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Syrian destabilization nearing 1 year- Casualties, Colvin, Turkey, Lebanon and more

I have so many reports book marked. It is impossible to know where to begin or which one to begin with. Everyone get's mentioned here. The US, NATO, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon and more.
Be warned were going extremely long.
Consider it a long winded anniversary speech. Get something to drink if you must!

Felix and Freethinker have left some great links in the previous posts and I want to put them here for all to read. Of course, thanks to you both. :)
Those links will be included at the end, don't miss them.
And a Marie Colvin is included

The world is nearly a year into another NATO destabilization campaign, in another secular Middle Eastern Country. We have witnessed the downfall of a secular Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now the path of NATO destruction is leading to Syria.
In all cases mentioned, the countries have turned towards theocratic Islam. This is not a “coincidental” kind of happening. This is by design. The West has been heavily involved with the Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood movements. The installation of these western theocrats creates the needed illusion to justify long term meddling in aformentioned nations.
It also creates the perception of an existential threat that the West needs.

What the West is attempting is to turn the entire ME into a theocracy on par with Saudi Arabia. And Saudi Arabia, could not be happier for it! Extending its influence through the region, while ensuring subservience to NATO (British, US, French etc.,) and Israeli interests.
So for this post were going back almost one year in time to recall when the first inkling of an overthrow came to light. Or at least my light.
March 24/2011 Western backed Social Media "revolution" coming to Syria
Brought to you all by video uploaded onto YouTube.

Interesting that even then I noticed how quickly the main stream media was on board and covering this “revolution” In hindsight it seems now as if they were in the game all along

“Today is supposed to be the so called "Day of Dignity" Protest. And the mainstream media coverage will be on going. Live even. Al Jazeera and The Guardian are both mentioning they will be having "live coverage" of the protests. Likely other mainstream media outlets will be providing live coverage. Watching the BBC yesterday, they were covering the issue.


The protests in Daara, are at the very best a local issue. In one city. And so far, the protests have been small. This has me really curious as to why the international media is giving it so much coverage??

What was quite clear in the post quoted from above-The internet access and connectivity was not there for this type of “revolution” to take hold, now without some sort of outside help.
Reread- The myth of the Arab social media revolution

As time went on it became quite clear how assistance with internet access was coming into Syria
A shadow internet had been created

Given nearly a years worth of reading, researching and writing about Syria from the first inkling of a NATO backed revolution it was not lost on me that this past week-end, after the Syrian Army had managed to take Babr Amr from the rebels, a car bomb exploded in Daara.
This was not an accident or a coincidence.
This was a NATO bomb.
Perhaps to reinforce the mythical narrative? "One year later this town remembers.."

Problem being other then the initial “protests” Daara had been quiet.
I guess, NATO had to get the ball rolling somehow. Despite what this article claims
These bombings aren’t so mysterious.
Someone? Who? (instructed by NATO in terrorist acts) drives a booby trapped car into a location to ensure maximum damage and kaboom.
This car bomb came after the previous one in Aleppo. An Assad stronghold.
It would seem likely that the pot is being stirred in Daara for symbolic reasons as well as to terrorize the residents of Daara
The payload (detonated) at a traffic circle in Dara, killing three civilians and wounding 20 others, including law enforcement personnel”

Killing civilians and law enforcement- Who ever did this likely hopped right across the Jordan/Syria border. You may recall I had a post up about US special ops being present in Jordan?

Oh and speaking of special ops... the mainstream media is finally covering the news that French soldiers had been arrested in Homs.
Two commenters had left that information at the blog previously- Gallier and no6ody. Thanks!

Here’s the scoop! Thirteen French officers 'captured by Syrian Army'
Thirteen French officers have been captured by Syrian forces according to the Lebanon-based Daily Star newspaper, the first mainstream media outlet to report on rumours of Western troops on the ground.


Perhaps this was the real reason that the French Ambassador was in Damascus over the week-end. Despite the French embassy being closed in Syria?
Was the Ambassador really there to negotiate for the release of the soldiers, as opposed to the happenstance recovery of the reporter?
Smart money is on the negotiations for soldiers.
Ah France, tsk tsk..all the blood on your hands.
What war crimes are being committed in the names of your citizens?


According to an Armenian report the EU has recognized the illegitimate Syrian National Council, that monstrosity created in Turkey

Libya redux.

““The EU has recognized as legal the representation of the so-called Syrian National Council, based in Istanbul. It is nonsense, but that enables making even more efforts by the de-facto established coalition, including the U.S., the EU, Turkey and some Arab states,” Areshev said.”

This is the first I have read of this. The NATO backed rebels in Libya had recognized their NATO bretheren in Turkey, but I was unaware that the EU had done the same.

If this is indeed the case, as the report claims. Everything is about to get a lot worse. The NATO nations will arm this "government" as they did in Libya.

According to this Armenian,
"the U.S. and its allies constantly are getting reinforced on the borders with Syria preparing a bridgehead.”

"A strong position secured by an army inside enemy territory from which to advance or attack"

Oh, like a buffer zone?
Let’s talk about Turkey and Lebanon and buffer zones or bridgeheads.

Turkey is the home of the Syrian National Council. All manner of guns and fighter have been crossing the border into Syria


Turkey is giving comfort to the “rebels” of Idlib.

Who have ideally positioned themselves to create that bridgehead mentioned above

"Rebels here envision this region as their country's Benghazi, the eastern Libyan breakaway enclave shielded by a Western-enforced no-fly zone that served as a political and strategic capital for insurgents fighting Moammar Kadafi.

"We want to base here and then move our forces forward, rather than have each area fighting on its own," said Zidan, 37, a father of four who worked as a general contractor for years in Kuwait. "He who wants to defect, flee to here; he who wants to fight, come here."

Idlib is ideally positioned to become Syria's Benghazi. As in the Libyan city, the revolution has tapped into deep resentment of an impoverished region that residents say has been snubbed by the government for decades. The rocky, mountainous terrain lends itself well to hit-and-run operations, and its proximity to rebel-friendly Turkey, from which there are long-established smuggling routes, offers the potential for foreign powers supplying the rebels.

As the rebels wait for an infusion of aid, weapons trickle in from all directions, including Turkey and Lebanon.

A little more on what is going on near the Turkish border and we are going to reminisce on those “camps” that Angel(ina) of death visited. I was deeply suspicious that these camps were cover for the NATO destabilizers. Read on.

The Syrian army launched an offensive early Saturday against rebels in the village of Ain al-Beida, not far from the border with Turkey, the Turkish news agency Anatolia reported.

It quoted witnesses as saying around 2,000 soldiers and 15 tanks were involved in the operation to seize control of the village only a few kilometres from Turkey.

Some 7,500 Syrians have fled to Turkey since the outbreak of anti-regime unrest almost one year ago, on March 15.

They are housed in camps in Hatay, where members of the Free Syrian Army,(Al quaeda, muslim brotherhood, salafists, NATO speical ops) made up of deserters from the Syrian security forces, also are based.

My suspicions were correct, the “free syrian army”( check previous sentence on what constitutes this “army”) is holed up in the “refugee camps”
No surprise there. None whatsoever. The camps were always as phony as a three dollar bill.

I know this is long, but, we just got one more bit of news to cover.
Iranian Envoy: Syrian Terrorists Killing People with US, Israeli Weapons

A senior Iranian diplomat blasted the western countries, specially the US, for their double-standard attitude towards terrorism, and said the Syrian people and security forces are being killed by the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists who are armed with the US and Israeli weapons.

"The West does not speak about the ties between the terrorist groups in Syria and the al-Qaeda which slaughters the people with US and Israeli weapons in that country," Iranian Ambassador to Uruguay Hojjatollah Soltani said on Monday.

No the West does not speak of those ties. But the ties are easy enough to spot.

Stay tuned, links to come
Thanks Felix-Syria -Questioning the "Casualty List"
Thanks Freethinker- The journalist combatants of Baba Amr

Also, with thanks to another commenter
- Marie Colvin- Death by Nail bomb
‘Rebels killed Western journalists in Syria, not Assad army’

"According to a source working for the office of the medical examiner in Syria, a nail was found in the skull of US journalist Marie Colvin, which proves she was killed by a handmade bomb.

The source added that Syrian doctors have not removed the nail from Colvin’s head so that US coroners can also find the real cause of her death."
Partial response to commenter-

"And yes, indeed, if Colvin was killed by a nail bomb
she was without a doubt killed by the NATO armed terrorists, I should have added, who may have been running low on munitions.
--which explains why they (rebels) would not give her body up to the IRC
--which explains why the rebels buried her via Youtube
to hide their own crime

If you have been following along for any length of time here, you may recall I did a post on nail bombs being used in Syria. It was clearly by the rebels. Improvised Explosive Devices.

From Nail bombs to Israel and all points in between


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  2. Hey to all of you leaving comments in varying posts
    I will get to them. The post above was a time killer.
    So I am behind the times...
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  3. Great analysis Penny. I did love [not] that photo accompanying the car bomb article in the LAT...Men bury three rebel fighters during their funeral in Idlib, in northern Syria, on Saturday. Credit: Rodrigo Abd /Associated Press Par for the course. Showing, er, nothing.

    1. thanks felix and yes the photo should have been Men dig a hole
      but, it;s not quite so dramatic is it?

  4. FYI
    Ankhar Kochneva, writer and sole foreign journalist permanently living in Syria, tells RT what is really up in the country, who funds the opposition, how international media fake images of unrest and why it is so important to watch weather forecasts.
    AK: These TV networks have been employed as propaganda tools serving to destroy Syria as a state. Some of those propaganda tactics are stunningly elaborate, and you can only tell a lie if you live in Syria and focus on details.
    For instance, there has been a fantastic weather forecast for Syria broadcast on TV, where temperature indices actually stand for the time when protesters will assemble in a specific location to provoke unrest. If you are with the opposition, this broadcast tells you that there will be a rally in Homs tomorrow at 12pm, and specially instructed camera crews will be waiting for you and your associates to turn up to act as the angry masses. You spend five minutes yelling “Down with Assad” in a square and leave with hard cash in your pocket, and the world gets TV images of “a street revolution rocking Syria.”

    1. Hey brian, gonna check that out!

      the weather forecast stuff is interesting because I have long felt that messages go out via the media
      To those who know what to look or listen for

  5. Hey Pen,

    Without wishing to pretend that I know more about pathology than a qualified medical examiner, just on the face of it I'd say that he could well be jumping to conclusions. Whilst a nail in the head could result from a nail bomb, I'm pretty sure a hammer will do the trick just as well. And knowing what I know of the death cult (and Syria is nothing if not a death cult gig) hammering a nail into someone's head would be their idea of fun. Hell, they probably went paper/scissors/rock to see who got to do it. With the rest then standing around laughing at the comedy of it all. "Laugh? I nearly napalmed an orphanage, ha ha ha."

    1. ". Whilst a nail in the head could result from a nail bomb, I'm pretty sure a hammer will do the trick just as well. And knowing what I know of the death cult (and Syria is nothing if not a death cult gig) hammering a nail into someone's head would be their idea of fun. "

      I wouldn't exclude it
      Keeping in mind that this is the same bunch that NATO backed in Libya, they of the raping and cutting off of breasts and other sordid mutilations
      What's a nail in the head to them?

  6. Replies
    1. Their husbands are not coming back?
      Why did they flee with the rebels?
      I love how the BBC tells us what is being said..

      How do we know that the rebels were not the ones committing the atrocities?

      Given they were under siege from the rebels all that time??

  7. Don't know if it's been posted elsewhere here but this is a compilation of other staged rebel videos:

    Remember Danny standing next to that burning inferno? Well, we see the terrorists set the camera up in a window facing the pipeline target. Then they go blow the target up and Danny is first one on the scene in his video.

    We can pretty much assume everything Danny was associated with was staged or fake.

  8. Interesting article reprinted here at (I kid you not) by Corky Siemaszko, 2006 : A striking brunette, Colvin lost her left eye while reporting on the bloody civil war in Sri Lanka. Then she insisted on local anesthetic so that she could describe in detail — for her readers — the operation that removed a half-inch piece of shrapnel from the socket.

    By a huge, or perhaps not so huge, coincidence, the very same Corky Siemaszko reports for the NYDT yesterday
    McCain calls for airstrikes against Syria
    and on the 2 March piece planned burial of Colvin at Oyster Bay Long Island: [Rosemarie Colvin] told the Daily News she got a call at 3 a.m. Friday from the State Department, notifying her that Marie’s body had been identified by a longtime colleague at the Sunday Times of London.

    1. Good "eye" Felix.

      So she's reported in Sarajevo, Kosovo, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Sryia. She doesn't seem to have the body of writing that one would assume would go along with this decades of war reporting.

      Has anyone seen a list of her published writing?

      I love how they plant the back story in a small place like the one eye website. Really adds to the authenticity.

      They really are playing up the adventurous professional angel--she failed at marriage twice but her true love is "the story."

    2. I heard Mccain called for airstrikes...
      Without a UN mandate
      Do you think this is like "putting out feelers" via the msm
      To see how well this will go over?

      If the rebels can gain enough ground in Syria with all that help from Turkey and NaTO, I think that NaTO will go ahead with a no fly zone

      I want to see what kind of language etc comes out of Russia now that Putin is back, with a solid election win

    3. WWM

      when I first did the post on Colvin, everything about her was MIA... the way the media portrayed her?
      Was out of sync with the reality at that time
      I think alot of fudging was done afterwards
      Including the creation of the wikipedia page

    4. Notice how many of Colvin's reporting is not under her byline but instead as a contributor or is relayed through another reporter's remembrances. For instance, it looks like Judith Miller references Colvin's reporting in her 1997 book. Miller, Judith (1997) "God has Ninety-Nine Names: Reporting from a Militant Middle East."

      Similarly, in the Youtube review I did the other day, I noticed that she didn't appear on CBS directly but via Sky. It made me wonder if she perps were simply putting the info out there (in a relatively small source) so it could be found later.

      In fact, I'm having trouble finding anything in her name. The wikipedia page only lists this but I can't even tell if she wrote it or is merely contributing.

      Agreed on Wikipedia being suspect. I recently was researching another subject and I saw first hand how Wikipedia was manipulated for ulterior purposes. The person I was researching even has ties to Silicon Valley VC and Wikipedia (and maybe spook stuff) and the few newspaper reports about the dude kept getting scrubbed from wikipedia. Why would the best public information keep getting scrubbed? It wasn't flattering but it was published in the MSM so I don't see how it could have been suppressed on Wikipedia and a positive cover story inserted instead.


    In the past couple of years a few bodies have turned up around Oyster Bay and environs.

    Long Island also has some military bases as well.

    Added for coincidence factor


  10. Things are obviously getting worse and there is a real push for some kind of military action from the powers-that-be into Syria. The reason I say this is because I listen to British Forces radio on a daily basis and today, all day, the top news headline every hour is about Syria and the 'atrocities' being committed there. A tape is played of an 'arabic voiced woman' telling us that a woman called Selma watched as Assad's forces killed her children then she was gang raped by 5 men before being forced to watch them kill her husband also. I am assuming this terrible story - which I have heard at least 6 times today being recited - was told to the 'eye witnesses' by the raped woman - The report ends with 'We cannot verify the evidence being given to us!' It is pretty sick stuff and news aimed DIRECTLY at the British Military and their families listening. Therefore, I can conclude that it is a psy-op to prepare people for the coming conflict...right?


    1. Thanks Marty

      You know, women do get raped in war, but it is such a common story in the world of psyops, that now I am becoming sort of desensitized to it.

      It's sad, but, we read and hear so many lies, unsubstantiated claims made by random people out of all context and I just don't know??

      Yet, when women in the US Military report the staggering amount of rapes etc, that they do the US brushes it under the rug.

      In the case of the news you are referring to it looks psyop ready to go...
      The media hasn't been able or willing to verify anything

    2. women dont just get raped in war...they get raped in US and other soldiers...ask the women of Okinawa!

    3. Exactly. It's the lot of the occupied - you get to be victims forever. And South Korea is no different. And then there was Germany after the war! But really we could go on and on forever couldn't we? Three cheers for the good guys!

    4. The rape and murder story of 'Selma' that I mentioned yesterday has been completely dropped from the news and there is NO questioning about it and no more reporting ANYWHERE - Therefore I conclude it must have been a complete fabrication...unbelievable!

    5. Hey Marty, thanks for the update
      If the story of "Selma" is gone then it would seem your conclusion is correct
      A fabrication

  11. btw
    If I have missed responding to anyone in any previous posts, there were just so many comments and not enough time to address them all
    apologies for that
    but I do read them all
    and appreciate that you took the time to leave them.
    and there great for anyone else who reads here to see!

  12. Felix et al
    If the BBC and other propaganda media outlets would have us believe, or are attempting to create the perception that everyone is leaving Babr Amr....

    who the hell is the red cross distributing aid to?

    1. In late January, the head of the Syrian Red Crescent was assassinated in his car. Western media went silent and disappeared that story real fast.
      So many bullshit stories about victims in Syria are getting wall to wall coverage by our war mongering media. Too bad Dabbakeh wasn't missing an eye, we might have heard more about him.........

      A clear cut case of terrorists at work, bringing the Red Cross to heel. It might help explain the willingness of many Red Cross agencies to shill a bit more obviously for war on Syria.

  13. Penny, I was trying to find out some contemporary stuff about the lost eye incident. Two photos from an operating theatre in Colombo, 17 April 2001 are on recent web pages. However, the account of the incident from a Sri Lankan source is fascinating. Destiny of Marie Colvin - Marie Colvin British Celebrated Correspondents Detour to Her Destiny.

    , Eelam Nation 30 April 2001. It ends.

    Sri Lankan Government has also ordered a high level probe to investigate as to how Marie Colvin managed to arrive unnoticed and slip into Vanni avoiding military checkpoints and border security.

    Subsequently, Sri Lankan press reported that authorities arrested three Tamil men accused of escorting an American journalist into rebel-held territory in the north. Police alleged that those men received Rupees one hundred thousand fee from Marie Colvin to escort her to Vanni, the area controlled by the Tamil militants.

    THe odd thing is that it is reported that she is shot. With what?
    While Marie Colvin was crossing into Vavuniya - the government troops stationed at Parayanlankulam-Vavuniya opened fire on her. She sustained four shrapnel wounds in her shoulder, thigh, chest and eye. Her lung was bruised and her eye-injury was serious, requiring exploratory surgery in Sri Lanka.

    Compare with the story in the Daily Telegraph
    Sean Ryan, the Sunday Times's foreign editor, said that despite the prospect of being blinded in one eye, Colvin was in "good spirits". He said: "She is eating and drinking and has been visited by Ashley Wills [the US ambassador]."

    He said that Colvin was injured when a hand grenade exploded near her while she was walking with a group of people dressed in civilian clothes, who came under fire from government forces.

    Mr Ryan declined to comment on claims by the Sri Lankan government that Colvin did not have the necessary permit to visit rebel-held areas. Foreign journalists are required to have written permission from the defence ministry before entering areas controlled by the Tamil separatists.

  14. Paul Conroy describes his dramatic escape from Homs Press Gazette, 5 March - from the Sunday Times (Paywall) Conroy had sustained a serious leg wound in the blast that killed Colvin, and as he got out of the car, his bandage began to unravel. ‘One guy looks across and says ‘Get Paul in first, his bandage needs sorting and he can’t walk, get him in the tunnel.’ That was my piece of luck, the bandage coming undone.”

    “He was lowered down a 15ft vertical drop into the tunnel, then taken by motorbike for about a mile. The tunnel — a sewer or storm drain — was only 5ft high, so he had to crouch down on the bike.”

    The report continued: “Halfway along they came across a man carrying a 10-year-old boy whose lower body had been shredded by a mortar blast: ‘You could see the bones in his legs. He was conscious, so he was put [on the bike] behind me'.

    “Part of the tunnel had collapsed after earlier shelling, so Conroy had to drag himself a stretcher for several hundred yards.”

    Once they were out of the tunnel Conroy had to dodge army patrols and was “hauled over several high walls and hidden in safe houses”, before finally making it across the border into Lebanon “after more than a day on the run”.

    From the same site..Sunday Times: Colvin killed while trying to retrieve shoes.
    The journalists, including three French nationals and a Spaniard, were said to be covered in dust and uninjured - but fearing the building was being targeted they “prepared to flee but had to retrieve their shoes first”.
    27 February 2012

    Does anyone believe all of this???? some of this??? none of this???

    1. It is so sensational I can' believe it.

      We know many of the sensational claims from people like Danny were complete bullshit. Since these journalists were involved with some of these same frauds and are indeed making similar sensational stories we can't believe them.

      I don't believe any of Conroy's story.

      First, why is the bandage a concern when I would think the fact he couldn't walk would be a bigger concern. If he can't walk how can he get down a 15 foot drop and then go on a motorcycle bending down in a tunnel for a mile, then crawl for a couple hundred yards?

      Also, is a tunnel going to collapse for "several hundred yards" because of shelling? That seems very improbable because that is a lot of shelling. I doubt there is much, if any, shelling going on. Plus, a tunnel is underground so it's going to be somewhat protected so it would have to be direct hits and what are the odds that several hundred yards of tunnel were collapsed? Wouldn't it be more likely to be one section of like ten feet or something?

      I bet the perps love the Great Escape and James Bond movies and they are really using their creative license. This is like a lot of the fake victims from 9/11 who were neoliberal heroes, 30 year old bond traders who volunteered as Big Brothers and competed in adventure sports and died after making sure everyone else got out first.

      And what happened to the child during this crawling period?

      I am still trying to figure all the particulars of this psy op. I don't even know if this whole crew is in Syria. It appears Danny is in the country from looking at the one video that shows the attack on the pipeline and from another video we know Danny (right) was there right on the scene as it was burning. So there does seem to be some melding of the pys operations with the actual operations. There have been what, 2,000 government people killed? That's a lot of operations.

      Anyway, I think the entire Western delegation seems to be lying, with maybe the exception of Messyan. I think all these people are potential perps:

      Marie Colvin
      Paul Conroy
      Edith Bouvier
      Tyler Hicks
      Anthony Shadid
      Remi Ochlik

    2. Shadid and Hicks were two of the four kidnapped in Ajdabia, Libya in March 2011.. Conroy was certainly around the group at the time. The two others were Lynsey Addario and Irish American Stephen Farrell from the NYT. I notice on Random Irish News that "Since then,[last contact,Tuesday March 15] Farrell’s editors have heard claims that he and his colleagues have been seized by Libyan troops.
      The Libyan government have, however, denied this."

      Odd story about their driver, Mohamed Shaglouf :CPJ says it was told by the Times on November 7 that Shaglouf was killed at the checkpoint, according to information the Times attributed to Shaglouf’s brother.

      Reporter Anthony Shadid, who was one of the four Times journalists detained at the checkpoint, also recently acknowledged during a radio interview with Terry Gross of WHYY in Philadelphia that Shaglouf was killed.
      (as blogged at PDN Pulse Jan 5 2012:

      Reporter Anthony Shadid, who was one of the four Times journalists detained at the checkpoint, also recently acknowledged during a radio interview with Terry Gross of WHYY in Philadelphia that Shaglouf was killed.

      Contempory with the kidnap was the announced death "from a sniper" on March 19 2011 of Danny's precursor in Libya, Mohammed Nabbous - a psy-op if I ever saw one..

    3. Here is a CNN "report" on Mohamed Nabbous just after he died. OMG. It's over the top.

      Notice they start the programming with "This is the reality on the ground in Libya . . . " [the perp reading these lines surely knows this is not the reality but a falsified reality]

      I do see the similarities between Nabbous and Danny as far as the sensational claims and using a similar hyper acting style (but notice how calm Danny was when waiting to go on air).

      I also see the similarities between Nabbous and Colvin. Hero reporters both die getting the scoop.

      Nabbous also left a dramatic report alleging government atrocities just before he died, just like Colvin. "Where's Al Jazeera" he says. Don't worry buddy.

      Also, are there conflicting reports about the way he died, like Colvin? I saw a reference in youtube to reports of him being killed in an airplane attack as well as from gunshot. But only see references to sniper on google.

      Oh, and as far as perps go, add this one to the list:

      NPR's Andy Carvin for disseminating Nabbous' propaganda.

    4. WWM - the lessons and the script are all there back 12 months. A Guardian type journo paid a visit to Nabbous' grave for a photo story. Did Colvin really die? Carvin - right on the button, WWM! (think he was the one at Nabbous' grave, haven't checked)

    5. I am starting to wonder, looking at the list of spook journalists, if some of them are being taken out in a tying up of loose ends sort of operation??
      Just a thought

    6. Here's Carvin visiting Nabbous' grave:

      Notice we only get a picture of dirt again.

      And of course there are very few people to verify the journalist's claims:

      "Though Mo and I were online acquaintances at best, I probably saw more of him than almost anyone else except members of my family over the course of that month. I was online for upwards of 18 hours a day, seven days a week, and there was rarely a time when he wasn't online as well. His death affected me greatly, and I promised myself that if I ever visited Benghazi, I would pay my respects at his grave."

      And as you can tell I suspect that these journalists were never wounded and were not killed. I suspect the wounds and the deaths were faked. It's not like intelligence agencies can't and don't pull this off all the time. And they use complicit NGOs to help them.

      I also believe the perps have used these tactics not only in Libya and Syria, but much more often than we realize. I now suspect most of the acts of terrorism over the last 20 years were indeed falsified events--staged as propaganda. Like 9/11.

      So that's in part why I suspect a grander conspiracy in this instance--I'm convinced this is the M.O.

      And the evidence keeps getting stronger rather than weaker. I'm keeping an open mind and realize I could be unduly pessimistic, but I think I'm on to something . . . .

    7. Like 7/7 too ...Think we're converging, WWM

  15. I searched Daily Kos for "fake Syria" and I got one irrelevant hit. So nada. Zilch on probably the biggest news story of the year.

    When I search for just "Syria" I got propaganda like this:

    "One group said that they watched Assad's forces cut the throats of 36 men and boys that the soldiers dragged into the streets. One mother said she watched a pro-Assad soldier put his boot on her son's head and hold him down while another cut his throat. The boy was 12.

    Army deserters from what the BBC calls “an elite unit” reported that they were ordered to attack and murder civilians. They are confirming the reports from the refugees. They say that their orders were to “shoot at anything that moves.”

    I believe them. The reports are consistent with what we've been hearing all along. This is the real reason that the Red Cross is being kept out of recently taken neighborhoods."

    I like the nice touch of the detailed map of the battle for Baba Amr and local information about the size of the streets the author provides. Makes you wonder who is writing this.

    1. wwm: I haven't looked at Daily Kos for years, and I mean years..
      but, I see they are being spoon fed via NATO and I recall reading someone from DK was big on visiting Israel or ties with Israel, so it would be NO surprise that they would support all the wars that are so favourable to Israel

  16. Off-topic, Israeli amb. car bombing -
    Indian National Arrested in Israeli Car Bomb Blast
    not terribly interesting until the last line:

    "She told media after the blast that she escaped more serious wounds, or even death, by fleeing the vehicle as soon as she saw the motorcyclist approaching"


    1. "I even lowered the windowpanes to say something to him but he escaped by then" (Jerusalem Post 18 Feb). aka Fleeing the vehicle...
      Original mid February reports at the Daily Mail with photos and undated report from the Rajaratnam School of International Studies,Singapore. It has false flag written all over it. (she had splinters....which (Jerusalem Post) required air ambulance transport to Israel!

    2. BBC take on it (Mar 7) Police said they had searched Mr Kazmi's house over the past two days to gather evidence, but gave no details of what they found.

  17. Meyssan is the real deal. As Alain Soral said in one of his numerous excellent videos, A real journalist (i.e. one who is not a whore) is a journalist who is out of job. When Thierry Meyssan started to question 911 in 2002, he had to leave France and ask for asylum in Lebanon. He can walk quite freely around the Arab world but couldn't come back to France as he would get in trouble with zionists there.

    1. Good to hear that Gallier - he seems like a straight arrow to me, so its troubling to find some bloggers bad-mouthing him.

      Gallier, how's the Bouvier saga playing in France?

    2. Can't say much, it's pre-election campaign, so the mainstream media are even less useful than normally (as incredible this may sound). The 10 minutes of radio every morning is already enough to get my BP high, so I avoid as much as possible.

    3. Who is badmouthing him?

      Why is it that the few people questioning ALL the sources coming out of a very confusing environment (Syria) are being accused of "badmouthing" Messyan?

      Why are some people trying super hard to protect Messyan?

      This response seems unnatural to me.

    4. Hey Gallier
      don't you hate election season
      It does seem as if the bullshit flies thicker and faster then ever

      keep in mind everyone gets to think their own thoughts
      Don't get to caught up in what you perceive others sayings
      If in doubt as for clarification
      That's what I do

    5. WWM, I wasn't referring to anyone here, certainly not you, so no need to take the hump. I don't regard disagreement as 'badmouthing'. I guess I shouldn't use an emotive term like that without specifying who I was referring to.

      I was thinking particularily of 2 cases recently: 'Niqnaq' saying apparently with glee that Meyssan was disinfo just because he disagreed with Meyssan's 'End of game in the Middle East' article, and also with the normally commendable (other than global warming) 'b' of MoA witheringly calling Meyssan 'unreliable'.

      I've no axe to grind regarding Meyssan, feel free to question what he says.

    6. Thanks for the reply and clarification freethinker,

      I have seen a couple of rationales for questioning Meyssan:

      1) the mainstream critique, that he makes sensational claims, like with 9/11 and Libya, and that he can't be trusted because he alleges conspiracy theories and facts that contradict the mainstream media, and

      2) the liberal gatekeeper critique, that he is providing an apparently left-wing critique of events to establish his liberal bona fides, but then slams the gate shut on a few critical lines of inquiry.

      I obviously think #1 is not a valid critique. If anything, I find Messyan MORE reliable because he contradicts the MSM.

      However, I am interested in pursuing the second line of inquiry because I noticed a couple of facts that Messyan back stopped that help the West in subtle ways. I admit I have no "evidence" other than a healthy skepticism because I have seen these games being played in so many other areas of importance.

      These issues of fake war propaganda are HUGE and so the perps have a big interest in covering it up. Plus, most of the other journalists with access to Syria that we hear about are fake. So even though Messyan seems to be independent of them and contradicting them, thus earning my trust somewhat, we should be wary of all journalists in Syria because most of them are frauds. We have what I take to be conclusive proof of that. And Messyan seems to agree somewhat! Or is asking questions about this. So he agrees we should be skeptical.

      Also, my views on 9/11 color my skepticism. I believe 9/11 was an inside job and that the perps used media fakery to help pull off the attack. I believe that some people that exposed 9/11, like the Loose Change guys, and a few others, are actually running interference for the perps. The rationale is that people are going to trust the Loose Change guys, or others like them (Messyan?), for revealing the partial truth, but then these gatekeepers use their cred to turn people away from the critical tool the perps used on 9/11--mass media fakery.

      I will have to look into Messyan's book on 9/11.

  18. It's notable that there is hardly anyone talking about media fakery in either the mainstream press or the internet.

    This is an area of huge importance. It's the story of the year.

    So there are lots of nefarious characters in cyberspace running interference. There is a reason the blogs that talk about media fakery in relation to 9/11 for instance, have to work so hard to protect against disinformation agents.

    I know this sounds paranoid and I would have thought this comment sounded crazy a year ago . . . .

    But this subject is a big deal and much more of our media and internet is captured and fake than we realize.

    Thanks Penny for shining a light and being inquisitive. It's nice finding a place where people can discuss these issues honestly and openly.

  19. Your welcome WWM

    It seems to me that media fakery is par for the course, just like the lies from the media
    Pretty standard stuff

  20. Yes Penny.

    I just find the criticism odd. Again, I don't see many places discussing this, so maybe I'm assuming his criticism is similar to what I saw at Moon of Alabama.

    Some of us have been criticizing ALL the reporting coming out of Syria. I even specifically said Messyan seems to be the most accurate and have pointed other people to his work as the best reporting! The offense some people take issue with is questioning his motives at all! As if some people claim Messyan is the Messiah and therefore his reporting is not to be questioned at all! So we're going to replace complete subservience to the mainstream media with unquestioning loyalty to the alternative guy?

    No thanks. I think for myself.

    I'm accustomed to the Socratic method and I enjoy probing questions. That's how I get to the truth. I appreciate it when people question my theories (in good faith) so maybe I err on the side of engaging with people when they would rather not have their assumptions probed and want to be left alone.

    I also accept that I may be misinterpreting events.

    I accept that I may be so convinced of my own reasoning that I fail to see how others can have a contrary viewpoint (in good faith).

    That's why I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. For instance, I accept Penny and I disagreed in good faith about whether or not the journalist deaths were faked (and really, I don't think either one of us has enough info that we are 100% sure).

    But there are other positions that do not make logical sense and are indications of bad faith. I know this seems paranoid and I'm not saying the poster above is arguing in bad faith. But this is based on my experience on the internet on similar subjects. This is prime perp bait here Penny! You're onto something so the perps will be showing up!

    I'm not assuming anything bad about gallier . . . just noting that asking us to accept the word of one journalist as gospel is suspicious behavior and I'm asking probing questions to get to the bottom of the whole Messyan business.

    I want to evaluate Messyan because I want to learn the truth about Syria as much as I can.

    1. WWR I hope my comment above clears up any misunderstanding. I'm pretty much in agreement with what you've been saying even if I haven't said so. Keep on thinking for yourself.

    2. Thanks again freethinker.

      I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt and I appreciate your obvious good faith.

      My instinct is to address issues in the open and didn't intend to pounce or put anyone on the hot seat . . . . just thought this was a good place to air my thoughts and questions about Messyan . . .

    3. I'm not assuming anything bad about gallier . . just noting that asking us to accept the word of one journalist as gospel is suspicious behavior

      This is not at all what I asked for. My little contribution was only to add 1 information point, so that people can assess the credibility of Meyssan with one data point more. The idea was that Meyssan might not be a disinfo agent of the "Empire" as all the other western "journalist" are for sure.

      Meyssan is persona non grata in France. When he started to question 9/11 in 2002 he was still invited in very popular TV shows. Now his name isn't even mentioned without some derogatory qualificator, like conspiracy loony and antisemite. This fact only, which is probably not very well known in the anglosphere, makes me think that his message is somehow near a truth someone wants to suppress.
      This doesn't mean one should believe everything he says, he is as prone as enyone to be in error.

      I hope it's clear.

  21. "For instance, I accept Penny and I disagreed in good faith about whether or not the journalist deaths were faked (and really, I don't think either one of us has enough info that we are 100% sure)."

    Your right, neither of us can know with 100 percent certainty.
    And we can agree to disagree or agree to agree.

    1. I have actually come a step closer to your thinking, however slightly.

      The main reason is seeing that Danny appeared to be involved in the pipeline attack. So it appears the journalists and activists may have been closer to the actual fight than I imagined. Unless there were different groups of fighters--one group to do espionage and sabotage and another group to do the fighting, or something.

      But still, it does appear that Danny was on the scene and had Danny appeared on screen with the journalists? Or did the journalists only appear on screen with the doctor? Anyway, I am starting to accept that the journalists may have been in country and may even have acted as project managers for at least the psy ops, if not the acts of sabotage. I bet military people led the military attacks.

      But on the other hand the spooks do fake deaths and the deaths seem suspicious and conveniently back up the emotional appeals filmed right before death . . . .

  22. Youre not jumping to wild conclusions. youre right.
    My own findings of Syria Photoshoped

    War plan