Monday, March 26, 2012

Syria's opposition: Behind the mask is the face of terrorism

I had hoped to get this one up yesterday. It didn't happen. So here it is today!

The Human Rights Watch "open letter" contains the usual spin. Overwhelmingly 'peaceful' protests... what bullocks! This has never been peaceful protest, it has always been armed destabilization.

Curious on how Human Rights Watch gets funded? Anyone?

HRW and the Examiner article linked to several videos, that I don't have to stomache to watch.
Ok, I briefly watched one and that was it for me.

This scenario of civilian abuse is Libya all over again.

Which should come as no surprise to anyone. We should all remember the hero of AVAAZ,( NATO NGO).... Wissam Tariff was negotiating with Libyan rebels for guns and fighers.
"The Libyans are offering money, training and weapons to the Syrian National Council," added Wissam Tariff, a human rights campaigner with links to the SNC.

NGO Human Rights Watch has addressed an open letter ( to the Leaders of the Syrian Opposition, who have been linked to al-Qaeda, (al-ciaduh) regarding numerous human rights abuses by armed opposition members.
The NGO says some of the attacks appear to have targeted President Bashar al-Assad’s own Alawite community and appear to be motivated by sectarianism.

Sectarianism? Say it isn't so! Divide to conquer. Gosh, who would benefit from that?

From the HRW letter-
"In addition, Human Rights Watch is deeply concerned about the FSA kidnappings of Iranian nationals, some of whom the FSA has confirmed are civilians. On January 26 the FSA Al Farouq battalion claimed responsibility for capturing seven Iranian nationals, five of whom they allege are members of the Iranian armed forces. In an interview on February 22, 2012, with Human Rights Watch, the Al-Farouq battalion media coordinator explained that the other two individuals detained are civilians but that they were detained at the point of capture because a Persian speaker was unavailable to confirm this until later. When asked why the detainees identified as civilians had not yet been released, he would not comment.
In tandem with its announcement of their capture, the battalion released video footage of the five detainees that they identified as members of the Iranian armed forces. In the video, one of the captives, Sajjad Amirian, explains that the five were following orders from Syrian security forces to shoot at civilians. On January 27 Syrian state media, SANA, reported that Iran's MAPNA Group, an Iranian power company in Syria, said that the on camera statements were made under duress and untrue, and that the five individuals were in fact Iranian engineers. In an interview with Iranian state-owned Press TV, one of the detainee’s family members, Mehdi Sohrabi, spoke out against their detention, insisting that they are all engineers. The Islamic Republic News Agency reported that all seven men were released on February 10, but on February 15 indicated that the report was false and that the men remained in custody. The Al-Farouq battalion media coordinator told Human Rights Watch on March 16 that the seven detainees were still being held in Syria and that they were in good health.
According to media reports on February 1, members of the FSA also kidnapped 11 Iranian nationals traveling to Damascus on a pilgrimage tour, claiming that they had connections to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The FSA Abu el Fida battalion announced their release on February 6 following Turkish mediation efforts. An additional 11 Iranian pilgrims reportedly kidnapped on January 26 are still believed to be detained.
Human Rights Watch has reviewed at least 25 videos on YouTube in which Syrian security forces or their alleged supporters are filmed confessing to crimes under circumstances in which it appears that their statements were made under duress. At least 18 of these videos show footage of detained individuals who are bruised, bleeding, or show other signs of physical abuse.
In one video, three individuals described by the accompanying text as shabeeha are asked what their names are, where they are from, their religion, and what they are doing in Tal Kalakh. In the video they are shown on their knees during this interrogation, their hands bound. The face of one is clearly badly bruised. They all identify themselves as Shia, from el Rabwie, Homs, and “confess” that they were killing peaceful protesters.
In another video bearing the emblem of the FSA Khaled Bin Al Walid battalion, an unnamed individual described by the accompanying text as a shabeeha member is interrogated. He appears bound and his face is bruised. At the end of the video, he denies an allegation against him and the interrogator calls him a liar, tells the videographer to stop shooting, and directs someone off camera to bring him the “electricity machine”.
All individuals in the custody of the FSA and other opposition forces, including members of the Syrian security forces and shabeeha, should be treated humanely in accordance with international human rights standards.
Other video footage reviewed by Human Rights Watch and information received in interviews indicates that members of the FSA have executed individuals suspected of crimes against the opposition in their custody.
One video, released on YouTube on February 4, shows an individual hung from a tree by his neck in front of several armed fighters. Commentary indicates that he is a shabeeha fighter captured and executed by the FSA Kafr Takharim battalion on January 22, 2012. In a second video, which appears to have been released by the FSA Al Farouq battalion on YouTube, an individual identified as a member of Air Force Intelligence based in Homs is interrogated and confesses to shooting at protesters. The detainee’s face is very badly beaten, cut, and bruised, and he appears disoriented. Written statements accompanying the video state that it was filmed before his execution, and the interrogator in the video, amidst curses, asks him for his final request before dying.

Think Wissam Tariff. Think AVAAZ.
Do you really think this is humanitarian in nature?

"Meanwhile reports continue to surface that the United States Military and NATO are secretly training mercenaries and terrorists in camps in Libya and airlifting them to Turkey to infiltrate the border to commit terrorist acts, including targeted killings and launching attacks against police and government officials."

Russia and Russian Citizens-

Russia has recently dispatched counter terrorism and other special operations troops to target al-Qaeda and try to prevent a takeover of the country by the hands of deadly terrorists. Some intelligence analyst suspect that the Russian are also in country to monitor the situation and protect its citizens.

There are by some estimates about 100,000 Russian citizens in Syria.

This topic has been broached here previously. Is this number accurate? I don't know.

September 2010. Not to long before the destabilization agenda in Syria kicks off....
Or was it already under way?

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