" is urging the Conservatives to follow suit and pull Canada's Ambassador from Syria

Meanwhile Russia is sending a mission to Syria

“Certain Western states are trying to obscure the developments with hysterical statements on Russia’s veto of the Syria resolution,” Lavrov said.

“To put the Syria resolution to a vote despite our request to wait for Russia’s report after its visit to Damascus is disrespectful.”
“The Russian establishment and public opinion don’t buy the picture of a peaceful pro-democracy movement suppressed by dictatorship,”Fyodor Lukyanov, a leading foreign policy expert, for the Russia Today Web site. “Well-trained and heavily-armed rebel groups have support from the outside, primarily from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

Russia, he said, understands that Assad, a member of the Alawite minority, can’t rule indefinitely but wants to manage his exit in a way that preserves the status quo as much as possible — and not hand a victory to the Saudis.

This is an interesting statement

Russia blames Saudi missionaries for spreading a puritanical and, Russians believe, extremist form of Islam among Russian Muslims after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

And is this the next move in Syria?

Georgy Mirsky, a senior researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, told the newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta that Russia’s blocking of the U.N. resolution is unlikely to deter Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey will not be standing aside: they will send military instructors, advisers and arms to Syria without any UN Security Council resolutions,”

“The Muslim Brotherhood movement may come to power in Syria instead of Assad.

“All this may result in a bloody massacre of the Alawites and a confrontation between the Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East,

To quote Freethinker
"It could never occur to him that the Arab Spring was a Western-Zionist project and that the Wahabi-Salafi-Saudi islamists are part of the plot, or that Wahabi/Salafism is a heresy designed by the zionists to destroy Islam."


  1. Interesting analysis of the affairs going on in Syria. And thanx 4 ur suggested readings on the issue of vaccinations from an earlier post.

  2. Hey Penny,...I hope the Russians and Chinese are serious about their positions currently, because I don't know if the intelligent humans of this world could cope with another Libya/Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan etc.

    I know I couldn't.


  3. This is not the first last-ditch effort by Moscow to head off Western intervention. In 1990, Yevgeny Primakov met with then-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in an effort to forestall Operation Desert Storm. In 1999, Primakov went to Belgrade to meet with Slobodan Milosevic on the same errand, as NATO was preparing the air war over Kosovo. Neither effort succeeded.


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  4. Hey Veritas

    Agreed, I don't know if intelligent humans can take any more of this shit
    It is the unintelligent ones who seem to have such a stomache for massacre and bloodshed.

  5. Anonymous
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    I would assume that is a google glitch, one of many..