Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hot off the Press- Syrian News Flash!

Where to begin? Always such a problem....

The news is reporting the NATO backed fighters in the Babr Amr suburb/district of Homs made a “tactical retreat” from the area.
This first reason given for the retreat is totally bogus. I will get to what is most likely the real reason in short order

“A statement by the Baba Amr rebels brigade says the decision was made to spare some 4,000 civilian residents who insisted on staying in their homes.”

Sparing 4,000 civilians, really?
Where was the rebels concern for these civilians when they holed themselves up in what is basically a suburb of the city of Homs ??
Why did they plant themselves in a residential area?
How come our intrepid main stream media doesn’t ask that question?

I will suggest to you they planted themselves smack dab in the residential area, and began terrorizing the residents with sniper fire, while they attempted to carve out a zone that was going to be the next NATO no fly zone.

All those stories we have been given about government snipers surrounding the residential areas to target civilians were as bogus as this most recent claim of NATO's goons all of a sudden having concern for the citizens they had drawn into their destabilization agenda.

The snipers were backed/trained/armed whatever by NATO. They were terrorizing the citizens. The fact that snipers were “set up all around the area” tells us that these NATO goons were not allowing any people into Homs unless they knew who it was in advance.
Like Marie Colvin and Edith Bouvier and Paul Conroy all the “spooky” reporters.
How did you think they got past the snipers?
More importantly the snipers positioned around the neighbourhood tell us they were not letting anyone out, unless they were allowed to leave. That means ordinary civilians.
Who might try to flee. Who might try to inform.
When the Syrian troops did come calling as they inevitably were going to, the bogus “Free Syrian Army” was willing to fire away and then display the dead civilians they had held hostage in the suburb. On You Tube, for western consumption of course, in what has to be the sickest psyop imaginable.

We are then supposed to believe “In the statement issued Thursday, the rebels warn government troops against carrying out "revenge" attacks targeting civilians. It said any such action will "cost the regime dearly." Utter nonsense. These statements are made to create a perception of the fighters as good. Or caring. Or decent.
With all the NATO backed goons gone why would the government target civilians? They wouldn’t and they didn’t. Instead we get this news.
Within hours of the withdrawal of the NATO backed goons, the International Red Cross is going into help. It would make sense that the Syrian Army present will also aid the residents along with the Red Cross.

Within hours of the rebels' withdrawal, President Bashar al-Assad's government granted permission for the International Committee of the Red Cross to enter the besieged neighbourhood of Baba Amr in Homs on Friday.

"The ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent received today from the Syrian authorities the green light to enter Baba Amr tomorrow to bring in much-needed assistance, including food and medical aid, and to carry out evacuation operations,"

So here is another question that the main stream media hasn’t dared to ask.
Who was not allowing humanitarian aid into the suburb?
Smart money says it was the NATO backed fighters.

Tough to terrorize a population with outside observers around, isn’t it?

What was the real reason for the withdrawal? As stated it had nothing to do with sparing civilians for the reasons already given above.

This makes more sense

A statement posted online in the name of the Baba Amr brigade of the FSA said the fighters did not have enough weapons. The rest of the sentence “ to defend the civilians.” it bullshit

The fighters did not have enough weapons to fight. Period.

Why this shortage has occured. Is anyone guess.
Has Syria been securing the borders better?
Have the NATO nations been having difficulties getting weapons through?
Despite all this, there are reports today that “Syrian National Council was coordinating with the Free Syrian Army to get weapons, to the fighters. This is nothing new. These so called Syrian groups have been arming these thugs for some time now.
I have covered that in a couple of previous posts. One here.

In November 2011 we first met a great humanitarian as he makes deals for guns and fighters with Libya to pour into Syria

“The Telegraph has also learned that preliminary discussions about arms supplies took place when members of the Turkish-based Syrian National Council [SNC] — the country's main opposition movement — visited Libya earlier this month.

"The Libyans are offering money, training and weapons to the Syrian National Council," added Wissam Tariff, a human rights campaigner with links to the SNC. “

An aside there is more on outside weapons making there way into Syria, here.

There is the Syrian National Council making deals for guns along side that great humanitarian that I had mentioned- Wissam Tarif.

You may have all heard of him recently in relation to the “heroic” rescue of the spook journalist Paul Conroy? Wissam Tarif of Avaaz was influential in accomplishing this feat of daring

“Wissam Tarif of Avaaz said his organisation coordinated the rescue together with Syrian activists from the battered city of Homs and across the border into Lebanon.”

Of course he was vital in coordinating this “rescue” since it was Wissam that was instrumental in getting fighters and arms into Syria. And as mentioned most likely Paul Conroy, Marie Colvin, Edith Bouvier et al. You know past the snipers...
Cause if you can get them out, you most likely got them in. Along with weapons, communications equipment etc.. All these people, weapons and communication devices were moving into Baba Amr, while the snipers on the building kept their comings and goings safe and secure.
Would never have happened if the snipers had been affiliated with Syrian Army or government.

Speaking of Libya and it’s NATO backed regime aiding the destabilization of Syria.
This was reported just yesterday
Libya to give Syrian opposition $100 million in aid

Representatives from the Syrian National Council (SNC) visited Tripoli this week (again) after Mustafa Abdel, chairman of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), made the initial offer earlier this month to host an SNC office there.
Libya's new government was one of the first foreign states to recognize the SNC as the legitimate authority in Syria in October - a gesture it said showed solidarity following Libya's own struggle to oust Muammar Gaddafi and end 42 years of autocratic rule.

Asked whether Libya, which has its own hefty reconstruction needs after last year's war, could afford such aid, NTC spokesman Mohammed al-Harizy told Reuters: "There is no problem."

This aid is about weapons! Put two and two together with the news that opened this post about the Syrian National Council coordinating with the “Free syrian army” and you understand that this aid is going to be in instruments of mayhem, death and destruction.
NATO plundered Libya and has left her people impoverished and lacking, but, they are funneling money through to their fighters in Syria



  1. Great sleuthing.

    But I wonder about a couple of assumptions:

    1) the spook journalists got into Baba Amr with help from rebels.

    I doubt they were even there. They probably filmed all the videos from other locations--much safer and easier. And if anyone is foolish to go into a war zone just have rebels with guns pretend to call people and then say she is refusing b/c . . . .

    2) The fighters didn't have enough weapons. Thierry Meyssan supposedly went to Homs and reported on Voltaire Network that they were fully stocked. I saw Syrian TV video from last December that showed captured weapons caches.

    1. WWM

      regarding the journalist being in attendance or not in Homs?

      It is possible they are reporting from elsewhere, I mean it can't be discounted by any means....

      Except we know that journalists were in the thick of it in Libya feeding logistics and info to NATO...
      So I am going to live with the theory that they are present.

      2: I believe it is more plausible fighters ran out of munitions then they (fighters) suddenly grew a conscience or a heart.

      There has been, by all accounts an out and out battle for some time in Homs, it would have made it difficult to get new supplies in therefore a weapons shortage makes sense

      at least IMO. based On the information coming out of the media

    2. It's hard to know the truth obviously. But here's the main reason why I think number 2 is not correct: it justifies the West arming the rebels. How many political leaders are going to take the message that if they armed the rebels they would be much more effective? The rebels "proved" themselves by fighting and now they can appeal for support.

      Plus, this information comes directly from the rebels and the "reporters" who talk to them. As is the reasoning for not believing point 1), I don't think we can trust these sources.

      Furthermore, the amount of weapons shown in the December seizures of weapons video looks to be huge. And we have seen that they have very advanced weapons. I can't find the video taken from December that showed high explosives and looked really impressive but just searching on youtube I see a number of videos.

      I think the most likely scenario is that there was a military battle for the area. I bet U.S. forces cut the cell and satellite coverage, to the extent possible, and probably used electronic weapons to jam other forms of communications. They attacked Syrian government people and engaged in terrorism. Then they attacked the Syrian Army as it moved in and then there was a seige/battle for a while.

      I also bet they faked the news reports from some other location. When the Red Crescent and Red Cross showed up to evacuate the reporter, I bet fighters just pretended to negotiate the reporters escape. The insurgents probably left some scenes of carnage to blame on Syrian shelling, etc. They probably mostly high tailed it out of there a while ago.

      Oh, and I almost forgot this point. We caught perps like Colvin faking their presence in Tahir Square so why wouldn't they do something similar here?

      If we were to really investigate this though we would have to look more closely at the videos or pictures of these reporters in Homs.

    3. WWM :"But here's the main reason why I think number 2 is not correct: it justifies the West arming the rebels."

      The west has been arming the rebels most likely since this began in March 2011. If not then shortly thereafter.

      Therefore the west arming the rebels is not going to be a new development.

      Which is why I pretty much discount it.
      After the Friends meeting in Tunisia the Saudi's made it clear they were going to arm the rebels. Also possibly Jordan or Qatar. I would suspect the US or Israel would be supplying the weapons.

      As for the rebels, I don't trust anything they say, I judge everything by what seems logical, factual and possible. What makes sense in the situation. Versus what seems out and out nonsensical.

      And it is hard to do, I am just doing the best possible based on info via the msm and event that has to be parsed very carefully, thinking about how every word is being used, what is included, why?
      what is excluded, why?
      stuff like that

      Of course reporters could fake their presence in specific places, but how would we know for certain?

      Frustrating isn't it?

    4. Yeah, but the West is looking to "justify" the arming of the rebels, not arm them further (which they have been doing and will continue to do). We saw a similar slow campaign of justifying something that was already occurring in Libya.

      But I think we are applying the right logic and getting close. They usually hide things in plain sight, that's why it's more a matter of using good judgment rather than getting secret info. For instance, I find that Messyan piece really interesting.

  2. I was sent a petition to sign, written by Avaaz to "Save Syrian Lives" this being from the same Avaaz that considers it got a "Libyan Massacre Prevented with help from one million messages to the Security Council. Our messages called for sanctions, asset freezes, and an internationally enforced no-fly zone to protect civilians in Libya." The Libya operation was a resounding humanitarian success according to Avaaz.

    1. Indeed John, I too got same email and wrote back to Avaaz saying : Avaaz backed the good guys in Libya, who are now keenly torturing their opponents to death.
      The reply was there was no further funding...So humanitarian values stop at the funding but later on they found more funds for Syria?? How coincidental?

    2. Hey John

      how very humanitarian of the phonies

      Obviously another NGO that works hand and glove with NATO

  3. Avaaz has been working with activists on the Syrian Spring since it started and declares on its website that it smuggled international journalists to Syria. So it's Avaaz responsibility to protect them or free them. It's not the job of Red Crescent employees to risk their lives . For further information, please contact Beirut: Alex Renton on or +447957371902 or +961 71565495. London: Will Davies on or +447855 419901

    All the flag printing black and green, all the signs in English were prepared by Avaaz.


      I see avaaz ingratiates itself into the psyche via it's internet stuff
      but is full boar on with attacking Syria

      bullshit, the stuff people eat up
      WRT ACTA - Time to Win!
      They are likely just attempting to manage the opposition of divert it

  4. It's really ironic how the mainstream media obscure reality....I had to read the Global Mail to find out that there is an uprising in Saudia Arabia....where are the humanitarian people? Where is Avaaz how come no representative over there?
    The Growing Rebellion in Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia regime breeds extremists like rabbits. Most 9/11 terrorists were Saudis, Ben Laden was Saudi, money feeding the Al Qaeda and terrorism in Pakistan and everywhere in the Arab world come from the Saudis they killed our OWN, Americans and when they have an uprising the media doesn't covert it?? Bush said (although I’m not a fan): Either you are with us or against us. I guess corporate media is against us all along.

    1. Was not aware of that
      But Saudi Arabia is a good puppet state to the US and Israel
      Avaaz will not appear there
      As they did not in Bahrain

  5. Edith Bouvier now allegedly, with William Daniels, back in Lebanon with her left femur still shattered for a week (or alternatively with double fracture). Stand by for "X-Rays" showing,er, someone's broken/shattered leg no doubt... and the story of the escape of the pair of them. Early report at

    1. I think she was out with Conroy, recall their were reports she was their and then Sarkozy was sad to see these reports could not be confirmed

      Just trying to drag the drama out
      What shit

  6. Hey Pen',...Excellent coverage. I agree with WWM, I do not believe the vast majority of pictures, moving or otherwise are recorded in-situ. I have personal experience of manufactured images, both as a journalist and a soldier. I assume that the yids have a film Set somewhere, perhaps Qatar or Kuwait, even one of the huge jooSA military bases in Iraq.

    It's all BS if you ask me, total BS, Orwellian BB BS on a hollywierd scale!


    1. Thanks Veritas
      I think it is all BS also
      All created to manage yours and mine perception
      Except persons like us don't want to managed, herded or otherwise manipulated
      Am I right V?
      Know I am ;)

  7. Just thinking about the broken femur - what about broken arteries, veins , blood loss, infection, smashed nerves etc etc. Typically scant on detail.

    If you [ and many others] can at least make an attempt to look around for relevant material and put it together, using logic and reason, in a post how come the MSM can't make an effort.

    One reason might be that those who make an effort with presenting info often get intelligent comments in return - while the poor MSM journos live in a sad, one-dimensional, emoto-bubble of unrelenting and vaguely-focused vengeance.


    1. cheers Aferrismoon

      Also while the msm promotes their one-dimensional emoto-bubbles and puts out "news" accordingly they ensure that all readers are only one dimensional residents of said emoto-bubble reality.

  8. All BS..yep. And here is even more of it, the "official narrative" from the spooky Guardian. Syria's deadly neighbourhood and the desperate attempts to escape, Martin Chulov, 2 March 2012. Beeeeee Sssssss
    ...the main risk she faced in being moved – a blood clot. If that happened on the journey, it would probably be fatal.....One of the group had taken to eating tobacco leaves. (If he was more au fait with Bob Newhart, he's have set fire to them and inhaled the smoke)
    Doctors at the Baba Amr medical clinic, who had used valuable fuel to preserve the bodies of Colvin and Ochlik in the hope that they too could be evacuated, recorded a video of a simple burial.

    A torch beam shone through the gloom to confirm Colvin's identity before her shroud was covered with soil.

    Stand by for the fuzzy video...
    B S

    1. Seriously why would they use fuel to preserve the bodies of Colvin and Olchik in such a situation
      What BS as you say, seriously!

  9. Thanks for your hard work and excellent analysis Penny. I suspect you're right about Bouvier getting out with Conroy; all those brave activists who lost their lives getting her out then back into Syria (as the story goes) probably never even existed. More grist for the propaganda mill. I'm still relieved she didn't end up in pieces, all the same.

    A good report from RT Gunmen executing people in the streets – Homs eyewitness

    1. Freethinker
      It had occured to me that when the Syrian military finally moved into the are they were going to find a lot of deceased persons, that the rebels had killed themselves!
      Not just the people they have been sniping since they laid siege to this city, but all the people they randomly killed on the way out.
      Why would they do this?
      So the massacres could be blamed on the Syrian military.
      and pay back for the civilians who did not support their siege and attempt to destroy the country

      I recall pictures of Homs when the Arab monitors were in attendance, there were pro-Assad protests going on in the city, right when the journalists were present.
      The French cameraman that was killed by the rebels was killed at a pro-assad rally.

    2. @frreethinker Thanks - those pics from "escapee" Daniels are really sweet.. they made me think of a maternity ward sans enfant

  10. For sure the rebels set up shop in a crowded urban area and did so much damage that Syrian military had to respond somehow.
    If a heavy handed Syrian response actually occurred we would have seen video of it 24/7 on our TV networks. Instead we got the pathetic Homs 'siege' coverage featuring sensationalist lies with zero evidence....because there was none.
    But since BBC and CBC delivered the lies, they were well received by people who should know better.

    I predict the Red Cross or UN stooges today will find several gruesome horrific death houses in Homs and the blame will be ascribed to Assad and his forces by westerm media whores.
    That will be the final propaganda card played and another peace war will be launched with full support from the Obama crowd.

    I am more enraged by Obama zealots and their willingness to believe his pathetic lies than I was with moronic Bush lovers accepting his WMD lies.
    Good liberals should know better, and clearly they do not. Tragic.

    1. Yep. I bet you are correct. Probably why the Syrian Army wants to go in first.

    2. I am not so certain there was a heavy handed Syrian approach?

      A heavy handed approach would have seen the Syrian take the NATO approach, and bomb the city to smithereens
      That did not happen.
      Instead Syria did it the more humane way but higher cost to Syrian army, most likely in an attempt to spare civilians

    3. I am fairly certain that there was no heavy handed Syrian approach either, which is what I wrote.

    4. Anonymous;
      apologies, I misunderstood what you were saying.

  11. CBC is reporting that the Syrian authorities are refusing the Red Cross access to Homs.
    BBC saying the same thing with more sensationalist coverage.

    PressTV reports the Pirate corpse has been recovered by Syrian forces.

    The Syrians do appear to be delaying the Red Cross for some reason, but if only half a day or so, that is miniscule compared to NATO rebels blocking them for over a month.

    The BBC has started to drop hints about "grizzly summary execution" locations in Homs.

    1. did the corpse have it's patch?

      So this is going to be the next psyop via the msm
      god they just go from this spin, to that spin, to the next spin...

  12. Latest news from BBC, from about 5.30 onwards here
    (as aluded to by Anonymous)...orders to shoot on demonstrators, and those who defy orders to shoot demonstrators....same old rubbish that was sput successfully in Benghazi a year ago..

    Bodies of Ochlik and Colvin en route to Damascus , certified , death certificates, then passed to embassies..

    1. I thought they were buried?

      I was just over at the CBC site where they are spinning hard and fast
      same shit over and over and the mooks never catch on

  13. The Great Escape - its going to run and run:
    “When she crossed the border, she had a car accident and she had to go on a motorbike – it was pretty epic.” (france24)
    a shattered femur is nothing for this gal.

    1. hey freethinker
      my hubby says he can't wait for the movie!

  14. @WWM If we were to really investigate this though we would have to look more closely at the videos or pictures of these reporters in Homs. Would need to be done quickly. As you say, NATO is itching for an excuse to arm the rebels.
    @Anonymous I predict the Red Cross or UN stooges today will find several gruesome horrific death houses in Homs and the blame will be ascribed to Assad and his forces by westerm media whores The Libyan NATO/rebel method...check out "Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre" analysis, following the battle for Tripoli.

  15. Here we go again (cf Libya Feb 2011) Paul Conroy speaks from his bed (Sky video!!): Injured Brit Photographer On Homs 'Massacre'
    "It's not a war, it's a massacre," he said. "An indiscriminate massacre of men, women and children."
    We know there was no massacre in Libya, no aerial or naval bombing. But it did the trick. Check the number of times Conroy uses the term massacre.

  16. Penny,

    You're the bomb.

    I come here for most of my int'l news.

    You never fail to inform my thinking.



    1. Thanks Suzan
      Your the bomb also
      and If and when i get a chance i;ll be poppin over

  17. Felix - the word 'systematic' also seems to have been doung the rounds, while I notice Cameron has basically called Assad out saying that there will be a 'day of reckoning'.

    Conroy - gives a new meaning to 'lying in a hospital bed'


    1. "Three inch piece of shrapnel" he didn't even know was there in his back. Must have happened in the shower. Otherwise there would have been a large hole in his shirt. He should have given he customary V for victory sign,the standard sick bed salute from the very seriously ill in Libyan hospitals during 2011.


    If you read the comments a fair few people consider him to be a liar.

    And this is the kind of thing the MSM ignore, blithely trundling on with their hero-reporting.

    Can't they read their own comments section and wonder why so many disbelieve one word their saying?


  19. Replies
    1. Did Putin profit from the securities Greenspan and Geo. H.W. Bush created as part of Operation Hammer?

      This article alleges that 9/11 was used as an excuse to clear these securities (in a pretty wild story):

      "During the process of accomplishing the main objective of destroying the Soviet Union, the operatives made massive profits. In September 1991, George H. W. Bush and Alan Greenspan, both Pilgrims Society members, financed $240 billion in illegal bonds to economically decimate the Soviet Union and bring Soviet oil and gas resources under the control of Western investors, backed by the Black Eagle Trust and supported later by Putin who for the right price purged certain oligarchs. The $240 billion in illegal bonds were apparently replaced with Treasury notes backed by U.S. taxpayers.13 To conceal the clearance of $240 billion in securities, the Federal Reserve, within two months, increased the money supply to pre-9/11 numbers which resulted in the American taxpayer refinancing the $240 billion."

    2. Blammo
      I saw those stories and they are not quite what they seem.
      Russia might just be playing coy with NATO
      can't be sure but I found another article the other day that sort of expands on that and leaves a different perception..
      Russia is not going to make public what their intentions are. NO way in hell. Just like the US hasn't come out and said, yah, we are arming the rebels via the NATO machine, though it is alluded to everywhere and the dots can be connected to make it clear
      "Russian not obliged to fight on the side of Syria"

      Russia is not obliged to fight...but that doesn't mean they won't.

      Here are the terms of the treaty being referenced by Bloomberg

      Current treaties do not oblige Russia to offer military assistance to Syria in case of intervention, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said at a briefing on Friday.

      But here is section 6 of the treaty in question

      "“In case of situations threatening peace or security of one of the sides or peace and security worldwide, the High Contracting Parties will immediately engage in contact with each other to coordinate their positions and cooperate to overcome the emerged threat and restore peace.”

      Engage in contact with each other to coordinate their positions and cooperate to overcome the emerged threat and restore peace

      That can be taken a whole lot of ways.
      I would say that Syria and Russia have been in contact with on another for some time now

      Have they been cooperating and coordinating?
      Eventually we will find out

      I am still of the opinion that Russia will not give up the Port without guarantees
      And they aren't going to get any guarantees of access from NATO

    3. Blutto,

      Putin to Assad: You're a dead man if you don't step down!

      Doesn't sound like much of an ally.

    4. WWM: when was that said?
      can you leave a link?
      That is a new one to me

    5. Excellent, thank you Penny

  20. WWM
    I will read it and comment later...we were without internet access almost all day today, so this has been my first chance to pop in to read anything

  21. Aferrismoon and Felix as always
    Thanks will check all out later

  22. WWM your link doesn't lead to an article but to a tutorial site, so i can't read it :(

    1. Darn. That's what I get for trying to properly insert a link.

      Hope this works better.

      It really is an amazing story.