Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Turkish "journalists" reported missing in Syria

Worth keeping an eye on for the pathetic excuse this may offer for Turkey to launch an attack.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday it was working to find out information on the whereabouts of reporter Adem Ozkose, who works for the Milat newspaper, and cameraman Hamit Coskun.

Reporter and Cameraman? Or undercover spooks? This story stinks to high heaven

"We are making a great effort for the safe return of our journalists through every possible initiative," state-run Anatolia agency quoted Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as saying in a report on its website."There have been saddening deaths from the international media in Syria recently. It shows how severe the situation has become in Syria," he said.

The two arrived in Idlib province,(In an ill gotten manner-illegally) just across the border from Turkey, a week ago, the newspaper and activists said.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has contacted Syrian authorities for information about the missing journalists, but had not received a response from officials in Damascus, while the Aleppo governor's office said it would look into the issue, a ministry official said.

Families and friends of Ozkose and Coskun gathered in front of the foreign minister's office in Ankara for information on the men, who have not been in contact for four days. The group then moved on to the Syrian embassy in the Turkish capital.

"Journalists, aid volunteers or civilians cannot be harmed anywhere in the world," said the group's Eyup Gokhan Ozekin. "We fear for the lives of our friends. We expect an explanation from Syrian officials."

Contacted the Syrian government? For what reason? How can one hold the Syrian government responsible for illegal entry of "journalists" in a troubled area?

I am sorry, but, sneaking into another nation for nefarious purposes just doesn't get my sympathy.

ANKARA, March 14 (KUNA) --

Two Turkish journalists went missing four days ago near the embattled Syrian city of Idlib, to cover the crisis there, a news channel here said on Wednesday.
The correspondent Adem Ozkose and his cameraman, Hamit Coskun, working for Gercek Hayat magazine, arrived in the northwestern city of Idlib, to cover events in that city, said Turkish news channel (NTV).
The conflict in Idlib city has forced hundreds of people to flee to Turkish territories. Up to 500 people took off to the Turkish border from Idlib within the last 24 hours

Up to 500 foreign fighters fled back into Turkey! No surprise there.

One more thought- with so many "citizen journalists" and "activists" in Syria, why did these two need to gain illegal entry?


  1. LOL - I doubt the Syrian government can help in knowing their whereabouts if the so-called journos entered the country illegally/without being detected - That would mean that the Syrians have some fantastic tracking and surveillance equipment on par with the US! ;-)

    aka Marty

    1. I was thinking just how absurd this story is.
      Yet, I am certain people will eat it up never questioning that the only ones accountable for there illegal entry are those two "journalists"

      Quite frankly, I don't believe they are missing
      This has a complete psy-op feel to it
      I am quite sure Turkey knows right where their operatives are.
      Who there with
      What there up to

  2. By asking the Syrian govt about the whereabouts of the 'journalists', the implication is that the Syrian Government knows where they are which means the Syrian govt is holding them.

    Having the Syrian govt hand over the body of Marie Colvin (or whomever) gave the appearance that the Syrian govt was responsible for her death, too.

    This is a little wall of evidence that is being built brick by brick.

    Pen, do you know if the Syrian govt is using its air force in its battle with the terrorists?

    1. Hey James

      From all my reading, I have seen zero indication that Syria is using the air force.

      Of course I can't read it all, but, I repeatedly read of ground forces, and the use of tanks etc
      So everything appears to be done on the ground.

      This indicates to me and should indicate to others that Syrian forces are being as careful as possible about civilian casualties
      Of course with the NaTO fighters planting themselves right in towns, cities, neighbourhoods etc
      It is difficult, surely
      It does seem, to the credit of the Syrian Army, they are doing what they can to minimize civilian deaths
      Can't say the same for Syrian Army casualties, apparently in the 1,000's
      What with all the ambushes and obviously heavily armed fighters.... thanks to NATO

      The use of air force slaughter seems to be a western tactic

  3. Perhaps a faked kidnapping to ratchet up the pressure. In Libya, the government didn't now know about the kidnapped journalists and photographers. Then they turned up again with tales of torture...

    My perp alert has just gone off though re the recent disappearances...
    16 Temmuz Gençlik Hareketi - Neler Yapacağız
    16 July Youth Movement (what that???), Adem Özköse is seen with other members here last June. Not sure where Hamit Hamit Coşkun fits in. Can't find anything in English about the 16 July group.

    twitter account here...!/16temmuzgh - describes itself as an NGO.

    Somehow connected with the Navi Marmara / Gaza flotilla - video here

    We believe in Ummah not national borders You'll see the photographer Coshkun at 12.11 in this last video.

    1. I don't see much in the the way of articles...see e.g. from 2011..

    2. (there's also about a dozen on page 1)

    3. Hmmm....connected with the Mavi Marmara??
      Which means he is connected to the Turkish NGO.....
      forgot the name, but, had a very interesting discussion with someone about this supposed NGO and it's connection to Mavi Marmara and Libya
      I will find it a relink it here

      The info that came to light made me rethink what exactly was going with the Mavi Marmara
      a ruse to create the perception of animosity between Israel and Turkey?
      Where there really is none?

    4. The Irish Tripoli Brigade commander, Mahdi Al-Harati, perhaps, Penny? Who, when he arrived in Israel "reportedly" had a diabetic attack on reaching Israel and was hospitalised....

    5. Felix it was precisely Mahdi Al Harati,
      linked to Turkey, Libya and apparently showing up in Syria
      So, who is this man really?
      by that I mean which spook organization backs him?
      Maybe Mossad
      since he had his "diabetic attack" so conveniently in Israel

    6. This hagiography of Al-Harati was written by Miles Amoore, @MilesAmoore, Sunday Times colleague of Marie Colvin who was in Zawiyah with Paul Conroy in mid-August 2011.
      Mehdi himself left Tripoli for Ireland 18 years ago after Gadaffi’s agents arrested him because members of his family had been preaching antiregime rhetoric.

      He immersed himself in charity work, moved briefly to Manchester to run a greengrocer’s but returned to Ireland. As a devout Muslim and charity activist he felt drawn to the Middle East. He was shot in the leg and arrested on the Turkish flotilla which Israeli commandos assaulted as it approached Gaza last year...Members of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, experts in covert intelligence gathering, were part of the 30-strong British special forces team...[Al Harati], a diabetic with a heart problem..

      Paul Conroy was travelling with Amoore into Tripoli with Harati and his brigade.

  4. Felix et al
    check this post
    and some interesting links and commentary from dmodusoperundi

    The fellow linked to Ireland... you'll see it there somewhere seems to have reappeared in relation to Paul Conroy

  5. From all my reading, I have seen zero indication that Syria is using the air force.

    Thanks, Pen. That is what I thought. No doubt, NATO was expecting Syria to use their air force so they could impose a "No-fly Zone" as the did in Libya. The terrorists can't win without NATO air power. So Syria is not giving NATO the excuse to use it.

    So now NATO has to cobble together another reason, any reason, to intervene. Hence the clumsy and ad hoc nature of these 'journalist' stories.

    1. Stand by though for another fake defection of [Syrian] Air Force pilots for refusing to bomb civilians. Malta a bit far this time, suggest to Turkey...???

    2. "So now NATO has to cobble together another reason, any reason, to intervene. Hence the clumsy and ad hoc nature of these 'journalist' stories."

      Hey James it would look that way
      Therefore everything is suspect.

    3. Well don't forget Felix allegedly around the time the Oil Minister defected Turkey claimed that some generals etc had defected also.

      The Oil "minister' was a dud completely, who knows if the supposed military defections even took place
      I doubt it.
      I am of the mind the fighters are foreign- Almost all of them.

  6. Three major Syrian opposition leaders have left the movement, citing foreign agendas wishing to drag Syria into a civil war, and stating that they "did not want to be accomplices to the massacre of the Syrian people."

    For some reason CBC has not yet got round to reporting this big news......but they did have a nice pissy gossipy story on Assad buying Ipods online etc. They are also reporting that today's huge pro Assad rallies include people rounded up and forced to attend by military....activists say, dontcha know!
    Susan Ormiston of the CBC, Canada's very own 'Colvin' minus the eye patch.

    1. I saw that story, in fact, had it bookmarked to use..
      maybe will still

      As for the CBC...
      Let's see I tried 10 comments today, got 3 through
      Why do I bother, it is an exercise in futility and frustration.
      Though I have an idea for another blog

      CBC Canadian Big Brother Censors
      Rehash the stories and if your comment gets blocked, allow it at that blog
      something along that line
      If I had more time to spare....

  7. Not sure if this has been posted but it is a video "AVAAZ, Obama and the Makings of War Through Demonstrations and Humanitarianism"

    1. Thanks for the link! This dude is on the case. Good to see other people looking int the background of AVAAZ, and interesting to see the connection to Obama, etc.

      Can you believe progressives are funding war crimes via Move On and Avaaz?

      But I also note that AfriSynergy seems to be under the impression that Putin will help stop war against Syria. I'm sorry to keep harping on this but it just seems so obviously wrong to me. Russia and Putin are serving the same purpose of trapping well meaning people into the fake controlled opposition. It's the same purpose groups like Move On serve. AfriSynergy says Medvedev failed to stand up to the West in Libya but for some reason thinks Putin will remedy this failure by standing up in the instance of Syria. But it's wishful thinking to think Putin is going to stand up to the West when Medvedev wouldn't. It's the same rotating villain tactic one sees in political parties like the Democratic party.

      But he did a good job nailing Avaaz as a bunch of perps though. It's really shocking to see how far this conspiracy runs.

    2. Did you notice that another of the "good projects" of Avaaz was a campaign to boycott the Bahrain Motor Grand Prix in 2011, as noted here at the Enduring America blog, coming to you from Birmingham University, UK. Petition here for 2012...

    3. You see you doubters! Avaaz is the real deal!! They go after ALL the dictators in the Middle East equally.

      In some countries they support armed revolution and in others they support ineffectual boycotts.

  8. The Guardian sinks to a new low. They are getting desperate; just imagine (supposing for a moment the emails are real) the president and first lady spend thousands on jewellery and furniture - oh the horror! Are they supposed to shop at Walmart? Even more revolting than the story itself is the unbearable smugness and stupidity of the commenters.

    1. Yes, pathetic. As tweeted..
      Brown Moses ‏ @Brown_Moses
      The problem with the Assad emails is they make him seem more human | Peter Beaumont via @guardian #assad #syria

      @freethinker Any idea who the twitterer is?? Very central Guardian circle figure.

    2. Sorry, no idea - I can't bear to follow the Gaurdian very closely and Twitter is bad for my blood pressure.

    3. thanks freethinker, used that in the latest post
      Sorry about your blood pressure and all ;)

      That moses brown had some interesting video links
      wonder who he is?

    4. I did see BM called she/her at one juncture. All the latest fake videos and rebel propaganda are quickly re-tweeted by him/her, as it was and still is from Libya. Only worth following to be on top of the fakery. I never touch Guardian comment is free. Peter Beaumont and Richard Norton-Taylor appeared at the Hutton Inquiry cover-up of Dr David Kelly's death. See eg ..this crap (btw Marie Colvin assisted the preparation of the "official narrative" the same weekend after the death - Dr Kelly: I felt betrayed when the MoD revealed my name
      Nicholas Rufford
      Additional reporting: David Cracknell, Jonathon Carr-Brown and Marie Colvin

      (that was one huge story which the Guardian more than most papers has been trying to dampen down for the past 8 years. I wonder why?)

    5. @ freethinker - but surely you can make an exception for Paul Conroy's @reflextv tweets? e.g.
      Just about to do CNN. Two shows then one for CBC
      14 Mar Paul Conroy Paul Conroy ‏ @reflextv

      Here is a film I made with #MarieColvin and @MilesAmoore in #Libya last year .

      1:43 PM - 14 Mar 12

      14 Mar Paul Conroy Paul Conroy ‏ @reflextv
      here's a film of me and @MiliesAmoore with a real link!!#syria

      (Have a look at his linked videos)

      He also likes Aangirfan..
      Paul Conroy ‏ @reflextv
      another article about my MI6 activities :)

      14 Mar
      GinnySacksMole ‏ @GinnySacksMole
      @reflextv pretty crap agent to have your pic taken everywhere :)

      @ginnysacksmole Ha ha, i gues my paycheck from MI6 will be delayed now. Has anyone seen my Aston Martin

      Paul Conroy ‏ @reflextv 14 Mar
      Danny Abdel, if your out htere mate drop me a line. Paul

    6. All right, I'll admit you can glean quite a lot from these twittery things. Thanks for sifting through all that crap felix so I don't have to ;) I suppose seeing who is talking to whom is at least as interesting as what they say. Conroy comes across as more of a useful idiot than a mastermind - I could believe that he really thinks he's on the side of the good-guys. His comments on Aangirfan don't make him look very smart.

    7. Add two more videos to the pile of lies by Conroy. Boy, I'm starting to think we're outgunned here people. These perps have an army of psy operatives and are churning this shit out like they have a factory. (hmmm, the CNN video "72 hours in Homs" did show the factory-like facilities of CNN).

      Notice the videos are showing less and less so they can't get caught faking. Except the one video Paul links to above that shows someone getting stitches--so that's a nice new touch. Plus, they are piping in sound effects more often now and have more realistic incoming artillery sounds.

      I also agree this is more corroboration that Conroy did comment at aangrilfan's place. Wish he would answer my questions. He's already been caught in a sticky place with the dates of his military service being very unlikely so I'm surprised he's talking while Bouvier is staying silent. She must be a terrible actor.

  9. Having the Syrian govt hand over the body of Marie Colvin (or whomever) gave the appearance that the Syrian govt was responsible for her death, too.

    Looks like the autopsy and cremation of Ms Colvin went very quietly indeed. The Syrian autopsy should she was killed by an IED. You could be sure if she was shot by the Syrian army that bulldog Clinton would have been on all MSM

    1. Agree on that.
      The silence was noticeable

  10. General background article on deceased journos in Syria here at CPJ, March 14...In Syria, killing the messenger hasn't killed the message
    The link about the late Basil Al-Sayed with a selection of his videos set my alarm bells off again...

    1. Sets off my alarm bells as well. Once again we get a partial view of his face as he is buried and the video evidence purporting to show Syrian troops firing is obviously not conclusive. Since everything else from these "activists" are fake I presume these videos are faked. They are getting smarter and not filming much at all, just the ground and some shots in the air, and then telling us what happened. They realize they have been caught with their pants down so often they are better off keeping it simple stupid. So no more trying to show mortars landing or actual assassinations as they occur (remember the clown car procession of taxis taking away the wounded in that one staged assassination video?).

      The article from the cpj is maddening. The entire profession seems to be corrupt. Look how many in the establishment media are partaking in these lies! This piece is bringing the heavy guns out to silence critics like those on this site. Notice how we don't exist to cpj! Notice there is no mention of Danny being exposed, or the other wild claims of "activists", or the reporting by Sharmine Narwani and Thierry Meyssan.

      Why doesn't the esteemed news NGO, or whatever it is, talk about these journalists?

  11. CPJ is an NGO that gets it's funding from corporations and foundations
    In other words it is owned!

    Just another front group

    1. Familiar name for CPJ's Middle East and North Africa Program co-ordinator : Mohamed Abdel Dayem as in this article, Two Turkish journalists believed detained in Syria