Sunday, March 18, 2012

Turkey waits Gulf funding for military operations against Syria

This is such an interesting article.
It begs posting.
And, yes I am looking for thoughts on this one!

Turkey waits gulf funding for military operations against Syria
Thursday 9 February 2012 09:26

Islam Times - From the moment the Western Arab draft resolution on the invasion of Syria with military strike failed at the Security Council, France, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia established communication with several parties in order to form an international rescue force under the banner of protecting the Syrian people in which several Arab countries will participate.
Turkey waits gulf funding for military operations against Syria
Al-Manar found out, that NATO member Turkey is playing a prominent role in such a military intervention which will surpass the UN and America and France will face any attempt from within the Security Council to adopt a resolution against “Sarkozy path”.

Well-informed sources told Al-Manar that the military bases which house Israeli units on Turkish territory will play an important role in securing the Syrian regions from the so called dangers of the Syrian regime and that through airstrikes in aid of the insurgents.

The sources pointed out that the communications conducted by France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to adopt this path is faced by rejection to participate by European countries and reservation by the United States.

In a serious development, sources in Ankara revealed that Turkey is waiting for Gulf funding for military operations agreed upon to be carried out by Erdogan’s government against Syria in light of the failure the conspiracy against Syria. This agreement came in the wake of a secret political security meeting that was held in Riyadh with the presence of Qatar, Turkey after a meeting in Tel Aviv with the presence of Israeli, Turkish, and American officials.

Sources close to decision-making circles in Turkey say that NATO entrusted Turkey to launch military strikes against Syria, which has the consent of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the region.


  1. The bankers, who have orchestrated world wars in the past, are hiding behind NATO, who are hiding behind Turkey. Turkey is their tool. The prize for Turkey? The return of the Caliphate and under their control.The caliphate will also physically split Russia from China. See map here-
    Turkish-Islamic Union

    But the Caliphate will prove to be their undoing because it is being nurtured by these same bankers to become a credible opponent for the next major war.

    I've written some on it before. It's a year old now but largely still relevant, I believe
    How Israel Plans to Rule the World Part 3;

  2. Penny - I finally found some msm objective writing in English, from India...
    Assad's veiled strength, by Prakash Nanda, Uday India 24 March 2012. (hey, that's in the future!)

    1. felix

      I read it and it was not bad at all
      Except for the bit from Wesley Clark
      I'll use no foul language, promise.
      It was interesting when the author went to Syria she noted Damascus was largely life as usual
      I also like the mention of secularism, very western
      From blogging so much on this situation I did see alot of pictures that indicated that this was very much a country like most others
      With universities,stores, restaurants
      People going off to work, coming home to their families
      etc.. You know living their lives.

      The christian population, the druze, the kurds, should all be concerned about what will happen when the Muslim Brotherhood/salafists take control
      the oppression will be heavy. I can't even imagine it?

      These poor people. They have done nothing to anyone...

  3. Hey James
    I recall that piece.
    In the comments I notice sally mentioned my expression that religion may not be such a it appears to be.

    Still, though I see it be used as the method behind the madness.

    It is just the method
    The madness is the power.

    Always knew there was a reason why I had turned away from organized religion- tough to do
    The indoctrination is formidable-but it's gone.
    As for the Turkish Islamic Union
    I have another thought line....
    Rereading your post now has me thinking -is what I will propose part of the larger agenda?
    I need to do some more work/thinking before I make up my mind...

    You know what I found most interesting in posted article

    The mention of Israeli troops on Turkish soil
    How do the Turks like them apples?
    And this really does confirm, to me that the whole mavi marmara thing was a set up.
    Yes, there was aid. Yes there were legitimate do-gooders on the ship.
    BUT, the guy from Ireland, who had the "diabetic" whatever and has to be separated from the rest of the crew??
    Who shows up in Libya???
    And then.. do you recall the assassinations that took place on the mavi marmara
    They were targeted hits.
    The IDF's took specific individuals down.
    Individuals they had information on.
    (I recall there being reports the soldiers had photos and were looking for their intended victims)
    I am betting the information came from the Turkish government via the NGO..

    All the showmanship between Turkey and Israel has been pure theater

  4. I am really upset with today's news of apparent 'fighting' in Damascus. This is very bad news. It all points to a huge escalation in violence so there is no doubt there will be full out and out war there soon.

    P.S. I've written up some of my stories of Syria and Aleppo from 2007 - 2009 on my blog which is not really about these subjects at all. The reason I put them there was to show a picture of the true Syria that I experienced. Friends told me to keep writing about it as things are obviously going to change rapidly and some things may disappear completely if war destroys the country. Also, some of the World's most important archaeological sites can be found in Syria - some areas completely preserved like at Palmyra. Not only will it be a tragedy for the people of Syria, and regardless of all the extremists that will take over the place, humanity will lose some priceless history in the process (perhaps we deserve to).

    aka Marty

    1. I saw that Mar/Mar
      and it is an ominous sign for sure.
      I have a story bookmarked that this fighting, which took place overnight, was again near security buildings.

      Which brings me back to the car bombings and the massive explosions...
      Is it more the just car bombings?
      Are we looking at NATO destabilizers sneaking into Damascus, in the cover of night, to plant explosives, with car bombs to appear later
      All explosions set to detonate with the car bombs providing the diversion?

      Of course, this is just a thought, but, the explosions do look very McVeighish
      And there were more to those then just ryder trucks or cars?

    2. Mar/Mar about the priceless human history being lost???

      I wonder often if this isn't intentionally done?
      In order to rewrite the human past
      To form the human future....
      That said, this kind of ruin is never justified.
      No matter what.
      I am a big believer/endorser of humans having an excellent human experience on our beautiful planet sans psychos

    3. I have often wondered the same thing, Iraq the cradle of civilization, destroyed, Somalia on the hit list.
      Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia had massive damage done to their historical treasures large and small.
      The methodical destruction of Inca and Mayan historical records centuries ago, done by the usual suspects is also part of this pattern.
      It has to be part of the equation somehow.


  5. Pen, as a NATO member Turkey could never be as anti-Israel as it pretends. Israel is implicitly an honorary member of NATO just as it is implicitly a member of the EU (Solana: "Israel is, allow me to say, a member of the European Union without being a member of the institutions. It’s a member of all the EU programs, including the research and technology programs.") and a member of any other 'western' club it pleases. Yes it looks like the Mavi Marmara was a set-up.

    James, a new caliphate formed around a union of crypto-jewish Donmehs and Wahabi-Salafists? Imran Hosein refers to Salafism as Protestant Islam. In a comment to a previous post I put forward the notion that Islam is undergoing a Reformation just like Christianity did 500 years ago, engineered by the same subversive tribe, with the aim of dividing and weakening an established competing religion.

    1. Hey freethinker
      I hear ya, or read ya, whichever :)

      Was aware that Israel is a member of NATO for all intents and purposes..
      Sort of figured that were honorary members of the EU
      It just makes sense
      mavi marmara- set up, indeed. I am quite sure for many reasons.

      Went back and reread that comment.
      Hoping James leaves a comment. Something is definitely up
      btw: I have gotten through 2 of the interviews you had left links to 2 more to go

  6. more from the BBC today whipping up anti-Syrian sentiment...Radhika Coomaraswamy, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, being interviewed from 33.38 onwards here...
    "UN sources estimate over 400 children have been killled and over 400 are being detained and some of them have been tortured"
    "Tortured? Really?"

  7. James, a new caliphate formed around a union of crypto-jewish Donmehs and Wahabi-Salafists?

    Hey Freethinker, that's about the size of it. And you can bet Fethullah Gulen will be up to his armpits in it.

    It seems to me that the same people are behind ALL religious fundamentalist movements and use them all for the same purpose - to create hatred and all manner of violence including the ultimate violence - war

  8. Hey Pen, It would never have been the case of are there israeli agents on the Mavi Mamara, but it would have been how many agents there were. And I am equally sure the assassinations were just that - pre-planned assassinations.

    A few years ago I remember reading about how the israelis have aircraft stationed at a Turkish Air Force base in the east of Turkey neqr the Syrian border. I'm sure they're still there and getting a fresh paint job in Turkish colours. The US also has nuclear weapons stationed there with the Turkish armed forces.

    I would expect israeli ground forces as well as aircraft to invade Syria under disguise. It's what they do!

    Israeli air defences are integrated with NATO's, so it's all one big happy family. Israel is part of NATO and, no, they can't launch an attack by themselves because of this defence integration. Syria and Iran would know all that so all the talk of israel launching an attack on it's own is just to scare the populations of the West and to set up a narrative for future use.

    All the showmanship between Turkey and Israel has been pure theater

    Absolutely. btw Erdogan is Gulen's man