Friday, March 16, 2012

Turkish moves are suggestive of impending strike on Syria

Are we talking a week or two away?
Judging by some of what is being reported it looks that way!
Turkey urges it’s citizens to leave Syria

The Turkish foreign ministry statement said consular services at its embassy in Damascus would end at the end of office hours next Thursday, but the consulate in the second city of Aleppo would remain open.

"Developments in Syria pose serious security risks for our nationals," the statement said.

"Therefore it is strongly recommended that Turkish nationals currently in Syria leave and return home."

Except for the fighters, I suppose?

More invasion talk from Turkey under the guise of ‘buffer zone’ with a mention of the “threat” from the PKK...

"He also noted that Turkey has been taking utmost measures to ensure that the outlawed Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) militants do not use the opportunity to cross onto Turkish soil.
"The issue of a buffer zone can be considered, depending on the developments," Atalay said."

And speaking of “wagging the dog” and the illusory convenient threat of the PKK.... Meeting in Ankara Turkey. CIA & Erdogan

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency was in the Turkish capital together with the National Intelligence Director (DNI) James Clapper, for what was described as a ''surprise visit.'' The two talked with Erdogan and the head of Turkey's intelligence service (MIT), Hakan Fidan, for one and a half hour.

"surprise visit" I don't think so.

Sabah, a newspaper that is close to the government, writes that the meeting took place on Monday, while the daily Hurriyet speaks of a two-day visit that ended yesterday. Sabah specifies that the meeting was not on the premier's official schedule and that General Petraeus has also met several officials of Turkey's general staff.

This could be one of the reasons why the newspaper Yeni Safak claims that the meetings may have been set up to prepare an international intervention in Syria.
The Syrian crisis, according to sources in the American embassy in Ankara quoted by the press, was one of the issues that were discussed in the talks, as well as the fight against the Kurdish struggle for independence. The main Kurdish party, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), is on the list of terrorist organisations in Turkey, the U.S. and the EU. The talks also focused on sectarian tensions in Iraq, where the PKK has bases in the north, and the relations between Turkish and U.S. intelligence services, regulated by an agreement on exchange of information launched in 2007.

Erdogan and Petraeus reportedly mainly discussed measures that must be taken to stop possible attacks by the PKK this spring.

According to Hurriyet, the premier has told the CIA director that he is concerned about developments in Syria, underlining that the instable situation creates more space for the PKK. In fact the PKK is also present in Syria, although not as openly as in the period when the presence of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan was tolerated

So Turkey is concerned about the presence of Kurds in Syria, though they are not really an issue. But attacks that may take place this spring must be stopped???

Since the PKK is resident in Iraq, wouldn't it make since that the US and Turkey take care of the threat of a possible attack from whence it would originate?

Point of reference, geographically speaking...

Are you buying what is being sold to you?

Before we get to the next little bit on "refugee camps" being set up in Turkey.
I want to get this out of the way...
I am not buying the massive refugee story for a couple of reasons

1- The only “refugees” fleeing between Turkey and Syria have been the thousands of fighters imported from everywhere...
They flee on a regular basis, back and forth every day! This skews the reporting of fleeing refugees and gives the media inflated numbers to report

2-Do you notice that there has been barely any mention of refugee camps set up in Jordan?
A few stories mentioning bare bones refuge
Wonder why that is?
I will suggest to you, what should be obvious already, the so called refugees in Turkey are not "refugees" from Syria. They are NATO backed fighters and they have massed and continue to mass on that border in preparation for an attack coming via Turkey on Syria.

If we were to believe that what has been reported on refugees fleeing,especially with regards to Turkey, one would have to believe that Syria is just about abandoned and that does not seem to be the case.
In case you missed the multi-million person turn out yesterday in Syria?

Therefore what is going on right now in Turkey is an expansion of troop encampment not refugee housing This is clearly an expansion of troop/rebel housing that began last year on the Turk/Syria border in Hatay province

Turkey set up more tents and containers on Thursday (yesterday)

Moreover, efforts are under way to construct tent-sites in Gaziantep, Sanliurfa and Kilis.

Gaziantep Governor Erdal Ata said they would erect 2,000 tents and the Red Crescent would send tents and blankets.

Executives of the southeastern province of Sanliurfa have also launched preparations to construct a camp for 20,000 people in Ceylanpinar town.

Also, 2,000 containers have been set up in Kilis

It has been reported on a number of occasions and I have posted it on the blog that fighters are in the ‘refugee camps’ So we have to realize that this is definitely a sign that more troops will be massing on the border and being housed in the encampments.
The containers are most certainly going to contain weapons, munitions and other supplies.

Ruse- Syria 'Freedom Convoy' blocked at Turkish border-
All waving their flags of oppression and occupation!!!
This convoy had no intention of bringing aid INTO Syria

REALITY- Turkish operation specifically created for the media propaganda. Also, to cover up for troop/supply transferral closer to the Syrian border Where did this “Freedom Convoy” originate? .In the Turkish province of Gaziantep

Disguising troop and supply movement that is being pushed ever closer to the Syrian border.
It appears Turkey is moving closer to attack.


  1. March 24, 1999
    NATO starts bombing campaign in Kosovo
    March 19, 2011
    NATO starts bombing campaign in Libya
    March 19, 2003
    NATO starts bombing campaign in Iraq

    and for history buffs, Operation Rolling Thunder, the murderous sick bombing campaign in 'Vietnam' began on March 2 1965

    On Leon Panetta.
    His recent talk to marines on the heels of the massacre of Afghani women and children was a disaster. The unprecedented move of having his own marines disarm is HUGE news in military circles. Likely a calculation based on the fact that many solders in Afghanistan know full well that the massacre was planned, NOT the act of one crazy soldier. Fed up with lies and being hung out to dry, it was impossible to predict what that room full of pissed of killers might have done.
    Fragging was a big problem for the US military in Vietnam, and the brass still fear it apparently.


    1. Heywood

      Curious, do you think there is a significance to the March dates?
      That is a bit more then coincidental.

      Is it lunar
      Spring Equinox
      I wonder?
      I spent some time looking up moon phases.
      all dates do fall around the spring equinox
      which would be a time of birth and creation?
      As for the Afghan situation
      I haven't had time to look into that one.
      Apparently eye witness reported more then one soldier was involved in the killing spree
      and Yes, this had to have been planned.

      "During the meeting, the relatives of the dead insisted there must have been more than one shooter and argued that they did not receive all the information they asked for from Americans."

      "But Mohammed Wadi, a local farmer, said a relative who lost her husband in the shooting insisted there was more than one soldier.

      “She saw a couple of soldiers in her garden after one shooter entered her room, pushed her head to the floor and shot her husband,” he said."

      The US is touting the usual "lone gunman" programming
      well they have a video of one guy, so that must be it!
      Never mind the others that didn't star in the dramatic role

    2. Thanks Penny.
      I am comfortable looking at the hard politics and lies in these wars and attempting to discern truth. All roads lead to some sort of dark controlling force that has been with us for centuries IMO.
      But when it comes to trying to figure out what that may be, I am in over my head. The lunar, Purim, Satanic dates angle must factor in somehow, as they seem to in so many situations. In any case the bombs today in Damascas show that NATO will not accept peace under any circumstances.

      Here is one that turned my head round yesterday.
      I was going on about the Kony 2012 clusterf*ck with a friend at work whom I have been attempting to enlighten about Libya and Syria. He was happy to accept that Kony was a failed CIA psy op, and happier to use it to make his case to me that no way in Hell could the CIA orchestrate the Arab spring and the "people's revolutions" in Libya and Syria. Too complicated.

  2. Well, I agree. I don't buy their lies of so many Syrians fleeing the country.

    Watching yesterdays news on Al-Arabiya, was just a true indication of how much they fabricate, the arab news reporter in Turkey was stating that "As I speak there is a thousand refugees coming in from the borders we can see them", the news presenter asked him, "Can we get some live footage of that?" As you guessed it, as any liar would respond, "No no no no, we cant, we cant do that"...Can't? Why not? Because their actually armed terrorists who want to come back to Syria?

    They even interviewed some men (only) on the camps who had their heads covered like Bin-Laden style...what for? If they were really tortured and they're in a 'safe' zone, why all this jihadi covering of the face where you can barely see their eyes? Distoring their voices? Or just pure traitors, getting paid to lie and distort the truth but who also want to eat their cake by returning to their supposed homeland.

    Just goes to show how little credibility and fact they actually have to support their claims. Empty facts...somehow this gets through to many people across the globe with such ease!

    1. Anonymous 9;35

      The refugee camps have always been bogus, from the get go
      I had blogged on them on any number of occasions
      From the fact that they were fenced and tarped and no reporters were ever allowed in.

      The numbers never made sense
      And yes, I have seen the refugees with their faces covered
      If there in Turkey in "refugee camps" guarded by soldiers
      Across these allegedly heavily land mined borders...
      They have nothing to worry about

      I suspect that some of them have been filmed previously and may be recognized, hence the covering of their face

  3. I heard Karzai on a radio news broadcast saying the US has to leave Afghanistan now. The report said that his government believe more than one shooter was responsible for the massacre. I believe it's all part of a plan to move resources in preparation for an offensive against Syria.

    Anon, you mentioned something that was making me wonder also, why are all these people who are now in safety hiding their faces all the time, as you put it, 'all this jihadi covering of the face.' It is totally uncalled for and simply not normal behaviour of a 'refugee', and so indicates that they are not who they say they are.

    aka Marty

    P.S. We can always rely on Turkey to do what needs to be done! ;-)

    1. Convenient, if they have to move troops to appear the good guys....and march on over to Turkey to invade

      I have an interesting theory on why Turkey is so willing to go along with this ill gotten attack

      Stay tuned

  4. Thanks to Felix for pointing us to the New York Times doubling down on their bluff. They really want us to believe the cards they are holding in this game of poker with Syria is the real deal.

    This is an amazing link, and like the link from yesterday, or the 45 minute behind the scenes video from CNN, "72 hours in Homs", its an attempt by the major media to hide the truth by bringing out the big guns and appealing to authority. We are suppossed to be awed that all the major media is toeing the same government line.

    But for those of us that can still think independently, these are obvious desperate attempts by the perps to cover up their mistakes, like the mistake they made with "Danny."

    Note that Conroy is quoted in the NYT article as getting a laugh at the conpsiracies--which makes it even more probable that it really was Conroy that made a similar comment at aangirfan. I wonder why Paul can't answer my questions there.

    Also note that the New York Times promotes Alex Jones and Thierry Meyssan as the two representative "conspiracy thoerists" and tries to discredit them by referring to the 9/11 conspiracies as well. The reference to Jones and Messyan is interesting to me because I have a hunch that both Jones and Meyssan are controlled opposition (it's only a hunch, and a weak hunch in the case of Messyan but I feel compelled to mention it).

    I find this site has done a much better job than either of those places in exposing the media fakery and the war propaganda being foisted upon us by criminal organizations like the New York Times.

    1. Speaking of perps covering up their mistakes........the epic fail also known as Kony 2012 is in full damage control mode for George Cloony right now. Wow, corporate media marching in lock step to protect on of their most treasured war shilling assets. Of course Huffpo, rawstory, DemocracyNow and all the greasy fake liberal sites are fully committed to do their best too.

    2. Hey Anonymous,

      Re Kony. I haven't even watched the video as I'm trying to avoid obvious progaganda, because even though I am much more skeptical than most people it does have a deleterious effect to constantly subject one to this relentless proganda. From my view from afar I'm suspicious that it was so easy to debunk . . . . like that is the scam. Like we are suppossed to feel clever for debunking it and there is some other goal. I guess now they are not too discerning about the quality fo the propaganda and are just pushing it out as fast as they can shovel it. The sheer volume does have an effect. Although it must make other MORE suspicious.

      Agreed on Clooney. I saw the same thing as I got suckered into reading the story when I signed into my email. He's defninitely on my perp list. This is too cute of a story. Clooney will get arrested because some dictator in some other country is killing people but he will support a war criminal like Obama, who is responsible for killing even more people? What a fraud Clooney is.

      By the way, since I'm in the naming mood, here's my up to date perp/suspected perp list:

      Chris Hedges
      Christopher Hitchens
      Salmon Rushdie
      Juan Cole
      Angry Arab (hunch) (hunch)
      Alex Jones(hunch)
      Thierry Meyssan (weak hunch)
      Richard Clarke
      Wesley Clark

      All the major media is compromised with these main perps:

      New York Times
      Guardian (notably produced fake emails)
      Huffington Post (notably silenced one of only on-the-scene reporters with scoops)

      Then we have numerous NGOs getting in on the action:

      Doctors sans frontiers
      The two French ones mentioned in the NYTimes
      Avaaz; MoveOn

      It's a vast net of lies. I'm sorry but the evidence does indicate a conspiracy. I keep an open mind but that is what the evidence is showing and when the New York Times dishonestly calls people pro-Assad for simply demanding the truth, we know this is not a trustworthy news source. Mr. Mackey is a fraud intentionally distributing war propaganda.

    3. These are obviously not exclusive lists. Just people/orgs I've been noticing of late. Also, just noting them all to demonstrate the vast conspiracy.

      Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

      Oh, The Sunday Times is another perp.

      Oh, and we need to update the journalist perp list we now have. Most of the prominent Western journalists we have identified as perps. Can someone help develop a list of all the alleged Western journalists?

      The articles I cite above are trying to establish the official authoritarian narrative and notice the CPJ piece claims there are numerous journos underground. They realize the mistakes they have made and they are attempting to convey the message there is a vast army of establishment media when really there appears to be about 10 main perps and the "activists."

      Then we have 3 "good" journalists, so far. Right? Can someone help with a list of the "good" journalists? Are there more? There's the Syrian video Felix showed of a male journalist that visited that I can't find right now.

      Thierry Meyssan.
      Sharmine Narwani
      Ankhar Kochneva

    4. "Faced with this apparent evidence of a popular movement"

      "apparent evidence" only in the media

      "I find this site has done a much better job than either of those places in exposing the media fakery and the war propaganda being foisted upon us by criminal organizations like the New York Times."

      that is such a nice compliment, thank-you :)
      Done in my spare time, on a free blog and all by my lonesome.

    5. Your perp list
      All major media is compromised
      Yet, they are usable if you dig out the facts and discard the spin.
      Which is what I mostly do
      As for the list below

      Chris Hedges
      Christopher Hitchens
      Salmon Rushdie
      Juan Cole
      Angry Arab (hunch) (hunch)
      Alex Jones(hunch)
      Thierry Meyssan (weak hunch)
      Richard Clarke
      Wesley Clark

      Mostly I call these persons "limited hang outs" except for Thierry (so far)
      Can't stand Alex Jones at all. Ever.
      I find him so unbearable when he interviews anyone, it makes it difficult to listen
      Which is to bad because he does get some interesting guests.
      Not a Juan Cole fan at all.
      Rushdie is a tool

      The rest of them- of course Hitchens is dead
      he was as phoney as all get out, got his credibility with his decent book on war pig Kissinger and then went along with the globalist agenda

      Hedges is not horrid, but he buys into the man made global warming stuff and I do not.
      That's about it.
      I don't get hung up on personality except with A. Jones, because he is abrasive beyond belief.

    6. Yeah, it's not personal with me either. I just see an interesting pattern.

      I am just realizing this conspiracy, for lack of a better word, is much broader and deeper than I first realized. Project Mockingbird may have only been the tip of the iceberg.

      I find it interesting the perps appear to control some academics and writers in addition to most of the media. That's why my list above interests me. I just never considered that most of our cultural writers/thinkers are simply gatekeepers paid to keep us from finding out greater truths.

      It interests me.

      Like Hitchens secretly working for the perps all these years, writing books under liberal cover, and then purposely sowing division and switching sides at a critical time.

      Or Rushdie laying out a decades-long rationale for villifying the Iranians.

      Or Chris Hedges, if my suspcions turn out to be correct, turning on the Occupy and antiwar movement at a critical juntcure and sowing division.

      Or Juan Cole and other professors and notable writers, like Angry Arab, seeming to criticize Western actions but that end up justifying some of the basic assumptions of the West that are incorrect.

      And now we now that orgs like Amnesty International and Move On are probably completely corrupted.

      Anway, I'm just suspicious of everyone now and I don't like it but the evidence shows the conspiracy is vast and there are many people paid to be gatekeepers. I always suspected the controlled opposition as an MO, but I didn't know it was used this extensively! (if my suspicions are correct)

    7. @Walt - it really was Conroy, check his style in his tweets! (I don't think he would pass the MI6 test)

    8. Walt& Penny. Good list.
      Chris Hitchens, is one that hurt, but I agree with you. It is like they establish their credentials by being right on several big issues, but then they use them to come out hard against a bigger issue like 911.
      The limited hangout concept Penny, is one that I had just recently started to learn I see them/it everywhere.

      Three good journalists. Agreed on Meyssan, and will have to look at the other two as I am unfamiliar.
      I hope Stephen Lendman is one of the good guys?? Sibel Edmonds too?

      The NGO's being used and controlled by the fascists seem to be expanding and getting worse. Tragic for the good honest front line and low level workers at Red Cross, Amnesty etc.


  5. Here's Robert Mackey backing up Danny, in coments at the article above:

    "That is simply not what CNN reported. This was too convoluted to deal with in the post, but in a recent interview with Mr. Dayem, CNN showed a video clip of the activist waiting to speak to CNN, which was posted online by Assad supporters who claim that it shows him discussing a plan to play sound effects of gunfire during his live interview. But the activist denied that the video showed him discussing any such thing and CNN confirmed that in their entire interview with the activist, there was no sound of gunfire.

    This appears to be another example of an attempt to discredit an activist who witnessed and reported on the government assault on that neighborhood in Homs. There is simply no doubt that the assault happened, even if every video clip showing it in progress cannot be confirmed as authentic. As mentioned in the post above, foreign reporters with excellent reputations as truth-tellers were present in Homs during the bombardment and they testified later to its deadly intensity and the fact that they witnessed video activists at work who were doing genuine reporting, not producing staged clips."

    Too convaluted indeed, Mr. Mackey! Like CNN, you are intentionally not reporting all the facts. CNN and Danny only chose to debunk a couple of facts, and they didn't even manage to do that! They are not presenting all the evidence casting doubt on Danny and all the activists and their unbalanced handling of the evidence proves these "journalists" to be frauds.

    1. foreign reporters with excellent reputations as truth-tellers !!

      No such species, certainly not in the msm...

  6. The media war continues, as RT reports resignations from Al Jazeera.

    One wouldn't know it from watching the mainstream media, but there is a quiet war going on in the media, and some major scandals are appearing through the fog.

    CNN and now the New York Times are vouching for its reporting based on claims by Danny and other activists and suppressing the information that calls these sources into question (like Sharmine Narwani's reporting or the videos showing faking).

    Huffington Post is suppressing accurate and critical reporting. So is Al Jazeera. And the media that we think of as competitive has been almost totally silent. Why isn't Fox, for instance, pointing out that CNN is promoting fake videos and Huffington Post censoring its reporters?

  7. I've got your causus belli right here folks!

    Turkey's prime minister Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey is thinking of sending its military into Syria to protect the refugees.

    This is just the sort of provocation needed for NATO to start taking out the Syrian Army. They hope Syria defends its territory from Turkey which will then bring in America and NATO.

  8. Add Michael Moore to the perp list.

    This is actually a pretty slick little piece of propaganda:

    I see a few images I haven't seen before of artillery and wonder if they can be confirmed or put in context.

    1. Not a perp....George Galloway, UK. Hence vilification - eg by Perps like C.Hitchens.
      This is how he deals with the sheeple on Syria... Great stuff...worth listening to.

    2. That is good stuff. He handled that call well.

      Not a perp.

  9. Kilis'te konteyner kent - news footage from Turkey showing a "container city " being erected at Kilis 15 March.

    Video of "dissident soldiers" interviewed across the Syrian border near Hatay, like a training camp, 14 March. Haber TV.

  10. What do you make of this one...Portia Walker, very posh, Arabist, Yemen, Libya (Nalut Hospital, Misrata, Tripoli and Sirte with Paul Conroy..) now concentrating on Syria. Long Youtube Interview here. But back in London for the riots in early August 2011...Hmmmm.

    1. I think our Portia is on the fast track.

      I notice going through her twitters (damn you felix) that she had been to a Jussoor Workshop. Jussoor is yet another liberal NGO targeting the young:
      "Jussoor is a platform for motivated young people who are passionate about the Arab world to engage more deeply with development work and civil society in the region.

      Alfanar, the first Arab venture philanthropy organisation, launched the Jussoor UK chapter with an interactive workshop for 20 university students and young professionals in London in February 2011, and is holding a second workshop in early 2012."

      Here is a video of happy, shiny, utterly clueless, young idealists ready to save the world, attending the first Jussoor Workshop.

    2. I screwed-up that link. Here it is again- Jussoor Workshop

    3. Probably tapped on the shoulder by her Oxbridge (?) tutor... Interesting date for our friends at Alfanar to go out save the arab world. The Founder's obituary, Guardian (where else?),Tarek Ben Halim, d 11 Dec 2009 aged 54, has the memorable line...Ben Halim thought that "regime change" could be a catalyst for a wholesale change of leadership in the region. MD of Goldman Sachs..links with Seif al-Gaddafi as in Telegraph obit Father was PM of Libya, 1954-7, later Ambassador in Paris.. Fascinating.

    4. A capitalist Muslim banker who enjoyed fine wine and was married to a liberal Jew - very curious.

      Interesting date? Please explain.

    5. Date? Sorry, a bit oblique. It was immediately before the Libyan day of protest followed by the series of fake videos and reports leading to....

    6. @Freethinker, did you spot this article?
      Secret files have been unearthed by The Independent in Tripoli that reveal the astonishingly close links that existed between British and American governments and Muammar Gaddafi. Unearthed by our young Portia Walker... V. spooky. And jumped on promptly by the Telegraph to link it to Iran.....

  11. Hiya Penny, its been a while but I do keep reading and boy girlfriend you are outdoing yourself with your coverage of this latest psy-op!!

    When I heard this am about the twin car bombs in Damascus going off my mind went to thoughts of Negroponte. So I did a quick little search. Turns out that Ford was a protoge of Negroponte in Iraq years ago.

    Oh what a tangled web, but sadly not surprising.

    Befuddled buffy

  12. Replies
    1. The Chicago Tribune had a local version of the email link as well. Very clever tactic by the perps. One big media source can release fake emails and local sources can pick through them for the local angle. This way the deception can work on many different levels.

      Plus, they can simply make up shit against people they don't like, like the Dr. in that Channel 4 article, to be subject to Big Brother scrutiny.

      I didn't realize the UK was also enforcing thought crimes. I guess emailing someone about false media reports and how to rebut these false reports with the truth is now a crime? Supporting "terrorism" or something?

      Disgusting abuse of power.

    2. Here's why...head of Foreign news at Channel4, Ben De Pear is keen consumer and regurgitator of Avaaz crap...

      5h benc4fored ‏ @bendepear
      Avaaz quotes survivor;"troops insulted us & began killing people one by one."Boy says sister & mother shot dead in front of him.

      7h benc4fored ‏ @bendepear ·
      Horrendous details from Avaaz on tortured children they say found in Homs; multiple stabbings, beatings, fingers cut off. Videos v graphic

      The perps are everywhere.

  13. As retweeted by Brown Moses which I take to be a from the Syria Days of Rage facebook page to Damascus | Sharp Shooters Battalion Formed in Damascus ,uploaded 16 March. Where have we seen this before?? Nafusa Mountains, Libya.

  14. Hey All, not to ignore anyone...
    Freethinker thanks for that link
    though I had no doubt that the emails were as phony as........ well just plain bogus

    And BUFFY!! Girlfriend, where the heck have you been???
    Have been wondering about you?
    Hoping all is well?
    We gotta chat soon, we just have to :)

  15. Dramatic turn of events over at the CBC today on the touchy issue of false flags.
    Governments conspiring to bomb their own citizens, then blaming their enemies used to be 'crazy talk' subject to censorship. All of a sudden seems like a very plausible and reasonable argument to make.

    "An activist and spokesperson for the Syrian Revolution General Commission in the city of Homs on Saturday accused the Assad regime of setting off explosives in Damascus and then blaming the opposition movement.
    In an interview with CBC News, Abu Abdu al-Homsi denied opposition involvement.
    "We are peaceful protesters all around Syria," he said. He also claimed the government brings bodies to the scene of explosions.

    How low can the CBC go?

  16. Anonymous 11:53 am

    Yeah but that fits the official narrative so it has to be promoted right?

    The government is bad to it's own people therefore intervention will be required
    Except the targets are wrong, this is definitely prepping for a hit

    PS I tried to get comments through there early in the am
    no dice.
    as usual

  17. Hot off the impartial BBC press, 18.29hrs GMT March 17: Paul Conroy supports Syria protesters, with a protest outside the Syrian Embassy in London..... Struggling on a crutch and being pushed in a wheelchair, Mr Conroy was embraced by supporters. "diplomacy has had its chance it's failed"