Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anti-depressants "may do more harm then good" Understatement?!

Do the risks outweigh the so called benefit?
Seems quite likely

Benefits of most commonly prescribed anti-depressants, even taken at their best, compare poorly to the risks, which include premature death in elderly patients, a new study has revealed.

(This is not just about the elderly, it is about everyone prescribed the brain chemistry altering drugs)

The researchers examined previous patient studies into the effects of anti-depressants.
"We need to be much more cautious about the widespread use of these drugs," said Paul Andrews, an evolutionary biologist at McMaster University and lead author of the article. 

"It’s important because millions of people are prescribed anti-depressants each year, and the conventional wisdom about these drugs is that they’re safe and effective."
Anti-depressants are designed to relieve the symptoms of depression by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain, where it regulates mood. 

The vast majority of serotonin that the body produces, though, is used for other purposes, including digestion, forming blood clots at wound sites, reproduction and development. 

What the researchers found is that anti-depressants have negative health effects on all processes normally regulated by serotonin. 

The findings include elevated risks, which include developmental problems in infants, problems with sexual stimulation and function and sperm development in adults, digestive problems such as diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion and bloating and abnormal bleeding and stroke in the elderly. 

The authors reviewed three recent studies showing that elderly anti-depressant users are more likely to die than non-users, even after taking other important variables into account.
The higher death rates indicate that the overall effect of these drugs on the body is more harmful than beneficial.
I should have just bolded this entire article!

"Serotonin is an ancient chemical. It’s intimately regulating many different processes, and when you interfere with these things you can expect, from an evolutionary perspective, that it’s going to cause some harm,"

Millions of people are prescribed anti-depressants every year, and while the conclusions may seem surprising, Andrews asserted much of the evidence has long been apparent and available.

"The thing that’s been missing in the debates about anti-depressants is an overall assessment of all these negative effects relative to their potential beneficial effects," he said.
"Most of this evidence has been out there for years and nobody has been looking at this basic issue."
Does this surprise anyone? 
That nobody looked at this most basic issue?
After all, antidepressants are a billion dollar industry!
 What would be the incentive?


  1. I will be back to Syria, am under the weather

    1. In Montreal we have constant street battles about much more than tuition.
      We have agent provocateurs trashing the city while dirty media like CBC orchestrate a masterful propaganda effort on Canadian people in turning them against the students.
      You have a blog and I do not. I therefor have no right to tell you what to cover, and you have every right to tell me to go start my own damn blog.
      But the fact remains, I see virtually no Canadian alternate media covering the Montreal crisis. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    2. Anonymous:

      I am aware of what is going on in Montreal.

      Can you get something together regarding the situation in Montreal?

      Links to local news stories.
      Links to videos
      Can you write about it personally
      No anyone that can
      If you can leave something here, in the comments relevant info, links, pics etc.I will make a post of it.
      I did this during the G20 protests in TO
      and would be more then happy to help get some truth out!

      Thanks for your concern, not feeling so great still.

  2. One thing I want to point out...
    There are, as of right now, the giant sum total of 11 articles covering this news.

    I would think it warrants greater coverage.
    But, then it is the corporate media.

    Report: Antidepressant medication may do 'more harm than good' - ‎3 hours ago‎

    The US Center for Disease Control noted last fall 11 percent of Americans aged 12 and over were using antidepressant medication (years studied 2005 - 2008), citing antidepressants as the third most common medication prescribed and for adults aged 18-44 ...
    Antidepressants may not be worth the risks, researchers sayGlobe and Mail
    Anti-depressants do more harm than goodTimes of India
    See all 11 sources

  3. antidepressants linked to mass murder mall shootigs/suicide and bizarre behaviors

    thats what you get out of peer reviwed science these days!
    even Michael Moore agrees:

    and guess what: Fox news actually has done decent journalism on that topic: see above link.

    1. "
      thats what you get out of peer reviwed science these days!"

      not sure what that comment is in reference to?

      The researcher makes it very clear, no one is looking into this issue. No one is connecting the dots.

      While FOX news may be doing some decent journalism on this subject, the main stream media is MIA
      As I mentioned there were 11 articles on the google search
      contrast that with the slightest bit of bullshit out of Syria, which will have 10,000's of articles
      mass coverage

      Yet, this is a drug, that is the 3rd most commonly prescribed! This news should warrant mass coverage
      It didn't get it

    2. The refereence is to the FDA scientists failing or refusing to test these drugs for safety, and peer reviewing not picking up on this .

      The prozac class of drugs have been let loose into the community for over 20 years and only recently has there been even a warnig that they can cause 'suicide and homicide ideation'!Now what person would on their own take a drug that causes them to murder?... and why didnt the peer reviewers respond to this whe Prozax first appeared? Peer review is supposed to check on the validity of any scientific papers...yet they let loose this class of drugs onto the community...Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine also either ignored the links or was not aware of them...why was he not aware when his film could have alerted the public? The public continues to use them because their doctors still push them ..and we will see more of these mass murders till they are abandoned, and the makers prosecuted.

  4. as you can see from SSI stories...there a thousands of stories linking ssri antidepressants to murder suicide bizarre behavour etc.. there are also books on tke subject:
    Peter Breggin pioneered this:

  5. You said 48 minutes ago:
    Very true the science is very questionable with the prevailing theory that neuro receptors multiply when inhibited by anti-depressants. It is a theory however and not proven. The downside is that continued use of anti-depressants in the long run begin to destroy neuron receptors and other parts of the brain. Many fair well with a very limited use of these drugs and can go many years without another relapse. However many so called doctors know that and refuse to treat patients who will not stay on the drugs indefinitely.

    There are natural supplements that have proven very effective, SAM-E is one but not recommended for the manic. Sam-E is a natural substance the bone marrow seeks anyway to form DNA.

    Others are:.

    Mind power RX has worked for people I know.

    Many people are directed to lithium carbonate by doctors but you can obtain lithium orotate by the web. It is a natural mineral and does not destroy the liver like the lithium carbonate prescription types. Modern medicine does seem to suggest nutrients that are not debilitating.

    1. Dublin Mick:
      Thanks and how the heck are ya!?

      I am getting to the point with 'big pharma' that if they say zig, you had better zag!

      They promote quackery and call it science

    2. its intgeresting that 'science' is only able to produce toxic medicines

  6. Hi Penny,
    thanks for this article and the coverage of the Canadian student upgrising. hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. Hi NJT

      Thanks. I am feeling better today. finally :)

  7. Brian, I've read a lot of stories of teenagers acting suicidal after taking antidepressants,actually even wrote a story about it on my blog. What do you think of the Alyssa Bustamante case? From what I know, Alyssa started taking prozac before her violent behaviour emerged. A really high dosage of it. Could it be that her act was due to the prozac negative side-effect? I mean obviously she has her guilt, but do you think she would have still murdered that little girl if she wouldn't have started taking those drugs?