Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bombs in Damascus-Saudi arms making their way via Jordan

I know you all could not have helped but seen the latest news from Syria?
The double explosion in Damascus. Car bombs. What kind of car bombs are these?
As in how much explosive would it take to cause this much damage?

This was one hell of a car bombing. The destruction is major.
Additional info and images at above link, some are gruesome.

Check out the targets. Note the consistency with which explosions hit security and intelligence targets. In case you were unawares this is the fourth time explosions have hit security compounds.

It was the fourth time in three months that mysterious bombings have hit security compounds in Damascus and Aleppo, the country’s commercial hub and largest city.

Two “terrorist explosions” struck security targets in the Syrian capital Damascus today, killing a number of civilians and security forces, the state news agency said.

The report said the blasts were caused by car bombs that hit the aviation intelligence department and the criminal security department at about 7.30am local time.
Car bombs hit security, intelligence targets in Syria capital, 27 killed, state media say

Security and Intelligence targets. And, the Aviation Intelligence Dept?
Isn’t that convenient and timely....
Softening up the target in preparation for attack? It would seem so.

I was wondering about March 22nd or March 23rd as possible attack dates??

NATO has had a bit more then a full year to prepare.
And this seems in line with so many other attack dates as had been mentioned by the commenter Heywood. Just a thought. All signs seem to be pointing to imminent attack?

Kudos to the Syrian citizen who comprehends the agenda...

“It’s terrorism, terrorism,” another man said. “Who does something like this? Does anybody kill his family?”

One resident speaking to Addounia blamed a foreign conspiracy, referring to the United States, Saudi Arabia and the Syrian National Council, the main exile opposition group that meets in Turkey. “This is the humanitarian aid,” he said. “These are the Istanbul meetings.”

I have covered the Syrian National Council siphoning weapons to the NATO backed FSA.
As for Saudi Arabia’s role in this. I have covered this ad infinitum. Or at least I feel that has been the case.
But, what the hell there is more info being reported today!
Saudi Arabia supplying weapons to Syrian opposition

Saudi sends military gear to Syria rebels: diplomat

Don’t buy into the spin the msm is promoting. It is bogus. Saudi Arabia doesn't CARE!
Saudi Arabia’s agenda has always been the same- to promote their horrid brand of oppression.
To have all Arabs under the thumb of their insane fundamentalism
To have no secular regimes making them look bad.
And the US/Britain/ Israel are right behind the Saudi’s


  1. And the weapons are not just coming through Jordan, they are also absolutely pouring through Turkey and Lebanon as I have covered
    But the two news stories mention Jordan

  2. killings against syria a long time campaign

  3. What a joke, the media are expecting us to believe that this is Assad targeting his own ministries in order to blame rebels...that's even more simplistic an idea than wearing a T-shirt with a persons name on it in order to start a war (the whole Uganda debacle). But stupid people, like a lot of the Sky readers, are believing this. These appear to be huge explosions and their timing and targeting is with precision...It should be obvious who is doing this really.

    Did you see the laughable video on the Telegraph about 'thousands of refugees fleeing the border to Turkey'... it shows a foggy clip of about 20 people walking very slowly behind some barbed wire. Amateurish to say the least!

    aka Marty

  4. reminder of excellent prior post from penny about last dual car bombing. targets being intelligence buildings, is NOT a syrian false flag- too much that is indispensible to running their own country inside, would be suicidal. these were foreign death squad ops

  5. Love the BBC report on this...
    Details of the reports cannot be independently verified...
    The opposition has accused the authorities of staging some of those incidents.
    [recent bomb attacks in Aleppo/Damascus]

    So, take home message - either it is all faked (aka unverifiable), like a fuzzy Danny Dayem video, or that it was a false flag op...

  6. Off topic, but adding to the perp piture...
    YouTube eulogy, 7 March 2011 Farewell RĂ©mi Ochlik by Holly Pickett ,including words by Paul Conroy, delivered by Holly Pickett, photographer. She was everywhere in the Arab spring, including Ras Lanuf, Libya 11 3 2011. Not terribly much in her Blog or indeed her tweets...

  7. @ Felix - what a coincidence!

    The iconic Marie Colvin photo in Tahrir Square was taken by Ivor Prickett , a name not unlike Pickett.

    At this site you will find photos of Egypt and Libya.

    Most look staged to my [ uneducated ] eye.


    1. @afm interesting, thanks. An even bigger coincidence, Holly Pickett had only just arrived in Ras Lanuf, when this seemingly staged photo was taken near the oil refinery by Colvin's Sunday Times companion in Libya and Syria,Paul Conroy with two who were allegedly kidnapped shortly afterwards,this being the "last photo" of them, Tyler Hickes and Lynsey Addario plus Pickett herself, centre, plus a few more. [they were released later,apparently] Not in picture were Stephen Farrell and Anthony Shahid - the latter being killed in Homs. Remi Ochlik (dead also in Homes, along with Colvin) was also at Ras Lanuf at the time Oddly, Colvin only seems to turn up the following month in Misrata. [Any idea anyone where Colvin was before April 2011?]