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Syrian "defections" Oil & Military. What might they indicate?


Following up on yesterdays post- The “resignation” of the alleged Deputy Minister of Oil.

Are you familiar with the saying “The devil is in the details”?
Which is sometimes said as “God is in the details”
Though, I prefer the devil version ;)
That saying refers to something that one can get caught up on or can be found by paying attention to the details. In paying attention to the details of lack there of, I am more of the mind that this resignation was promoted in the way it was -to create a specific perception and promote an agenda.

The resignation was interesting for the details and the lack of details. Some I touched on in the previous post-
-The fact that there is no Ministry of Oil
-Or that the video was released by Aljizahnews a clear play on Al Jazeera
-That the video appeared on You Tube and was placed there by the “opposition”
-In another article the man identifies himself as an “assistant” but does not indicate to whom?
All these details...they are like little tiny clues just waiting to be uncovered. If someone is paying attention.
Let’s expand on these curious details and see where the devil it takes us.
As I mentioned yesterday Syria does not have an “Oil Ministry” They have a Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. This alleged Deputy, one would think, would have used the correct terminology to name his place of employment. But since it wasn't, he didn’t.
The man who “resigned” yesterday was quite likely not the Deputy Minister of anything.

By all information on hand he was an engineer, probably did run a refinery and given that Syria has a state run Oil business, as opposed to the western private sector type business, the man who resigned yesterday may have been appointed, when appropriate, to conduct business on behalf of the government. You can read up on him here
But does that make him a member of the Syrian government? I am going to say, NO.

It appears to me the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources might really be a man named- Abdo Hossam El Din. We can read about him here

“Abdo Hossam El Din, Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources opened English training course set up by the firm Trowers & Hamlins on the transfer agreements with natural gas, service contracts and contracts for BOOT / BOT in the oil and gas, and at the headquarters of the General Organization for Petroleum within 23-24/3/2011.
Specialists and technicians from the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources Participated in the training as well as from the General Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries and the General Organization for refining and General Establishment of Geology.”
Different name then the fellow from yesterday!
Therefore it would seem quite possible we are looking at two different people.

There is also this bit of info left by another commenter, I thank you also!
When putting this through the translate, we get a very different picture of just who this defector was and what he was up to prior to his conveniently timed defection
Translate has definite shortcomings but, I think you’ll get the gist of it?

“Engineer Hussam Abdo of religion in a video and put it on the Internet yesterday that he declares, "bolting" of the system and his resignation from the party of power and his intention not to attend the conference atheist th party. It was interesting that the engineer Husamettin "posing" in the sense that the adjective "Deputy Minister of Oil" in an attempt apparently to raise the price of the "National Council" the Syrian president, who rushed to Glion proof "welcome!" The media was quick turn of the acclaim for this "cracking the largest of its kind in the system" since the beginning of the intifada Syrian!?

But is it really, Deputy Minister of Oil, and if so, in what sense?

Sources of "truth" in the oil ministry revealed that the central body of control and inspection was about to issue a warrant for throwing custody on the movable and immovable property on the background of the discovery of receiving millions of dollars illegally through the exploitation of his posts career, especially his job as president of the Administrative Committee for the distribution of gas in the Ministry of Oil, and accepted by the General Establishment of Geology. Through the first function, and via the Mafia in the length of the country, enabling Husamettin also confirms the staff of the ministry of "management of the monopoly of a major gas distribution, especially after the eruption of the crisis in Syria, which enabled him to put millions in his own pocket."

"sold secrets huge geological map Syrian foreign companies excavating for oil and gas, which is considered a state secret like the secrets of military "

The long and short of it is- The defector is not the Deputy Minister as in a member of the Syrian Government. It appears this claim was promoted to create the perception of a high profile defection.

That defection was of course promptly “recognized” with joy by the illegitimate Syrian National Council in Turkey.

  • Syrian opposition leader Burhan Ghalioun on Thursday welcomed the defection of the deputy oil minister and told AFP he expects more government officials and politicians to follow suit.
  • “I hail the deputy (oil) minister who defected and I call on all government members and public servants ... to abandon this regime and join the ranks of the revolution for freedom and dignity,” said Ghalioun, head of the Syrian National Council, the main opposition group.
  • “I expect for sure that there are other government officials and politicians who will follow suit,” he added.

It appears that another criminal has joined the ranks of the NATO Syrian National Council in Turkey.
One who was probably going to be imprisoned for what appears to be profiting off of insider knowledge.
Putting millions in his own pocket.

Selling State secrets including the geological where about of oil, gas and perhaps other commodities.

He is a perfect fit for the rest of the criminals NATO has organized.

Keep in mind the perception created by this alleged high level defection and todays news, out of Turkey of course.... that two generals and a colonel defected from the Syrian Army.

Which means the Syrian National Council is spreading the manure generously

Ankara Turkish officials Friday said that two Syrian generals, a colonel and two sergeants have defected from the Syrian army and crossed into Turkey, a day after Syria's deputy oil minister also deserted President Bashar Al Assad's regime.
See, Ghoulian told you all yesterday, he "expected" more defections for sure.
When you wish upon a star......

I am taking all this to mean that some sort of assault on Syria is impending.
But, I’ll spare you all and save that for another post....... Until then?!

Update !

We have had a debate on just who is the much touted defector and what is his importance or non importance in the Syrian government structure?
So I am going to add another picture to this post.
To confuse issues :0
Or clarify :)
You decide ?

The minister was accompanied with Eng Abdo Hossam El Din, Deputy Minister of Oil and Ali Abbas, Director of GPC and Khalid Madiha Deputy Director-General of SPC and the heads of boards of directors and general managers of companies, Awda,Kawkab and Dijla .

The man, third from the right is the Minister of Petroleum and Resources Sufian Allaw
Continuing to his left we see Abdo Hossam El Din- Deputy Minister of Oil
To his left Ali Abbas and the furthest left individual is identified as Khalid Madiha
The Deputy Minister shown here is not the same person who has been promoted as a high level Syrian government defector. (Refresh your memory in the previous post linked at the beginning of this one)
Thanks to b @ Moon of Alabama for bringing this picture to my attention


  1. The "defections" ploy. Brings to mind the defection of two Libyan pilots who "refused to bomb their own citizens" to Malta on Feb 21 2011. Strange thing is that the one pilot who was caught on camera at the time doesn't resemble either of the two who went back and were feted in Malta and Libya 7 months later.

  2. Penny - the picture you have of Allaw doesn't match. There are plenty of images which confirm him as the shortish white haired man in fawn shirt and brown trousers in the centre of the bottom photo at Syrian Oil and Gas News from October 15 2010. The minister was accompanied with Eng Abdo Hossam El Din, Deputy Minister of Oil and Ali Abbas, Director of GPC and Khalid Madiha Deputy Director-General of SPC and the heads of boards of directors and general managers of companies, Awda,Kawkab and Dijla .

    However, there don't appear to be enough people in the pic to match the names. And our more familiar defector is sitting in the middle of the top photo. So, it might be our man. Or like you say, he might have been running the refinery. Mr Allaw might's a place to catch up with him: SYROIL 2012
    The 8th Syrian International Oil & Gas Exhibition
    2 - 5 April 2012
    Damascus International Fairground
    One which Abdo might have to miss.
    Canada also being a good doggie again after Libya,freezing assets, withdrawing staff and urging citizens to leave. Suncor pulled out in December, like it did in Libya.

    1. Felix the picture of Sufian Allaw is from the SANA website, there is a link that will take you directly back to the page.

    2. Also I based the theory of two different individuals on the basis that Syrian Gas and Oil specifically called the Deputy Minister "Abdo Hossam El Din, Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources:Using all the correct terms
      On this page

      Whereas Syrian Gas and Oil called the alleged defector by the name, same as the media used, here

      "Other nomination by Ottri was for consultant Abdu Husameddin who named as general manager of oil refinery company."

      It would appear that these are two different individuals carrying out different functions

      Hoping that is more clear?

    3. Just a very old picture of Mr Allaw I guess...c.f here

      El Din and Ed Din seem to be the same - El/Al as written , followed by certain letters , s,sh z make the Al El become Az/Ez Ash/Esh Etc.. As (si) in Az Zawiyah. El Din = Ed Din just seems a big coincidence. Why would the state oil co. use different forms?

      It's a shame the site doesn't label people better, eg here,, so we don't know if he is there or not.

    4. "Sun and Moon letters" in arabic make the prior articles fronting a noun have different pronunciation. The above variance has to do with english spoken transliteration phonics vs engl-arabic written translation. El Dine (spelled) = Ed Dine (spoken). Confusing as its often spelled how its written. Just like Muhammad vs Mohammad for example.
      The guy does seem to be the same guy- but the genius of your find here Penny- is that he wasnt defecting- he was FLEEING PROSECUTION and is using the west to cover for him. If the 'west' had any real concern for democracy- they'd fling him right back so he can go to jail for the stolen millions.

    5. Hey Anonymous 3:55 am
      I can live with that!
      The other issue- was this really a high level government defection?
      Thanks for the info on Arabic

      I do think he is an employee, but, not a member of the government
      Sort of like a "civil servant" vs a cabinet minister
      Sigh.... I guess these will have to remain unanswered :(

      If the 'west' had any real concern for democracy- they'd fling him right back so he can go to jail for the stolen millions.

      If only

  3. NATO = Need Another Terrorist Organistaion

    Fine sleuthing.


  4. The continuous drum beat of war propaganda plays out in many different songs.

    There must be some sort of check list used by the fascists to sell us a war. We 'need'....

    Innocent Civilians killed by target government.
    Raped Women, even more 'value' if white.
    Heroic small locals (fruit vendors) who become symbols.
    Bombed schools and Hospitals
    Red Cross and UN support of NATO lies.
    Government Officials who defect and denounce.
    Sexy white newswomen in the fray, dodging danger, Lara Logans and Pirates too.

    The rinse and repeat news cycles that lead to immoral wars always seem to contain those basic ingredients. A mix of drama featuring individual and serious NGO and UN condemnations means that everyone of us gets our buttons pushed.
    Deconstructing these dramas shows the despicable lies and manipulations that the fascist death merchants use to get their wars.

    Good work here Penny, on Pirates and now this Minister dude. They are just two of the hot button stories to get us to support the troops one more time. Personally, I'm waiting for dead puppies.....then I'm gonna flip out and be all in for a big revenge war. I think I must have peace war fatigue.

    1. Dead puppies it will have to be
      We've already moved past the incubator stories..

  5. @nobody , Penny &c
    Paul Conroy becoming a regular reader and contributor to Aangirfan..

    1. That's great! I love it when the perps show up in comments.

      I asked a few questions of Paul but they appear to be in moderation for the time being.

  6. Regarding Felix's information and the "tweets" by the alleged journalist Javier Espinosa....

    SANA is reporting his body has been recovered in Baba Amr

    "The corpses, added the source, are to be transferred into a Damascus hospital for Forensic DNA analysis, to be compared with the DNA to be received from their respective countries, before being handed over to the Embassies of Poland, on behalf of the US Embassy, France and Spain and in presence of representatives from the Syrian Red Crescent and International Red Cross."

    Felix linked some tweets from here!/javierespinosa2

    Voltaire is reporting this-

    A second Javier Espinosa in Baba Amr

    this whole scenario poses some interesting questions

    Like did the rebels plant phony documentation on some random dead bodies???
    Or was the real Javier Espinosa never in Baba Amr??
    Or is the Tweeter, not Javier Espinosa??

    And if you can think of anymore questions feel free to add them

    1. like the 911 hijackers whose multi passports were found floating around to ID them. after which they'd been found alive and well. if espinosa died- his employer under whom he'd continued to send out tweets - has a bit of explaining as to who the tweeter was on their staff??? if he is still alive? where is he?

  7. The awful grammar and general illiteracy in this blog makes the content, however reliable or not, look very questionable to any literate person. Learn how to use the English language, then start blogging. Then more intelligent readers might assign enough weight to what you say to bother with some follow-up research.

    1. Since I am an offending party I will provide my defense:

      I am more interested in researching and bouncing ideas off other people than I am writing a well constructed argument. At least for the time being. Right now, the time and effort is better spent on gathering information and sharing it with other people who can use it to conduct further investigation.

      Sure, better editing would be nice. The mass media propagandists certainly have the time and budget to do that and it helps sell their propaganda. And hopefully somebody can take the time to present this information in that proper manner.

      But remember, since we are victims of a powerful mass media, we have an especially difficult task and it is a bit unfair to hold an amateur media to formal standards. Simply gathering good information is hard enough. Presenting it in real time in a manner fit for publication is a challenge that is impossible for an amateur media.

    2. This kind of comment, is ALWAYS left by someone who does not want others to read and consider the info contained here.
      This is left by someone with an agenda.
      So take your agenda and park it somewhere else

    3. WWM

      This commenter is taking the discussion off track, it is best ignored,as I shall from here on in (Troll)
      One wonders why this person doesn't take their complaint the the msm?

    4. PP says its not him. ;)

    5. I am glad to read that...;)
      I really want all who read or comment here to feel that this is place to come and discuss topics

      I keep in mind that some of us do not have English as a first language or even a second
      We can all still contribute in a valuable way..
      Without judgement

    6. we're here to brainstorm, not English 101. if the troll doesnt like the site go elsewhere.

  8. Btw, one of the questions I asked Paul Conroy was what type of cigarette Marie Colvin smoked.

    I also searched google for "'Mary Colvin' cigarettes" and found this to be a fruitful way to see other people that are backing up Marie Colvin.

    Under the theory that Marie Colvin is a made up persona only perps are going to be providing these details and indeed, one gets testimonials like this from Kurt Pitzer in Mother Jones:

    "I met Marie Colvin in the Bar America in Kukes, Albania, in 1999. I'd just arrived on my first assignment in a real conflict zone, and I didn't know a soul. The café was thick with journalists, spies, and soldiers of fortune, all planning cross-border raids with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) into what was left of Yugoslavia. Between the heavy cigarette smoke and the whispered conversations, it was hard for me to tell who was which. Marie stood out unmistakably. Tall and blonde with a husky voice and an easy laugh, she seemed to know everybody. I'd only heard about her as the legendary writer for the Sunday Times of London who'd covered conflicts in Libya and Beirut while I was still a school kid."

    The story is almost too cute to be true. Grizzled veteran reporter that smokes cigarettes and puts the war story before family or other concerns. Notice this interesting fact in this Mother Jones article about Sky News, the same network that aired at least her CNN interview if not others, if I remember correctly:

    "When she found out I was a newbie, she sat down at my table and offered me a briefing. "Put your notebook away," she said, urging me to be more discrete. "See those guys over there?" She indicated a burly threesome. "They're working for Sky News, but they're really mercenaries trying to get in and shoot somebody." She laughed but raised her eyebrows to show she wasn't kidding. I nodded and scribbled notes in my lap as she warned me about bandits on the road to Bajram Curri. . . ."

    1. Walt - you gotta listen to the interview below - 5 Live. It gets really great from about 11.00 onwards....

    2. Hey Felix,

      Thanks for the link. Interesting. It's like he's been reading our suspicions and is telling more of the story to answer the questions we raised.

      When Conroy talks about Syrian regime crimes I wonder how many crimes Conroy has committed and how many deaths he is responsible for.

      I also like how he describes the shelling as random but then describes the "bracketing" of the artillery and speculates that he was targeted. What is it Paul? Targeted shelling or random shelling?

      He also describes the shell that killed Colvin as landing one meter outside the house. Check out picture 10 here, , purporting to show the building where the journalists holed up. I don't see evidence of a shell landing one meter from the building, but it does say in the caption that this house is behind the building in the picture. So is there a "in law" unit behind this building?

      I like the touch about his nickname being falafal.

      His escape story is not believable.

  9. Penny - since Javier Espinosa started tweeting again, I haven't found any animated footage. Surely he would be talking his head off to the media as per Paul Conroy?? Anyone seen any??

    Talking of Paul Conroy, he has a punishing diet of's another one recorded from his bed for BBCRadio 5 Live with Victoria Derbyshire, 9 March 2012. From about 7.17 in...

    Here's another one to follow...@MilesAmoore
    The Sunday Times correspondent in Afghanistan
    . For instance...

    Jonathan Moremi ‏ @jonamorem 7 Mar
    @monicagprieto @MilesAmoore Does anyone have any news if Dr. Mohammad Al-Mohammad is alive and safe? And the others?

    Miles Amoore ‏ @MilesAmoore 9 Mar

    @jonamorem we have no news of him here. @reflextv (Paul Conroy) would like to hear news about the dr if you or others know anything

    9 Mar Jonathan Moremi ‏ @jonamorem

    @MilesAmoore @reflextv Thx. @monicagprieto told me 2 days ago he is supposed to be safe as almost all fr media centre. Only few missing/inju

    Monica García Prieto ‏ @monicagprieto 10 Mar
    @jonamorem @MilesAmoore @reflextv (the caption is a message) ;)

    Miles Amoore ‏ @MilesAmoore 10 Mar
    @monicagprieto @jonamorem @reflextv awesome. Is there a translation? x

    GinnySacksMole ‏ @GinnySacksMole
    @MilesAmoore use google translate :)

    GinnySacksMole ‏ @GinnySacksMole
    @MilesAmoore @reflextv he posted a photo and some comments, I sent it to Paul :)

    GinnySacksMole exhanges with Espinosa/Carvin.

    JAVIER ESPINOSA ‏ @javierespinosa2
    Marie colvin's translator in bab al amr just escaped some days ago from there his story is incredible #syria

    4h GinnySacksMole ‏ @GinnySacksMole
    @javierespinosa2 is that Wael?

    In reply to JAVIER ESPINOSA Hide conversation 3:34 PM - 10 Mar 12 JAVIER ESPINOSA ‏ @javierespinosa2
    @GinnySacksMole yes big wael

    JAVIER ESPINOSA ‏ @javierespinosa2 10 Mar
    Marie colvin's translator in bab al amr just escaped some days ago from there his story is incredible #syria

    Retweeted by GinnySacksMole

    GinnySacksMole ‏ @GinnySacksMole 10 Mar
    @javierespinosa2 will we get to hear all of his story, will you write about it?

    JAVIER ESPINOSA ‏ @javierespinosa2 10 Mar
    Even seriously wounded wael was helping edith bouvier and many others and was 1 of the last in escaping #homs #syria

    Retweeted by GinnySacksMole

  10. The name of Edith Bouvier, L'envoyée spéciale of Le Figaro appears on a piece behind a pay-wall there, March 9 2012, Syrie: chambre d'hôpital avec vue sur Baba Amr (if indeed she did write it). In fact the only reference to another article by her I can find is dated December 6 2011 from Hatay , concerning the camps on the Syrian border of Turkey. Les naufragés syriens de la frontière turque (paywall). A very special envoyee indeed. No Wiki page either.

    1. As a side note I found a bunch of articles by Colvin at the Sunday Times. Most are within the last 10 years. Be interesting to note how many hits these pages have over the years compared to other columnists. Have they been uploaded on the site all these years? Were they added later? How many people read them? Does an analysis show they were written by the same person?

      I don't think a lot of these articles show up in a google search.

  11. Hey All
    Do me a favour?
    MoA left a link to this pic

    and this response

    - the defected person was introduced as "Abdo Husameddine"
    - the assistant oil ministers name is "Abdo Hossam El Din"

    Those are just different transcription of the same Arabic name

    He is the third from the right in this picture of the Syrian oil magazine. If you carefully examine that persons face you will find that he is indeed the defected person. Same nose, same wrinkles beside it etc.

    The picture text says

    The minister was accompanied with Eng Abdo Hossam El Din, Deputy Minister of Oil and Ali Abbas, Director of GPC and Khalid Madiha Deputy Director-General of SPC and the heads of boards of directors and general managers of companies, Awda,Kawkab and Dijla "

    I responded with this

    @b #54

    First let me thank you for taking the time to respond
    I looked at the picture quite carefully

    "He is the third from the right in this picture of the Syrian oil magazine."

    IMO - The man walking 3rd from the right is Sufian Allaw (member of the Syrian Government) and The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

    Check two pics below

    I believe the man b@MoA is noting as the defector is not.
    Rather, he is the Minister.Looks that way to me anyway?
    However under the pic it says he is accompanied by

    "The minister was accompanied with Eng Abdo Hossam El Din, Deputy Minister of Oil and Ali Abbas, Director of GPC and Khalid Madiha Deputy Director-General of SPC and the heads of boards of directors and general managers of companies, Awda,Kawkab and Dijla "

    Making the Deputy Minister of Oil the 4th man from the right or 3rd from the left...
    (I looked closely and he is not matching the defector)
    What do you all think
    Please share your thoughts..Cause you know that's what we are here for!

    1. Penny - I think I'll disagree here. The captions on the Syrian oil website are rather general. There aren't enough general managers in the picture here to make the caption work. The people on the left seem more like refinery people who could just as easily have been in the following gaggle. Blue shirt might be the plant manager. I think you need to show the top picture in the Syrian page where we do see the alleged defector,with no caption. But if he is such a coup, why isn't Abo still singing? Just my opinion.

    2. I actually felt that the pic b at M o A used to demonstrate my error, only made my theory stronger?

      For the reason that the picture uses the name "Abdo Hossam El Din, with the correct "Deputy Minister" and no where in that picture is the defector... with the different name spelling

      "But if he is such a coup, why isn't Abo still singing? "

      Because he was just for show?
      To create a perception of credibility and legitimacy?
      That's what makes sense to me

  12. Perp Alert.
    From Reporting from Syria can be tough - even lethal , France24, March 9 2012, we read
    An AFP journalist recently undertook the difficult and dangerous journey, first by car, then by motorbike and finally along dusty roads, laden with heavy bags and flak jackets and guided by paid smugglers or rebels.

    "Movement is more difficult" once you enter Syria, said Luc Mathieu of French daily, Liberation.

    "I got stuck for four days because I wanted to go into the city of Idlib and the government had cut access to it."

    No mention of tunnels (now 3'6 - 4' in Paul Conroy's latest interview, and 3km long...)
    However, in Libération, March 1 2012, Dans le tunnel de Bab Amro, the same Jean-Pierre Perrin and Luc Mathieu describe the underground world of Baba Amr : " a small motorcycle pulling a tiny trailer" Makes me think of Orson Welles in the Third Man, though their take on it is an Alexander Dumas novel. (google translate)

    Another one who entered illegally was Portuguese photojournalist Paulo Nunes dos Santos who is based in Dublin, and who went with Marc Hofer
    See also Mahdi al-Harati and his Irish-born brother-in-law want to be among first to liberate Tripoli, writes PAULO NUNES DOS SANTOS in Nalut, western Libya for the Irish Times, 13 August 2011.

  13. OT again- the video fakery exposure of Danny was well received but another one seemed to go under the radar - Khaled Abo Salah, a favourite of Al Jazeera...the accompanying YouTube video The So Called Doctor Kaled Abo Saleh lies against Syria. hasn't had many hits. (various transliterations.. Abu Abo Saleh Salah Khaled...)
    KAS was fingered on Feb 26 by b at Moon of Alabama

  14. Hey Felix
    Saw that one.
    Makes me wonder, just how many more phonies there are?

    1. Makes me wonder just how many 'activists' they have - probably not that many considering how the same faces keep popping up.

    2. re the burning pipeline, do we know where this is? The "activist" seemed to be near some burning on the railway bridge. The smoke in the distance was faked as exposed here with back projection.

  15. Just leaving this here for posterity...
    Had some curious hits.
    From Baghdad, Iraq via satellite???

    Baghdad, Iraq
    IP Address:
    Earthlink Ltd. Communications&internet Services-st ( [Label IP Address]
    Referring URL:
    (No referring link)
    Visit Page:

    IP Address:
    Earthlink Ltd. Communications&internet Services-or ( [Label IP Address]
    Referring URL:
    (No referring link)
    Visit Page:

    IP Address:
    Earthlink Ltd. Communications&internet Services-st ( [Label IP Address]
    Referring URL:
    (No referring link)
    Visit Page:

    three right in a row, no referring link, and the time they spent here "not applicable"

    Rarely, rarely do I see hits from Iraq.
    Let alone three in a row, so that was interesting

  16. Word is probably getting out about these failed operations with Conroy and Colvin and Hicks and Danny and the other "activists." Probably using this of an example of a psy operation gone awry. Instead of shocking and awing us with their jedi mind tricks their stunts look obviously staged and amateurish, so that people simply looking at the public reporting can easily figure out this stuff is fake.

    Or maybe they realize they crossed the line into illegal operations and are taking part in an unjust war of aggression against the Syrian people? Maybe they realize they are the ones committing terrorism and their consciences have finally moved them to refuse to obey the illegal commands of war criminals?

    Unfortunately, I bet they are more concerned with the sloppiness of their operatives than the monstrosity of their actions.

    1. Funeral footage here with Rupert Murdoch, John Witherow. Note the coda that the UK government is investigating the death of Colvin as a war crime. [no forensic evidence needed - just dial up a few "activists"]

      I see no online reference to an Autopsy report for Colvin, apart from this curious recent comment at a much older post on The Cutline, 22 Feb...
      John Galt • 2 days 9 hrs ago

      You people understand the alternative to ousting Assad right? Syria will go the way of Libya and Egypt... Assad is a piece of human trash, but the alternative is worse, mostly because we don't know who ecxactly it is that will fill the power void. In case you need proof, read the autopsy report for Ms. Colvin... She died from an IED filled with nails, not from a Syrian army strike. Who else do we know that uses IEDs?

      Er, which Autopsy report? Some discussion on this forum. Can we believe anything here? Why haven't Syria put the autopsy online?

    2. I was wondering if there would be an autopsy report.

      Here is New York law on autopsies:

      I'm a little unsure how this works.

      But since she supposedly died in Syria they would normally have jurisdiction over here death certificate, right? She would therefore be identified and her death investigated by the authorities there.

      I am skeptical of the story we have been told about the Red Crescent and wonder if there was never any official Syrian government recovery and instead the perps made it seem like the Syrian authorities and foreign ambassadors identified the body, then handed it to the Red Crescent for delivery. This gives the impression of following the law. But I would really like to see an official Syrian message about how it handled her body and I'm very suspicious that the West does not show us what Syria is saying. They occasionally say they tried to contact the government for comment but I don't believe them.

    3. My read on the person referring to the "autopsy" about the nails is referring to the report I saw referenced here, which now I can't remember where I saw it (was it the Red Cross guy's tweet?), where they referred to a Syrian coroner's office person, speaking anonymously, that said they left the nail in her head for the American officials.

      I don't remember that report talking about an autopsy report though, just that they identified her.

      But again, it's odd the only info we have is from a tweet from a perpy NGO and reported claims that Polish diplomats identified her body. We only have one picture that shows one Red Crescent worker that is easily identifiable. The others easily could be actors and the Syrian coroner guy speaking anonymously could be fake. I don't know. I don't know why we don't hear the Syrian government speaking on the issue. For all I know they are screaming their heads off and the West is able to muffle their screams.

  17. my letter to US based syrian christians for democracy:

    Hello SCD
    ive just seen your article:

    the article has no name attached to it...who wrore it?

    where a bunch of unknowns from washington make the brazen claim:

    'In this sad occasion, we denounce the Syrian Christian journalists hired by the regime to spin the facts and propagate fear mongering rumors to alienate the Syrian Christians from supporting the revolution and align them behind Assad’s rule.'

    and refer to the Catholic Media Service...youd be refering esp to Mother Agnes:

    so did Assad hire Mother Agnes? id like to see you prove that!

    'We at Syrian Christians for Democracy welcome all inquiries and are able to verify any accounts or claims pertaining to Christians throughout Syria'

    thats what Mother Agnes has done!

    then theres the testimony of syrian christians as reported by CBS!:

    so clearly your claims are bogus.

    So why lie so brazenly when anyone who checks sees you are nowhere near syria! Your housed in the belly of the beast: Washington DC!

    christians you are not...

    whenever i see the words 'democracy' or 'freedom' in some organisations name , it tells me im more likely dealing with dodgy fascists rebranding themselves.
    SHAME ON YOU supporting salafist jihadis bent on extirpating christians from syria


    addendum :
    re my letter to your organisation....

    as for your claim:

    ' We are a non profit organization directed by a group of expatriate Syrians in the United States of America and Europe who banded together to: 1.Provide humanitarian relief to the Syrians in need. 2.Support the international community’s efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis. 3.Engage the Syrian diaspora to promote the formation of a civil secular decentralized Syrian state and the protection of religious freedom and ethnic diversity in Syria. '

    how does supporting the muslim brotherhood salafists bent on cleansing christians from syria and the US regimes, saudi arabias and qatars desire to remove an independent secular state square with your claims?

    1. ‎'The UK has been instrumental in consolidating relations between the disparate and isolationist opposition groups in Syria—not because the British elite want genuine democracy, of course, but because Syria’s President Assad would not acquiesce to the neo-liberal economic policies of the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative (BMENAI). Assad’s country must be destroyed via UK-trained militias so that it can be rebuilt along Euro-American-approved lines.'

    2.SYRIA: Testimonies from Homs Reveal Identity of Terrorists and Mercenaries involved in Atrocities

    3. alqaeda is now a US ally:

    4.syria christians threatened by salafist protestors

    etc etc

    care to comment?