Thursday, March 29, 2012

Syrian assassinations, bombs in Baghdad & BRICS: dialogue, currency & banks

Maybe you will think these stories unconnected. I think otherwise, so, they are running together.
First lets enjoy Ja'bar Castle, Diamond of Euphrates River
 Let's us all see the place that is being destroyed.

First Syria:
Today’s news has  reports of more attacks on Syria’s military members and a car bomb involving a teacher

Aleppo- A brigadier general was assassinated on Wednesday by a terrorist armed group in Aleppo when he was on his way to work. General Khleif al-Abdullah from the Air Forces was targeted by four terrorists in a Cerato car who shot the General dead near to al-Bassel Mosque in al-Hamadaniyeh neighborhood.

Damascus- Armed Terrorist Group Assassinates Colonel in Damascus Countryside

An armed terrorist group assassinated Colonel Tarek Mahmoud al-Houshi outside his home in Jobar in Damascus countryside.The terrorist group shot dead Colonel al-Houshi as he was leaving his house.

Hama- An explosive device planted by a terrorist group in the car of teacher Wafa'a Ibrahim al-Bunni was detonated in al-Sabouniyeh neighborhood in Hama, severely wounding al-Bunni who was rushed to Hama National Hospital.

The bomb was detonated near al-Sabouniyeh rotary while the teacher was driving from work to Abi al-Fida'a quarter, causing extensive damage to the car

The car bomb is interesting. That may give us a peek into the possibility of how car bombings work. Unsuspecting drivers with booby trapped cars, going about their daily lives. Had this bomb exploded at the school, there may have been substantial casualties. Was the bomb detonated to soon? Was the bomb defective? We'll never know. However, as mentioned already this gives us an informative look at how "car bombs' are set off by terrorists, who is chosen and why? The example in this case a school teacher so that children can be targetted.

- A brigadier pilot was kidnapped at a Damascus suburb on Thursday by an "armed terrorist group" while he was heading to work.

Mohammad Omar al-Dirbas was kidnapped in the Eastern Ghouta area

A series of assassinations targeting senior army and security personnel occurred recently in Syria. The government accused rebel forces of being behind the assassinations

Additional reading here and here

Onto the Baghdad summit
As the Baghdad summit opens, the one being boycotted by the GCC countries, explosions greet the attendees
 Smoke billowed above Baghdad after a blast near the secure Green Zone

Two of the blasts occurred near the Iranian embassy, eyewitnesses said. There are unconfirmed reports that an explosion near the city's secure Green Zone was an IED (improvised explosive device).

Near the Iranian Embassy- that would be a Shiite target? As for the 'secure' Green Zone?
It would seem it is not so secure. Could that be intentional?

You may recall this is the meeting mentioned in the comments section yesterday.
The meeting where - Assad ouster not on agenda

The Arab summit in Baghdad will stop short of calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to quit or discuss arming his foes, both sharply divisive issues, Iraq's foreign minister said on Wednesday.

Hoshyar Zebari's confirmation that the 22-member Arab League will steer clear of the strong moves advocated by Qatar and Saudi Arabia came on the eve of the landmark summit in the Iraqi capital.
"The Arab League initiative is clear and did not demand that Bashar step down, we (foreign ministers) also did not ask for that and the upcoming decision will not go in this direction," Zebari said after a ministerial meeting.

Asked whether the arming of Syrian rebels was raised, Zebari said: "We did not discuss this subject at all."
You may recall that SA and Qatar are boycotting this meeting?

Now to the BRICS:

BRICS says dialogue only answer for Syria, Iran

Seeking to reinforce their growing economic heft with global diplomatic clout, the world's top emerging economies Thursday warned the West against allowing the Iran situation to "escalate into conflict" and underlined that dialogue was the only way to resolve the Iranian issue and Syria crisis.

"We agreed that a lasting solution in Syria and Iran can only be found through dialogue" 

BRICS to trade in their currencies

Taking note of uncertainty in global political and economic situation, India, China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa on Thursday took the first step towards mutual trade in local currency and voiced strong opposition to any military action or rhetoric with regard to Syria and Iran.

After the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) Summit, an agreement was signed under which credits would be extended in local currencies under the BRICS Interbank Cooperation Mechanism. Another pact signed was the Multilateral Letter of Credit Confirmation Facility Agreement between BRICS countries' Exim/Development Banks.

The agreements mark the initial steps for intra-BRICS trade in local currency.

Perhaps the next step would be the creation of a BRIC bank?
BRICS create their own bank

 India's prime minister said Thursday that international institutions are failing to lift up the developing world and endorsed the creation of a new development bank to be run by five fast-rising nations.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke at a summit of the so called BRICS group — comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — aimed at harnessing the nations' increasing global clout and forging stronger ties between their fast-growing economies.
The five countries represent 45 per cent of the world's population, a quarter of its land mass and a quarter of its economy at $13.5 trillion US.

A prospect that the World bank did not see as possible

A plan to form a joint development bank by the BRICS group of the world's most powerful emerging economies will have a hard time getting off the ground and could struggle to match the World Bank's expertise, World Bank President Robert Zoellick said.

Zoellick told Reuters in an interview late on Wednesday that there are already a series of regional development banks and many countries have their own such banks, but if a BRICS bank was formed, the World Bank would work closely with it.

Or perhaps threatening? I find the language interesting and have highlighted it
Having a hard time and could struggle? Why, they certainly have the population, the resources etc.,
Does this mean the World Bank will make it difficult for the BRIC bank?
The World Bank's "expertise"? As if only certain individuals have enough "expertise" to run a bank?
How is Zoellick defining "expertise"


  1. SYRIA PEACE PLAN: West Moves To Kill Off "Important First Step" To End Violence
    Clinton Pushes So-called Opposition’s Demand For ‘Regime Change Or Nothing’
    . No doubt Penny, I agree with you completely, the violence is going to escalate and it will be one-sided flowing from the Syrian terrorists to the Syrian government as your report already indicates. The goal for these warmongers and their she-devil is regime change or Syria's complete destabilization, no more no less.

  2. Hi Egoigwe!

    How are you? So glad to see you here and thanks for leaving that.
    What was quite striking today is how specifically targeted these attacks were.
    Not random bombings. Not shootings.
    But targeted killings. And brazen! Right at the homes of these individuals.

    Syria will have to step up security on all their people. I don't know if they have the manpower to do so. Since they have to keep the borders guarded also.

    The lust for war is so wanton with Hillary. It is creepy to read her words.

    Thanks for that article, a good read indeed

  3. Hi Penny, have you seen the latest Reuters report? Exclusive: Iran helps Syria ship oil to China!

    aka Marty

    1. Hey Mar/Mar

      sorry crazee weekend..

      I saw them after you pointed them out
      I don't know???
      My thinking, not true.
      Just a propaganda type plant to demonize both countries.
      I could be wrong,of course.

  4. You're more than welcome Penny. I've often wondered too what exactly is Hillary's problem. She seems to want to prove some point and is obviously ambition-driven. It's clear to see too, she's putting on a good show for the Israelis, like in what a good gal I am!

    Syria is in for a whole load of trouble and I think Assad's tormentors may have figured that the lull in terrorist attacks may afford him time to 'reload' and persevere better. I think his accepting Annan's 6-point agenda (not peace process) may have arisen from the fact that his troops are stretched and ammo running out, especially with Syria's blockage. I just pray for those beautiful Syrian people and wish them safe.

    1. I too wish the Syrian people safe.
      SIGH. I am afraid it is not to be.

  5. here's another GBP 1/2 million of our taxes going to add to the previous lot spent training up Danny Dahem to put out his fake videos. (didn't do a very good job there)

  6. Penny, I am trying to get my head around the extreme pro-Palestinian focus of the liberal forces who are so active in removing Gaddafi and Assad. The fake liberals of the Guardian sign up to this in its entirety. A website which typifies this double think is Redress which is fervently anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, anti-Salafist anti UK-US stooges yet despairs when the removal of Gaddafi (thanks to the same stooges they hate) results in a kind of paralysis. What on earth do these pro-Palestinians think will happen? What do they want to happen?? What on earth did they think would happen after removal of Gaddafi? Suddenly its Sweden in North Africa?? Idiots. And after Assad, which is a certainty without a precise timescale??? Anyone help??

    1. Hey Felix

      think controlled opposition.

      These groups say all the right words and they fool people into going along with their nonsense.
      Well meaning people for sure. Not all of them, but, lots of them.
      Gaddafi's removal was not beneficial for the Libyans and yet they support it?
      Assad's removal is not beneficial for the Palestinians and yet groups such as this and other support it?

      They talk the talk but don't walk the walk
      The removal of both Gaddafi and Assad was uber beneficial to Israel
      That is the real agenda. Once all the road blocks are removed and the Palestinians get evicted to Jordan, these phony groups can cry and wail all the crocodile tears they want. The are ensuring Israel's supremacy and the destruction of the Palestians

  7. Hi Felix, you asked, "What on earth do these pro-Palestinians think will happen? . . . Anyone help??"

    The short answer is "Whatever they were told will happen"!

    Assuming I understand your question . . . the longer answer to all this is Zionism and it's habit of hiding behind what it is not and their meme of "The Clash of Civilisations".

    This strategy of theirs together with the public's faith in the efficacy of "Righteous Violence" (taught by Judaism and Christian Zionists) is destroying the world. And for whose benefit?

    How do Redress fit into this? The object is to manage the public's thinking to come up with the answer of violence and the clash of civilisations no matter how people ask the questions.

    Imagine a cascading water fountain where one overflowing dish empties into another just below it. On top we have the fascists. Those people who become disaffected by fascism are caught by the 'democracy' dish below it and the overflow of this is caught by the 'social democrat' dish. Then into 'socialism' and when that isn't seen as the answer, the overflow is into increasingly fanatical causes.

    The point is that all these movements and organisations are managed by the same people, the Zionists and their banker sponsors, to manage us and our thinking.

    Our thinking must be managed to stop us from thinking about the lunacy of stopping violence by adding yet more violence aka "Fighting for Peace". When I was a lad in the days of the Vietnam War, there was a saying that was popular that went, "Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity".

    The other questions we should never ask is "Qui Bono". And if you are a Christian, "What would Jesus do?"

    1. James thanks
      I saw you had answered Felix a bit differently then I did
      Which is great, because together it gives a more complete picture of these phony "opposition" groups