Thursday, March 22, 2012

The UN bluffs, till Turkey gets the cards right to play its hand

Update # 1 at the bottom

Continuing on with the importance or non-importance of the UN statement yesterday.....
Depending on, of course, your own opinion.

I want to expand along the lines of thought, both were mentioned in the previous days post
“Did the West blink and for how long?”

No matter how this was spun...Russia joined the West. China joined the West.
These claims do not appear to be accurate.
If the claims had been accurate or truthful what should have taken place was a Security Council Resolution vote, put forward with no fear of a VETO from either Russia or China.
That did not happen. Instead we get an agreement to some watered down statement.

I am not optimistic this “statement” signals the end of the destabilization of Syria by the NATO goon squad. The statement seems at best a public relations stunt for all concerned and a ticket for NATO to regroup and strike again at Syria.
Yes, I could be wrong. Of course.
That said I will explain why this is politics at it’s most misleading and why I believe this is all a ruse to buy some much needed time.
For NATO, including Israel, special ops and their partners in murder the Saudi/Qatar religiously inspired/created terrorists.

Briefly recapping on what was asked yesterday-

“Did the West agree to this "statement" to buy some time as their war games and terrorists were unable to secure necessary territory etc?”

Problem # 1 for NATO-

We know that the Syrian army was able to take back a lot of territory that the NATO backed rebels had seized, for the purpose of, as they label it, no-fly or humanitarian purposes.
Syrian Army recovered land very near to the Turkish border. Along with the border of Lebanon and Jordan. All points where porous borders had led to an influx of foreign arms, fighters and “journalists”
In fact the other day (Tuesday) it had been reported that fighters had fled back through the desert into Iraq.

“Rebel fighters fled the eastern Syrian city of Deir al-Zor on Tuesday.

The flight from the remote desert city, which lies on the road to Iraq, marked the latest setback for the armed opposition, which also faced accusations of torture and brutality from a leading human rights body.”

So by all accounts Syria had taken back control back of it’s territory. Enough of it to put a damper on the NATO agenda.

Problem # 2 for NATO -

The Opposition in Turkey is splintering every which way.
This has to be resolved so the fight can be picked back up with resolve.
We have some upcoming meetings that need to be looked at.
What is the agenda? What are the goals?

Syrian opposition seek to heal rift at Turkey meeting

Opponents of President Bashar al-Assad will try to overcome crippling feuds and plot a more coherent strategy at a meeting sought by Turkey early next week, opposition sources said on Wednesday.
However, the groups' failure to on agree who should attend the Istanbul meeting has increased doubts about their ability to overcome the deep divisions frustrating foreign powers seeking a reliable partner to unite the anti-Assad movement.

The meeting is provisionally set for Monday (March 26th) and will come just ahead of an April 1 Istanbul conference of the "Friends of Syria" (another one!)- a loose alliance of more than 50 states looking to oust Assad after a bloody 12-month revolt against his rule.

There is another report that this meeting is taking place sooner then next Monday
“ I suspect that the upcoming opposition meeting in Turkey this Thursday and Friday (March 22-23) will reflect some of that shift.”

In the above linked article Josh Landis lays out what will happen with the NATO opposition or as he calls it :Phase II insurgency

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an increasingly vocal critic of Assad, has said he has high hopes of the April 1 conference and has suggested that Turkey might consider setting up buffer zones inside Syria to protect an influx of refugees (read fighters)
Clearly, clearly, clearly Turkey has not changed it's mind about the role it plays in bringing down Syria. After all Turkey wants to be on the "right side" of history....

Any talk that Turkey is having second thoughts on their NATO role in Syria's ruin is in my opinion, wrong.

This article on “Turkey’s recalibrations” makes clear Turkey is up to their teeth in the plot to destroy Syria and they have not gone soft on that plan-

“They (Turkey) wanted to position themselves on the right side of history, expecting the Syrian regime to fall in weeks as in Tunisia and Egypt,” said Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut.

Turkey now hosts Syria's main opposition groups and shelters the rebel Free Syria Army on its side of the common frontier.

On Apr.1, it will be the venue of a meeting of Western and Middle Eastern officials and groups involved with Syria.

Assad has shown himself to be impervious to verbal assault and resilient to increasingly violent protests and guerrilla attacks. He is also for now at least largely insulated from strong United Nations-backed action due to the vetoes of China and his backer Russia on the Security Council.
“Right now there is a disappointing situation for Ankara,” said Salem. “What they banked on didn't happen. Their bluff and bluster was met by bluff and bluster from the Syrian side and now we are certainly in a bit of a stalemate.”
A stalemate. Hence the statement. Which everyone knows is doomed to fail.
Will there be another UN Security Council vote? Doubtful.
It looks as if this whole attempt at regime change will be brought on through Turkey.

Without backing from the U.N., or at least the Arab League and NATO, Turkey is unwilling to go it alone in Syria. But with a 900-km (560-mile) border with Syria, more than 16,000 Syrian refugees (??) on its soil and hundreds more arriving each day, it is not a problem from which Ankara can simply walk away. (Refugees includes massive numbers of fighters)

Erdogan said last week setting up a “safe” or “buffer zone” along the border was one of the options under consideration, but that would mean troops going into Syria to seize and secure territory which the rebel Free Syrian Army has failed to do.

This article, once you pick through the spin has some good info...US tells Turkey back of on Syria
I love that headline. It makes it really clear who is running the show. And it ain’t Turkey!

"In a previously unreported turn of events, it has now come to light that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in her meeting with Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu last month, emphatically dismissed a number of forward leaning options on Syria that the Turkish top diplomat proposed to the Obama administration. “

A previously unreported turn of events! That is priceless.
You should really read that as, we are rewriting the narrative because we have had set backs. “Previously unreported” I roll my eyes!

If Turkey was told to back off the buffer zone etc., last month, then why was Turkey still promoting the idea just last week???

However, last week, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again floated the idea of a buffer zone, adding that the next Friends of Syria meeting, scheduled to take place in Istanbul on April 1, would come up “with very different results,” without elaborating further.

A little further down this gem- which confirms what I had suspected.

This would explain the Obama administration’s eagerness to support the Kofi Annan mission, as well as its praise for the non-binding UN Security Council statement issued yesterday. Secretary Clinton hailed the statement even when it contained no mention of Assad’s departure from power, no time constraints on Annan’s mission, and no specific or credible threat of action in case of Syrian non-compliance, to say nothing of how its call for dialogue between the regime and the opposition flies in the face of the US policy of regime change.

Now the reason the article gives for this praise, which is such baloney, is this-

“what the statement did do is buy the administration more time to continue pressing its regional allies against any military options”

Do you believe that? I don’t!
The US may wish to look as if it is not involved because of the upcoming elections, but that is just for show. The US is involved, clearly.

So we have to keep our eyes on the meeting either set to take place over the next couple days or on Monday of the following week. Then the "Friends of Syria" meeting on April 01/2012.
Who is in attendance? Who isn't? All that kind of stuff!

I am going to mention the upping of the spin levels.....
This headline from the National (joke) Post is just one example of outrageous spinning
Syria is an invented country that’s about to fall apart
How very Israeli propaganda in nature?
But then, it is the National Post

Update # 1 begins ...

This is an interesting read, left by an anonymous commenter- Thanks.
From the friday-lunch-club:

The WaPo & Lebanon's neocon sets the NYT straight: UNSC 'statement' makes the Arab League plan 'meaningless!'
An attempt to see this from the Russian perspective or bring the Russian perspective out...

From James who raises a number of concerns on the UN statement.
The UN statements in italics. Thoughts from James below each UN statement.

To this aim, the Security Council fully supports the initial six-point proposal submitted to the Syrian authorities, as outlined by the Envoy to the Security Council on 16 March 2012, to:
1)commit to work with the Envoy in an inclusive Syrian-led political process to address the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people, and, to this end, commit to appoint an empowered interlocutor when invited to do so by the Envoy;

“Syrian-led political process” Who is that? It's meaningless but it probably is read by the unwary as “Syrian govt led”. It could equally be the terrorists. “An empowered interlocutor” is actually an oxymoron. “Empowered” means someone in charge. SO this means the UN would place someone in charge and the Syrian govt would be subservient to him ie the UN

2) commit to stop the fighting and achieve urgently an effective United Nations supervised cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties to protect civilians and stabilise the country. To this end, the Syrian government should immediately cease troop movements towards, and end the use of heavy weapons in, population centres, and begin pullback of military concentrations in and around population centres.

This means retreat for the Syrian armed forces leaving the battle field to the terrorists. It is obvious from this that the terrorists are getting the worst of the fighting. Otherwise there would be no need for NATO to be pushing this through the UN

As these actions are being taken on the ground, the Syrian government should work with the Envoy to bring about a sustained cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties with an effective United Nations supervision mechanism.

“An effective United Nations supervision mechanism” could very well mean armed forces ie NATO forces under a UN flag”

Similar commitments would be sought by the Envoy from the opposition and all relevant elements to stop the fighting and work with him to bring about a sustained cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties with an effective United Nations supervision mechanism;

Yeah, right. Just as soon as the Syrian army retreats. One sided as Freethinker has quoted Lizzie Phelan. Physical concessions on one side and promises by third parties on the other.

3)ensure timely provision of humanitarian assistance to all areas affected by the fighting, and to this end, as immediate steps, to accept and implement a daily two hour humanitarian pause and to coordinate exact time and modalities of the daily pause through an efficient mechanism, including at local level.

Humanitarian assistance by whom? And there's that “efficient mechanism” again! Plus two hours each day for the terrorists to restock and regroup. This temporary truce is a long time practice of the israelis when they are in trouble.

4)intensify the pace and scale of release of arbitrarily detained persons, including especially vulnerable categories of persons, and persons involved in peaceful political activities, provide without delay through appropriate channels a list of all places in which such persons are being detained, immediately begin organising access to such locations and through appropriate channels respond promptly to all written requests for information, access or release regarding such persons;

NATO want their stooges out of prison or at least to know where they are so they can spring them from prison.

5)ensure freedom of movement throughout the country for journalists and a non-discriminatory visa policy for them;

For 'journalists' read MI6/CIA agents

6) respect freedom of association and the right to demonstrate peacefully as legally guaranteed.
"The Security Council calls upon the Syrian government and opposition to work in good faith with the Envoy towards a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis and to implement fully and immediately his initial six-point proposal.

Syria will inevitably be described as not working in good faith.

"The Security Council requests the Envoy to update the Council regularly and in a timely manner on the progress of his mission. In the light of these reports, the Security Council will consider further steps as appropriate."

Then the Security Council will be asked to increase intervention

Lots of good reading!


  1. "invented country" How bizarre. Is he trying to attract attention to the most powerful "invented country" of all time or deflect it?

    1. uh-huh

      Very bizarre. Demonstrative of how much spin is involved in this operation to take down Syria

      Syria on of those nations that has been around, since civilization began has more provenance as a nation then Israel, the US or Canada

      But the National Post is extremely anti-semetic
      It forgets that Arabs are true semites and
      followers of Judaism from Europe....not so much

  2. As a preliminary measure we should acknowledge that all Security Council resolutions are political documents. People are going to engage in puffery and subterfuge. They are going to hide their true intent and there very well could be secret agreements, etc.

    But there is indeed a pattern. We have seen this ratcheting up of pressure before. It's rare the West goes straight to full scale invasion so I am not surprised this statement got "watered down." All the more credibility the SC process then has for later. the pattern is the SC engages in fact finding missions and declarations and statements and demands before they justify invasion. This resolution will be cited in the preamble for the future resolution that enables the war.

    Look how long the West has been debating whether or not to arm the rebels (which we know is simply cover--pretend--because they have been arming them fromt he beginning).

    And hence the official story is this the West wanted something stronger, but the measure got "watered down." Turkey is said to still want to invade, but the West is yanking Turkey's leash to keep it from attacking now.

    This is the good cop, bad cop routine. The Russians are holding back the bad cops, the West, for the time being. If Syria simply does what Russia is asking Russia will be able to convince the crazy bad cop to chill out. Turkey is playing a similar role for the West. This bad cop wants to invade but the West is a bit more circumspect.

    Right when I first heard of Turkey's Prime Minister (!!!!!) proposing invasion I knew this was going to be the causus belli. Turkey will invade to protect the rebels, either with SC support or not, and then NATO will have to attack to defend Turkey--hey, it's in the treaty! (and unlike Russia's treaty with Syria this one is sacrosant!)

    Of course the whole dynamic with Iran is at play. Maybe the West simply wanted to test Syria and see if they could topple the government on the cheap, but Syria has been able to defend itself up to this point. The west is probably realizing toppling Syria will result in massive pain for everyone involved. So maybe the West will go into a holding pattern while they now work over Iran.

    It's becoming more apparant to me that the war will be against both Syria and Iran at the same time.

    1. WWM

      We are looking at alot of potential outcomes and possibilities etc.

      While disappointed in the latest move, I just don't know if it is that big of deal. In the grand scheme of things
      Too many mitigating factors

      I want to remind you of something, you may have forgot or you may not be aware of...

      Do you recall when Georgia invaded the break-away province of South Ossetia.
      Russia kicked them to the curb in no uncertain terms.
      I had a number of posts on that little "incident" which I believe was a NATO test of Russia's reaction to invasion
      Then Russia took it so far as to recognize Ossetia as a sovereign state. This harkens back to Yugoslavia
      and the subsequent recognition of the terror state Kosovo.
      While you may feel certain of Russia's agenda. I do not.
      I am in fact conflicted all over the place on what is going on.

      I see in the previous comments James says something to that effect.

      "Yet none of these scenarios are completely convincing to me."

      I fear Russia is playing this close to the chest
      Here are some links back

      there is more, but, once you get back there you can look through them yourself

  3. Hey Penny,

    I'm not entirely sure of Russia's motivation either. I have a strong suspicion, so I want to pursue that lead, but I need more information.

    But I am sure Russia is abandoning Syria to defend itself against the west. Russia is not taking the steps necessary to stop an attack on Syria.

    As James surmises, I do indeed suspect the Russian elite are looking out for themselves and may have a secret deal with the west that benefits them and not their people. I've shared my link about Project Hammer and how George H.W. Bush and Greenspan and others used secret securities to help bring down the Soviet Union. That author speculates leaders like Yeltsin benefited financially.

    Also, there have been other allegations that Putin has similarly personally benefited (like the biography I linked to the other day--she is associated with traditional western sources so I don't know if she is doing a hit piece or not, but I've heard other sources as well). I don't know because I don't know enough about this history of Russia but my discoveries about other U.S. and global conspiracies leads me to be suspicious here.

    Also, I don't know if you saw the points I brought up at Moon of Alabama regarding the interesting history of Russia's election technology its major database of citizens. Oracle, a company founded by the CIA to establish a CIA database, helped set up Russia's database and election system by order of Yeltsin around 1994. We now know that similar technology in the U.S. is hackable. I now wonder if this technology is spread around the world and if many elections are influenced by perps, probably U.S. intelligence. Also, see this related story about how the CIA has spread prosecutors database software to Canada and around the world. [this is a really interesting story--it seems like almost all major technology, including Windows, has back doors that the CIA or other perps may be able to manipulate--nothing is safe]

    So those interesting facts are why I suspect a broader and deeper conspiracy . . . but I don't know for sure and need more info.

    1. It's easier to read the Project Hammer article here.

    2. Yeltsin was a foolish drunk

    3. I don't want to be a doom-monger but the conspiracy is far broader and deeper than you have so far imagined Walt.

      For a wide-angle look at the big picture over the last century or so I rather like Alan Watt. He's got a few faults like his association with Alex Jones and he is ultra shy about identifying the tribe of chosen people that you eventually find at the heart of every aspect of the multi-faceted grand conspiracy, and he is never very topical but he is instructive all the same.

      Have a listen to this talk on Bertrand Russell for a glimpse of how the PTB think. You can skip the first 5mins of his podcasts.

    4. Re the grander conspiracies . . . here's speculation that Sarkozy may be able to influence the voting technology in France and the shooting are a psy operation:

      Sarkozy was one of the only French pols to back electronic voting in France.

      Also, Freethinker,

      Thanks for the links. Watt's website is a bit confusing but it seems like a more sincere effort that way. I'll listen to the podcast when I have a chance.

      I feel the same way about Alex Jones. He raises attention to important issues but I think he's a gatekeeper . . . which I"m starting to suspect is more prevalent than I first thought.

      I am now more open to global conspiracy theories than I once was. Many of the global wars of the last century appear to be the work of elite global financiers.

    5. Re Alan Watt's podcast on Bertrand Russell . . . interesting stuff. Just what I've been interested in lately . . . the pych stuff, propaganda, and mind control.

    6. freethinker,

      you have it right! remember how all the Obama groupies who'd been so enamored of his "new Change" doctrine felt so betrayed by his post-election actions? They needs blame only themselves: on the first highly controversial banker bailout BEFORE the election, Obama stood for a photo op right next to Hilary, Palin and McCain advocating for the NWO mafia payout. So with Russia. At the G8 in summer 2008, Medvedev proudly showed actual currency minted by the NWO, as the new One World currency to come after the global $$$ collapse. They are ALL in it together. Including China- follow their business deals with Israel for a clue. It is The Olympians vs The Useless Eaters, to use their own terms. The rest is circus maximus for the proles.

    7. freethinker,

      here is a bit you make like.

    8. Hey anonymous

      I don't think "syria danny" could ever regain his credibility.

      Regardless of this video, he was outed and is done.

    9. That's actually a really interesting link anonymous.

      My head is spinning. I don't know who/what to believe.

      I have recently discovered that blog and found good stuff but don't know its history, etc.

      He's got a plausible explanation . . . that Syria Truth Network got punked and set up so that CNN can debunk them later. But what is to be debunked? I don't see it.

      But I wondered previously if Syria, or whoever is leaking the videos, isn't holding on to incriminating evidence to release later. That explains why these videos are being released at different times.

      I wondered the very first time I saw the pipeline video how Syria Truth Network knew the "activist" video showing the huge fire was really from the same location as the pipeline video. The claim wasn't apparent from the video itself so I wondered if Syria had separate knowledge or what (like they had access to the scene and could confirm visual clues). Now we know. They evidently had this footage that showed the whole sequence of the reporters/activists. And that CNN was there.

      But they only released part of it before. Hmmm.

      Now notice they are doing something similar in this video. They claim Danny is visible in the video with the CNN "journalists", but this claim isn't really apparent to me from the way the video is presented. Do they have separate proof? Are they laying a trap for CNN?

      I bet the Syrians are goading CNN into lying so they can spring the trap and show them lying. I think that is why Syria Truth Network released the pipeline videos at different tims--hoping that CNN would say the claims are totally fake and then be able to bust them in a lie.

      CNN didn't take the bait and didn't get into the details of the videos, they just focused on a couple of very selective points e.g. (that there was no sound of gun fire one time Danny appeared live on CNN). CNN never tried to debunk the pipeline videos.


    10. Zionist Russian Oligarchs strike again:

    11. Anonymous 1:17 am

      Let's look at Medvedev exact words

      "This may be the last chance for Syria to avoid a protracted and bloody civil war"

      How can anyone disagree with that statement?
      Look at Libya?
      That is pretty much a statement of fact.

      What the article lacks is what was said around that, before or after that quotation.

    12. Here is another quote looks to be around that same thought- from a different media outlet

      ""We need to make sure that we not end up in greater problems than we already have, and that the threat of the civil war is averted, that it does not become reality, and that this mission would lead to dialogue between all the groups that exist in the country and government authorities"

  4. I did previously think Putin was a strong nationalist and that Russia was interested in challenging U.S. hegemony. I too followed the war with Georgia and was just as exercised about that as I am about Syria. I saw the media manipulation at the time (although I was not aware of the outright media fakery at that point), and I thought the U.S. and Georgia were being bullies at the time. I got into heated discussion about it with colleagues who I felt were being lied to by the media and both Obama and McCain.

    Which is why I was confused at first about Russia's actions re Syria and Libya--like you and James appear to be. I just don't see the 11th dimensional chess game Russia is supposedly playing. They aren't acting like they should act--as if their survival depends on curtailing U.S. hegemony in the region.

    Then I saw it explained that maybe Russia was not as aggressive in response to U.S. aggression re Georgia as I once thought, and then I also realized Russia has been pretty cooperative with the West the last 10 years, especially allowing the U.S. to use bases in Central Asia, a resource rich region these two powers are supposedly competing over. I don't buy the argument that Putin is a terror warrior and therefore allowed the U.S. military in. In fact, I deduct points for the shady story and hard sell.

    Then of course we have the recent history of Libya and now Syria. I'm starting to deduct points here too.

    So I would say there does appear to be evidence Russia is acting in concert with the west.

    Then the question is whether or not this secret agreement with the west benefits the people or the elite Russians. And maybe there is a case for a secret deal being good for Russians. Maybe they get a healthy percentage of the resources--like the oil. And they won't have to fight for it with Indonesia, India and China, etc.

    But I'm starting to wonder if Russia isn't afflicted with the same problems we're afflicted with here in the west--a corrupt government only looking out for the elite.

  5. @Freethinker, @Penny
    This is how the abusive, nauseating, fake liberals around the Guardian see Lizzie Phelan who told the truth about Baba Amr -
    Brown Moses ‏ @Brown_Moses

    Lizzie Phelan curls off another turd of an opinion - New Phase in Syria Crisis: Dealmaking Toward An Ex... #syria

    They don't like being rumbled. Did you see the article on the Kurds that he/she was puffing without reference to excretory functions?
    Kurds want democracy, autonomy in post-Assad Syria, Today's Zaman, 22 March 2012. Post Assad....looks like the Guardian has already decided.
    And see this nonsense from NPR, New Republic: Syria Is The Balkans All Over Again by Radwan Ziadeh, "spokesperson for the Syrian National Council and executive director of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Washington"
    Including this gem: ....Syria continues its downward spiral into unmitigated chaos. The bitter truth is that the longer this situation continues, the deeper the scars will be once the nation has been freed of Bashar Assad...

    1. Hey Felix

      The article Phelan has up....
      The team A and B reference?
      If Team A wishes to back off, it will be temporary at best
      And I am not convinced this is really an option
      What makes more sense to me is Team A will shift everything onto Team B, to make it appears as if they are operating at arms length..
      It won't work.
      That said Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain all of those countries are definitely without a doubt wanting to take Syria and Iran out... Quoting from the book by Jonathon Cook Israel and the Clash of Civilizations..

      Saudi Arabia et al are worried about Iran's influence,especially a nuclear armed Iran, probably on par with Israel's "concern"
      SA and the other monarchies have vested interests in seeing Iran's ally-Syria- out of the picture, permanently.

      "Riyadh was keen to get involved in these anti-Shia machinations, its fear driven by the thought that
      a stronger Iran, possibly one possessing nuclear weapons, might take control of Iraq and empower the Shia in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province, where its major oilfi elds are located. Iran would then be able to supplant Saudi Arabia’s control of OPEC. The Saudi Foreign Minister, Saud al-Faisal, had given vent to these fears in September 2005 when he warned American policy makers at the Council on Foreign Relations: ‘If you allow ... for a civil
      war to happen between the Shiites and the Sunnis, Iraq is finishedfor ever. It will be dismembered. It will not only be dismembered,it will cause so many conflicts in the region that it will bring the whole region into a turmoil that will be hard to resolve.’ He added that US behaviour appeared to be ‘handing over the country to
      Iran without reason. It seems out of this world that you do this.’70 When Iraq continued sinking deeper into civil war, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah offered a stark warning to Dick Cheney. During a meeting in Riyadh Dec. 2006 the king told his American visitor that the kingdom would give money and arms to Iraq’s Sunni militias (these are the fighters that are present in Syria and were present in Libya, also present in Pakistan etc) – presumably including those leading the insurgency

    2. I've noticed a number of people taking shots at Lizzie Phelan in a way that makes me wonder if there is a concerted effort to undermine her.

      It amazes me how liberal blogs have totally ignored the good reporting from Syria. Like and even Democracy Now to a large extent.

      Angry Arab got into a spat with Lizzie Phelan. For those keeping score at home, I outed Angry Arab as a perp a while ago :)

    3. @Felix, Freethinker and WWM or anyone else for that matter!

      From the article Phelan had up... the opinion piece from
      Sharmine Narwani

      Once thing I will agree with 100 percent, we are only looking at this latest UN Statement because Assad kicked the rebels back into Turkey and elsewhere.
      The terrorists are resorting to a sort of hit and run tactic. Not holding any territory.

      This scenario was not even considered by the West.. the time frame. They had never considered this was going to go on all this time...
      I am trying to think how long ago I put up one of the first demands by the US administration that Assad had to go! They started right after the "protests" began. Literally within 3 months or so. Clearly this destabilization was not supposed to go on for more then a year.
      With Obama/Sarkozy up for elections. This looks bad.

      IMO the west grossly underestimated the Syrian military loyalty, not to Assad... this is what they failed to understand. The military loyalty was to the people, their families and the country!
      And look at the examples of NATO/US/Israel intervention they have to compare to.
      Look at the NATO 'successes'...Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt.
      The Syrians see this and go "no way in hell is this happening to my, my family, my home" and who can blame them?

      I had a lot of articles up about the west was hopeful or encouraging the military to turn on Assad blah, blah blah, Clearly, none of that worked.

      Then the opposition was never together, never. From the beginning. We western back NATO nuts in the SNC were grovelling for military obliteration. It must have made the ordinary citizens on the ground sick to their collective stomaches

      The long time opposition (real opposition) within Syria was never pro invasion.

      I don't think this is over by a long shot, but, the writer makes an interesting point with this.

      he first clear-cut public sign of this new phase was the appointment of Kofi Annan as UN envoy to Syria. Annan is an American “concession” that will draw out this dealmaking phase between the Syrian government, opposition figures and foreign governments potentially until the May 2012 parliamentary elections.

      "This phase is what the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and other BRIC countries have sought from the start: the creation of a protective bubble around Syria so that it has the time and space necessary to implement domestic reforms that will not harm its geopolitical priorities."

      Syria's elections are in May. Literally what 5 weeks away?

      Can you imagine how badly NATO wanted him out before this?

    4. Pt 2 continuing on with the article from Sharmine Narwani

      Sorry 6 weeks, the election has been called for May 7/2012

      The first clear-cut public sign of this new phase was the appointment of Kofi Annan as UN envoy to Syria. Annan is an American “concession” that will draw out this dealmaking phase between the Syrian government, opposition figures and foreign governments potentially until the May 2012 parliamentary elections.

      This phase is what the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and other BRIC countries have sought from the start: the creation of a protective bubble around Syria so that it has the time and space necessary to implement domestic reforms that will not harm its geopolitical priorities.

      Still thinking the "friends' meeting is crucial April 1
      (April fools day)
      And Assad should handily win the elections.
      Unless some kind of funky observers get stationed there?

    5. Good points Penny. It seems like the Syrian people were quick to catch on to the looming attack and the attendant media lies. They have the benefit of seeing the recent example of Libya, but the culture seems well suited to protect itself.

      I agree that the Americans and NATO have bitten off more than they can swallow right now.

      I still think war is coming though. They tried the quick and easy approach of funding an opposition and using the old playbook. Now they need an excuse to bring NATO in and Turkey is going to provide that rationale, is my guess.

      Notice Clinton is pretending to yank Turkey's chain, and is saying how they are totally not arming the rebels at this time. This is to give the ever so slight appearance to Russia and Syria that the recent agreement was made in good faith--that America is interested in diplomacy. Of course the U.S. is just pretending to take the high road and looking for patsies (like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the rebels).

      Meanwhile, of course the rebels will continue to attack and NATO is probably fully arming the rebels, as has always been the case.

      Just search google news for Syria, it's all about how Syria isn't abiding by the terms of the agreement and is killing even more people. I expect this propaganda will continue and the next step will probably be a buffer zone by Turkey. Who knows, it may be in conjunction with Israel's attack on Iran somehow. Who knows.

      It will be interesting to see how the elections figure in. There already seems to be a fight over what a "Syrian led" process means.

    6. "It amazes me how liberal blogs have totally ignored the good reporting from Syria. Like and even Democracy Now to a large extent."
      You're so funny Walt. Democracy Now, Antiwar, Noam Chomsky etc are the biggest shills/gate-keepers out there. I was a Chomsky fan for a short while; I learned. You wont get any truth from the liberals. Look into the Fabians (wolves in sheep's clothing).

      Penny, yes the clock is ticking and the NATO plan isn't going so well. I expect a special effort will be made to make the new 'friends' meeting more successful than the last - Hilary will be very persuasive. I've not given up hope with Russia yet. As I said they are playing a subtle game.

    7. Yeah freethinker, I'm slowly waking up. Only realized 9/11 was a hoax within the last year and am just figuring out the extent of media fakery.

      I'm also trying to treat carefully because I have named a lot of perps and I don't want to unduly hurt too many feelings.

      But yeah,, Noam Chomsky, and Democracy Now being gatekeepers has been hard for me to accept. And that also incriminates a number of blogs I read.

      I've also just realized Chris Hedges, Juan Cole, Angry Arab and some of the other liberal intelligentsia are gatekeepers.

      I guess I've long suspected Michael Moore, and even Georg Clooney, as being perps for a while (maybe I thought Clooney was simply misguided--now I see him as a perp).

      But yeah, it's a bit disheartening having almost all the sources I was familiar with turn out to be frauds.

    8. Walter Wit ManMar 23, 2012 11:32 AM
      Please reiterate about angry arab being a perp- didnt catch it earlier.

      yes DemNow, Howard Zinn, Chomsky, Counterpunch and Alexander Cockburn, Jeremy Scahill, Naomi Klein... FIRST and biggest tipoff is when they refuse to discuss the official lies around 911. These fake opposition who are rewarded bythe establishment would look into the most inane matter. But THE seminal event of our time, 911? Nope, that is done and settled without any investigating the perps' story. These guys who claim to question everything on earth- but that. Klein & Zinn even said at one time: "it doesnt matter who did 911" !!

  6. Great video here, take down of Anderson Cooper by AfriSynergy: CNN's Anderson Cooper, Agent of Disinformation and Unipolar Tyranny uploaded 118 March 2012.

    1. Thanks, I'll watch that later. AfriSynergy has got a lot of good videos, I like his style. Penny, check out his videos on Avaaz.

      Re Gaurdian - there is nothing more disgusting than these self-satisfied politically correct fake liberals. Without a creed to follow slavishly they would be nothing.

    2. Freethinker
      I did watch his Avaaz video, not sure who left it here??

    3. That is a great video Felix. I noticed a few things:

      1. One really has a lot of work to do to expose these perps. You really have to go line by line, word by word, to show people the lies and propaganda. The video does a good job of this. When it is slowed down we see the utter unrelenting propaganda and see this is by desing.

      2. The 'terrorist' being quoted at 2:30, from March 3, describes the Americans and French giving the rebels advanced weapons. There have been other reports as well. I suspect the reports to the contrary, of rebels begging for better arms, is simply propaganda intended to make us sympathetic to the cause and to bring the west in to "protect" the rebels.

      3. Notice the rebel claim that they have downed Syrian airplanes. So this is probably intended to scare the Syrian Army but also show to the west that Syria is attacking via the air and the west should impose a no fly zone.

      4. "Activist" is indeed an egregious word to use for the Syrian terrorists/rebels. Anderson Cooper should have his journalism credentials taken away for using this word. The entire western media commits this same act of journalistic malpractice.

      5. I don't buy the idea that Kofi and Amos are "the faces of reason trying to resolve the situation without war." I agree that compared to Anderson Cooper they come off that way. But that's the trick. They are still playing along. They are the good cops that will enable this war.

      6. Disgusting propaganda by Cooper starting at 7:45. He asks a loaded question of Valerie Amos while sound of a crying child and picture of injured child is shown.

      7. Paul Conroy is a perp that is already responsible for innocent people being slaughtered, to correctly use Anderson's terminology. What a jerk this guy is.

      All in all, a very good video. He totally exposes CNN as propagandist puke.

    4. Walt - people, and highly intelligent people just don't have the time or are scared to deconstruct the lies they are being sold by their embedded journalists. They still put all their trust in the NYT, BBC, CNN, Guardian....A more general and long video from John Pilger is worth watching if you have some time...Embedded Journalism

  7. To add more confusion or clarity to the news of Russians at the Tartous Port...

    In the previous post I mentioned that news postulating that if Russia had sent in a ship and more personnel it was minimally to secure the port.

    Where they discuss it and there is another link to here

    Did they, didn't they
    If they did Russia is definitely securing the port

    1. Russia is playing a subtle game. As Salbuchi said, Russia plays chess while the US playes poker.

    2. I have heard Salbuchi say that before...

      I do like that man, I should throw a link to his site in the sidebar...But then the road to hell.....

  8. The Syrians taking an optimistic view of the 6 point plan:

    "Official Syrian sources tell Al-Akhbar that although Kofi Annan’s six-point plan has not been fully worked out yet, they are comfortable with the UN statement issued on Wednesday endorsing his efforts." Annan’s Plan: Avoiding Another Veto

    1. @freethinker - Ian Black and the fake liberals of the Guardian came under the Media Lens: Targeting Syria – The ‘Bad News’ For The Guardian October 12 2011. They are still pushing the same tired line today.

    2. The critical portion from the article:

      "The Syrian position seems to highly value Russian efforts at the UN Security Council (UNSC), especially Moscow’s insistence to all concerned parties that its acceptance of this non-binding compromise does not mean a change in its principled position on the crisis in Syria.

      Syrian official sources say that “there is a clear direction now toward a political solution led by Syria and sponsored by the international community. . . .

      Sources close to the Syrian regime note that a “colossal efforts” was made by the Russians to get to this statement, pointing out that “Moscow exerted tremendous pressure and was keen to inform all concerned parties from the US to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar that its acceptance of the statement does not mean that there has been a change in its principled position on the Syrian crisis.”

      The Syrians are indeed taking an optimistic view of the statement and the Russians are telling them not to believe their lying eyes. Russia is looking more and more like the 'good cop' to me (that's not good).

      It's as if they are saying to the Syrians:

      "Just cooperate with Annan, disarm and hand over your country and everything will be all right. We'll make sure you get a fair deal. Trust us. This doesn't mean anything has changed. Put the gun down. Good. Now tell us everything and just ignore those knives you see from the shadows."

      Even if the Syrians know this is a trap maybe they figure they have no other choice but to play this diplomatic game?

      Like I noted previously, the Syrians and Iranians and Hizbullah surely are coordinating, no? I would think the "packet war" option is an option because these three entities together can fight back much stronger than if they are divided and attacked separately.

  9. LB: haven't heard from you? Is all well and if you have anything to share please do. I know you expressed concern about your family members. are they ok?

  10. Gallier: If you are lurking and I know you do...
    What's up with the Al Quaeda linked racist killer who jumped to his death, died in a hail of gun fire or whatever make believe is being concoted to sell that one?

    What do you think?
    pre-election BS?
    From what little I have followed it, I ain't buying it!!

  11. Yes, pre election BS+clash of civilization action. The guy was only a patsy, that's the reason he was set up to die. There were witnesses in TV when the soldier were shot last week, who saw that the shooter had tattoes on his face, this one has none.
    The contradictions and outright lies in that story are so big that everyone notices them. I have yet to meet someone believing the official narrative.

    1. Hey Gallier!

      Generally how is the Syrian situation presented in France?
      Given the fact that Syria was occupied as a French colony?
      Is their like "an air of entitlement" to the bad behaviour?

      Also, please do read that two part blabbering I did above,, regarding the loyalty of the Syrian army and the upcoming Syrian elections....

    2. French mainstream media is even worse than Canadian (for the little I know of, following a little Quebec news on TV5).
      The fact that Syria was a former colony is almost completly lost on people in France. Maghreb, Africa, Indochina and several islands, that people remember, Syria and other minor parts (some Indian towns were French) are completely down the memory hole.

    3. Did anybody die in the "shoot out"?? Was there ever anybody there? We can be made to believe anything. What do the video show? Nothing. Are any sources credible?

    4. Hi Penny, apparently my comment got gobbled up by your spam filter. There was a link in it, that might have triggered it.

    5. Hey Gallier

      Not in the spam... there were two others from Brian, which I let through, but this is your only comment
      Can you try again?

  12. Some more perps for the perps watchers: CNN Crew Linked With Homs Bombings including another ex-military Brit.

    1. Oops, I see Anon, higher up, has beet me to it.

    2. It's okay. But, do you have beets on the mind?
      I like those veggies. You can do a marinade then bbq them and serve with goat cheese and freshly grated black pepper
      Or a fresh beet salad is good to ;)

    3. My hubby says they are a colourful reminder the next morning ;) ;)

      (hey definitely man humour)

    4. You are to funny Pen ;)

    5. Thanks for that Syrian video about CNN perps on special ops in Homs.
      CNN previously turned to the same ex- UK Military "security expert" Tim Crockett, who was in the Homs video, for 31 May 2010 analysis of the Gaza Flotilla raid... No surprises there in the gloss put on the attack by Crockett.

  13. If this is true it is huge. We basically have CNN committing war crimes and outright war propaganda.

    As I hint above, I find these videos to be rather clever. On first glance they seem to be rather quickly done, but they are well thought out.

    1. Walt - good piece here at Serbian SOS, 24 March 2012: CNN - CIA-NEWS NETWORK?. A reprint of Dave McGowan's May 2000 piece

    2. Hey Felix,

      Good link. I recall seeing that there were military people interning at CNN right before 9/11 as well. Then of course we have the 'scandal' involving the use of retired military generals consulting with CNN and others.

      This video put out by Syria Truth Network is huge though, because it catches CNN not only putting out propaganda, but taking part in acts of terrorism and sabotage meant to foment war.

  14. After looking at the Syria Truth Network video about the pipeline attack, linked above, I now realize that the new video contains previously unseen footage from that same camera that was set up in advance to record the pipeline attack. The new video records the CNN crew's voices as they return. That wasn't shown in the first video put out by STN showing the terrorists pre planned the pipeline attack.

    It looks like STN suckered CNN and Al Jazeera into incriminating themselves further. After the first STN video re the pipeline was shown, CNN then produced its "72 Hours in Homs" video, to try to do damage control. Danny also appeared with Anderson Cooper to do damage control but they never attempted to debunk the pipeline videos. CNN merely attempted a limited debunking. CNN then aired new footage of the pipeline attack in the "72 Hours in Homs" video--which STN shows in its video.

    So, STN uses both CNN and Al Jazeera's own footage to show the hoax. Evidently the "activist" video of the rant at the pipeline shows Neil, a CNN cameraman, in the background. I'm trying to verify the screen shot STN shows but can't find Neil in the video of the rant I'm looking at on youtube. But there does appear to be a number of different shots of this event so maybe STN is using different video (or even leaked video like the Danny videos from before).

    In any case, the fact the 3 CNN correspondents were with the people that set up the camera before the attack is very significant. Since we hear the CNN correspondents when they return it seems pretty conclusive they had knowledge of the attacks ahead of time--or at a minimum lied about what happened. Furthermore, all the other shots of them around this burning pipeline further incriminate them. The STN video montage is pretty damning about what CNN and the activists did that day--they apparently videotaped their own act of sabotage/terrorism and turned them into a number of different propaganda films (the DoD had a picture on its screenshot, film was shared with CNN to air, the "activists" put footage on youtube, and then the footage was later used for the slick '72 hours in Homs').

    There are still a couple of confusing things about this video . . . but so far every time I am confused with STN videos and have to slow down to figure things out it turns out there is some clever reason STN is being coy.

    Instead of CNN punking STN I think it's the other way around. CNN is the one that fell into a trap!

  15. Penny, just want to congratulate for keeping on top of the Syria situation. It's a lot to get one's mind around.

    I keep thinking that everything will change once Obama is safely re-ensconced - or sooner if a false flag event takes place on American soil. Sometimes it seems that they're all in on the global agenda and the current leaders are only trying to cement their own personal positions within it. Even Ahmadinejad. Have you see this photo of him giving the baphomet hand signal? What's that all about?

    1. Sorry, meant to include
      a link to the photo:

    2. the pic could be photoshopped. The light falling on his face seems different from that falling on his hands and chest. Also his neck looks a little too long

  16. Hey yaya

    Thanks for stopping by here!
    Syria is definitely a lot to get ones mind around
    No disagreement on that!

    "I keep thinking that everything will change once Obama is safely re-ensconced "

    I had to chuckle when I read that...seems we are on the same page with that thought.
    Obama will win in the next 'election'
    There must be a certain agenda that needs completing before some new puppet can be inserted into the oval office
    I do think it is the war agenda- Iran and more. For some reasons people accept war and all the excuses for it more so under a supposed 'democrat' or 'liberal'
    Don't know why?
    As for the picture. Don't know a thing about it. have never seen it before. I see James thinks it good be a photoshop and saw so many weird pictures around the time the pirate reporter was killed by the NATO backed terrorists that I am loathe to comment on photos anymore. It seems they can be manipulated- quite a lot!