Thursday, March 15, 2012

Outpouring in Syria of ordinary (non-NATO) Syrians

As the western main stream media continues waging the propaganda war......
The feature today is PURPORTED emails of the Assad family!
How many dumb dolts will slurp up this sloppy excrement?
Hat tip to freethinker, who put it so succinctly -How low can the Guardian go?
I bet the Guardian, as well as all other western main stream media outlets can go even lower!
In Canada it is the CBC, who censors heavily all comments they don't like.

Ordinary citizens pour onto the streets of Syria by the millions-everywhere in the country (but western media call it thousands)
Here are the pics-

Lattaki where one NATO backed uprising took place, complete with bogus claims of gun ships being used.

Daara, where the NATO destabilization all began. Lots of people out.


  1. Love the photos.

    - Aangirfan

    1. The photos are great.
      CBC has a scary one of some angry freaky looking dude with a huge flame behind him, all very dark. A picture is worth a thousand words. CBC never shuts up with their pro war lies.

    2. we see now for certain why presstv was gotten rid of

  2. I also do.
    The way the western mainstream media is playing this down is despicable.

  3. Thank you Penny and keep up the good work.... maybe it's just a matter of time until the guardian, et al do a 'world exclusive' on Assad's "porn collection", just like they did for Bin Laden and Muammar Qaddafi...

    Indeed the pathological liars of the imperialist press are bitterly playing this down as 'a mere few thousand'... here's some footage of today's Pro-Syrian, Pro-Assad rallies which leave little room for any doubt.

    Damascus - Umayyad Square (Aerial View)
    Tartous (in the rain)

    Syria TODAY: Millions of people for Assad

  4. Tweets from Paul Danaher @pdanahar,
    Paul Danahar ‏ @pdanahar
    Ha'aretz's @alufbenn says #Netanyahu is preparing the #Israeli public for war with #Iran

    Ha'aretz March 15, Netanyahu is preparing Israeli public opinion for a war on Iran

    Paul Danahar ‏ @pdanahar
    Clear from my conversations with #Syria's FSA today they expect the conflict to be a long haul over many months

    Paul Danahar ‏ @pdanahar 15 Mar
    I suspect after #Homs FSA will not try to hold ground but adopt more guerilla tactics of hit & move which I think #idlib falling maybe was

  5. Rime Allaf ‏ @rallaf
    Looks like they have blocked access to The Guardian's website in #Syria - at least some of my friends & family couldn't open it.

    No great loss there then...

    1. I bet most of the interruptions to services in Syria are caused by the invading forces.

  6. If Paul Conroy can tweet and post comments on blogs from his hospital bed, why can't Edith Bouvier Edith B @danslesres send a message to her 3634 followers?? Nothing since end February, and only then retweets before that.

    Last web site entry 30 December 2011.

    1. Maybe the broken femur has traveled from her foot to her fingers?

  7. These photos prove what I've believed all along. Funny how the media is talking about Assad's iTunes account instead of this LOL!

    But I have to say, I think the people just saved their country from utter destruction... They should continue daily, it's probably the only way to ensure that an invasion doesn't happen.

    aka Marty

  8. But I have to say, I think the people just saved their country from utter destruction... They should continue daily, it's probably the only way to ensure that an invasion doesn't happen.

    They did it more or less in Libya see what the outcome was.

    1. I agree that it will unfortunately not be enough to stop the attack. If anything, these sick fascists get off on controlling people and they will view the resistance of millions as a challenge to conquer.

      I heard Syria Girl on Youtube yesterday making similar comments about hope and saying the mass demonstrations came earlier than the ones in Libya and therefore they are more likely to help prevent attack. But I disagree.

      The fascists have decided to attack. We've seen how they operate enough to know they are not sincere about diplomacy or the reasons for attack. These are excuses and subterfuge. This is part of a plan and there is no going back.

      That's why the media propaganda is increasing. They are setting the stage diplomatically and the last drama will be the West outmaneuvering (or appearing to outmaneuver) the Russians and Chinese.

    2. You are all probably right, but lately I am clinging onto hope. It's been a bit of a seesaw thing. One day it goes Syria's way, the next the forces-that-be go into media overdrive with headlines using Youtube videos of unconfirmed massacres.

      I'm told locally (Cyprus) if there is a war in Syria it will have a really adverse effect on this country. I'm not sure how that is but I'm seeing it as a really bad thing for the whole near/mid east.

      This may sound simplistic but it can't be all that difficult. Just get some of your operatives to blow up a few Russian/Chinese interests and blame it on Assad's troops!

  9. The purpose of these leaked emails seems to be to hang yet more demands for arming the opponents of the regime - witness Joshua Landis of the University of Oklahoma (& suddenly taking to writing to the London Evening Standard (16 March) "....The opposition will have to transform itself into a meaner fighting machine with a more united leadership if it is to prevail over the Assads and push them out of their gilded bubble"