Monday, April 9, 2012

Bashar Al Jaafari, like Syria, abused by the UN- News from Syria

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Freethinker left an interesting video here and I urge all to listen to it.
You have an opportunity to hear the Syrian position regarding the Anan plan and UN abuse.

You don't have to sit in front of the screen to watch, just listen!

Bashar Al Jaafari Speaks of His Treatment at UN

Not just his treatment, by extension, the abuse heaped on Syria as a nation and it's people.

We want to hear the Syrian side, there it is. Listen.

Also an interesting read was left by Egoigwe:


For their part, the Arab League Secretary General and his UN counterpart appointed Kofi Annan as joint special envoy to negotiate a crisis exit. He put forward a six-point plan, which is a slightly amended version of the Russian proposal to the League.

He obtained the agreement of President al-Assad on condition that the plan’s provisions are not subverted and used to infiltrate new weapons and fighters. 

You can read the article entirely, I included the above section so that it is clear. The request by Assad for written assurances is neither outrageous Nor out of line with the agreement. It was part and parcel of the Annan plan. The main stream media is or should be fully aware of that.

That said the media would rather engage in terrorism.

Two links from SANA I found interesting:

Russian Foreign Ministry: UN Monitoring Mission to Syria Has to Include Representatives of States Accepted by Syria

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilvo said that the UN monitoring mission to Syria has to include representatives of countries accepted by Syria. 

"UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan are still studying the nature of sides that could participate in the formula of the international mission," Gatilov added in a statement he made to Russia Today TV. 

On the possibility of participating representatives from Russia in the international mission that would monitor the cease- fire, Gatilov said that the UN didn't discuss this issue with Russia, adding that this matter is very sensitive.

 If you have been hanging around here for a while, you may recall me wondering aloud if this might happen. Russian peacekeepers in Syria? Perhaps Chinese peacekeepers?

SANA reporting on Terrorist support by other nations.....

The Syrian Human Rights Network (SHRN) said that the explicit support for armed terrorist groups which was announced by some countries such as Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar hinders the mission of UN Envoy Kofi Annan and thus hinders international resolution on Syria.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the SHRN said that this support constitutes blatant international hypocrisy and an attempt to assume control of international decision, stressing that the US hegemony over international resolutions have stripped them of their credibility, making them part of double-standards policies and consecrating unipolar policy.

The statement stressed that guarantees of withdrawing armed aspects must be presented to the Syrian government before such guarantees are asked of it, as ending violence is achieved by ending its causes.

The SHRN said that the Syrian Army and law-enforcement forces are present in cities to protect civilians from terrorism, violence and violations carried out by armed groups, and that locals often demanded that the army enter their towns and remain there to protect them.

 Update begins here:
 Who the hell is Turkey to declare this?( OH yes, mouthpiece for NATO and water carrier for the US and Israel, I forgot....)  
Turkey declares UN plan dead

Turkey: Syria deadline void; border clashes kill 3  
Was it the Syrian Troops?  
Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't? 
This is not the first time that bullets have flown across Lebanon's or Turkey's borders, so why the huffing and puffing from Turkey?

 Easy enough, the West wants blood.
It wants death, mayhem, regime change and a tyrannical government in place. 
One that will make all interested players happy.
 Including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, Britain, France and of course- Israel! 

Thanks to hans who left this in the comments: The campaign for the May 7 legislative elections began this weekend in the country, where more than 14 million citizens are eligible to vote. read the rest rest of article Prensa Latina English This is why there is a sudden rush to get the terrorists in Syria so that the elections can be disrupted. Imagine that an election, Qatar, Saudi are probably quivering in their boots! 

That's right elections in early May, less then one month away. 
The psychopaths have to oppress ordinary Syrians. I find myself utterly disgusted today.


  1. Thanks Penny.

    Yes indeed, this is the Syrian position. Finally!

    I'm giving it a listen right now and this is finally a much stronger argument from Syria. Of course the Anan plan contemplates both sides having obligations and no country would agree to a cease fire unless it was mutual.

    This really demonstrated the journalistic malpractice committed by the mainstream media. Where are the reports of Bashar Jaafri's press conference in the Western media? They really are silencing Syria.

    Which is no surprise. They did it in Syria and this is why I, for one, immediately thought agreeing to the Anan plan (even in principle) was a huge mistake There was about a 98% chance the Western media would ignore Syria's efforts at good faith diplomacy and turn them into the bad guy. Which is what is happening.

    But at least someone cares enough to present the Syrian position. Thanks Penny!

    1. Oops, I meant they did it in Libya . . . and now Syria

    2. Here's an interesting video showing how the West used similar legal tactics in Libya as they are in Syria now.

      Here's Part 2 Talking about the discrepency between the international criminal court allegations of only a few hundred dead versus the broader allegations used to justify the no fly resolution.

  2. The campaign for the May 7 legislative elections began this weekend in the country, where more than 14 million citizens are eligible to vote. read the rest rest of article Prensa Latina (English)

    This is why there is a sudden rush to get the terrorists in Syria so that the elections can be disrupted. Imagine that an election, Qatar, Saudi are probably quivering in their boots!

  3. The Independent tells us today, Penny, that

    "The Syrian soldiers were believed to be firing at rebels who tried to escape to the refugee camp after attacking a military checkpoint, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, citing a network of sources on the ground."

    "The incident began at about before dawn on Monday when rebel fighters attacked Syrian soldiers manning a checkpoint near the Turkish border, said Rami Abdul-Rahman, a spokesman for the Observatory."

    "Six soldiers were killed in the ambush, Abdul-Rahman said. The troops then kept firing as eight wounded rebels escaped to the camp that is just over the border in Turkey, sending bullets whizzing across the frontier into the camp, he said."

    "Naci Koru, Turkey's deputy foreign minister, said the deadline for the withdrawal has become "void at this stage," state-run TRT television reported."

    The Independent: Gunfire from Syria hits refugee camp in Turkey

  4. Syria is being treated with massive deceit and injustice, its true. But this Ambassador and his team (his daughter and her best friend- not kidding) are totally inept. He is inarticulate, slow on the rebound, and manages to look like a fool even tho his cause is right. Instead of playing his strongest card - the FRENCH, CIA, MOSSAD, BLACKWATER troops caught in Homs - he holds a long, inarticulate ramble on procedural violations- that NO MSM will even cover, much less quote. The UNGA Pres he criticises is the Ambassador from QATAR! Not once does this idiot call QATAR on their acts of war against his country, just rules tecnicality. What a shame to see Syria so bumblingly misrepresented.

  5. Wasted opportunity. This press conf is painful. God help Syria.

  6. Well I have attempted twice to fix the html in that post up
    Bear with it, I am short on time and have no idea what the issue is

    Anonymous 3:15
    And 3:18
    I thought the Ambassador did a darn good job of explaining the situation. And did not look like a fool at all.

    Under a lot of pressure all the while dealing with a very frustrating situation

    Wasted opportunity? "the press conference is painful"
    So is the terror about to be inflicted on Syria
    Is this the most constructive comments you have to offer?

    I personally am not so much about the manner of info, I prefer my info straight up. I don't need shiny happy slick media to present my news.

    I find both these comments shallow and off putting.
    Don't take it personally. It is not intended as such.

    1. Your opinion- or mine is not the problem. We are already on Syria's side. We are Syria's choir. He needs to be aggressively proactive in shouting his message out to those who are NOT already in agreement, and he has not done this for the entire crisis.

      To call a press conference due to petty procedural violations, which ARE heinous, and have been used against all of the targeted nations by the UNGA (Iraq, Lebanon, Iran etc so as to attack them) is bad, I agree.

      But NOT to call a major press conference -ala' Colin Powell's "aluminum tubes evidence"- with photos etc to expose CIA, Mossad and those French troops who are actively waging war inside his terrain in Homs, is inexcusable- and puzzling. To neglect such a smoking gun is just stupidity. If you can not see the difference in levels of criminality between being shut out of UN TV coverage, and foreign troops attacking on one's own soil? It is Your judgment that is flawed, not that my comment is shallow.

      Instead of offering "2 minutes silence" in an emotional appeal? Many observers would see such an act similar to Saddam offering a prayer for all those killed by him in his jails etc.

      I am referring now to how the world would perceive it- NOT how the all-too-few who know the truth behind the Western agitprop see it, like you and I. I am viewing this from Syria's enemy side for the sake of argument. His 2 minute silence could be expected to get the reaction it did amongst the UN traitors. Jafaari played right into their hands.

      You need to stop thinking with your emotions and so does Jafaari. Some hard-core pragmatism is in order. Let him call a presser to show the most incriminating evidence against the bullying West that Syria has (and we know they have it, WE review it on a daily basis). Let him do short, strong bulletin point argument of acts of war on Syria as a member state: the various 'Friends of Syria' mtgs conducted to openly plan a member state's invasion etc with detail- the guns used, smuggling routes etc.

      Call it Syria's fight for intl 'hearts & minds' or whatever. Syria is in a fight for its life, and this long meandering session did nothing to defuse that.
      I say what I say as someone who is PRO-syria and enraged by what is being done to ANOTHER Muslim country in the fake War on Terror. It is very frustrating to see such piddling attempts.

      I dont dislike Jafaari, in fact I agree with what he says, but Syria needs EFFECTIVE strategy at the UN and they dont have it. I stand by my well-thought out assessment: this was a wasted opportunity which missed the real, pertinent meaty legal issues and violations. Terribly disappointing.

    2. Anonymous 10:51

      I have a stat counter on the blog. When the two anonymous comments were left, I went to look at how long you had both been here. Had you watched/listened to the entire video and then left a comment.
      Neither of you had at that time.

      That video was put up so that readers could understand the Syrian side of the UN plan and other items of note surrounding goings on at the UN.

      "But NOT to call a major press conference -ala' Colin Powell's "aluminum tubes evidence"- with photos etc to expose CIA, Mossad and those French troops who are actively waging war inside his terrain in Homs, is inexcusable- and puzzling.'

      If he did who would come?

      If he did, and reporters actually covered it, would it be shown on tv ?

      If it was shown, what creative editing would it be subjected to?

      Do you recall when Assad went on Barbara Walters?
      What happened with that?

      The editing was done so effectively that Assad looked like a lunatic. Do you recall that?

      Now imagine what would happen if Syria tried in any way shape or form to get any message out to the world?

      What seems completely lost on you- and I don't understand how or why that is- the media in the West is completely controlled.


      Nothing positive about Syria was going to get out to the World.
      I have sat here at my keyboard for more then a year and sifted through tons of msm news
      To find the shreds of truth. It is like finding a needle in a haystack.

      But what forms the haystack is spin.
      Lots of it.
      We have had every heart tugging propaganda tale told.
      There have been incubator babies and children being targeted. Women being raped
      Potential nukes. Potential biological weapons.
      And on and on and on

      What Syria needs is for people like you and me to talk about what is really happening- to everyone

      All these claims you make- Syria needs this and that

      Syria would need none of this if it wasn't under attack by the West and NATO and Israel and Turkey

      That is the root of the problem

      And that is what needs to be struck at!

    3. If the spin controls everything as you claim- why have a press conference at all? I stand by my argument that this Ambassador is inept and it is hurting Syria. If you call together the press USE your STONGEST evidence to indict your adversaries and state all the smoking gun proof you have. Its smarter, stronger and far more strategic than calling a press conference just to whine about how you've been unfairly sidelined on UNTV- which happens to others also.

      For Syria not to have exposed the French and foreign mercs attacking Syria beggars belief. My point is that he didnt use this opportunity to enumerate all the lies and refute the endless propaganda claims by the MSM in detailed way that matters, but instead to complain about being cut off by the media. When he has the press at attention, he doesnt use it to best advantage.
      The point I'm making is quite simple, But perhaps it is too much for you to comprehend.

    4. No anonymous 9:52 am
      Your point is not "too much to comprehend"

      It simply doesn't make any difference in the grand scheme of things...
      Did you see this press conference anywhere on the msm?
      Or just here?
      Maybe on some other blog site, if at all?
      But no where at all on the msm.

      Therefore lets say he would have mentioned the special ops arrests.... Who would have noticed?
      Other then some small blogger sites or largely unnoticed alternative news sites?
      No one!

      This is the reality of this crazy media controlled world.

      Why do you think the special ops is "strong evidence"?
      It isn't.
      It would be spun as hearsay and the rantings of a lunatic leader, just like everything else has been.
      Or worse, it would have been used to justify pushing up the schedule on the attack

      What you think is evidence or what I think is evidence
      Is not the same as what others would see as evidence
      Nor would it be portrayed that way in the media
      It may beggar belief for you, but, sadly it does not for me.

      Do you recall the Marie Colvin incident
      Syria retrieved her body and returned it to whoever
      That was totally ignored by the msm.
      The fact that Marie Colvin died via IED, which means she was likely killed by the terrorists or in a booby trapped building..
      Totally ignored
      Yet to me, those two incidents were:

      1st evidence of decency on the part of the Syrian regime (regarding colvin's body)

      2nd: Evidence of the brutality of the seige laid to the Baba Amr area by the NATO terrorists

      That was IMO.
      Where was the media on those incidents?

      To summarize: what you think is important doesn't make it so

      The media is controlled by the war machine you will see only what they want you to see- that's it

    5. And one last point I would like to make Anonymous.
      And it truly will be the last point.

      Syria, the Ambassador, or the Syrian people are not a fault
      The fault and the problem lies with the political leaders and agenda emanating from the West
      The NATO allied nations, the GCC, Turkey and Israel

      It is their evil, imperialistic, sick, brutal, atrocious behaviour and policies that are the problem.

      Blaming the victim for their perceived shortcomings, that is the ones perceived by yourself, is something that comes out of certain type of societal conditioning.

      One that runs amok in the West
      Where we blame poor people for being poor
      Coloured people for being coloured

      Rather then getting to the roots of issues
      As I mentioned to you already
      The root of this problem is the NATO and affiliated war machine.
      This is where the blame lies, all of it!

  7. Lebanese border incident: False flag op? Strange video here. Or no op, faked?

    1. Given Turkey's reaction today, I would think that both shootings either didn't happen at all
      Or FSA shot the people in question
      In Lebanon and in Turkey
      This was exactly what the West needed to say the UN plan was void.

    2. It certainly follows the same staging as other videos. Notice this time the target is a media facility so it is not quite as strange that there is a camera there to capture everything in a semi-professional way. Here we have the usual procession of injured into taxis/ambulances/cars, and then the political rant captured on film by a bystander/victim.

      In most of these videos the photographer could not be better situated. The action seems to always happen right in front of the camera--although we are usually only shown a very quick glimpse of the injured/dead, and the camera is often shaky even though it is in very good position.

  8. Thanks for the link to the UN Webcast of Bashar Al Jaafari. I missed it before but I am glad I saw it now. It's long and laborious but worth it. Especially the comments about Saudi Arabia... undiplomatic but then when you are fighting literally for your life you think 'what the heck, I'm gonna say it anyway!'

    It really is unbelievable that the Qatari's can get away with this kind of thing. It just shows you how EVERYTHING is stage managed to some extent. If only more people would question and research things before accepting.

    I apologize to the world for previously working for a company that was making money for Qatar (albeit) secretly. I was told not to talk about it when I found out, but I am glad I don't work for them anymore.

    Syria was one of the quietest and more stable Mid East destinations... I am thinking that this is the beginning of something really big and bad for the region.

    Yet again, I thank you Hilary Clinton for your great contribution to the world I live in. May your child come to know personally the fear and pain that you inflict on others...does that sound like a good old fashioned curse?


    aka Marty

    1. Hey Marie! Yes, his comments about Saudi Arabia were very good.

      It is rather amazing to me that people don't "get it" about Saudi Arabia.
      How they are being used as any sort of credible spokesperson is beyond belief and it really demonstrates how bizarre the world is! And you know, I really want to use the f word there!
      It also demonstrates clearly what a joke the msm is!
      With straight faces they report the stern words from Saudi Arabia- some of the stuff I have read is like some sick joke.

      Which again demonstrates quite clearly the point I was making to the anonymous commenter
      The media creates our "reality" and through the media generated bizarro world Saudi Arabia is concerned about "FREEDOM" When you stop to think about it....well, you realize just how twisted the media presented world of reality really is!

    2. As for Hilary and her dog faced daughter....
      If only

  9. While still not quite right, I have spent all the time on the post I have to spend.

    Make the best of it! :)

  10. I actually agree with both Penny and Anonymous.

    The West is at fault and it appears there is very little Syria is "at fault" for. I have no doubt Syria has acted more humanely than the U.S. would, for instance, if it was facing a terrorist and military attack and over 2,000 of its police/troops had been murdered/attacked.

    However, I also agree with Anonymous that Syria is not doing what is necessary to defend itself. At least diplomatically. [What really matters is the military response, because that is what is going to determine Syria's fate, so maybe Syria and Iran and Hizuballah have been focusing their strategy on the military aspect.]

    But I agree that this presser was not as strong as it could have been. The Ambassador did not come out swinging, and he waited 20 minutes before he used the fiery rhetoric alleging "media terrorism" and stating that Syria did not agree to withdraw its police and that its withdrawal of military was conditional. He hid the ball on that, even though he used strong language for a diplomat and the Western media committed journalistic malpractice by not reporting his presser accurately.

    But, the strategy chosen by the leaders of Syria, is not strong enough. A presser on Western terms is probably a losing prospect--it's playing by rigged rules. Also, why is Syria still "committed" to the Anan plan? This de-emphasizes their supposed condition to accepting the plan. They should say the agreement is no longer valid! Period! Until there is a partner in peace (use the Zionist language back at them).

    Also, of course, they should be doing something to emphasize the media fakery and foreign meddling, like the French troops. Shit, the U.S. would probably show video of their faces even though it may violate the rules of war.

    When the game is rigged sometimes you have no choice but to turn the chess board over and demand to be treated fairly or you won't play.